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The James Cash Genealogy (1834-1977) by Anna Courtney Hunt

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Location: Fancy Farm, Kentuckymap
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=== The James Cash Genealogy ===


Compiled and Written by Anna Courtney Hunt Great-Granddaughter of James Cash

May 1, 1977

The James Cash Genealogy1

In 1834, two brothers, John and James Cash migrated from Washington County, Kentucky. according to the writings of Reverend Charles A. Haeseley, and settled in Hickman County.2

They were preceded here by a handful of other migrants from Washington and Nelson Counties, who were the first settlers of the town of Fancy Farm.

All the first migrants here were the descendants of the Irish Catholics who came over from England in 1634 to get away from the persecutions going on there. They came on two ships, the "Ark" and the "Dove", under the guidance of Cecil and George Calvert, the Lord Baltimore, and landed on the shores of what later became Maryland. As may be recalled, they planted the cross and took the territory in the name of England.3 ' (This paragraph is only partly historical. It's unlikely any came from Ireland though a few of the ancestors may have arrived in 1634.)

James Cash made his homestead near the present Dublin-Beulah Road, about three hundred yards west by northwest of the Oscar Dalton homestead, now occupied by a son of the latter, Earline Dalton.

Nothing much is known to the writer of the descendants of John Cash. It is said he fell away from the faith of his forefathers (Catholic) and moved out of the realm of the parish of St. Jerome.

Let us note here the first church of St. Jerome, a log structure, was built by Reverend Elisha Durbin in 1836. He rode on horseback from his headquarters at Sacred Heart Church in Union County, Kentucky to attend the religious needs of the scattered Catholics in Western Kentucky.


Of John Cash, it is said he was the progenitor of the protestant Cashes in and around Mayfield and South Graves County.

We turn now to James Cash and his descendants. The maiden name of the wife of James Cash is not know to the writer. The eldest child of James Cash, Mary Jane, was nine years old when they migrated to Hickman County. The second child, Lucinda, grandmother of the writer, was seven years old at the time. She was born April 1, 1827 and died at the age of eighty-nine on the feast of the Ascension, June 2, 1916.

Another daughter of James Cash was Elizabeth who married a Hayden, (first name not known). They had a son named Ike.

Other children of James Cash were Bennett, Louis and Madison Cash and Sarah Cash Dalton.

Bennett and Louis Cash are the progenitors of the numerous Cashes and their descendants around Fancy Farm.

Madison Cash never married. He served as a soldier in the Civil War. He died, while in the service, of smallpox in a Penthouse near Paducah.

Mary Jane Cash, eldest child of James Cash married John Burgess. They had six children: Thomas, Joseph Peter, Elizabeth Jane, Louisa, Adaline, and Emaline.

The writer has no record of Adaline and Emaline Burgess, other than they both married Haydens. Adaline married Taylor Hayden, and Emaline married Sil Hayden.

Thomas Burgess and wife Cassie Hayden Burgess had six children. They were Ida Bridget who married Peter Toon. The others were Edward, who married Mary Elizabeth Burgess, Boss, who married Zula Hayden; Perry and


Denis Burgess. Another son of Tom Burgess was Augustine (Gus) Burgess, who married Ester Toon. They were the parents of Arthur, William and “Ulrich” Burgess and Alma Shanks and Marie Burgess.

Joseph Peter Burgess married Mary Ellen McClendon. Their children were Maggie Bagsby, John William Burgess, Anna Vela Goatley, Bernard and Lambert Burgess and a sister Generose.

Bettie Jane Burgess was the wife of Elisha Toon. Their children were: Fredrick, Harrison, Ezra, and Leonard Toon. The girls were: Annie Elder, Ella Sanders, Lillie Ellegood, and Maude Ballard.

Louisa Burgess, wife of Joseph Hayden had nineteen children. Some that can be recalled are: Stephen, Ira, James, John and Romuald Hayden. The girls are: Mrs. Genia Goatley, mother of Olie and Albin Goatley and Mrs. Mabel Thompson; Mrs. Cenia Willett and mother of Euin Willett; Mrs. Rose Carrico, mother of Mrs. Tossie Cash; Mrs. Dona Van Ness; Mrs. Emma Willett, mother of Elisha Willett and Mrs. Ulanee Ross; also Bucker Buckman and Mrs. Dee Willett.

Mary Jane Cash Burgess married a second time after the death of Mr. Burgess, this time to a Hobbs. Their children were George Hobbs, (not the George Hobbs of New Madrid, Missouri), a daughter, Annie, married William (Will) Toon. They reared a large family and lived (when I knew them as a little girl) on a site now the Ewing Hobbs place. Mrs. Etta Thomas, wife of George Thomas was their eldest child. Others were Ode, Orville, Opal, who entered the Community of the Sister of Loretta, Loretta, Kentucky; Sylvia, Lela and Leon.

As to George Hobbs, we have no record or information. He was a first cousin of the father of the writer who fondly spoke of him quite often.


