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Clean-A-Thon 2018

Chat Page for the 2018 Clean-a-thon

The 2018 Spring Clean-a-thon is now calling for participants, so if there is anyone either from NZ or who wants to support NZ, who wants to join us, please sign up on the below thread. Thank you.

This Clean-a-thon will be happening over the weekend of April 21-23, (Sat-Mon) except that in NZ those hours will be from 4 pm Saturday 21st to 4 pm Tuesday 24th.

The reason for these hours is so that everyone does this all at the same time for 3 days from start to finish.

My name is Robynne Lozier and I am the Captain of the New Zealand team. As you can see, we call ourselves the Kiwi Crew. While I currently live in Canada, I was born and raised in NZ until I emigrated in November 2000.

Graeme Olney has been co-opted as Co-captain for the 2018 clean-a-thon, because he is the Database Errors expert and I am not.

The Results from the 2017 Clean-a-thon can be seen below - in case you are interested.

Please note that there is now a new tag for the clean-a-thon. Please add it to your tag list so you get all the news. You can replace the source-a-thon tag if you need to.

Please also note that I have moved the Database Errors link closer to the top of this page. It is now immediately below this section. The Clean-a-thon will be working on cleaning up the database errors.

Here is a tutorial on HOW to clean up database errors.

Here is a link to the Video Chats that happen during the event if you want to see/hear what's happening.

The 2018 Clean-A-Thon is now over and you can read some of the amazing Statistics on this G2G post. The Kiwi Crew ended up in 4th Place - which was a phenomenal effort. Team Members can be VERY PROUD of their work!!

The Next Thon is the 2018 Source-a-thon due for October.

Database Errors

Link to find Database Errors for New Zealand

New Zealand

Suggestion report for New Zealand. There were 3871 suggestions on 2018-08-12.

