The WikiTree Challenge 2022 Challenge 5

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Date: 3 Mar 2022 to 10 Mar 2022
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WikiTree Challenge Week 5

Guest Star: Oliver Wakeman

Notes From Guest

  • A little bit of history which has been passed down: Wakeman used to be somebody that took care of legal stuff (so Wakeman was an occupation, taken on as a surname).
  • Yes, I knew all of my grandparents
  • Cyril Wakeman and Mildred Eastment were my father’s parents. My mothers were Ronald Woolford and Ruby Mitchell.
  • My granddad died quite quite young, but so my Nan and I were very close so Lillian Davis, which was her mum. I think would be the oldest relative that I knew.
  • Re Ethnicity: There is the Voller line, which my dad has always told me that the line that we come from is related to the Vollers in Germany, who were Romany gypsies and Germany and the other side of the family, my grandmother's side with the Eastments. I wonder whether there's any you know that sort of European side to our family. But the only downside to that, I think, is it I'm dreadful with languages.
  • One of my great-great ancestors invented the deck chair. That is one of the many stories that have been passed down. I would like to know if that is true. A lot of things we end up telling it as a story, so you forget sometimes whether these stories are actually true. I’d like to know if they are.
  • The main the story that I've always heard from that which was that the Wakeman name came from those working for an Earl. And the story that I've heard is that one of these, one of these people was on a boat or was a captain on a boat or carpenter on a boat or something along those lines or one of the people. That worked for the Earl on a boat or something and apparently the Earl and his wife wanted to. And that's how he invented the deck chair, he came up with the Chair frame and the canvas to swing between the two, which is how they and they needed to fold it away and store it. That is apparently a bit of genuine history from us, but, of course, because it was back in the days, where it was all anything you invented got registered to the household or the Earl, it was never something that was ever credited to the Wakeman's.
  • My uncle Lorrie was disabled, he had multiple sclerosis and was in a in a wheelchair. And I always remember him because he was one of the pioneers of computers in one of the first people I ever knew that had a computer. which you're talking, I was probably eight so we're talking like 1979 or 1980.
  • And I remember my auntie Olive. Oh, she wasn't she wasn't really my aunt she was my great aunty she was just always known as Aunt Olive. She died at 99.
  • (Want to know if you are related to?): The “Great Fred Wakeman.” People often ask if we are related and I would love to know if we are.


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Interesting Finds

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  1. Have uploaded a PDF as I don't know how to do a space page, see profile Emma Louisa Bennett (1873-1929) - Emma Louisa (Bennet) Moore died tragically as the result of a Coach accident
  2. The first husband of Blanch Elizabeth (Voller) Mitchell (1885-), Oliver’s 2nd gt aunt, went down with HMS Invincible during the battle of Jutland 31 May 1916 (WW1). They had just celebrated their first wedding anniversary.
  3. Oliver's Great Uncle x? was a Musician Thomas Wakeman in 1861.
  4. Mary Ann (Baston) Grover (1889-1958) had 17 known children, who survived childhood, including two—Pvt. Kenneth Gordon Grover (1924-1946) and Cecil Stanley Grover (1916-1943)—who died in service during the Second World War. Her daughter Mabel Isabel (Grover) Sibley married an American after the war, migrated to West Virginia (where her coal miner husband was killed in a mine collapse) and died in Colorado. Mary Ann's daughter Joyce A. (Grover) Roach (1926-1946) married an American soldier, migrated to the US and died in Michigan at age 20. (The children are Oliver Wakeman's first cousins, twice removed. He thought he had no American relatives.
  5. Wakeman used to be somebody that took care of legal stuff - Frank Wakeman worked for the Inland Revenue in 1911. Oliver and Frank are second cousins three times removed
  6. Thomas Davies (1816 -1886) Worked for the coast Guard in 1851 & 1861in Pembrokeshire, a county in the south-west of Wales. Found his service record on, using Margaret in the find search she shows up at Number 15/92. lists their children and grandchildren
  7. William George Wickens(1875-1960) had 1st cousin of same name born in India. William George Wickens(1874-1940)
  8. Francis Luke Adams was an Centenarian born before the 31 May 1868 - 14 Sep 1968. He and Oliver are second cousins three times removed, are both descendants of Charlotte (Fleet) Barber (bef.1788-1858) into the Wakeman line via Barber, Davies lines.
  9. The Brother of Oliver's Great Great GrandMother - William Francis Ballard emigrated to Canada with his wife Emily Tuck and three Children Horace, Stanley and Almacy on board the Bavarian in 1903. The three Children are left with Emily's Sister Eliza Tuck and Family in Canada. William Francis Ballard widowed can later be found back in England boarding with his Married Sister Henrietta in the 1911 Census. William remarries, in 1912 to Charlotte Emily Brun. (The Children all marry in Canada.)
  10. Oliver’s 2nd great grandfather William Henry Voller (1862-1942) appears to have committed a number of criminal offences during his life - see William Voller’s Criminal Record for the transcription of a newspaper article from 1899. He allegedly wrote cheques that bounced, and hired three bicycles from two establishments which he then pawned at different pawnbrokers, forging receipts so that it appeared he had bought them. For these offences, he was committed to trial at the Crown Court , confessed to all, and sentenced to 6 months hard labour.
  11. He was in a position to know a lot about bicycles since a few years previously he had been captain of a bicycle club in Gosport, Hampshire, the “Gosport Star Cycling Club”. In 1894 the paper reported his taking part in a 100-mile bicycle race against Private F.W.R. Hankin. Private Hankin gave up after 46 miles, but William Voller finished the hundred miles, recording a time of 6 hours 13 minutes. The reporter thought the time was pretty good considering Voller was over 30!
  12. Tom Basson (bef.1861-1930) - A son of Oliver's 3rd Gt Grandaunt Elizabeth (Baston) Allen (bef.1832-) was Mayor of Oxford from 1922-1923 ([1])
  13. The Ings line appear to have lost several members prematurely two of them have space pages. The youngest is 15 year old son Edward Henry Jabez (Mulrooney) Mulroney (1900-1916) of Lily Eliza (Ings) Mulrooney (1875-) a Bugler in the Royal Marines who was killed in action in 1916 and is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial see:- Commonwealth War Graves Record
  14. Francis Baston was originally sentenced to death for burglary and stealing silver plate to the value of 40 shillings, sentence was commuted to transportation for life and eventually to two years hard labour in Berkshire

Free Space Pages

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Military Profiles

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Brick Walls

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Paternal Brick Walls

  1. John Richardson (abt.1775-)
  2. John Valler (abt.1730-)
  3. Richard Eastment (bef.1718-abt.1771)
  4. Thomas Davies (abt.1816-)

Maternal Brick Walls

  1. Ronald Woolford (1919-abt.2001) Father only
  2. Lizzie (Mason) Woodford (1867-1964)
  3. George Mitchell (1814-bef.1851)
  4. Thomas Henry Duffield (bef.1792-1867)

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Hi Need someone to view the original to verify that it is indeed Waterman and not Wakeman

Name John Waterman Sex Male Spouse's Name Ann Edwards Spouse's Sex Female Marriage Date 1 Nov 1813 Marriage Place St Giles without Cripplegate, London, England, United Kingdom Marriage Place (Original) Saint Giles Cripplegate, London, London, England


posted by Heather Jenkinson
It definitely says John Waterman. Will post image in Discord for you.