The WikiTree Challenge 2021 Week 14

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Date: 7 Apr 2021 to 14 Apr 2021
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The WikiTree Challenge Week 14

Guest Star: Tim Janzen

Getting Started

Tim's Pedigree Chart


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Documents shared by Guest

Photos shared by Guest

Photos shared by (Alice Stephens Thomsen) Stephens-3929

  • Richard McIntire Headstone
  • Richard McIntire 1850 Indiana Census
  • Richard McIntire 1860 Census; Boone, Harrison, Indiana
  • Mary Deborah McIntire-Kingsley Death Certificate
  • Lucinda Fowler McIntire Headstone
  • Riverview Abby, Portland, Multnomah, OR for Arthur McIntire and Lula McIntire
  • Headstone for Arthur McIntire and Lula McIntire
  • Arthur Sydney McIntire
  • Arthur and Lula McIntire at their Portland home
  • Arthur Sydney McIntire and Lula Pearl Tregamba-McIntire
  • McIntire-1910 Census-Burlingame, Osage, Kansas
  • McIntire-1915 Census-Burlingame, Osage, Kansas
  • McIntire-1920 Census-Burlingame, Osage, Kansas
  • McIntire-1925 Census-Burlingame, Osage, Kansas
  • Dietrich Lorenz
  • Will of Hugh McIntire pg 1 and pg 2

Jacob Janzen 1832-1912 Profile picture.

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  1. WikiTree AGC (Automatic GEDCOM Cleanup)
  2. WikiTree Challenge, Maintenance Categories - use the categories to place profiles that need work or find profiles to work on
Tim Janzen
  1. Tim Janzen Genetic Genealogy Interview
  2. Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan

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Interesting Finds

List interesting finds to share with the guest at the end of the week

Tim's Great-great-grandfather, Louis Lawrence Youngman (1853-1933), was nearly frozen to death in an ammonia accident at work in 1890. Immediately following the accident, they feared he could not recover, but actually lived 43 more years until 1933.

Tim's 3rd great grandmother Sarah Root Brown was born in New York and is buried in Brownhelm, Lorain, Ohio. By 1821, Sarah's grandmother Tryphenia (Mosley) Root, aunt Tryphenia (Root) Leonard and aunt Eliza (Root) Swift had also moved to Brownhelm.

The sister Martha Pernetta (Fannin) Moody of Tim's GG-grandmother Sarah Fannin Youngman was killed by her husband in a murder-arson-suicide in 1909 in Kentucky.

Farmer's Fiendish Act Article

Adam Crosier (1805-1887) kept accurate weather records of Harrison, Indiana from 1866 that people still look at today. His family carried it on well into the twentieth century.

Maude Elizabeth McIntire: When Maude Elizabeth McIntire was born on 1 September 1907, in Olathe, Johnson, Kansas, United States, her father, Parson Evans McIntire, was 41 and her mother, Harriet May "Hattie" Lawrence, was 31. She married Paul Armstrong Youngman on 27 May 1934, in Harveyville, Wabaunsee, Kansas, United States. She lived in Wabaunsee, Kansas, United States in 1935 and Election Precinct 21 Lafayette, Yamhill, Oregon, United States in 1940. She died on 12 December 2006, in McMinnville, Yamhill, Oregon, United States, at the age of 99, and was buried in Hopewell, Yamhill, Oregon, United States.[1](Alice Stephens Thomsen)

Paul Armstrong Youngman When Paul Armstrong Youngman was born on 5 August 1907, in Harveyville, Wabaunsee, Kansas, United States, his father, Charles Lawrence Youngman, was 30 and his mother, Anna Brown Armstrong, was 30. He married Maude Elizabeth McIntire on 27 May 1934, in Harveyville, Wabaunsee, Kansas, United States. He lived in Election Precinct 21 Lafayette, Yamhill, Oregon, United States in 1940 and Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, United States in 1998. He died on 12 December 2001, in McMinnville, Yamhill, Oregon, United States, at the age of 94, and was buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Hopewell, Yamhill, Oregon, United States.[2](Alice Stephens Thomsen)

