The WikiTree Challenge 2021 Week 23

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Date: 9 Jun 2021 to 16 Jun 2021
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WikiTree Challenge Week 23

Guest Star: Yvette Hoitink


Note from Yvette:
Please note that several online trees have Jan Gommeren as the father of Maria Verstraete a.k.a. Gommeren (my mother’s number 15). Although he acknowledged her as his daughter when she was seven years old, I do not have proof that he was also her biological father. I only have him as her legal father at this point, which is not shown in this tree. That is why there is a blank in my fan chart for number 30 and his ancestors. I am working with DNA matches to try and prove or disprove him as the biological father.


Note: Please check with your captain, Cheryl Hess, if there are any questions about the images being protected by copyright.
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  • When searching in Dutch archives and you are looking for a name like mine (with "van" or "de" or anything like it as part of the name) Don't put the prefixes in the place where they ask for the surname. Use only the main word in the last name field.
  • Before 1811 we need to find sources in church books. That is harder than finding sources after 1811 as all needed to go to the town hall to register birth, marriage and death. Use WhoWasWho and OpenArch and you will probably find what you are looking for.
  • Records are in Dutch, Latin or French.
  • The eldest son is named after the father's father, the second son after mother's father, the first daughter after the mother's mother, the second daughter after the father's mother.
  • All given names are put in the first name field. There are no middle names, so please select the "no middle name" status.
  • Women are mentioned using their maiden name in records, so don't use the husband's surname as Current Last Name.
  • In the Napoleontic era (1806–1813) the BMD documents are in French. Suddenly all the Jans become Jean, Pieters become Pierre and Hendriks become Henri, and Willem who becomes Guillaume.
  • Example Profile 1 and Example Profile 2.

Tell Us What You Found!!

Interesting Finds

List interesting finds to share with the guest at the end of the week
  • When Martinus Trouw (1822-1868) married he handed over a written declaration of the local doctor that is mother was insane and therefor not able to express her will about his marriage.
  • Cornelis Trouw went to prison for a day probably because he was peddling without a permit (overtreding afh voerwaren). We know his cause of death: crouposa pneumonia and paralysis cordis
  • Gijsbertus van der Sande: In 1810, Gijs van der Sanden is registered as aged 46, born in Loon op Zand, married with 3 children, Catholic religion and a shoemaker ("cordonnier") by profession. He seems to be living with or next to his parents in law Jacobus Dirkze and Cornelia van Gulik and their children Jacobus and Johanna Dirkze. His wife Katharina Dirkse is registered as aged 36, born in Loon op Zand, married with 3 children, a shoemaker's wife. His son Adrianus grew up to be a shoemaker as well.
  • Gerrit Jan van Nijkerken was a mason, the same as his father. He was born, married, and died in Winterswijk, Nederland. (Willemina Berendina van Nijkerken line)
  • Petronella Oomen (1823-1906) was only 2,5 hours old when her father showed her to the municalipty registration on 20th september 1823 as proof that she was born. I hope they lived close by...... (born 13.30, registration office 16.00)
  • Marinus van der Loght was looked over by a small group of people. He had three wives so the records were checked carefully to make sure it was the same man. Marinus was a carpenter. His third wife survived him by almost two years. (Maria Verstraeten Line)
  • Joannes Pemen (1750-1812) and his first wife Catharina Hop had a child that's not on Yvettes tree: Joannes Pemen baptized on 15 feb 1776 in Princenhage, Noord-Brabant. He married and had - probably - children
  • Yvette's GGGG Grandmother, Anna Maria de Bont Smulders (abt.1784-1858) has a sister, Joanna Maria de Bont (abt.1788-1846), with names and dates similar enough that it seems Yvette's Ancestry and Marijnissen trees have the dates inter-mixed. I have left Research Notes on both profiles laying out the sources with each daughter showing my Wikitree's dates are different than Yvette's.
  • Question for Yvette: How does she decide on which last name to use ? WT uses LNAB but she somehow seems to select one randomly ?
  • GG-Grandmother, Willemina Berendina (Kastein) van Nijkerken (1856-1918)'s cousin Hendrika Gezina (Kastein) van't Hul (1838-1921) immigrated to Iowa, USA and wrote this tribute in memory of her second husband. There was a Dutch newspaper in Sioux Center, Iowa at that time.
Hendricka Van't Hull Tribute to John

Free Space Pages

List of Free Space Pages created for or linked to members of this family.

Military Profiles

Did any of the guests family serve in the military or military conflicts?


