The Origins of The Hunt 14

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This is a Study to collect together in one place everything about the "Hunt 14", the 14 children of Dr. Thomas Hunt of Bedford County Virginia, their connection to Thomas and Thomas's origins. The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying the origins of the "Hunt 14" and how the lines cross or intersect. Please contact the project leader, add categories to your profiles, add your questions to the bulletin board, add details of your name research, etc.

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Who Are the "Hunt 14"?

The "Hunt 14" are the children of Dr. Thomas Hunt of Bedford County, Virginia.[1]

Original Source for Thomas Hunt and "The 14"

Pasted in a Jackson Family Bible owned by Mrs. Wilkes of Springfield, TN is a list of 14 Hunt siblings; this list was transcribed by Esli S. Jackson in 1859 but originally recorded around 1830 in Franklin County, GA. The only known direct family reference to Thomas Hunt as being the father of these 14 siblings comes through an account of this bible, described by William M. Hunt of Fairport, NY: Family genealogist Jewell Eubank had copied the list after the bible was discovered by researchers in 1959; she stated at the time there was a note in the margin stating "Thomas Hunt of England was the father." However the note was not found by William M. Hunt when he reviewed it in 1985. When questioned, she said it may have been written on a scrap of paper, but to date the note has not been found.

The birthplace of the siblings is documented through the Revolutionary War pension application of Esli Hunt, the 3rd son, who testified as being originally from Bedford County, VA.[2]

Father, Dr. Thomas Hunt

Children mentioned in association with Land Records

Thomas Hunt lived south of the Staunton River along a branch of Merrymans Run close to Hale's Ford. There are three distinct tracts of land associated with Thomas; the first and largest at 530 acres is presumed to be his main residence....The second track for 304 acres was surveyed in 1774 and granted to Thomas Hunt in 1780. However, it was quickly sold to Benjamin Clardy in 1783, son-in-law of another neighbor John Boothe. Notably, the sale was disputed in court by Clardy due to the fact that Ann Hunt would not agree to relinquish her dower in the land, though the case was eventually dismissed. The third track for 300 acres was surveyed by Thomas in 1785 but also transferred to John Hook by 1788; there is little evidence that either of these tracts were ever occupied by Thomas or his family. - Doug Hunt

The John Hook Papers, Duke University

...John Hook was a wealthy merchant who operated several stores in the area and was involved in the tobacco trade through the James and Robert Donald Company. It is notable that Hook kept detailed records of his business which are still available, archived at the Rubenstein Library at Duke University. - Doug Hunt

There are several references to Thomas Hunt in these records, including descriptions in land inventories, entries from daybooks, debt obligations, and ledgers from Hook's store at his Hailsford Plantation. Additionally, these records provide several key links to the 14 siblings. "Dr." Thomas Hunt, Joel, Jesse, Uriah, and Benjamin all are listed with accounts at John Hook's Hailsford store

John Hooks Store.
- only a mile from Thomas' land; also Jesse and Uriah are documented together providing "waggonage" for Ben Clardy and John Booth, neighbors of the Staunton River Thomas Hunt. Benjamin is later shown to have been employed by John Hook, possibly even as a store clerk at the Hailsford store. Thus, the John Hook papers are an important source for documenting a link between the 14 siblings in the Jackson family bible and the Thomas Hunt who resided south of the Staunton River. - Doug Hunt

Thomas Hunt's Signature

Original copies are available for several documents signed by a Thomas Hunt of Bedford, VA; these signatures can be used to link records that would otherwise be difficult to confirm were of the same person. Thomas signed with a unique paraph type flourish that looped around and under the "t" in Hunt. This type of flourish can be found in documents relating to the lands south of the Staunton River as well as court records pertaining to Toryism, showing these were from the same person. Also, they demonstrate Thomas resided in the area from a period from at least 1771 through 1795. However, a signature for a Thomas that appears alongside Stephen Hunt - who is often cited as a son of Thomas - does not contain the flourish and appears otherwise to be from a 2nd person; this along with the lack of documentation linking the two suggests that Stephen is not related to the Staunton River Thomas Hunt. - Doug Hunt