Related History by Maria Lohrenz-Dalke "The Lohrenz family came to America on the "State of Nevada" ship. We have con-flicting records as to when it docked but it was either Aug. 5th or 8th, 1875. The record supplied by Maria Lohrenz Dalke says it was Aug. 8th, and the book called "Index to Mennonite Immigrants on United States Passenger lists 1872-190?" compiled and edited by David A Haury says it was Aug. 5, 1875. The boat docked at Antwerp New York. Diedrich had a brother Heinrich who came later on the Switzerland and arrived June 24, 1879. They came from Antwerp, Belgium and landed in Philadelphia, Penn. Both brothers first settled near Hampton, Nebr."(Alice Stephens Thomsen)

Janzen Name and their Mennonite Relationship (Alice Stephens Thomsen) "Origin of the surname Janzen : This particular Janzen family is originally from the Netherlands; they were Dutch Mennonites. The people of Molotschna Colony, in South Russia were followers of a man named "Menno Simons" (1496-1561) whom the Mennonite faith is named after. Menno Simons was originally from Holland, and was influential in both Holland, and northern Germany.

Janzen is one of the most widespread Mennonite family names of Dutch-Prussian background, derived from Jan (Johann, John) a given name, to which is added "zon" (zen, sen, etc.), the combination meaning "son of John." The name was very common among the Dutch Mennonites and found its way into the congregations bordering the Netherlands such as Krefeld , Gronau , and East Friesland. It was also common in Schleswig-Holstein and Prussia , where it was represented in the congregations of Elbing , Königsberg , Tiegenhagen , Ladekopp , Rosenort, Fürstenwerder , Heubuden , Tiensdorf, Orlofferfelde, Schönsee, Jeziorka, Deutsch-Kazun , etc. The name appears first on record in Danzig in 1568. From Prussia it was transplanted to Russia and later to North America, where it is found in most of the settlements started after 1874, and, later still, to South America. A branch of this name was transplanted from the Lower Rhine to Pennsylvania , where it was changed into Johnson. Jacob H. Janzen (1878-1950) was an outstanding church leader (General Conference Mennonite Church) and teacher both in Russia and Canada . He was also a pioneer Mennonite author composing at least 38 published writings.

Krahn, Cornelius. "Janzen (Jantzen, Janssen, Jansson, Jansen, Johnson, Jansz, Janz, Jantz, Jans) family." Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online. 1957. Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online. Retrieved 26 November 2008 <>

A lot of the women in the Lawrence family in Northamptonshire, England were employed as Lace Makers.

Peter Jakob (Janzen-776) and his second wife, Anna (Dalke-104) Janzen celebrated their "9th" wedding anniversary with a super-cool newspaper feature.

Paul Peasnall was described as a "Pauper" in 1784 when he was buried in St Martin Litchborough Northamptonshire

Tim's GG-Greatfather, Russell Bigelow Armstrong was a double amputee from an elevated train accident when he was about 45 years old. He lived for another 10 years.

Russell Armstrong Train Accident

Free Space Pages

List of Free Space Pages created for or linked to members of this family.

Armour Packing Plant, Kansas City KS - employer of Tim's GGGrandfather, Louis Lawrence Youngman (1853-1933).

Military Profiles

Did any of the guests family serve in the military or military conflicts (Civil War, Revolutionary War, WWI, etc.)

US Civil war:

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Brick Walls

Needs Work

Brickwalls & Bounty Points

Grandparent 1: Peter Jakob Janzen

  1. Franz Janzen, needs parents, needs wife
  2. Franz Jacob Janzen, needs wife
  3. Catharina Nickel, needs parents
  4. Isaac Born, needs parents
  5. Maria Behrends, needs parents
  6. Johann Thoews, needs parents
  7. Maria Reimer, needs parents
  8. Cornelius Wall, needs parents, needs wife
  9. Hans Klaassen, needs parents, needs wife
  10. Peter Matthies, needs parents, needs wife
  11. Michael Mierau, needs parents, needs wife
  12. Jacob Peter Mierau, needs mother
  13. Katharina Unknown, needs LNAB, needs parents


  1. Philip Von_Dijck, Prussia, Germany, needs parents
  2. Maria Grauwerts, Prussia, Germany, needs parents
  3. Oeselia De Veer, Prussia, Germany, needs parents
  4. Katharina Epp, needs parents
  5. Isaak Conrad, Poland, needs parents
  6. Maria Suckau, Poland, needs parents

Grandparent 2: Elizabeth Lohrenz

  1. Johann Heinrich Lohrenz, Prussia, needs parents
  2. Maria Penner, Prussia, needs parents
  3. Johann Heinrichs, Prussia, needs parents
  4. Johann Lemke, needs parents
  5. Elisabeth Arend, needs parents

