The WikiTree Challenge 2021 Week 18

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Date: 5 May 2021 to 12 May 2021
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WikiTree Challenge Week 18

Guest Star:  Scott S. Fisher
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Note: Please check with your captain, Laura DeSpain, if there are any questions about the images being protected by copyright.
We have permission from Scott to use any pictures on his primary tree.
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Tell Us What You Found

Interesting Finds

List interesting finds to share with the guest at the end of the week
  • Scott is the great-grandnephew of Nelson Albert Waldreaon (1839-1917), professional name “Nelse Waldron” information at the New York Public Library says Nelse was best known for creating the famous elevator double stage at the Madison Square Theater for Steele MacKaye in the early 1880s. Later that decade he created the indoor cyclone for Buffalo Bill's Wild West show at Madison Square Garden. Nelse's son, Arthur George Waldreaon, became the chief architect for the Bronx.
  • Scott is the great-grandnephew of George Washington Waldreaon (1873-1940) sued by his wife for separation on the grounds of cruelty and she famously claimed she’d never been kissed.
  • His ancestor Elisha Gallaudet was the engraver who in 1776 created the first United States coin, the Continental Dollar coin, on behalf of the Continental Congress.

Free Space Pages

List any Free Space Pages created for, or linked to, members of this family.

Military Profiles

Did any of the guests family serve in the military or military conflicts (Civil War, Revolutionary War, WWI, etc.)
  • 4th Great grandfather Samuel Downs (1762-1812) served in the Revolutionary War and is a proven DAR patriot.
  • 5th Great grandfather Josiah Noble (abt.1737-abt.1818) served in the Revolutionary War and is a proven DAR patriot.
  • Samuel Pease served in New Jersey during the American Revolution. He was Scott's 4th great-grandfather.
  • Private Daniel Secord was a loyalist during the American Revolution. He was Scott's 5th great-grandfather. -- This man has been disconnected as Scott's ancestor. His 5th great-grandfather was a different Daniel Secord. Smith-62120 18:03, 9 May 2021 (UTC)
  • Asa Hill (1713-) - was a Sergeant in two Crown Point Campaigns during the French and Indian War. Asa petitioned the Massachusetts legislature for land and an allowance, as he was wounded by an enemy "cannon shot" at Île aux Noix and unable to work - Scott's - 6th ggrandfather


Note: These are not all of the brick walls. Some are further and you need to compare to the primary tree to find them. If you want more details you can ask your captain.

Paternal Brick Walls

United States:
  1. Ester SecorMoses SecorOliver SecordMoses SecordAbigail Fowler: Needs parents (New York) -- I have connected a father to Abigail Fowler, born 1730, but we have an interesting data conflict because there is another profile for Abigail that identifies her as the wife of Peter Secord Sr. UE (1726-1818). I believe this other profile is wrong. Peter did have a wife Abigail; she was age 40 in 1783 and had been married previously to a man named Emmet. Smith-62120 00:03, 10 May 2021 (UTC)
  2. Ester SecorMoses SecorOliver SecordAbigail Fisher ➝ Elizabeth Williams: Needs parents (New York)
  3. Ester SecorMoses SecorJane PeaseSamuel Pease: Needs a mother (New Jersey or Connecticut)
  1. Andrew Jackson Fisher (Needs proof of parents) ➝ Robert FisherAndrew FisherAndrew Fisher: Needs mother (England)
  2. Andrew Jackson Fisher (Needs proof of parents) ➝ Robert FisherAndrew Fisher ➝ Jane (Hixon) Fisher: Needs parents (England)
  3. Andrew Jackson Fisher (Needs proof of parents) ➝ Robert FisherElizabeth (Cooper) FisherGeorge CooperGeorge Cooper: Needs parents (England)
  4. Andrew Jackson Fisher (Needs proof of parents) ➝ Robert FisherElizabeth (Cooper) FisherJane (Ridley) Cooper: Needs parents (England)
  5. Acastos WaldreaonArthur Waldreaon: Needs a father (England)
  6. Acastos WaldreaonArthur Waldreaon ➝ Anna Southgate: Needs parents (England)
  7. Acastos WaldreaonAnn StocksJames Stocks: Needs parents (England)
  8. Acastos WaldreaonAnn StocksCatherine TenchWilliam Tench: Needs parents (England)
  9. Victoria HardyJohn HardyWilliam HardyJoseph Hardy: Needs parents (England)
  10. Victoria HardySarah WicksThomas Wicks: Needs mother's surname (England)
  11. Victoria HardySarah WicksRebecca FountainElizabeth Powers: Needs parents (England)