  1. Jackson Family Bible, The source of the list of 14 siblings we call “The HUNT 14″ is a page found pasted into a Jackson Family Bible, This Bible was owned by Mrs. Wilkes of Springfield, TN. A brief background and account was provided by Mr. William M. Hunt, renowned family history researcher and historian, on 15 November 1986.[3] [4]

Documented Links Between Thomas and "The 14": When looking comprehensively at the available records for Thomas in Bedford, VA, strong evidence can be assembled that suggests he is the related to the 14 siblings:

  1. Jesse is recorded as security for Thomas in 1778 in his answer to the complaint against him by the Commonwealth [Bedford County Court Order Book]
  2. Thomas & Jesse Hunt are paired together in petition for division of the county in 1779, and again in 1785 for the final petition (along with a Thomas Jr. on a separate page) [Virginia Legislative Petitions]
  3. Thomas & Benjamin Hunt appear separately as witness to Will of Joel Meador in 1793 [Franklin County Will Book]
  4. Thomas & Benjamin Hunt appear separately as witness to bond Rusher & Boyd to Hook in 1793 [John Hook Papers, Box #5]
  5. Thomas, Joel, Jesse, Uriah, and Benjamin are all documented with accounts at John Hook's store in Hailsford (adjacent to Thomas' land) between 1785 and 1790 [John Hook Papers, Boxes #54, #61, and #62]
  6. Jesse and Uriah are recorded in the Hailsford account book together in 1785 providing "waggonage" for Ben Clardy and John Booth, neighbors of Thomas Hunt [John Hook Papers, Box #61]
  7. Jesse mentioned in Asa Holland's Hailsford account, 1786; The Hollands were neighbors to Thomas Hunt in the Hale's Ford area [John Hook Papers, Box #62] - Doug Hunt

What are the theories for Dr. Thomas' Origins?

  1. He immigrated from England to Virginia.
  2. He is related to Ralph Hunt of Lunenburg, VA

What does the DNA say?

  • What could be done to help with DNA? Find more direct male line descendents of the Hunt 14 ask them to test for at least 37 markers at FTDNA.

Possible DNA link to another Hunt Family in Bedford?

"I...think that my Mary Hunt was a sibling to Stephen Hunt. I also think they were related to:
Absolom "Ab" Hunt
William "Wat" Hunt
"I have gone over and over the records and it does not support that Absalom and Wat were children of John and Eliz Mary Tyus. That is incorrect. William Walton lived 1779 South side of Staunton and wanted to form a new county. In 1782 William Hunt lived South of Stanton River and signed a petition to divide Bedford. At the present time I’ve penciled in the possibility that Mary descends from William Hunt." - Sharon

Haplogroup R-M269

Two of these kits, at 111 makers, display 4 differences or mutations between Thomas and John, sons of Dr. Thomas. Of the total kits for the Hunt 14 only two have confirmed snp's. It would be great to have any of these testers, if we could find who they are, to do further downstream snp testing.

