The WikiTree Challenge 2021 Week 13

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Date: 31 Mar 2021 to 7 Apr 2021
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The WikiTree Challenge Week 13

Guest Star: Ellen Thompson-Jennings

Documents shared by Guest

Photos shared by Guest

"Photos courtesy of Ellen Thompson Jennings"

  • Lillian Myrtle Shannon Thompson
  • Obituary of Lillian Myrtle Shannon Thomson
  • Glady's Oliver image 2
  • Harold Alfred Thompson
  • Mabel Gladys Olive and Harold Alfred Thompson
  • Harold Alfred Thompson Gravestone
  • Ft Edmonton, Canada

"Photos courtesy of Alice Stephens Thomsen"

  • Marriage Maria Gertrudis Kohlen (Tummings) Luxemburg


Tell Us What You Found

Interesting Finds

List interesting finds to share with the guest at the end of the week
  • "The family story is that when Harold first came to Edmonton he lived at Ft. Edmonton Per Ellen Thompson-Jennings.
  • "Ft Edmonton, Alberta, Canada originally was built by Hudson Bay Company as just Edmonton House. By 1802 it had become Fort Edmonton. Ft Edmonton itself would move to 5 different locations during its history. "This fifth and final fort stood for 85 years, though its use as a fur trading post was phased out starting in 1891; during its final years, the Fort co-existed with the Alberta Legislature Building, which opened in 1913 on a terrace just north of the fort." [1][2]This would be during the time that Harold Alfred Thompson may have resided there.
  • Robert Clark was a fish monger, as was his son Robert, and his grandsons Robert, Noah, and William!
  • Total count of children for Richard Sykes blacksmith and Betty Jentle is.....19!
  • Henry West (abt.1816-) does not appear to have married Jane Allen who first appears as housekeeper. Her maiden name was Humphr(e)ys and her husband was a widower when she married age 20.
  • Hugh Murphy (abt.1806-) direct ancestor was a quill dresser (Quills were goose feathers used for writing by dipping into ink. The quill dresser would grade the feathers, prepare the barrel by plunging into hot ashes or sand to harden it, then scrape, manipulate and split until ready to use)
  • Maria Gertrudis Kohlen was married twice. She first married Jan Tummens on 25 oct 1839 In Sittard, Limburg, (Which at that time was in process of changing from a Belgian ownership to a Deutshe Bund ownership). Jan died less than two years into their marriage, it appears no children by that marriage (at this time). She married second to Jan Peter Letzenburg/Luxemburg again in Sittard, Limburg and still under Deutsche Bund ownership).
  • Unfortunately three of Johanna Henrietta Kottman-Hone children died in a home fire. Fire destroyed the home. Alfred 20, James 15, and Samuel 11. Alfred managed to get out. Father helped Alfred out as the roof crashed. Walking two miles to farm of a neighbor, the eldest, Alfred collapsed and died. Mr Hone returned by himself to retrieve the bodies of James and Samuel Hone.
  • Peter Johnson appears to have campaigned for better rights for children working in the cotton mills of Manchester and was involved in submitting evidence against his employers to a House of Lords Committee. Notes are on his page with some juicy details!
  • The earliest new direct ancestor found was Arthur March, born about 1615 in Bilbrough, Yorkshire, England (March-1696)
  • The Kottmans emigrated location- and timewise very close to each other. the First was Johann Henrich (Johann) "Joes" Kottmann and his eldest daughters and their families in October 1879, in February 1880 his Son Heinerich and his Family followed. They all lived together just 5 houses apart in 1881.
  • History of Sittard:(Courtesy of Eef van Hout)
  • before 1792 Duchy of J├╝lich; [1] During it's existance this Duchy belonged to a few different noble families

A few years of war and revolution and than:

  • 1795 - 1797 Cisrhenian republic [2]
  • 1797 -1815 , department Roer, France [3]
  • 1815-1830 United Kingdom of the Netherlands [4]
  • 1830-1839 Belgium
  • 1839-1867 Deutsche Bund/-German Confederation
  • 1867- till now: The Netherlands

Free Space Pages

List any Free Space Pages created for, or linked to, members of this family.

Military Profiles

Did any of the guests family serve in the military or military conflicts (Civil War, Revolutionary War, WWI, etc.)?

Profiles That Need Work


These are our starting profiles:

  1. Lillian Shannon (1878-1926) Canada
  2. Jesse Oliver (1884-1951) UK -> Canada
  3. Alice Clark (1884-1978) UK -> Canada
  4. Francis Middlebrough (1883-1966) UK -> Canada
  5. Ellen Aindow (1885-1934) UK -> Canada
  6. William Unknown (1874-1954) Canada
  7. Maria Kottmann (1883-1915) Canada

Harold Alfred's Line

Lillian Shannon's line

Eleanor Middlebrough's line

  1. Eleanor Middlebrough Needs sources and narrative
  2. Mary Loretta Beaton Canada Needs narrative
  3. Maria Henriette Kottman Canada Needs sources and narrative


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