Maternal Brick Walls

  1. Emil OlsenHans OlsenOle ArnesenArne Hovelsen: Needs parents mother (Norway)
  2. Emil OlsenHans OlsenOle ArnesenIngri OlsdatterOle Gundersen: Needs parents (Norway)
  3. Emil OlsenHans OlsenOle ArnesenIngri Olsdatter: Needs a mother (Norway) Mother found
  4. Emil OlsenHans OlsenMari LarsdatterLars EriksenErick Larsen: Needs parents (Norway)
  5. Emil OlsenHans OlsenMari LarsdatterLars EriksenMarlene Olsdatter: Needs parents (Norway) Parents found
  6. Emil OlsenElisa OlsdatterOle Torkildsen: Needs parents (Norway)
  7. Emil OlsenElisa OlsdatterElen Sorensdatter: Needs parents (Norway)
  1. Anna Matilda JohnsonErick JohnsonStine OlsdatterMaria Andersdotter ➝ Anders Jansson: Needs Parents (Sweden)
  2. Anna Matilda JohnsonErick JohnsonStine OlsdatterMaria Andersdotter ➝ Caisa Ersdotter: Needs parents (Sweden)
  3. Anna Matilda JohnsonAnna JansdotterJan Sjolin ➝ Britta Ersdotter ➝ Catharina Persdotter: Needs parents (Sweden)
  4. Anna JohnsonAnna JansdotterMaria JansdotterJon Persson ➝ Anna Olsdotter: Needs parents (Sweden)
  5. Anna JohnsonAnna JansdotterMaria JansdotterAnna Larsdotter: Needs parents (Sweden)
  6. Otto MalmstedtJohan JacobssonJacob GoranssonGeorg AnderssonAnders Larsson: Needs parents (Sweden)
  7. Otto MalmstedtJohan JacobssonJacob GoranssonGeorg Andersson ➝ Anika Larsdotter: Needs parents (Sweden)
  8. Otto MalmstedtJohan JacobssonMaja Jansdotter: Needs parents (Sweden)
  9. Otto MalmstedtAmalia Hellstrom ➝ Johannes Hellstrom ➝ Carl Carlsson ➝ Carl Persson: Needs parents (Sweden)
  10. Otto MalmstedtAmalia Hellstrom ➝ Johannes Hellstrom ➝ Carl Carlsson ➝ Catharina Jonsdotter: Needs parents (Sweden)
  11. Otto MalmstedtAmalia HellstromLotta CarlsdotterCarl Jaensson: Needs parents (Sweden)
  12. Otto MalmstedtAmalia HellstromLotta CarlsdotterMaja Andersdotter: Needs parents (Sweden) Several choices, can't prove parents
  13. Carolina StenbergFrans StenbergMatts StenbergCarl Stenberg ➝ Carl Stenberg: Needs parents (Sweden)
  14. Carolina StenbergFrans StenbergMatts StenbergAnna Larsdotter: Needs parents (Sweden)
  15. Carolina StenbergFrans StengergAnna LovgrenJan ErssonEric Johansson: Needs parents (Sweden)
  16. Carolina StenbergFrans StengergAnna LovgrenJan ErssonAnna Ericsdotter: Needs parents (Sweden)
  17. Carolina StenbergCarolina NilsdotterNils NilssonNils JohanssonJohan Jonsson: Needs a mother (Sweden)
  18. Carolina StenbergCarolina NilsdotterMargareta GranAnders OlssonOlof Jansson: Needs parents (Sweden)
  19. Carolina StenbergCarolina NilsdotterMargareta GranAnders OlssonGreta Swensdotter: Needs parents (Sweden)

Needs Work

Note: Feel free to add profiles here if they need more sources, or need biographies written
  1. Thomas Hardy b 1720 England - needs more sources and a bio - this guy was detached as his son, Joseph Hardy, died in 1754 and was not the correct father for Scott's Joseph. Selvaggio-84 04:52, 9 May 2021 (UTC)



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