'GroupSurnamePaternal Ancestor NameOriginHaplogroup
Group 078. RALPH HUNT of Long Island, NYNO DNA Match
HuntJonathon Wiseman HuntUnknown OriginR-M269
HuntJohn HuntUnknown OriginR-M269
HuntRalph HUNT bet. 1620-1630 England? -1677 Newtown,Unknown OriginR-M269
HuntRalph HUNT of Long Island, NYEnglandR-M269
HuntRalph Hunt b 1620 andEnglandR-M269
HuntRalph Hunt, 1613 - 1676 (Long Island, NY)EnglandR-M269
HuntDaniel Hunt, 1776, Huntsville, Rowan County, N C.JUnknown OriginR-M269
Group 084. NATHAN F. HUNT, b 1812 and d 1882NO DNA Match
HuntNathan F. Hunt, b 1812 and d 1882EnglandR-M269
Group 090. ZIBA HUNTNO DNA Match
HuntJohn FrancisCanadaR-M269
Group 093. HUNT - No lineage information submittedNO DNA Match
HuntColin Hunt, Edward Anthony HuntAustraliaR-M269
Group 096. THOMAS HUNT b c1802, d. 1858 Tockenham, WiltsNO DNA Match
HuntThomas Hunt b c1802, d. 1858 Tockenham, WiltsEnglandR-M269
Group 102. THOMAS HUNT, b. 1530, EnglandNO DNA Match
Hunt Unknown OriginR-M269
Group 105. THOMAS HUNT born c. 1700NO DNA Match
HuntThomas Hunt, born c. 1700United KingdomR-M269
HuntAbraham Hunt, b.1613 and d.1673EnglandR-M269
Group 108. WILLIAM HUNT, ca 1785, Leicestershire, Eng.NO DNA Match
HuntWilliam Hunt, Ca 1785, Leicestershire, Eng.EnglandR-M269
Group 114. HUNT - No lineage information submittedNO DNA Match
Hunt United KingdomR-M269
Group 117. HENRY HUNT, Sr. 1705 Surry Co, VA -1751 Granville Co, NCNO DNA Match
HuntJames HUNT, Sr. 1732 VA -1805 Robertson Co, TNUnknown OriginR-M269
HuntJames HUNT, Sr. 1732 VA -1805 Robertson Co, TNUnknown OriginR-M269
HuntJames Hunt, b 1732 d 1800Unknown OriginR-M269
Burton Unknown OriginR-M269
Group 120. HUNT - No lineage information submittedNO DNA Match
Hunt Unknown OriginR-M269
Group 123. THOMAS HUNT b 1787 NC and d 1858 TXNO DNA Match
HuntThomas Hunt Sr bn 1787 North CarolinaUnknown OriginR-M269
Group 126. HUNT - No Lineage information submittedNO DNA Match
Hunt Unknown OriginR-M269
Group 127. HUNT, Brackett, Deveny (Devinney and variations), VeazeyNO DNA Match
HuntAbsolam Hunt bn 1760 maybe NCUnknown OriginR-M269
BrackettThomas Brackett, b1803 Rutherford Co. , N.C.Unknown OriginR-M269
HuntWilliam Wat Hunt bn 1770 NCUnknown OriginR-M269
DeVinneyFelix Deveny b 1805; d 1860-1870Unknown OriginR-M269
VeazeyJohn Veazey b 1640 d.1700EnglandR-M269
VeazeyJohn Veazey, 1647 - 1700United KingdomR-M269
Group 129. JOHN ENIAS HUNT of Marlboro Co, SCNO DNA Match
HuntJohn Enias Hunt, 1839, Marlboro Co, South CarolinaUnknown OriginR-M269
HuntJohn Enias Hunt - b1839 Marlboro County, SCUnknown OriginR-M269
Group 132. HUNT - No lineage information submittedNO DNA Match
Hunt EnglandR-M269
HuntSamuel D HuntUnited StatesR-M269
Group 138. HUNT - No lineage information submittedNO DNA Match
hunt(mears)MearsUnknown OriginR-M269
Group 141. HUNT - No lineage information submittedNO DNA Match
HuntCharles Sharpe b.1825 Ixworth, SuffolkEnglandR-M269
Group 144. THOMAS HUNT, 1581-1662, EnglandNO DNA Match
