The WikiTree Challenge 2021 Week 26

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Date: 30 Jun 2021 to 7 Jul 2021
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WikiTree Challenge Week 26

Guest Star: Jarrett Ross

From Jarrett

This is additional information that Jerritt forgot to mention during the Livecast. This information will need to be verified but could be some great clues.
  • A cousin of mine who grandson of Isadore Rosenberg (brother of my great-grandfather Harry Ross) told me a story conveyed to him by his grandfather Isadore. Supposedly the Rosenbergs lived in England before the US and they had a child there who either died or was kidnapped, and that was supposedly why they immigrated to the US. Only thing I have found that substantiates the claim is the 1900 census shows they had 4 total children with only 3 living.
  • In an interview by my cousin, my great grandmother Jennie recounts how she met my great grandfather Morris. She says that her cousin Frances Barron introduced them. I have no clue how Frances Barron could be related. A newspaper clipping in Boston about a wedding lists Jennie, her sister Dora, her uncle Abraham, and a Frances Barron as guests at the wedding. Based on that clipping I believe that family is somehow related (likely through Jennie's mother) but have never been able to prove it, even through DNA. I have been in touch with multiple descendants of that other family who supplied lots of information.
    • Full video of family interview with TONS of information for the entire family tree - Videos.
    • Family Tree of the 'Frances Barron' who might be this cousin - Cousin's Tree.
  • My Uncle told me that when he was young, his grandfather Jack Ecoff told him that the family name was not actually Ecoff. Supposedly someone had been sent off from Russia to Germany for school and the person they stayed with was named Ecoff (more likely some variation of Ecoff), so they adopted the name. My great grandfather Jack also told my Uncle that the name was something like 'Zissel/Sissel'
Notes from Livecast
  • Paternal Great Grandmother Fannie Baruch (Baruch may be wrong)
  • Paternal Great-Great Grandparent's Rosenberg's are a brick wall. Benjamin Rosenberg(?) is believed to have married Beatrice or Annie.
  • Maternal Great-Grandmother Jennie Epstein's grandfather lived to about 109. Her father died when she was 7.
  • Maternal Great-Great-Grandmother Rachael Schevatzsky is believed to have been from either Kiev (Kyiv) or Poland.



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  • We have permission to use the photos from Jarrett's Geni tree (Exception see below)
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Interesting Finds

  • Raphael Nunes Vaz -10 was not able to write according to his marriage registration
  • We found an image of the birth house of Raphael Nunes Vaz-10 (see profile)
  • Upon arrival at Ellis Island from Liverpool, Isak Wakser (Waxman), his wife Sore, and their 3 children, Perl, Iradel & David were detained for 10 days. It was noted that Isak had "poor phys". The inspectors may have though the was in bad health and would not be able to support his family. They were released after appeal and probably after the Schorrs (where they were headed) came to claim them.
  • According to the Census records, Fannie Goldberg had 6 children who died young.
  • Jaap Nunes Vaz was a resistance man during WW2. He was founder and later editor of a covet newspaper "het Parool" In 1942 they found him in his hiding place in Wageningen. He went to the famous "Oranje hotel"prison and went via kamp Westerbork to Sobibor where he was killed on 13 march 1943. A street in Amsterdam is named after him (and what kind of cousin he was you have to find out for yourself, mindy and Laura) Jarrett's 4th great-grandparents Abraham Nunes Vaz and Sarah Lopes Dias were Jaap's great-grandparents. (2nd cousins 3x removed)
  • When Nunez Vaz -29 was born his father went to the registry office the next day but refused to sign because of his religion. The two jewish witnessess did the same. It wasn't . Shabbat. The only possible reason we could find was that it was the last day of Rosh Hashana.(jewish new year)
  • Jarrett's 3rd cousin twice removed Abraham Bueno de Mesquita is a well-known (in the 60s/70s/80s in the Netherlands and Germany) comedian/actor. He also is a holocaust survivor.
  • Jarrett is first cousins once removed with famous US actress Jill St. John who was the first American "Bond Girl" in the James Bond movie franchise in the movie Diamonds are Forever. He knows of this connection.
  • He is not a cousin but quite closely connected in 12 little steps :Samuel Sarphati, docter and health advisor for the city of Amsterdam who was the main cause child deaths dropped rapidly in 19th century Amsterdam. He organized a garbage cleaning service and a bread factory and much much more. See his profile.Samuel (Sarphatij) Sarphati (1813-1866)
  • We found some clues that might lead to the discovery of the parents of Samuel de Haan's mother Rachel. No conclusive evidence, but worth looking into. See Research Notes on Samuel's profile.
  • In May 1899 the police issued a search warrant for Raphael Nunes Vaz, Jarrett's 1st cousin 4 times removed, who was suspected of kidnapping a boy.

Military Profiles

Did any of the guests' family serve in the military or military conflicts (Civil War, Revolutionary War, WWI, etc.)
  • Abraham Robles-698 was a soldier when he married in 1826

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