The WikiTree Challenge 2021 Week 44

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Date: 3 Nov 2021 to 10 Nov 2021
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WikiTree Challenge Week 44

Guest Star: Claire Brisson-Banks

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  • As of November 4th, 2021 Claire has 77 Filles du Roi within 12 generations according to the Ancestor Explorer App. As of November 8th, 2021, she has 91 Filles du roi within 12 generations.
  • Aaron Littlefield , was taken off by Native Americans along with his mother and two of his sisters to Canada. He was nine years old. He was later baptized in Quebec as Pierre Augustin Littlefield, where he later married and settled. He was granted letters of administration for for his father Moses' estate in 1727.
  • Unfortunately, a few of Claire's ancestors are known to have met their ends violently, including Toussaint Hunault dit Deschamps, his daughter Marie Thérèse Hunault, and Antoine Roy dit Desjardins.
  • Joseph Theroux was a broom manufacturer and ran a saloon in Pawtucket RI where he sometimes skirted the liquor laws. He died from injuries sustained when he fell in a store's cellar. His funeral was the largest in the French community at the time, attracting more people than could be accommodated in the church. There were 43 carriages in his funeral procession.
  • Omer Brisson happens to be on the same mtDNA line as two of our members and Karen Lowe's grandfather. WikiTree's DNA tools allow us to find information about these ancient lines without even having to recruit our own cousins to test! Then we can recruit those cousins to add scientific evidence to our long paper trails.
  • Joseph Vignola/Fiola/Phiala was a native of Hungary but his surname is not of Hungarian origin. He was likely a descendant of one of the many nationalities who assisted in ending the Ottoman occupation of Hungary. Of his six children two, Joseph and Jean Baptiste, are known to have married a native woman and one, Guillaume, likely married a Métis woman. Guillaume's branch of the family became known as "Violon".
  • Robert Gagnon migrated from France to Quebec. In 1666 he was living with his wife and two children. A year later he also had 7 cattle and 15 arpents (parcels size) of land. In 1681 he had eight children living with him. His oldest son was a carpenter. He also had 1 gun, 6 "horned beasts," and 20 arpents of land.
  • Pierre Bissonnette's second marriage was annulled, a somewhat unusual occurrence in 17th century New France. After it was discovered that he left a wife behind in France and had entered a bigamous second marriage, the second one was annulled and his arrest was ordered. He later went on to marry and third and final time after it was subsequently determined that his first wife had died.
  • Twins:
    • Joseph Guillame, named after his maternal grandfather was born in 1727 in Canada. His twin was stillborn, and mentioned in the baptism record.
    • Another ancestor, Marie Louise Ruel, was born in 1735 with her twin Marie Genevieve.
    • Jean Baptiste Boudrot, Claire's 6th great-grandfather, was born in 1683 in Port Royal with his twin Claude.
    • Geneviève Lemelin, Claire's 6th great-grandmother (on the Audette line), was born in Saint-Laurent in 1694 with her twin Françoise.
    • Anne Rouleau, Claire's 8th great-grandmother (on the Limoges line), was born in 1662 in Chateau-Richer with her twin Guillaume.
    • Pierre Testu du Tilly, Claire's 8th great-grandfather (on the Brisson line), was born in 1635 in Panzoult, France with his twin Marie.
  • Marie Anastasie Ruel had a half sister, of the same mother, Anastasie Gosselin, named Delphine Plante who married their maternal uncle Pierre Onésime Gosselin.
  • Claire's roots in North America may date to time immemorial, as she is a descendant of Anne Marie Mi'kmaq. As for her European roots in North America, they likely begin with Louis Hebert, who was part of the attempted settlement of Port-Royal in 1606-1607. He permanently settled in Canada upon arriving at Québec in 1617.
  • A husband and wife who died within a day of each other, and were buried together on the following day (joint funeral). Dec 29, 30, 31st, 1758, at Cap-Saint-Ignace, Montmagny. Fournier-963 and Bernard-1202.
  • Her great grandmother's sister, Adeline Ruel, moved with her husband from St-Charles de Bellechasse to Fall River Massachusetts. In the obituary of her husband, Jean Baptiste Leblanc, it is says: "(He) was regarded as a pioneer of the French Colony in this City."
  • Claire's mother's maternal grandfather, Alberic Theroux was employed by Lorraine Mills in Pawtucket for 23 years as a loom fixer. He was well known and highly regarded. His brothers George and Charles were Majors in two of the French ceremonial military organizations in the state. When Alberic died there was a military style funeral attended by about 1,000 people. Several of Claire's ancestral family members were active in these social and charitable organizations in New England.
  • Jean Lucas Schmid was an Officier du Roy (King's officer), and took an active part in the American Revolutionary War. At the capture of Fort St-Jean on November 2, 1775, Schmid was taken prisoner to the United States with twenty officers. The legislative assembly of 1795 granted Luc Schmid fifty louis (gold coins) as a pension and allowance for services rendered to the country, when he was Lieutenant in the Canadian militia corps in 1764. There was also once an , ”Isle Schmid ”, below the village of Yamaska, but this island no longer exists today.

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Carignan-Salière Regiment:

  1. Pierre Hudon dit Beaulieu (abt.1648-1710)
  2. André Mignier (abt.1640-1729)
  3. Julien Dumont dit Lafleur (abt.1647-1715)
  4. René Cochon de Laverdière (1640-1714)
  5. Nicolas Audet dit Lapointe (1637-1700)
  6. Julien Allard (1645-1704)
  7. Pierre Balan dit Lacombe (abt.1646-1687)
  8. François Dessureau dit le Bourguignon (abt.1631-1688)
  9. Jean Poirier (abt.1647-1722)
  10. Jean Bergevin dit Langevin (1635-1703)
  11. Blaise Belleau (abt.1650-bef.1722)
  12. François Deguire dit Larose (1641-1699)
  13. Jean Blet (1643-1722)
  14. Jean Besset dit Brisetout (abt.1642-1707)
  15. Pierre Lesiège (abt.1636-abt.1692)
  16. Jean Piet dit Trempe (abt.1641-abt.1730)
  17. Guillien Dubord dit Lafontaine (abt.1636-1705)
  18. Christophe Février dit Lacroix (1634-1695)
  19. Isaac Paquier dit La Vallé (abt.1636-1702)
  20. Pierre Favreau (1636-1708)
  21. Jean Beaugrand dit Champagne (abt.1641-abt.1699)
  22. Jean Soucy (abt.1641-bef.1679)
  23. François Séguin dit Ladéroute (1644-1704)
  24. Antoine Roy dit Desjardins (1635-1684)
  25. François Trotain dit St-Surin (abt.1634-1731)
  26. Guillaume Renaud (1645-1709)
  27. Louis Truchon (1645-1724)
  28. Nicolas Preunier dit Picart (abt.1641-1691)
  29. Jean Olivier (abt.1645-1697)
  30. André Jarret de Beauregard (1642-bef.1692)
  31. Jean Vincent Chamaillard (abt.1646-1688)
  32. Nicolas Moisan (1634-aft.1696)
  33. Michel Rognon dit La Roche (abt.1639-1684)
  34. Pierre André Renaud (1641-1713)

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