Hunt Unknown OriginR-M269
LeonardThomas Hunt, 1581-1662, EnglandUnited KingdomR-M269
Group 147. "The 14" HUNT siblingsUS
HuntJohn Hunt, b. 1773 and d. 1850EnglandR-M269
HuntJohn Hunt, b. 1773 and d. ca.1850EnglandR-M269
Hunt Unknown OriginR-M269
HuntEsli Hunt, b.1759 and d. 1837Unknown OriginR-M269
HuntEsli HUNT 1759 Bedford Co VA -1837 SCUnknown OriginR-M269
Hunt Unknown OriginR-M269
HuntThomas Hunt, b. 1762 d. 1826 Washington CO. TNUnknown OriginR-M269
HuntElias M. Hunt b. 1818 and d. 1875Unknown OriginR-M269
Group 150. HUNT - No lineage information submittedNO DNA Match
Hunt GermanyR-M269 - Tested only 20 Markers - 3 diff. @ this level
Group 153. JOHN HUNT, b 1749, England?NO DNA Match
JohnsonBentie/Buster/Bertie R Hunt, b. 1871, KYUnknown OriginR-M269
HuntJohn Hunt, b 1749, England?EnglandR-M269
Group 156. HUNT - No lineage information submittedNO DNA Match
HuntArthur Hunt, b. 1888Unknown OriginR-M269
Group 159. HUNT - No lineage information submittedNO DNA Match
Hunt ScotlandR-M269
Group 162. HUNT - No lineage information submittedNO DNA Match
Hunt EnglandR-M269
Group 165. RALPH HUNT of VANO DNA Match
HuntRalph Hunt, b. Feb 1613/14, Eng., d. Dec 1675, VAEnglandR-M269
HuntJames HUNT b. 1703 VAUnknown OriginR-M269
Group 168. FRANCIS HUNT, b.c 1732 unknown locationNO DNA Match
HuntFrancis Hunt, b.c 1732 unknown locationEnglandR-M269
Group 171. JOHN HUNT b. ? d. 1789 Granville (now Vance) Co, NCNO DNA Match
HuntJohn HUNT b.? d. 1789 Granville (now Vance) Co, NCEnglandR-M269
Group 174. JOB HUNT, Abt. 1740NO DNA Match
HuntJob Hunt, Abt. 1740United KingdomR-M269
Group 177. WILLIAM L HUNT of GANO DNA Match
HuntWilliam L HUNT 1811-1872 GAUnited KingdomR-M269
Group 180. THOMAS HUNT, b. Halesowen, Worcs. 1802 d. 1860sNO DNA Match
HuntThomas Hunt, b. Halesowen, Worcs. 1802 d. 1860sEnglandR-M269
Group 183. GEORGE HUNT b. 1814 NY & d. 1877 in Wabash Co, ILNO DNA Match
Hunt Unknown OriginR-M269
Group 186.NO DNA Match
HuntMr. Samuel HuntEnglandR-M269
Group 190. WILLIAM KINCHEN HUNT b. ca 1777(?) - 1843NO DNA Match
Hunt EnglandR-M269
Group 192. GEORGE HUNT b. c.1839 Mohill Leitrim IrelandNO DNA Match
Hunt IrelandR-M269
HuntGeorge Hunt b.c.1839 IrelandIrelandR-M269
Hunt IrelandR-M269
Hunt IrelandR-M269
PerdueJohn Perdue, b. 1685 and d. 1730 Henrico VAUnknown OriginR-M269
Fitzpatrick - T075577Richard Fitzpatrick b. circa 1792? Freemount, CorkIrelandR-M269
HallJames Lee Hall AL5575359,2/26/71 Huntsville ALEnglandR-M269
BroomeJohn Broom b. 1763United KingdomR-M269
BeaubienJules Trottier b1535 Maine, France d Perche, FrFranceR-M269
WatsonJohn Watson abt 1782 to abt 1830ScotlandR-M269
GrahamArchie Graham, IrelandUnknown OriginR-M269
SheltonRalph Shelton SR of Middlesex Co, VAEnglandR-M269
EdingerBenjamin Franklin Edinger Birth FEB 1846 • Ohio, UUnknown OriginR-M269
NicholaasBarney SMITH, 1763-1828United StatesR-M269
StraitAbraham Strait, b. circa 1730GermanyR-M269

