The WikiTree Challenge 2021 Week 30

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Date: 28 Jul 2021 to 4 Aug 2021
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WikiTree Challenge Week 30

Guest Star: Daniel Loftus



Note: Please check with your captain, Karen Lowe, if there are any questions about the images being protected by copyright.
This week we are not copying any of Daniel's photos to his branches. Lowe-866 22:58, 31 July 2021 (UTC)
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  • National Archives of Ireland Try their census search
  • Ireland Church Records Where to find church records with various links
  • Ireland Census Substitutes What census records are available, with where to find them
  • Ireland Emigration Video on FamilySearch on finding the origins of Irish Immigrants
  • Irish Records Civil and Church record database
  • Irish Ancestors This maps out where surnames are located, as well as locations in general
  • Tracing Irish Roman Catholic Ancestry An overview of how to approach Roman Catholic research
  • WikiTree Ireland Project Check for resources and stickers
  • Tip: The census records are a good start, and you should be able to find images of all the birth records for each child on irishgenealogy. They have exact birth date, places, fathers Occupation, and mother’s maiden names. Once you get that, you can search for the marriage of the parents, and that gives their fathers names. The civil records are great, but only go back to 1864 for births, a bit earlier for marriages.

Tell Us What You Found!!

Interesting Finds

List interesting finds to share with the guest at the end of the week
  • Daniel Fraher was a promoter of the Irish language, a collector of Irish manuscripts, and a merchant. He was found in many dog licenses, primarily for terriers. His wife predeceased him and he was listed as a widower and a draper.
    • Daniel keeps telling about those two in his interviews, but the dog licenses might be new to him, anyway
    • Maybe it's also new to him, that in front of that one's former shop there is a memorial plate with a picture of him on it. He also equipped the West Waterford IRA with uniforms.
  • Mary (Walsh) Fraher (1865-1913) died in a mental asylum. She had been there for 15 Years. Her sister, Bridget, also died in a Mental asylum.
  • Peter (Walsh) Welsh (1875-1932) their brother Peter - you have to read this one! A-maz-ing.
  • Edmond Walsh (bef.1817-1879) Their father Edmund - Rosalie found a report of his marriage in an American newspaper which told us his parish - Cloga. This is different to the birth generally believed on Ancestry trees and led us to break a brick wall. His parents are Richard Walsh and Judy Hoban.

Free Space Pages

List of Free Space Pages created for or linked to members of this family.

Military Profiles

Did any of the guests family serve in the military or military conflicts?
  • Daniel's great great grandmother's brother Peter (Walsh) Welsh served briefly for the Canadian forces during WWI, and his story is noted above under "Interesting Finds".


Brick Walls

Paternal Brick Walls

  1. John LoftusJohn LoftusJohn Loftus (b 1821): Needs parents
  2. John LoftusJohn Loftus: Needs a mother
  3. John LoftusMary BurkePatrick Burke: Needs parents
  4. John LoftusMary Burke: Needs a mother
  5. Ellen NooneMichael NooneThomas Noone: Needs parents
  6. Ellen NooneMichael Noone: Needs a mother
  7. Ellen NooneMargaret ConlonThomas Conlon: Needs parents
  8. Ellen NooneMargaret Conlon: Needs a mother
  9. James CarneyAnthony CarneyBartholomew Carney: Needs parents
  10. James CarneyAnthony Carney: Needs a mother Mother found
  11. James CarneyMary MullaneyJames Mullaney: Needs parents
  12. James CarneyMary Mullaney: Needs a mother
  13. Delia (Lavin) CarneyPatrick LavinPatrick Lavin ➔ Luke Lavin: Needs parents
  14. Delia (Lavin) CarneyPatrick Lavin: Needs a mother
  15. Delia (Lavin) CarneyPatrick Lavin ➔ Mary O'Brien: Needs parents
  16. Delia (Lavin) CarneyAnn BrennanJohn Brennan: Needs parents
  17. Delia (Lavin) CarneyAnn Brennan: Needs a mother

Maternal Brick Walls

  1. Patrick O'CleirighMichael O'Cleirigh ➔ Michael O'Cleirigh ➔ Thomas O'Cleirigh: Needs parents
  2. Patrick O'CleirighMichael O'Cleirigh ➔ Michael O'Cleirigh: Needs a mother
  3. Patrick O'CleirighMichael O'Cleirigh ➔ Margaret Neal: Needs parents
  4. Patrick O'CleirighBridget WalshMichael Walsh: Needs parents
  5. Patrick O'CleirighBridget WalshMary Hannigan: Needs parents
  6. Kathleen (Foley) O'CleirighJoseph FoleyDaniel Foley: Needs parents
  7. Kathleen (Foley) O'CleirighJoseph Foley: Needs a mother
  8. Kathleen (Foley) O'CleirighCatherine O'ShaughnessyMichael O'Shaughnessy: Needs parents
  9. Kathleen (Foley) O'CleirighCatherine O'Shaughnessy: Needs a mother Mother found
  10. Patrick WhelanPatrick Whelan (b 1864) ➔ Patrick Whelan b 1840: Needs parents
  11. Patrick WhelanPatrick Whelan (b 1864) ➔ Bridget Kennedy: Needs parents
  12. Patrick WhelanBridget CareyJohn Carey ➔ James Carey: Needs parents
  13. Patrick WhelanBridget CareyJohn Carey: Needs a mother
  14. Patrick WhelanBridget CareyMary Casey: Needs parents
  15. Catherine Mary (Fraher) WhelanDaniel FraherMaurice Fraher: Needs parents
  16. Catherine Mary (Fraher) WhelanDaniel FraherCatherine Hickey: Needs parents
  17. Catherine Mary (Fraher) WhelanMary WalshEdmond Walsh: Needs parents Parents found
  18. Catherine Mary (Fraher) WhelanMary WalshMargaret (Quinlan) Walsh: Needs parents Parents found

Needs Work

  1. Carney-3066 (Daniel's 2nd great-grandfather) has lots of dog licenses to add - he is the Anthony at Clerhy, Kiltimagh, Mayo. Needs ancestry or FMP sub for the images - gives dog descriptions!


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