The WikiTree Challenge 2021 Week 17

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Date: 28 Apr 2021 to 5 May 2021
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The WikiTree Challenge Week 17

Guest Star: Constance Knox
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We have permission from Connie to use any pictures on her primary tree.
  • Herman Miller Madsen
  • Christopher and Laura Wolbol-Madsen with Bernice
  • Francsisca Amelia Cornelia Jensen

Ancestors Connie is interested in

  • I recently discovered the paternal line of Joel Davis Jr. (solved through a ton of DNA and traditional research) which starts with Henry Henley. However, I have not gone back much on this line because I just solved this recently. So knowing where they came from might be fun.
  • Rebecca M. Henley (1829-1911) supposedly traces to England through Patrick Henly who is buried in Philadelphia. I have not proven this line.
  • On the maternal line (Simmons line) is Anna Elizabeth Dunbar. Her father was supposedly a Rev War soldier. I don’t know much about him, but I know the DAR has info, I just have not had time to look for it.
    • Note: Robert Dunbar was in the Civil War. We would need to take the line further to find a revolutionary patriot.
  • The Booth line... Family lore says that these ancestors are somehow related to John Wilkes Booth, but when I did the research years ago, I could not find a connection. J W Booth never had children so if they are related it must go way up the line and back down to my line.
    • John Wilkes Booth was born in 1838. His parents, Junius Brutus Booth and his mistress Mary Ann Holmes, had migrated from England to the US in 1821. The line after Jameson W Booth (1820 - 1896) would need to be filled out to look for possible connections. I don't see an obvious one. As John Booth b 1698 (John Wilkes line) was from Bolton, England and Charles Booth b 1682 (Connie's line) was from Pennsylvania it seems unlikely that there is a recent connection.
    • John Wilkes Booth and Constance Knox are 12th cousins four times removed
  • I would love to learn more about the Madsen Jensen line from Denmark. I have a few parish records on Ancestry... but I don’t know much there.


Tell Us What You Found!!

Interesting Finds

List interesting finds to share with the guest at the end of the week
  • John Coss (1840-1906) brother of Rubin was described in the 1880 census was a "Minister of Gospel "
  • Charles Coss (1865-1933) son of John above was a Spanish American War Veteran see There is a request for a relative to get in touch so that his unmarked grave can be marked with a simple veteran's grave marker
  • Benjamin Simmons (1729-bef.1785) Had 2 wives named Ann second wife was mother of his children, Died intestate leaving 3 children under age. Their guardian Peter York (bef.1754-1816) was described as brother in law and his wife was Mary Ward. Ward was the surname of the second wife of Benjamin when she was a widow and Benjamin was a witness to the marriage of Peter York. A Simmons possibly Mary was named on the marriage licence for Peter York and Mary Ward.
  • Sarah (Phibbs) Simmons (bef.1786-) is John Simmons’ mother. Her entire ancestry is nearly all nail makers in and around Kingswinford in Staffordshire, in the Black Country, an area of the West Midlands. They were fairly prosperous in the eighteenth century, but times became much harder for them as the years rolled on with less demand from the colonies and more competition and cheaper prices as mechanisation increased. Some of her earliest ancestors left wills. Hannah (Bailys) Pasmore (abt.1709-bef.1792) was mentioned in her grandfather, father and husband’s wills! Her grandfather Joseph Baylis (abt.1650-bef.1724) survived the Great Plague years of the 1660s, as did another of Constance’s nail maker ancestors Francis Pasmore (-abt.1708) who also helpfully left a Will with daughters’ married names.

Free Space Pages

List of Free Space Pages created for or linked to members of this family.

Military Profiles

Did any of the guests family serve in the military or military conflicts (Civil War, Revolutionary War, WWI, etc.)
If the ancestor is a revolutionary patriot you can use the DAR sticker on their profile:
{{Society Ancestor|society=DAR}} or
{{Society Ancestor|society=DAR|ancestor=A#####}}
Daughters of the American Revolution
... ... ... is a DAR Patriot Ancestor.
American Revolution:
  • Charles Booth served in the Pennsylvania Militia during the American Revolution
  • Samuel Ferguson served under Captain James Moore in the Montgomery County Militia, in Virginia
  • Valentine Bloss served in the Virginia Militia during the American Revolution
  • William Newby, Sr. served in the North Carolina Navy during the American Revolution. He is a DAR Ancestor, No. A203985.
World War II:
Civil War:


Brick Walls

These aren't the only brick walls, but can give you a starting point if you don't have one. Please make sure that the brick wall profile and the new parents profiles have complete sources. Thanks!

