The WikiTree Challenge 2021 Week 38

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Date: 22 Sep 2021 to 29 Sep 2021
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WikiTree Challenge Week 38

Guest Star: Melanie (Doherty) McComb

FHL Images Needed
Digital Folder Number: 007904657
Image Number: 00174
  • Image of death record for Allice Corcoran, from which there are two different extracts with different subsets of the information on the original. (Paddy Waldron)
Digital Folder Number: 004024356
Image Number: 00137
Digital Folder Number: 004024356
Microfilm Number: 101624
Image Number: 00137
  • I submitted an FHL lookup on 9/23, haven't heard back yet on 9/29. Will update profile when I get it. Yetta Friendlich death cert, 9 Apr 1930. --> update 5pm 9/29, just got it from FHL and added to her profile. -Elaine.

Notes From Melanie


Note: Please check with your captain, Maddy Hardman, if there are any questions about the images being protected by copyright. If you missed the LiveCast, Melanie let us know that she doesn't really have family photos to share.
  • add image link here


Please share your resources here


Important German Church Record Vocabulary
Name Name, Namen, Nahme, Nahmen
Parish Pfarre, Gemeinde
local hiesig
Baptism Taufe
Birth Geburt
Child Kind
Son Sohn
Daughter Tochter
Mother Mutter
Father Vater
Parents Eltern, Aeltern
Boy Knabe, Junge
Girl Mädchen
Stillborn totgeboren, todtgeboren
Year, Month and Day Jahr, Monat und Tag
Godparents/Sponsors Paten, Pathen, Taufpaten, Taufpathen, Gevatter
Marriage Trauung, Ehe
Groom Bräutigam
Bride Braut
Married verheiratet, verehelicht
Wife Frau, Ehefrau, Gattin, Weib, Eheweib
Husband Mann, Ehemann, Gatte
Location/Place of Residence Ort, Wohnort



  • Tip: The census records are a good start, and you should be able to find images of all the birth records for each child on irishgenealogy. They have exact birth date, places, fathers Occupation, and mother’s maiden names. Once you get that, you can search for the marriage of the parents, and that gives their fathers names. The civil records are great, but only go back to 1864 for births, a bit earlier for marriages.




United States

Tell Us What You Found!!

Interesting Finds

List interesting finds to share with the guest at the end of the week
  • Melanie's greatgreatgreataunt Catherine Duff and her husband Lawrence Crawley/Crolly and their family were evicted in 1881, which paved the way for land reform.
  • Yehudit (Gunter) Freundlich had 10 children, but only three survived their teens.
  • Melanie already appears to be aware that her Corcoran ancestors and several namesakes (who are surely closely related) lived in or around the ancient Dillonstown Castle in County Louth. I have added a map and details of the history of the castle to the profiles for her GGGgrandfather John Corcoran and of his probable brother Peter Corcoran. Waldron-201 21:18, 26 September 2021 (UTC)
  • The death date for Great Uncle, Peter Corcoran (1884-1967) is incorrect in Melanie's tree. Peter was a "Very Reverend". The correct death record actually lists that title in his death record versus the 1941 record which is for a Peter who is a carpenter. The obituary for Peter tells that he was a highly revered Priest who "In 1938, father Corcoran played an important role in restoring Cistercian life to historic Mellifont, and the monks of the new refounded New Mellifont, situate in his parish, always considered him as one of the founders of the Abbey. " His living sister and the nieces & nephews residing in Ireland are listed in his obit.
  • Melanie's great uncle Rt. Rev. Msgr. John Patrick McKenna celebrated his first Mass at St. Mary's Church in Iona on 26 Jun 1910. On January 30, 1924, Msgr. McKenna was shot in the chest and stomach while leaving the rectory. He was in critical condition for several days and hospitalized for five weeks before recovering fully. An escapee from the Kansas penitentiary was identified as the assailant. He was the first diocesan director of the Legion of Decency. On the Golden Anniversary of his ordination, he was named prothonatory apostolic ad justar participantium, carrying the right to wear pontifical vestments in the celebration of the Mass.
  • Melanie knew very little about her great-grandmother's brother Isidor Siegel (abt.1884-1944). We found what happened in his life and that he died in 1944 and is buried in New York. Isidor was married to Clara Rohrlich (abt.1889-) and they had two children: Harry Siegel (abt.1913-) who married Rose Liepshutz in 1936, and Bertha Siegel (abt.1915-). If Harry and Clara had children and/or if Rose married and had children, then maybe Melanie has some 2C1Rs and 3rd cousins that she never knew about and can share information with.
  • Isidor Siegal also had a very interesting story: "Swindlers Got Fortune By Frauds Say Police; Get-Rich-Quick Gang Caught Here - Had Nice Scheme" - Chicago, Jan 8, 1917. Isidor, his brother-in-law Abraham Rohrlich, and Morris Moskowitz were "charged with having obtained thousands of dollars in several cities by means of a fake merchant scheme" and they were under arrest. "The police say they are hot on the trail of other members of the gang. According to the plan said to have been worked here, the gang would open up a merchandise store and a checking account. After obtaining goods, first with good checks and later with bad, they are accused of having shipped them to Brooklyn, closed up their store over night and disappearing. They are said to have pyramided their checking accounts with as many worthless checks as they could negotiate. Local police say that the gang worked in New York, St Louis, Cincinnati, Newport, Ky., Cleveland, Detroit, Mount Clemons, Mich., Gary, Ind., and East St. Louis." The three men "were found at a hotel here (in Chicago) under assumed names, on information supplied by the New York Police." Both Isidor and Abraham appear with their families in the 1920 census, so if they served time, it would have been no more than 3 years. More likely, since a gang was involved and they were the ones first caught, they may have been released and not charged in exchange for information about the other gang members.
  • Owen Eugene Rooney (1899-1975) is just 1 of at least 5 priests in his family according to this list - details on parents also given
  • Two of Melanie’s ancestors on PEI were reputed to be over 100 in newspaper articles, but the facts didn’t bear it out. Bernard Clarkin (1775-1879) was shown to have been born later than 1775 by his entry in the 1841 census as between 45 and 60, hence born between 1781 and 1796 - making him between 83 and 98 years old at his death (still a fair age), and Francis Dougherty (1802-abt.1892) was born between 1796 (oldest possible age from the 1841 census and as late as 1802 (from 1881 census), putting his age at death between 90 and 96. He too was a good age when he died.
  • Bernard Duff (abt.1814-1903) appeared a few times in the newspapers in Ireland. On two separate occasions man named Henry Murray was taken to court accused of assaulting Bernard, but on each occasion he was acquitted. Bernard was also an early member of The National League, a political organisation which campaigned for Home Rule. In 1858, he had an advert in the paper selling 30 cocks of hay. A hay cock is the way hay was stored before bales were invented.
  • Rose (Mooney/Rooney) Sullivan, daughter of Philip and Mary (Doherty) Rooney, had a dozen children of which three became missionary priests.[1]
  • Not exactly a find, but maybe this museum would have info on Anton Gailunas. He stayed at a South St Sailors Home at least once.