3871 Suggestions Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 Open New
103 Death before birth 1 1
104 Too old 2 2 2
131 No Dates - No Dates on relatives - Open - Unknown Status 12 12 12
132 No Dates - No Dates on relatives - Open - Status Died 2 2 2
133 No Dates - Dates on relatives - Open - Unknown Status 84 84 84
134 No Dates - Dates on relatives - Open - Status Died 5 5 5
205 Father is too young or not born 36 5 14 17 35
206 Father is too old 3 1 2 2
210 Father was dead before birth 30 5 25 28
305 Mother too young or not born 43 3 33 7 36
306 Mother is too old 1 1
310 Mother was dead before birth 21 6 15 20
416 Marriage End after death 3 2 1 2 1
106 Duplicates between global tree and unconnected 1 1 1
213 Missing fathers DNA confirmation 88 47 41 70 2
313 Missing mothers DNA confirmation 90 1 54 35 70 6
408 Multiple marriages on same day 2 2 2 1
409 Marriage to duplicate person 6 6 6
511 Unique names (spelling) 2039 22 5 1082 930 1938 17
721 Separators in First Name 60 13 23 24
723 Prefix in First Name 2 2
724 Wrong word in First Name 10 2 1 7 3 1
731 Separators in Preferred Name 2 1 1
733 Prefix in Preferred Name 1 1 1
734 Wrong word in Preferred Name 3 1 1 1 1
743 Prefix in Middle Name 1 1
744 Wrong word in Middle Name 66 44 22 62
754 Wrong word in Nicknames 3 3 1 1
761 Separators in Suffix 7 1 3 3
762 Number in Suffix 1 1
763 Prefix in Suffix 5 1 1 3
771 Separators in Last Name at Birth 7 7 7
774 Wrong word in Last Name at Birth 21 21 21
791 Separators in Last Name Other 2 1 1 1 1
912 Swedish patronym SSON for female 3 3 3
203 Father is Female 1 1 1 1
204 Father has no Gender 1 1
501 Wrong gender (male) 1 1 1
502 Missing gender (male) 3 2 1
503 Probably wrong gender (male) 1 1 1
504 Missing gender (probably male) 8 1 3 4 6
506 Missing gender (female) 3 3
508 Missing gender (probably female) 2 1 1 1
509 Missing gender 45 1 31 13 40
510 Unique name without gender 38 1 10 27 33
604 Birth location too short 2 2
605 Number in birth location 8 1 5 2
607 Misspelled word in birth location 1 1
608 Misspelled country in birth location 5 1 3 1
610 Birth location in uppercase 9 5 4
611 Birth location in lowercase 48 1 31 16
612 Location too early in birth location 4 3 1 1 1
631 Wrong word in death location 44 22 22
634 Death location too short 3 1 1 1
635 Number in death location 1 1
638 Misspelled country in death location 5 1 4 1 1
640 Death location in uppercase 8 1 5 2
641 Death location in lowercase 46 1 34 11 1 1
661 Wrong word in marriage location 1 1
664 Marriage location too short 2 2
665 Number in marriage location 1 1
668 Misspelled country in marriage location 1 1
670 Marriage location in uppercase 1 1
671 Marriage location in lowercase 9 8 1
109 Profile should be open (birth date) 2 2 2
110 Profile should be open (death date) 2 2 2
120 Still living with death date 1 1
802 Empty profile 9 1 3 5
803 Almost empty profile 24 18 6
811 Uncleaned profile after merge 159 5 81 73
821 Headings starts with blank 1 1
822 Heading doesn't end with = 16 10 6
823 Heading doesn't start with = 4 3 1
824 Heading different number of = 6 4 2
825 Use separator line ---- 1 1
831 Multiple duplicated lines 5 3 2 1
835 Local file reference 45 25 20
851 GEDCOM uncleaned Interpret date 69 26 30 13
861 Inline citation doesn't start with <ref> 1 1
862 Inline citation doesn't end with </ref> 12 4 8
863 Missing <references /> tag 38 19 19 3 2
845 Direct usage of base templates 4 2 2 2
554 Wikidata - Imprecise birth date 1 1
555 Wikidata - Different birth date 3 2 1 3
557 Wikidata - Imprecise death date 1 1
568 Wikidata - Unconnected branches to global tree 54 1 35 18 54 9
569 Wikidata - Unconnected orphans to global tree 2 2 2
571 FindAGrave - Link without Grave ID 15 10 5 15 1
572 FindAGrave - Linked grave not matching profile 33 1 20 12 30 1
574 FindAGrave - Imprecise birth date 68 49 19 60 1
575 FindAGrave - Different birth date 128 4 110 14 128 2
576 FindAGrave - Empty death date 1 1
577 FindAGrave - Imprecise death date 108 81 27 101 6
578 FindAGrave - Different death date 77 1 1 66 9 76 5
579 FindAGrave - Missing birth location 10 10 10 1
581 FindAGrave - Missing death location 4 3 1 3
585 FindAGrave - Multiple profiles link to same grave ID 1 1 1 1
586 FindAGrave - Link to merged Grave ID 1 1

Table prepared at 15.08.2018 2:27:27 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Country is New Zealand).

The below link is to find any and all errors on Wikitree. We will not be restricted to just NZ this year. It has been decided that the Kiwi Crew team can work on any category of errors from anywhere on Wikitree that they choose. NZ simply does not have enough simple errors to clear out without having to do the sourcing as well.

For the Non-dynamic (dont update as you work on the suggestions) lists look here -

To create your own dynamic reports Look here -

and just in case you missed it the Spring Clean-a-thon Tutorial -

One last reminder of what to do to clear these suggestions or errors, before the Clean-a-thon starts - You don't use the tracker at the top of the profile after saving like we did for the source-a-thon. Instead, you use the status button from the error report. Click on the status button after clearing the error, pick the status, click save, and boom, automatic point. Nothing else is necessary for keeping track.


Calling all NEW ZEALANDERS and anyone with NZ ancestry who want to be part of a Challenge team for Wikitree challenges. Even if your partner or spouse is a kiwi and you are not, then feel free to sign up if you wish. Especially if you are doing their NZ genealogy.

Instead of being just the New Zealand Team, we are THE KIWI CREW. Thanks to Fiona Gilliver for our new Team Name. Thanks to Graeme Olney for the Silver Fern Background and Many Thanks to Campbell Braddock for our wonderful Kiwi Crew Logo!!