Lucinda Cash, second child of James Cash, married Solomon Courtney as it is told in the “Courtney Genealogy“.

James Sylvester Courtney was their eldest child. He married three times. There is some difference of opinion as to who was his first wife. He married Eleanor Cissell, sister of Joseph Benjamin Cissell. She died after eighteen months of marriage. The name of his second, or perhaps, first wife, is not known. However, we do know he had two children by her, namely: Jap Courtney and his sister, Mary Isabel. The latter died of measles and pneumonia when she was about thirteen years of age.

Jap Courtney married Mary Ellegood. They had one child, Monroe Courtney. There was an adopted son, Monnie Hickerson.

After the death of the mother of Jap and Mary Belle Courtney, James Sylvester, the father, married a girl whose last name was Warden. She was the mother of Sarah Dell Courtney who married H. E. Petty, and Burl Courtney, who married Bernadine Pierceall.

The children of Sarah Dell and husband are: Genevieve, Annie, Mae, Rose and James. These latter had a half-brother, Audrey Petty.

The children of Burl and Bernadine Courtney are: James (deceased), Rosemary, Anna Rita, Sedmond (deceased), Maurice, Cyril (deceased), Agnes Lucia, Albert, Allie and Carmel.

James Sylvester Courtney passed to his reward, March 7, 1922 at the age of seventy-five.

The second child of Solomon and Lucinda Cash Courtney was William (Bill) Courtney who married Jane Price. Their children were: Gentry Courtney, who married Alberta Curtsinger; Allie Beatrice, who married John J. (Jack) Hayden; and Nancy (Nannie), who married Damien Hayden.


Burl Courtney was the third child of Lucinda and Solomon Courtney. He fell ill of typhoid on his wedding day and died soon afterward. His wife was Effie, (last name not known).

Walter Hay II died at the age of twenty four of a copperhead snake bite. He was never married.

Sally Anne, next in the family married Phillip Sullivan. Their children were: Minnie Pearl, who married Robert Hayden. They moved with a large family to Missouri in the 1920s or 1930s.

There were also William Henry, Edward, Lula Mae and Gracie. Ed died recently in Carlisle County. William Henry and Lula Mae went to St. Louis in 1915. Lula Mae died there recently and was buried in the Beulah Cemetery. Gracie died in 1918 of influenza. Her husband was Abe Courtney of Beulah.

The sixth child of Solomon and Lucinda Courtney was George Allen Courtney, father of the writer. He married Imelda Toon, daughter of Hilary Toon and granddaughter of William Toon who was one of the first settlers of Fancy Farm.

The children of George Allen and Imelda Courtney are: Mary Charlotte (Lottie), who married Jewel Stahl of Carlisle County. She died in East St. Louis, December 2, 1957, Margaret Genevieve (Geneva) who married Louis G. Bourgois of Cairo, Illinois. She died in St. Louis, October 22, 1939. Next, Anna Vatra, who married Henry Hunt in 1922; Robert Louis, who married Agnes Wilson of Hickman County (of the St. Denis parish), October 1926, and Tommie Solomon who remains single.

Another child of Lucinda and Solomon Courtney was Appalonia, who married Benjamin Dunceath. Their children are: Leonard, Ira and Lillian, all deceased and Carrie, Marie and Laverne of East St. Louis.


The youngest child of Lucinda and husband was Robert Lee who died at the age of sixteen.

Bennett Cash, son of James Cash, married Julia Curtsinger, daughter of Thomas F. Curtsinger, one of the first settlers of Fancy Farm. The following were their children: Allie, Victoria, Edward, Robert L., Ida, Annie, William L., James, and Margaret.

Allie Cash married William Carrico. Their children were: Ernest, George, Eunice, and Bernard, Joseph, Nettie, Teresa, Sister Mary Teresine of Nazareth, Kentucky, Katherine (Katie), Magdalene, Sister William of Nazareth, Kentucky, Reverend Rudolph and Paul Carrico.

Victoria Cash married James (Jim) Elliot. Their children were Demetria, Lawrence, Mary Teresa (who died young), Hattie and Mattie (twins who died young), Harry, Herman, Omega, Ruble, Willard and Mary (who had a twin brother Joseph who died young).

Edward (Ed) Cash married Zora Carrico. Their two children were Letha Goatley and Onia Curtsinger. After the death of his first wife, Edward married Isabel (Belle) Spalding. Their children are: Wilbur (deceased) Juanita and Maebelle Willett.

Robert L. Cash married Annie Knott. Their children are: Bennett and Vernon (both deceased), Gertrude (Sister Mary Henrietta of Nazareth, Kentucky), Otho, Rhoberta (Sister Anna Rita of Mount St. Joseph, Kentucky), Edwin, Joseph, Allie, Nettie, and Allard. (Also Sister Robert Ann of Nazereth)

Ida Cash married Emmitt Elliott. Their children were: Ulrich, Edith, Kathleen Goatley of Fancy Farm, Alexia, Mabel, Jane and Julia (twins), Elizabeth, Bennett and Joseph.