Free Space Pages

List of Free Space Pages created for or linked to members of this family.
  1. Buivenai Towns in Lithuania Need to add more details for each town, but it’s a start.
  2. The Kelly Name in Prince Edward Island
  3. The Clarkin Name in Prince Edward Island
  4. Clergy
  5. The Connolly Name in Prince Edward Island
  6. The McKenna Name in Prince Edward Island
  7. Obituary for Michael & Mary Ann Rooney
  8. Tydavnet
  9. Sherry name in Prince Edward Island

Military Profiles

Did any of the guest's family serve in the military or military conflicts?


Brick Walls

Paternal Brick Walls (33)

  1. Joseph DohertyOwen DoughertyFrancis Dougherty ➔ Owen Dougherty ➔ Francis Dougherty: Needs parents
  2. Joseph DohertyOwen DoughertyCatharine Clarkin ➔ Michael Clarkin: Needs parents
  3. Joseph DohertyOwen DoughertyCatharine Clarkin ➔ Ellen Connolly: Needs parents
  4. Joseph DohertySarah Flynn ➔ Bernard Flynn: Needs parents
  5. Joseph DohertySarah Flynn: Needs a mother
  6. Rose (Rooney) DohertyMichael RooneyPhilip Rooney: Needs parents
  7. Rose (Rooney) DohertyMichael RooneyMary Dougherty: Needs parents
  8. Rose (Rooney) DohertyMary Ann McKennaOwen McKenna: Needs parents
  9. Rose (Rooney) DohertyMary Ann McKenna ➔ Ellen McInnis: Needs parents
  10. Thomas CorcoranThomas CorcoranJohn Corcoran ➔Andrew Corcoran: Needs parents
  11. Thomas CorcoranThomas CorcoranJohn Corcoran: Needs a mother
  12. Thomas Corcoran ➔ Thomas Corcoran ➔ Bridget Gough: Needs parents Correct mother added to Thomas Corcoran b 1843
  13. Thomas CorcoranBridget Duff ➔ Bernard Duffy: Needs parents
  14. Thomas CorcoranBridget Duff ➔ Rose Hardy: Needs parents
  15. Bridget ConnollyBernard ConnollyJohn Connolly ➔ James Connolly: Needs parents
  16. Bridget ConnollyBernard ConnollyJohn Connolly: Needs a mother
  17. Bridget ConnollyBernard ConnollyBridget Sherry ➔ John Sherry: Needs parents
  18. Bridget ConnollyBernard ConnollyBridget Sherry ➔ Ellen McCarvell: Needs parents
  19. Bridget ConnollyAlice McKennaJames McKenna: Needs parents
  20. Bridget ConnollyAlice McKennaRose Kelly: Needs parents

Maternal Brick Walls (23)

  1. Herman SchildAbraham Schild ➔Ruben Schild: Needs parents
  2. Herman SchildAbraham Schild: Needs a mother
  3. Herman SchildEva Bodnar ➔ Herman Bodnar: Needs parents
  4. Herman SchildEva Bodnar ➔ Fannie Chesmore: Needs parents
  5. Tessie FreundlichLeib Freundlich ➔ Louis Freundlich: Needs parents
  6. Tessie FreundlichLeib Freundlich ➔ Sarah Selgis: Needs parents
  7. Tessie FreundlichJudes Gunter ➔ Eli Gunter: Needs parents
  8. Tessie FreundlichJudes Gunter ➔ Ruby Drucher: Needs parents
  9. Anton GailunasIgnaty Gailunas: Needs parents
  10. Anton Gailunas: Needs a mother
  11. Matilda SiegelHirsch Siegel: Needs parents
  12. Matilda SiegelChaje Goldman ➔ Feiwel Goldschmied: Needs parents
  13. Matilda SiegelChaje Goldman: Needs a mother

Needs Work


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