Whenever there are Challenges, Sprints and Thons, for activities such as Data Doctoring (fixing up Errors), Sourcing, Connecting, finding Notables, Writing Biographies, Photographing Cemeteries, etc etc, we will CONCENTRATE on NZ profiles as much as we can.

2018 Team Members Results

Kiwi Crew placed 4th overall team with a total of 9,031 errors corrected, 3 team members made the top 20 Contributions

List Number Photo Name Position Statuses by User Total Error Corrected
3 Darren KellettTeam Member 82.844
2 Graeme Olney Co-Captain151.621
4 Paula CullenTeam Member 171.586
11 Lisa BridsonTeam Member 441.033
10 A BricklandTeam Member 55769
5Image:Braddock-124.jpg Campbell Braddock Team Member77503
1 Robynne Lozier Team Captain 108309
12 Fiona GilliverTeam Member 110305
7 Brigitte L. TheumaTeam Member 27138
8 Norma CrozierTeam Member 30630
6 Hans Maurer Team Member n/an/a
9Image:McNicol-132.jpg Neil McNicol Team Member n/an/a

2017 Source-A-Thon

Main Page with all the Rules

Source-a-thon Sign up post.

In New Zealand this means the Source-a-thon runs from 5 pm Saturday 30th September to 5 pm Tuesday 3rd October. If any of you can get that Monday or Tuesday off work, that would be very helpful.

The times stated above matches the 0001 EDT start time (BST-4) so that everyone starts AT THE SAME TIME, no matter where they are in the world.

If you wish to participate and get a source-a-thon number, please post your request on the above linked thread, labelled SOURCE-A-THON SIGN-UP POST. Please also mention that you are on the Kiwi Crew Team, if you are already a member. If you wish to become a member of the Kiwi Crew team, please state that on the request as well, and it will (eventually) be arranged.

If anyone wants to see the results of the First Source-a-thon held last year - this is the page with the final results. [2016 Source-a-thon Results]

And if anyone wants to see the (youtube) video livechats for the hangouts and door prizes for the 2016 source-a-thon, the links can be accessed on this page - [2016 Hangouts and Door Prizes for the 2016 Source-a-thon]

The [Source-a-Thon] is the biggest challenge. There are hundreds of profiles on Wikitree that are unsourced., and since Wikitree prides itself as a fully sourced Global Family Tree, we have to to do our part to help.

See the main list for [Unsourced Profiles].

I know most of our Kiwi ancestry leads back to the UK and to Europe, but we need more Kiwi Notables and Kiwi profiles on Wikitree.

This is the current list of [UNSOURCED Profiles from NZ] Please note that there are several pages, each with 200 profiles!! it may look like a long list, but the more sources we can find on the DIA database, the better that profile will be.

[Source-a-Thon Tutorial]
If you are somewhat new to Wikitree and to source-a-thons, you might want to read through the above tutorial and perhaps do some practice runs before the source-a-thon actually starts. Just so you know how everything works.

If you want to do some practice runs, you can do some of the Saturday Sourcing Sprints during August.
[This is the page] to check out for details. Also add the following TAG to your Tags list sourcing_sprints

DIA Database

Using the NZ Dept of Internal Affairs [BDM database].

I hope you all know how to use the DIA database for BMDs in NZ? It does have its restrictions, but any NZ person born more than 100 years ago, can be accessed.

And all records after 1840 are recorded, if the person was born, died or married in NZ. Well MOST records are recorded anyway. There may be some restrictions between 1840 and 1848, but I'm not sure of the details.

I always use the Historical Records section. That way you get free access to basic details. Click on Search and then use the Births, Deaths and Marriages sections, depending on whatever record you are looking for.

As for the dates - I always just keep them to 01/01/1840 - or use whatever year you are looking for. It is a nuisance, but that's how they want dates done. I actually find that 01/01/1840 and 01/01/1900 are good divisional points for before the 1900s and after 1900.

Also remember that NZ does the British dating system - Day - Month - Year - not the American system.