Annie Cash married Edward (Ed) Gardener, who was president of the First National Bank of Mayfield for many years. They had no offspring.

William (Will) Cash married Ella Nance. Their children are: Earl, Ernest, Harold (all deceased), Rudy, Leo, Julian, Louis, Frances and Clifton. The first child of this family was Mary who died in infancy.

James (Jim) Cash married Ora Carrico. They had no children. After the death of his first wife, James married Susan Burch. Their children are: Justin, Catherine, Anna Rose, Mary Rita, Albert, Charles Bennett and Sister Elizabeth Theresa of Nazareth, Kentucky.

Margaret (Maggie) Cash married Joseph Blincoe. There children are: Annie, Margaret, Felix, Dorothy, Joseph, and Geneva.

Bennett Cash died and was buried on Good Friday, 1910.

Louis Cash, son of James Cash, married Sarah Thorpe of Hickman County. They lived a number of years on his father’s old home place in Hickman County. Later in life he moved to the Fancy Farm Community.

Elizabeth (Bettie) married Victor Elliott. Their children were Adrian, who married Ebbie Hayden, Kelvie, who married Cordie Willett, Iva, who first married a Clark; after his death she married Alvie Willett.

Another child of Elizabeth and Victor Elliott. Was Charlie Elliott who married Minnie Sullivan, daughter of Bowd Sullivan, who was, at one time, Sheriff of Graves County. There was also Carrie, who married Will Skinner.

Julia (daughter of Louis Cash) married Lucian Carrico. Their children are: Clarence (who married Edna Bowlds), Mae (who married Aubrey Carrico), and Lois, Sister Lucian (deceased), who was one of the Ursuline Sister of


Mount St. Joseph, Daviess County.

Isabel (daughter of Louis Cash) married Constantine Willett. Youngest child of Samuel Willett, the first settler of Fancy Farm. Their children were” Nora, Mrs. Divella Willett, Daisy, who married Doctor A. R. Higdon, Imelda, wife of Romuald Willett, Elmer, whose wife was Annie Melbourne, Ira, who wife was Alberta Hobbs, a sister of Jerry and Ivo Hobbs and Mrs. Annabelle Wilson. She, Alberta, was the mother of Harold Willett. After her death, Ira married Ida Stahr. There was also Bertha, wife of Henry Chandler, Ethel, who married Elisha Hayden, and Ezra, first husband of Christine Merritt. A girl, Stella, died at the age of nine or thereabouts, and a son who died in infancy.

William, son of Louis Cash, married Mary Willett, daughter of John (Uncle Jack) Willett. He was the second man to appear on the scene of what later became the town of Fancy Farm. He was a brother of Samuel Willett.

The children of William Cash and wife, Mary, were: Theresa, wife of Edward (Ed) Skinner; James (Little Jim) Cash, who married Dora Thomas; William (Will-eck), who married Ogie Carrico; Bernard husband of Tossie Carrico; Fred, who married Letha Turner; Lena, wife of Chesney Willett; Ralph, husband of Edna Hayden; and Mabel, who married Joseph Kilcoyne.

Sarah Cash, youngest child of James Cash, married Ab Riley. Their children were: Emma; Lillian who died in her maidenhood; Bett (Elizabeth) and William, who died at the age of six years.

Emma married Jake Whitelauf. Their children were: Mary, Mrs. Ernest Toon; Albert, Catherine, Robert and Joseph.

Elizabeth (Bett) married Thomas Gibson. Their children were: Marshall,


John. Ted, Annie, and Porter Gibson.

Ab Riley, father of the afore-named, met his death at the hands of a drunken assassin while tying to stop an altercation between two other men.

Sarah Cash Riley then married Oscar Madison Dalton. They had one child, Oscar Madison Dalton, Jr.

The latter married Cordelia Toon, daughter of Hilary Toon and granddaughter of William Toon, one of the first settlers of Fancy Farm. She was a sister of Mrs. Imelda Courtney.

The children of Oscar M. Dalton, Jr. and wife are: Earline, William, Madison, Edwin (deceased), and Joseph. The girls of the family are: Elizabeth (Bessie), Christine and Margarie. A girl Frances, died in infancy.

Later in life, Sarah Cash Dalton married William (Uncle Billy) Burgess. They had no offspring.

In the fore-going the writer has endeavored to list as nearly as can he determined, the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of James Cash.

We find it impossible to go further and name the children and grandchildren of the great-grandchildren of the forefather, James Cash. These are doubtless numerous in the parishes of St. Jerome and St. Denis. Many, also, scattered throughout various state of the union.

It is hoped that in the near future, some interested person will compile a complete Family-Tree of all the descendants of the forefather, James Cash.

The writer wishes to thank all who furnished information or verified information already at hand.


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