Grandparent 3: Peter Peters

  1. Arend Peters, South Russia, needs parents
  2. Anna Hamm, Prussia, needs parents
  3. Anton Bergmann, South Russia, needs parents
  4. Justina Nowitzky, South Russia, needs parents

Grandparent 4: Margaretha DeFehr

  1. Margaretha, Ukraine, Russia, Montana; needs parents

Grandparent 5: Charles Youngman

Charles Youngman's Pedigree Chart
  1. John Youngman, Kentucky, needs parents
  2. Elizabeth Reeves, Kentucky, needs parents
  3. William Marks, Virginia/Indiana, needs parents
  4. Anna -----, Tennessee, needs LNAB, needs parents
  5. John Fannin, Illinois, needs parents
  6. John Allgood Fannin, Alabama/Iowa, needs mother
  7. Richard Arnold, North Carolina/Illinois, needs parents
  8. Elizabeth ------, Virginia, needs LNAB, needs parents

Grandparent 6: Anna Brown Armstrong

Anna Brown Armstrong's Pedigree Chart
  1. Robert Armstrong, Pennsylvania/Ohio, needs parents
  2. Nancy Nolan, Colony of Virginia, 1715 - 1761, needs parents
  3. Tarhe Wyandot, Michigan, 1742 - 1818, needs parents
  4. Chevalier La Durante, Ohio, needs parents; needs wife
  5. John Irwin, Pennsylvania/Ohio, needs parents
  6. Eleanor Buchanan, Pennsylvania/Ohio, needs parents
  7. Charles Brown, New York/Ohio, needs parents
  8. Walter Root, Massachusetts/New York, needs parents
  9. Aseneth Sexton, Massachusetts, needs parents

Pre-1500 & Pre-1700

Nathaniel Zane's Pedigree Chart, Ireland and England
Grace Rakestraw's Pedigree Chart, England
Isaac Bigelow's Pedigree Chart, Massachusetts Bay and England
Mary Bond's Pedigree Chart, Massachusetts Bay and England
Ebenezer Skinner's Pedigree Chart, Massachusetts Bay and England
Sarah Lord's Pedigree Chart, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay Colony, and England
Joseph Chamberlain's Pedigree Chart, Massachusetts Bay Colony and England
Mercy Dickinson's Pedigree Chart, England
Aaron Soule's Pedigree Chart, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Bay, Netherlands, and England
Mary Wadsworth's Pedigree Chart, Massachusetts and England
Nathaniel Sanger's Pedigree Chart, Massachusetts and England
Dorcas Peake's Pedigree Chart, Massachusetts, Connecticut and England
David Bishop's Pedigree Chart, Massachusetts, Connecticut and England
Anna Peake's Pedigree Chart, Massachusetts, Connecticut and England
David Dewey Jr.'s Pedigree Chart, Massachusetts, Connecticut and England
Abigail Ashley's Pedigree Chart, Massachusetts, Connecticut and England
Isaac Phelps Jr.'s Pedigree Chart, Massachusetts, Connecticut and England
Sarah Barber's Pedigree Chart, Connecticut and England

Puritan Great Migration Project WikiTree Profiles

  1. Margaret Unknown
  2. Thomas Flagg and his wife Marable Unknown
  3. Sarah Biscoe
  4. Samuel Hyde and his wife Temperance Crompton
  5. William Lord and his parents, Thomas Lord & Dorothy Bird
  6. Thomas Brooks
  7. William Chamberlain and his parents, Henry Chamberlain I & Jane Freeman
  8. Moses Simonson and his wife Sarah Unknown
  9. Christopher Wadsworth
  10. Richard Sanger and his wife Mary Reynolds
  11. Richard Cutter
  12. Thomas Dewey and his wife Frances Unknown; father of Israel Dewey and Thomas Dewey
  13. Robert Ashley and his wife Mary Unknown
  14. Henry Glover
  15. Anne Unknown
  16. George Phelps and his wife Philura Randall
  17. William Gaylord Jr.
  18. John Porter and his wife Anna White
  19. John Moseley
  20. Mary Allyn
  21. John Drake and his wife Hannah Moore