Dates of Birth were added to Death records around 1970 or 1971, so pretty much all deaths after 1971, now include the persons date of birth which is quite handy. For earlier records that just have an age at death - you can use that to work out a rough year of birth.

Deaths are recorded once the person turns 80 years old. If they died aged 80 and over, their death record is immediately available. if they died before their 80th birthday, then the system waits until their 80th birthday has passed, and then adds their death details.

You do not have to fill in all the spaces to get your information. Sometimes just a surname is enough. If you are looking for all the children of a particular family, As long as you know the names of both parents, you can put in the surname, the mothers name, the dates and then hit search. You often get the whole family that way if you do the dates right.

Be careful with spelling. Some surnames or christian names are still spelled wrong on the database which makes it hard to find. I recently came across a birth record where the mothers name was Emily, but one of the children had his mothers name listed as Emma. I only found it under a surname search. I have also found Helena spelt as Helina.

Please remember to search for married women's DEATH records under their MARRIED names, not under their birth names.

Adding Sources to Profiles

Please see the following profiles for examples on how to add the DIA records as a source to the profiles. You would need to add the same information, but you can display it in a different order if you wish. This is my grandfathers profile as an example -

This is another profile with an excellent example of adding DIA cited sources -

Because the DIA website keeps Births, Deaths and Marriages all completely separate, the reference numbers MUST be identified on the profile as to what kind of record they are. Birth, Death or Marriage.

Finally, once you have added a source to the profile, you must manually REMOVE the UNSOURCED Template from that profile, before you save it.

One other thing to remember. Unsourced profiles only need ONE new source to be added during the source-a-thon, the challenges or the sprints. If you add more, that is great, but that profile will still only be counted ONCE. So it would be better to add one source, remove the unsourced template and save the profile, before moving on to a new profile. If you make a note of the sources and profiles, you can always go back at a later time and add more sources.

Other Sources

Another place that is useful for NZ records includes the Archives Archway - which is the access point to the National Archives Dept of NZ - - This can be used to find Divorce records, wills, probate details and military records

For World War 1 military records you can use this site -

For those who died in The Great War (World War 1) you can use the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website -

While Census records have been taken in NZ for well over 100 years, the early census records were used only for statistical purposes and then destroyed. I believe that all census records from 1966 are now being preserved, but since 100 years have not passed since 1966, there is currently no access to any census records in New Zealand.

Another excellent source that can be used for Obituaries is the [Papers Past] website run by the National Library of NZ. But this site needs a lot of time to go searching through all the articles to find the name you want. Not good for Sprints.

You can of course continue to use Family Search for NZ records - but most of their NZ BMD records come from the same DIA Database that I have linked to above so it's a moot point.

If someone was born in the UK, and married or died in NZ, then of course you have to access the British records. UK records can be accessed through Family Search, FreeBMD, FreeCen, and FreeReg.

I would prefer that you NOT use sources from Ancestry, Find My Past or Scotlands People because those are PAID sites and not everyone has subscription or paid access to their information. While this does restrict access to Scottish BMD information, the Scottish census records from 1841 to 1891 are available on FreeCen.

Many of the larger towns and cities are now putting their cemeteries databases online. Again, if you are not in a Sprint, these are excellent places to look for names and find details.
Dunedin, NZ [Cemetery Database]
Wellington NZ [Cemeteries Database]
Auckland NZ [Cemeteries Database]
Wargraves and Memorials in NZ [World War 1 and 2]
Timaru NZ [Cemeteries Database]
Christchurch NZ [Cemeteries Database]

[NZ Presbyterian Church Archives] - for those who have Scottish ancestry and who belonged to the Presbyterian Church - they have some very good Marriage records that are accessible online.