Brick Walls

Please see the Resources section for a link to the fan charts.
  1. Joannes van den BichelaerHubertus van den Biggelaar ➔ Jan van den Biggelaar ➔ Hubertus van den Bichelaer: Needs parents
  2. Laurentius Hendrick SmeuldersJoanna Maria Heijkants ➔ Anneken van Dongen: Needs parents
  3. Gerardus van den HeuvelAdriaan van den HeubelAdrianna Brouwer ➔ Elisabeth Henricus Driessen: Needs parents
  4. Johannes Franciscus Bovendeert ➔ Franciscus Einmahl: Needs a father
  5. Johannes Franciscus BovendeertElisabeth TantoJohan Jacob Tanto: Needs parents
  6. Maria Platschart ➔ Joanna de Witte ➔ Jan de Witte: Needs a mother
  7. Gijsbertus van der Sande: Needs parents
  8. Maria Catharina DircksenJacobus Dirksen: Needs children added
  9. Maria Catharina DircksenJacobus DirksenEngelbert Dirksen: Needs parents
  10. Maria Catharina DircksenJacobus DirksenMaria Catharina Huijsens: Needs parents
  11. Maria Catharina DircksenCornelia van GulikMaria Damen: Needs parents
  12. Bartholomeus Theodorus van Eenetten: Needs parents
  13. Johanna LuijtsHendrikus LuijtsJohannes Baptista Luijts : Needs children added. So does his 2nd wife.
  14. Johanna LuijtsHendrikus LuijtsJohannes Baptista Luijts ➔ Henricus Luijts: Needs parents
  15. Joannis Cornelis TrouwCornelis Trouw ➔ Lijsbet Luijks: Needs parents
  16. Adrianus (Lochten) van der LogtJoannes LochtenLambertus Lochten ➔ Antonis Locht: Needs parents: Baptismal records only from 1606 onwards, so unable to find parents
  17. Adrianus (Lochten) van der LogtJoannes LochtenLambertus Lochten ➔ Aeltje van de Wijngaerd: Needs parents
  18. Adrianus (Lochten) van der LogtJoannes Lochten ➔ Jacobmijntje Cools: Needs parents Possible parents Cornelis Willemsen Cool and Anneken Jacobs, need further research
  19. Adrianus (Lochten) van der LogtJoanna GeertsCornelius M. Geert ➔ Johannes Geerts: Needs parents
  20. Adrianus (Lochten) van der LogtJoanna GeertsCornelius M. Geert ➔ Maria Snoeijs: Needs parents
  21. Anna Adrianse van Borst ➔ Gertrudis Tiimmermans ➔ Peter Tiimmermans ➔ Aert Timmerman: Needs parents
  22. Anna Adrianse van Borst ➔ Gertrudis Tiimmermans ➔ Peter Tiimmermans ➔ Gertruijd Peeters: Needs parents
  23. Anna Adrianse van Borst ➔ Gertrudis Tiimmermans ➔ Jenneken Ossenblock: Needs parents

Needs Work

Please update this list with what you have done, or write "done" after them. Thanks!
  1. Joannes van den Bichelaer b. 1801 Needs: Children added, parents added - DONE
  2. Theodorus Adriaen de Bont b 1749 Needs: parents added, Dutch information added from records, children added, death record found. - Death Record is only thing left for this item to be done DONE ✔️
  3. Franciscus Bovendeert b. 1836 Needs: parents added
  4. Cornelis Flooren b. 1846 Needs parents added, Dutch information added from records, children added. DONE
  5. Petronella Goossens b. 1815 Needs: Dutch information added from records. DONE
  6. Johannes van Groesen b. 1787 Needs: children added DONE ✔️
  7. Henricus van Groesen b. 1753 Needs: parents added, children added, occupation or other information from Dutch records. Done
  8. Henricus van Groezen b. 1813 Needs: parents added, children added, Dutch information added from records. DONE
  9. Gerardus van den Heuvel b. 1811 Needs: Parents added
  10. Cornelia J. Pemen b. 1781 Needs: parents added, children added, Dutch information added from records.
  11. Laurentius Hendrick Smeulders b 1784 Needs: parents added, Dutch information added from records, children added. DONE
  12. Joannis Cornelis Trouw b. 1785 Needs: parents added, Dutch information added from records.
  13. Gertrudis van de Ven b. 1752 Needs: Parents added, baptism found
  14. Gerrit Jan Kastein (1777-1858) b. 1777-1781 - German profile - Wikitree has different parents than Yvette & FS.
  15. Hendrika (ter Beest) Brusse (1823-) Needs LNAB change to te Beest, then children added, see 'DONE

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I see the question about which last names I use. Last names only became mandatory in most of the Netherlands in 1811. Before that, many people on my father's side named themselves after the farm they lived on, and many people on my mother's side used patronymics. With patronymics, there may not even be a last name in the baptismal record, since the father may be listed by his patronymic. For example, if a Jan, son of Pieter Jacobs is baptized, he would not be Jan Jacobs since that's his father's patronymic, but he would be Jan Pieters. Sometimes, the patronymic sticks and becomes a hereditary last name. If that happens, I use that. It can take some research to find out if a name is a hereditary last name or a patronymic.

If there is a clear last name at birth (or baptism, since that's often the oldest document), I use that as the preferred last name. But if there is no last name at birth, I often pick the name at marriage, or if I have a signature, I will use that. I haven't looked at all of my ancestral profiles in recent years so the stuff I did 20-30 years ago is less consistent.

posted by Yvette Hoitink