Paternal Brick Walls

  1. Nannie WinslowHill Kiah WinslowHardy Winslow: Needs his mother proven (NC)
  2. Nannie WinslowHill Kiah Winslow ➝ Chritiana Phelps ➝ Mary Provact: Needs parents (NC)
  3. Hill Kiah WinslowChristiana PhelpsJonathan PhelpsHenry Phelps: Needs parents (NC)
  4. Hill Kiah WinslowChristiana PhelpsJonathan PhelpsMargaret Nixon: Needs parents (NC)
  5. Nannie WinslowMary Hale ➝ Harlen Hale: Needs a mother (NC)
  6. Herman MadsenLaura NielsenNiels Madsen ➝ Mads Jensen Hvolbol: Needs parents (Denmark)
  7. Herman MadsenLaura NielsenAnne Laritzdatter ➝ Lauritz Augustesen: Needs parents (Denmark)
  8. Herman MadsenLaura NielsenAnne Laritzdatter ➝ Dorthe Hansdatter Haugaard: Needs parents (Denmark)
  9. Henry HenleyRebecca Henley ➝ John Henley ➝ Ann Crew Pretlow ➝ Agatha Ellyson: Needs parents proven
  10. Henry HenleyRebecca HenleyMargaret ClarkEleanor Dugan ➝ Thomas Dougan: Needs mother proven (NC)
  11. Henry HenleyRebecca HenleyMargaret ClarkEleanor DuganMary Kerr: Needs parents (NC)

Paternal Ancestors Found

  1. Joel DavisElizabeth Reynolds (Needs proven to parents) ➝ John (or David?) Reynolds: Needs proof to parents (NC) Parents proven
  2. Joel DavisElizabeth Reynolds (Needs proven to parents) ➝ Mary (Parker) Reynolds: Needs proof to parents (NC) Parents proven
  3. Henry HenleyJoel DavisPeninah NewbyJoshua Newby: Needs parents (NC) Parents found
    1. Is this Joshua in Centre Monthly Meeting, Guilford, NC? Image -- Yes, nice find!
  4. Henry HenleyJoel DavisPeninah NewbyRachel Nixon: Needs parents (NC) Parents found
  5. Franciska JensenAnker Lorentzen Jensen: Needs parents (Denmark) Parents found
  6. Herman MadsenChristopher MadsenMads Lind: Needs parents (Denmark) Parents found
  7. Franciska JensenChristiane Beck ➝ Johan Frederik Beck: Needs parents (Denmark) Parents found
  8. Franciska JensenChristiane Beck ➝ Kirstine Marie Kohlert: Needs parents (Denmark) Parents found
  9. Herman MadsenChristopher Madsen ➝ Marie Sorensdatter ➝ Giertrud Jorgensdatter: Needs parents (Denmark) Parents found
  10. Herman MadsenLaura NielsenNiels MadsenMargrethe Nisdatter: Needs parents (Denmark) Parents found

Maternal Brick Walls

  1. Oliver BoothMary PlymaleJohn Plymale ➝ Anthony Plymale: Needs parents (WV)
  2. Oliver BoothMary PlymaleJohn Plymale ➝ Mary Ferguson: Needs parents (WV)
  3. Oliver BoothMary Plymale ➝ Martha Ferguson: Needs parents (WV)
  4. Oliver BoothBenjamin BoothSynthia GarrettBenjamin Garrett (Needs proof to parents) ➝ Nancy Grimes: Needs proof to parents
  5. Melissa SmithWilliam Smith ➝ Jefferson Bowen➝ Hugh Bowen: Needs parents (WV)
  6. Melissa SmithWilliam Smith ➝ Jefferson Bowen➝ Virginia Owen: Needs parents (VA)
  7. Melissa SmithWilliam Smith ➝ Melissa Smith: Needs parents (WV)
  8. George SimmonsAnna DunbarRobert DunbarJohn Dunbar: Needs Parents (??)
  9. George SimmonsAnna DunbarRobert Dunbar: Needs a mother (WV?)
  10. George SimmonsAnna DunbarMartha Rogers ➝ John Rogers: Needs parents proven (PA)
  11. Wilhelmina CossMalinda WadeGeorge WadeGeorge Wade: Needs parents
  12. Wilhelmina CossMalinda WadeGeorge WadeCassa Williams: Needs parents (VA)

Maternal Ancestors Found

  1. Oliver Booth ➝ Benjamin Booth ➝ Syntha Garrett ➝ Sarah Bloss: Needs parents (VA) Parents found
  2. Melissa SmithHarriet Osburn Almeda DavisSamuel Osburn: Needs parents (WV)
  3. Melissa Smith ➝ Harriet Osburn ➝ Sarah Ferguson ➝ Jameson Ferguson: Needs parents (WV?)
  4. Melissa Smith ➝ Harriet Osburn ➝ Sarah Ferguson ➝ Cynthia Walker: Needs parents (WV?)
  5. George SimmonsGeorge Simmons John Simmons; Needs parents (England) Parents found
  6. George SimmonsGeorge Simmons: Needs a mother (England) Parent found
  7. Wilhelmina CossRuben CossCharles Coss: Needs parents (MD) Parents found
  8. Wilhelmina CossRuben CossRebecca Clovis: Needs parents (MD) Parents found
  9. Wilhelmina CossMalinda WadeDorcas Wade: Needs parents Parents found
  10. George SimmonsAnna DunbarMartha RogersElizabeth Cable: Needs parents proven (PA)

Needs Work

  1. Phineas Nixon b 1710 North Carolina
  2. Mary (Pierce) Nixon b 1722 North Carolina


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