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Call my heroes from the chase, said the Captain of Scotland. Light a spark on Druim-Peinne, and my warriors shall come from the side of each hill. Mordubh, King of Straths, thus spoke, and many a crag tells the tale.

Robert de Meyners (1177-1266) The first mention of the name appears in charters of the reign of Alexander II, 'Robert de Meyners, Knight, as Lord High Chamberlain'.

Alexander de Meyners (1235-1320)

Robert de Meyners (1267-1346) Son Alexander 1st of Pitfoddels line.

John de Meyners (1335-1410)

Robert de Meignes (1353-1411)

David de Mengues (1377-1449) Second wife Helen's offspring 1st of Enoch Durisdeer line.

John de Mengues (1397-1467)

Robert Menzies, Chieftan (1443-1523) Brother John 1st of Culterallers line

Robert Menzies, Chieftan (1475-1577) Brother William 1st of Shian and Bolfracks lines

Alexander Menzies, Chieftan (1504-1563) Second wife Katherine MacGhie's offspring 1st of Culdares line

Colonel James Menzies, Chieftan (1523-1585)

Alexander Menzies, Chieftan (1566-1644) Third marriage to Marjory Campbell of Brechin, son Alexander commenced the Rotmell line

Duncan Menzies, Chieftan (1600-1656)

Sir Alexander Menzies 1st Baronet (1623-1694)

Captain Robert Menzies Younger (1660-1692)

Captain James Menzies of Comrie (1663-1748)

Sir Alexander Menzies 2nd Baronet (1683-1734

Sir Robert Menzies 3rd Baronet (1704-1786)

Sir John Menzies 4th Baronet (1739-1800)

Sir Robert Menzies 5th Baronet (1745-1813)

Sir Neil Menzies 6th Baronet (1778-1844)

Sir Robert Menzies 7th Baronet (1817-1903)

Sir Neil James Menzies 8th Baronet (1855-1910)

Chief Ronald Steuart-Menzies, Menzies of the Ilk, Culdares (1884-1961)

Chief David Ronald Steuart-Menzies of Menzies (Recently deceased - therefore the Profile is Private)

Clan Chief Robert Ronald Steuart-Menzies of Menzies living - therefore the Profile is Private)

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THE ‘MENZIES’ – THROUGH TIME - Patricia Gray ©

You would think that with the passing of an incredible amount of TIME, that there would currently be some consensus regarding the beginning of the Menzies’ Chiefs. Not so! Does this surprise the reader?

I have previously mentioned, in other publications, the importance of ‘storytelling’, to encounter a modicum of decorum in such matters; as long as the ‘correct’ pieces of the story can be verified - by some ‘proof’ through research and verifiable documents.

There is great purpose in gathering the Menzies families stories, because through these - as well as the verifiable documentation available today – those that come after us, will not have such a TASK!

It depends who you talk to, where a ‘line in the sand’ should be drawn currently regarding the Menzies’ ancestry. We should keep in mind that the Chief’s histories are small compared to the wider family histories that have evolved from other siblings.

Yes, the Red & White Book of Menzies is a really good start – unless you disagree with the author’s purpose in producing it, which many people do! I point out at this time, that this does not include myself, as I believe all stories have a purpose, and therein will be contained some clear truths and facts.

When I started this research project, over 30 years ago now, the Red & White Book of Menzies was the fiction, and some of the fact, in the middle of the research. Today it is of course much easier to access both editions of this publication, as they are available worldwide, as .pdf downloads from the internet. This has ensured the preservation of this information, not only the words, but the pictorial records as well.

The records of many Charter’s content, and the photographs, are a wonderful time capsule!

Like any family 'Menzies' has a variety of personalities within its ranks, not all of which are going to agree with each other throughout history.

However, if we listen, the common thread of fact and truth shows through ... It is the discussion, and cut & thrust of appreciating different viewpoints, that makes for progress towards recording a pretty accurate record and picture of the Menzies families ancestory and their stories.

So, the ‘line in the sand’ for the Menzies Chiefs, for now, commences with Menyeis / Mengeis (1011-1142).

But please note, that this does not diminish, nor discard, the varying opinions of the source of Clan Menzies that are included in other publications and stories. Especially when you think about what information is now possible to gather together.

Consider the recent publishing of ‘The Picts are well and living in many Scots’ – an enormous breakthrough via DNA studies, and the ever changing discoveries of archealogy.

So, why would we discard entirely this consideration, and the ancient scripts referred to in The Red & White Book of Menzies, to Mennanus Menzies (800-878), and King Fergus in the ancient writings record – Albion; c.333BC.

© This story is the work of Patricia Gray and is part of a catalogued collection belonging to MINGUS Inc. Menzies International Genealogy Under Study Inc. 162 South West County Court, Lake City, Florida, 32024. USA. Is a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Incorporated Organization. IRS Federal Identification Number 84-2768659. Uploaded to WikiTree by Mrs. P. B. Gray by authorization of the Directors of MINGUS Inc.

posted 24 Jul 2020 by Patricia (Howard) Gray   [thank Patricia]
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