Misattribution of Dr. Thomas Hunt of Bedford, Virginia to the Westchester, NY Hunt Family

When I first found WikiTree (2011) it was because I was searching the internet for my line of Hunts, via Esli Hunt, Sr. I stumbled into a HUGE mess here on WikiTree. Dr. Thomas Hunt of Bedford County Virginia had 20 something children and about half of them were from Westchester, NY.

I spent quite a while doing the research needed to determine what had happened (well after my initial excitement that Dr. Thomas' origins had been solved - NOT). It seems that someone somewhere, with very good intentions I am sure, had connected Dr. Thomas with a fella named Thomas Hunt who may or may not share a birth year with Dr. Thomas Hunt of Bedford County, Virginia.

The first clue? The children and the two very divergent locations - A Thomas Hunt might have been the father of these 20 something children, but he could not have managed to do it both in Virginia and Westchester, NY during the time frame.

Current documentation shows that Dr. Thomas Hunt lived, worked, was arrested and detained, in Bedford County Virginia. This Dr. Thomas Hunt is not the Thomas Hunt of Westchester, NY. Dr. Thomas Hunt of Virginia married an "Ann". This Ann does appear in documents but without a last name. In most Hunt, VA, Family histories she is noted as "she is presumed to be Ann Henson."

Note to place on affected profiles: Please see notes about misattribution/mixup of the NY and VA Hunt Families. There is NO genetic connection between these two families

To see more about this, please see Origins of the Hunt 14, the children of Dr. Thomas Hunt of Bedford County, Virgina. Please contact me if you have profiles that are affected. Thanks! - Mags Gaulden 16:22, 18 October 2018 (UTC)


  1. Jackson Family Bible, The source of the list of 14 siblings we call “The HUNT 14″ is a page found pasted into a Jackson Family Bible, This Bible was owned by Mrs. Wilkes of Springfield, TN. A brief background and account was provided by Mr. William M. Hunt, renowned family history researcher and historian, on 15 November 1986.[1] [2]
  2. Original source for Thomas Hunt and 'The 14", Doug Hunt, email October 28, 2018

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Thank you for sharing this! You have some info I didn't have. I am descended from Uriah Hunt. I haven't read everything you have here yet, but do you think Dr. John Hunt is related to Dr. Thomas Hunt?
posted by Carole S
Thanks Carol,

Can you give me more information on Dr. John Hunt, please? DOB, DOD and Locations would be a big help and his family, Parents, etc. as well. Since the DNA project identifies the DNA from Dr. Thomas Hunts family, and many others, we can easily determine if there is a connection based on what family Dr. John Hunt is from to work the paper trails to see if there is documentary evidence.


posted by Mags Gaulden
edited by Mags Gaulden
All I know at this time is from this comment "May have had a brother, Dr. John Hunt, who is also listed for one year in Franklin Co. and died. His inventory and estate were administered by his wife, Elizabeth. -Notes by Felicia K. Gourdin". I thought maybe you had run across him. I will look for the inventory and probate records.
posted by Carole S
Hunt yDNA test results:

Group 147 is the "Hunt 14". I know nothing about the details of yDNA test results. If an expert analyzed results and compared this group to other Hunt yDNA groups, what would that comparison indicate if anything? Is the there a yDNA expert at Wikitree who would undertake such a comparison?

posted by Howard Waldrop
Sorry I haven't answered this Howard. what the DNA has told us is that we are not related to any of the other Gateway Ancestors to the US. More importantly, we can see that the Hunt 14 are NOT related to the often misattributed Westchester NY Hunts. What else would you like to know? I have posted a table of all the DNA tested groups with the words Do Not Match in the columns above.


posted by Mags Gaulden
edited by Mags Gaulden
Most excellent to set this up!!
posted by Howard Waldrop