The WikiTree Challenge 2021 Week 31

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Date: 4 Aug 2021 to 11 Aug 2021
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WikiTree Challenge Week 31

Guest Star: Drew Smith



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South Carolina

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Interesting Finds

List interesting finds to share with the guest at the end of the week
  • Mary Ann Hyland and William Bannon married in West Bromwich in 1861. Her brother Peter Hyland married Elizabeth Bannon. It appears that they married on the same day as they appear in the same register entry. A copy of the marriage record was found online which revealed where in Ireland they were from. Both Mary Ann and William were from Queens County (now County Laois).
  • James S. Martin (abt.1797-aft.1880) is listed as a slave owner in the 1850 and 1860 US Census Slave Schedules.
  • Drew's second great grand uncle John Hyland (1841-) was bankrupt in 1879.
  • In 1867 Peter Hyland (1836-1912) was accused of assaulting a police officer in Oldbury. The charge was dismissed. Also accused was Michael Delaney. Delaney was Peter's mothers maiden name.
  • Benjamin Foshee was sued for debt at least five times mostly in 1848-50, right before he married Sarah Neely. Sarah Neely's father George did not leave Sarah or her Foshee children anything in his will, but did mention her children from her first marriage "the children of Addison Grant, my Grandchildren". And left them money in trust. He likely did not approve of Sarah's second marriage.
  • Charles King Jr, Drew's uncle was killed in a homicide in 1869. He and a man named Thomas Patterson met on his way home an engaged in an argument that turned deadly. He was found the next day by Horace Cunningham.

Free Space Pages

List of Free Space Pages created for or linked to members of this family.

Military Profiles

Did any of the guests family serve in the military or military conflicts?
  • Great-Grandfather Edmon Manley Martin served as a musician for the Confederacy in the Civil War and was arrested with a group of men in 1872. The article doesn't give the exact reason, but it appears he was arrested for serving for the Confederacy.
  • George Neely Supplied the Revolutionary war militia with supplies in 1780 and 1781. He's registered as a DAR ancestor.


Brick Walls

Note: There are a few brick walls not listed here that are past generation 10 on the Bodie and Foshee lines.

Paternal Brick Walls (20)

  1. Charles Henry SmithJames SmithPhilip Smith: Needs parents
  2. Charles Henry SmithJames Smith: Needs a mother
  3. Charles Henry SmithMary Reilly: Needs parents Parents found
  4. Mary Ann (Bannon) SmithWilliam BannonWilliam Bannon: Needs parents
  5. Mary Ann (Bannon) SmithWilliam Bannon: Needs a mother
  6. Mary Ann (Bannon) SmithMary HylandJames Hyland: Needs parents
  7. Mary Ann (Bannon) SmithMary HylandCatherine Delaney: Needs parents
  8. Louis WeinglassMendel Weinglass: Needs parents
  9. Louis WeinglassFrumat Zorkel: Needs parents Parents found
  10. Sarah (Grodowitz) WeinglassAnschel Grodowitz: Needs parents a mother
  11. Sarah (Grodowitz) WeinglassHannah Siegel: Needs parents Parents found

Maternal Brick Walls (25)

  1. Edmon Manley MartinJames Martin: Needs parents
  2. Edmon Manley Martin: Needs a mother
  3. Jane Belle BodieNathaniel BodieNathaniel Bodie ➔ Hannah Bartlett: Needs parents
  4. Jane Belle BodieNathaniel BodieNathaniel Bodie: Needs Hannah Allen proven to get bounty points for her parents
  5. Jane Belle BodieNathaniel BodieElizabeth Warren: Needs father John Warren proven to get points for his parents
  6. Jane Belle BodieNathaniel BodieElizabeth Warren: Needs a mother
  7. Jane Belle BodieMary EidsonJohn EidsonJames Eidson: Needs a mother
  8. Jane Belle BodieMary EidsonJohn Eidson ➔ Mary Humphrey ➔ William Humphreys: Needs parents
  9. Jane Belle BodieMary EidsonJohn Eidson ➔ Mary Humphrey ➔ Nancy Satcher: Needs parents
  10. Jane Belle BodieMary EidsonMartha Pitts ➔Jesse Pitts: Needs a mother
  11. Robert Benjamin KingCharles King: Needs parents
  12. Robert Benjamin King: Needs a mother
  13. Sarah FosheeBenjamin Foshee: Needs parents
  14. Sarah FosheeSarah NeelyGeorge Neely ➔ James Neely ➔ George Neely: Needs parents
  15. Sarah FosheeSarah NeelyGeorge Neely: Needs a mother
  16. Sarah FosheeSarah Neely: Needs a mother

Needs Work



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