Team Members

List Number 2017 Source-a-Thon Number Photo Name Position Specializations Comments/Notes
1 Robynne Lozier Team CaptainConnector
2 Image:Braddock-124.jpg Campbell Braddock Logo Designer and
Team Member
Biographies, Errors and Sources
3 Fiona GilliverTeam Member Biographies and Sources
4 Graeme Olney Team MemberErrors and Sources
5 Darren KellettTeam Member Errors and Sources
6 Lianne TrevarthenTeam Member Biographies and Sources, Cemeteries
7 Richard Shelley Team MemberErrors, Notables
8 Paula CullenTeam Member Sources
9 Cassandra Miles Team Member
10 Murray Painter Team Member
11 A Brickland Team MemberSources
12 Charlene Newport Team MemberErrors and Sources
13 Jean (Cox) Price Team MemberErrors, Sources, and Cemeteries
14 Susan Rine Team Member
15 Valerie Willis Team Member Connector
16 Image:Livingstone-154.jpg Kirsty Ward Team Member
17 Raewyn Vincent Team Member
18 Lucy Lavelle Team Member
19 Image:McNicol-132.jpgNeil McNicol Team Member
20 Norma Crozier Team Member

Images: 5


Kiwi Crew Logo - By Campbell Braddock
Kiwi Crew Logo - By Campbell Braddock

The Kiwi Crew Image 4
The Kiwi Crew Image 4

Small Silver fern
Small Silver fern


On 17 Apr 2018 at 01:37 GMT Charlene Newport wrote:

Hi Robynne,

Thanks for inviting me to join the Clean-A-Thon. I'm going to sit this one out. Good luck everyone, hope the Kiwi Crew wins.

On 14 Apr 2018 at 23:06 GMT Robynne (Thompson) Lozier wrote:


Please add Fiona Gilliver to the clean-thon team

Thank you Robynne

On 7 Apr 2018 at 21:50 GMT Robynne (Thompson) Lozier wrote:

Congrats to campbell braddock for winning the Best Profile Award in the 1st annual wikitree awards that were held on 7 April (EDT) - 8 April NZ time. There is an award on his profile and a link to where he can post his acceptance speech. I have also posted about this on the clean-a-thon chat thread as well. Congratulations Campbell!!

On 7 Apr 2018 at 03:34 GMT Robynne (Thompson) Lozier wrote:

Thanks Campbell. There is now a chat page for the Kiwi Crew we can use, instead of these comments.

The link is here -

On 7 Apr 2018 at 01:05 GMT Campbell Braddock wrote:


I've added A Brickland to the team list, can we have a G2G chat, probably better than these comments

On 6 Apr 2018 at 14:03 GMT Robynne (Thompson) Lozier wrote:

Campbell, Graeme,

Could one of you please add Anonymous Brickland to the Clean-a-thon team. Thank you.

Regards Robynne

On 6 Apr 2018 at 02:06 GMT Lianne (Irwin) Trevarthen wrote:

A G2G thread specific to this cleanathon would be fine with me but with the postings on the page this appears in my family activity feed so alerts me that way. Which is also fine. Sorry i doubt i will be participating due to family commitments so haven't signed up on this one.

On 5 Apr 2018 at 23:30 GMT Robynne (Thompson) Lozier wrote:

Do you guys want a G2G chat thread for the Kiwi crew or shall we just stick to the public comments on the Team Page? Please respond. Thank you. - Robynne Lozier

On 5 Apr 2018 at 15:46 GMT Robynne (Thompson) Lozier wrote:

Reminder that the clean-a-thon in NZ will run from 4 pm Saturday 21st to 4 pm Tuesday 24th April, 2018. Just over 2 weeks from now.

On 5 Apr 2018 at 00:59 GMT Norma Crozier wrote:

Could I suggest "The Kiwi Crew" drop the first word, especially for the "Category: Clean-a-Thon Teams" listing, please? Just plain "Kiwi Crew" in the index has the same meaning and is easier to find. On this page, 'the' can be added if and as needed for correct grammar. A day or so ago I saw this project request and looked to see if there was a group for Kiwis/ New Zealanders to join. A quick scan of 'K', 'N' & 'T' showed nothing so I volunteered for Team Aussie. When their team leader replied & provided this direct link I noticed "THE Kiwi Crew" as a continuation of the Ts, well away from the bottom of the original T column! How embarrassing … Team Leaders have got more important things to do with their time! My apologies to those whose time was wasted because of my stupidity!!

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