Mayflower Project

  1. John Soule and his parents, George Soule Sr & Mary Bucket

Massachusetts Project

  1. Margaret Unknown

Needs Work/Interesting Profiles

  1. John Warren, 1525 - 1576, Suffolk, England - 5 wives??!

Grandparent 7: Parson Evans McIntire

Parson McIntire's Pedigree Chart
  1. Richard McIntire, Pennsylvania, needs parents
  2. Jacob Fowler, Maryland, needs parents
  3. Mary Bashears, needs parents
  4. Adam Croser, Scotland to New York, needs parents, needs wife
  5. Edward Stokoe, England, needs parents
  6. James Douglass, needs parents, needs wife
  7. George Evans, England to Indiana, needs parents
  8. Elizabeth ------, England to Indiana, needs LNAB, needs parents

Grandparent 8: Harriet Mae Lawrence

Harriet Lawrence's Pedigree Chart
  1. Mary Unknown, England, needs LNAB, needs parents
  2. Mary Durham, England, needs parents
  3. Hannah Grinidge, ?England, needs parents
  4. Martha Peasnall, England, needs father
  5. Elizabeth Peasnall, England, needs parents
  6. Richard Jones, ?Wales, needs parents, needs wife
  7. William McCleary, ? to Pennsylvania, needs parents, needs wife
  8. Joseph Alexander, needs parents, needs wife
  9. Henry Perry, Wales to Ohio, needs parents
  10. Margaret Unknown, Wales to Ohio, needs LNAB, needs parents


  1. John Lawrence, abt 1660 - ?, England, needs parents, needs wife
  2. Robert Johnson's Pedigree Chart, Ireland, Province of Delaware, Pennsylvania
  3. Margaret Berthwaite's Pedigree Chart, England, Ireland, Pennsylvania
  4. Ephraim Jackson's Pedigree Chart, England; these lines go through to the 1400's in England
  5. Rachel Newlin's Pedigree Chart, England, Ireland, Pennsylvania
  6. Benjamin Meeker's Pedigree Chart, England
  7. Elizabeth Thompson's Pedigree Chart, England
  8. Joseph Seward's Pedigree Chart, England, Connecticut
  9. Judith Bushnell's Pedigree Chart, England, Connecticut
  10. Aaron Pratt's Pedigree Chart, England, Nederland, Massachusetts Bay
  11. Sarah Wright's Pedigree Chart, England, Massachusetts Bay
  12. Thomas Lincoln's Pedigree Chart, England, Ireland, Massachusetts
  13. Mehitable Frost's Pedigree Chart, England, Massachusetts Bay
  14. Daniel Dart's Pedigree Chart, England, Connecticut
  15. Elizabeth Douglas' Pedigree Chart, England, Massachusetts Bay, Connecticut
  16. John Jagger, Connecticut, needs parents
  17. Rebeckah Holmes, New York, needs parents
  18. Samuel Gaines III's Pedigree Chart, England, Connecticut, Massachusetts
  19. Thankful Morley's Pedigree Chart, England, Connecticut, Massachusetts

Mayflower Project WikiTree

  1. Degory Priest
  2. Sarah Allerton
  3. Marah Priest
  4. Aaron Pratt

Puritan Great Migration Project WikiTree Profiles

  1. William Preston
  2. Sarah Preston
  3. William Seward
  4. Thomas Norton
  5. Grace Wells
  6. Grace Norton
  7. Francis Bushnell Jr.
  8. William Bushnell
  9. Rebecca Chapman
  10. Phineas Pratt
  11. John Wright
  12. Priscilla Unknown
  13. Samuel Lincoln Sr.
  14. John Lyford
  15. Sarah Oakley
  16. Nicholas Frost
  17. Unknown Unknown

US Presidents Project WikiTree

  1. Margaret Albereye
  2. Edward Lincoln Sr.
  3. Bridget Gilman
  4. John Harding
  5. Thomas Buttolph
  6. Ann Harding

England Project WikiTree

  1. Isabel Braithwaite

Needs Work/Interesting Profiles

  1. Timothie Berthwaite, 1620 - 1625, Ireland, needs work, needs parents, needs wife
  2. Mable Keete (1602 - 1705, England) and John Keete (1602 - 1662, England), both need parents; they are on different lines but could they be connected to each other?
  3. Samuel Gaines IV had a son Samuel V - the only child he has on WikiTree is Ebenezer. Could there be a Samuel VI?


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