The WikiTree Challenge 2022 Challenge 6

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Date: 17 Mar 2022 to 24 Mar 2022
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WikiTree Challenge # 6

Guest Star: Jimmie Fadden

Notes From Guest

  • My father's grandfather is McNees. My father's father is Swegles. They are Welsh Scottish Irish. My grandmother's family is Scotch Irish.
  • My dad's father came from New York to Kentucky (three generations in Kentucky). My grandmother's side came from Ireland in the 1700s.
  • My 4th great-grandfather, I think it was, worked as a ship's carpenter in Erie, on the Great Lakes. One of my great-grandfathers worked for the train. I don't know which train line, but he was involved with it.
  • I got the name Fadden from my father's step-father. His name was Swegles but he changed it.
  • My sister's daughter called me and said there was someone with a lot of our DNA. I found out it was a half brother, two and a half years older than I am. He's the lead actor in the Renaissance Fair in Pasadena.
  • My mom was adopted at birth in Chicago by the Rally family from South Dakota. She grew up never knowing her biological family. She used to say "I'm Swedish-Finnish. Englund is my family." I saw a family member that would have been 17 in 1919 when my mother was born.
  • My cousin Gary, whom I've met, is the youngest son of the youngest son on the Englund tree. He gave me my great-grandfather Nel's wooden hand plane that he built.
  • My mom's father was from Finland. I was at 30% Finn when I first did my DNA, then later they moved it to 37%.
  • I would like to find my grandfather (Attie Martinnen) and where he went. My grandmother went to Chicago and gave birth to my mother. Prior to that her mother died of the Spanish Flu.
  • The Swedes line was originally Olsson. They were from Varmland.
  • When my father left the family his mother got remarried - my grandfather (Hiram James Swegles) remarried and started a whole new family, so my father had to have brothers and sisters. I've met the daughter of one of them. My 2nd cousin found my mother's half brother who is 96 and living in Michigan. I've talked to him on the phone but he had no idea about it. He was a naval aviator and so was his dad. So was my dad. All Navy pilots. His dad died in Long Beach, and was living in Paramount where my mother taught school. This was my mother's half-brother's father.
  • My half-brother Stephen knew people that I knew, before we had even met.
  • We spent time with all of my mom's South Dakota family. We drove from California.
  • My mom's biological family is a mystery to me, so I had concentrated on my adoptive family.
  • My sister was given up as a baby for adoption. When I talked to her later in life she knew she had two brothers, but didn't know who I was.

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Locations: Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, and the United States. Please see the WikiTree Challenge Example Profiles Space for a guideline on how the profiles can look.


  • Tip: The census records are a good start, and you should be able to find images of all the birth records for each child on irishgenealogy. They have exact birth date, places, fathers Occupation, and mother’s maiden names. Once you get that, you can search for the marriage of the parents, and that gives their fathers names. The civil records are great, but only go back to 1864 for births, a bit earlier for marriages.


  • Scottish Roots Sticker {{Scotland Sticker}}


Sweden Stickers:
Flag of Sweden
... ... ... migrated from Sweden to Minnesota, USA.
Flag of Minnesota, USA
{{Migrating Ancestor
|origin= Sweden
|destination= Minnesota, USA
|origin-flag= Swedish_Flags-41.png
|destination-flag= US_Flags-20.png}}
... ... ... lived in Sweden.
{{Sweden Sticker}} born and died in Sweden

United States

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Tell Us What You Found!!

Interesting Finds

List interesting finds to share with the guest at the end of the week. Please add the information to the profiles as well, with sources to support them. If you want someone else to write the narrative, post it in Discord and add/or add it to the "Needs Work" section. Thanks!!
  1. Emma Elisabet (Smith) Englund (abt.1875-1918) was born in the United States. She moved with her family back to Sweden as a child. She and most of her siblings moved back to the United States when they reached an appropriate age to travel alone. One of her brothers went back and forth at least three times.
  2. Jimmy's Great-Grandfather's sister was nearly killed by her husband in August 1921....Mahala May (McNees) Ingels (abt.1871-aft.1920) He was convicted in October 1921 after attempting to blame it on her and saying " she had hard luck when she tried to take guns from him...
  3. Jimmy's fifth greatgrandfather,James Ingels (1749-1815) was a Revolutionary War patriot who served in Pennsylvania. He signed the Oath of Allegiance to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1777. Jimmy's fifth grandmother, wife of James Ingals was Daniel Boone's first cousin, once removed. Catherine (Boone) Ingels (abt.1752-1804)
  4. Jimmy's 3x great-grandmother Sarah McComas Jacobs, had a brother Moses McComas and nephew Jasper McComas who were involved in a good old Kentucky Feud resulting in murder and wounding for the Hutton family. A free space page for some of the many newspaper articles of the shooting has been created. Space:McComas_&_Hutton_Kentucky_Feud
  5. Gerard Green (1762-1845) was in the Virginia Militia during the American Revolution. His name is on a placard in Cynthiana, Kentucky. He lived to the age of 83. In his Will he said that his wife was "the partner of my joys and sorrows for more than half a century."
  6. William Swegles (1794-1878) was a "boatman" and a ship carpenter during the early days of the Erie Canal. Later he was a clerk in a coal yard.
  7. Karin Nilsdotter (1787-1873) is one of our older Swedish profiles. She and her husband were born in Bada, Sweden. Karin outlived her husband by twenty years, dying at the age of eighty-six years, five months, and twenty-seven days. She was a mother of five, with four children living to adulthood. One of those four died at the age of twenty-three. His cause of death was tuberculosis/consumption. Collaborative work resulted in 21 sources on her profile and 15 on her husbands!
  8. John Bevan (abt.1646-1726), Jimmie's ninth great grandfather, was born in 1646 in Wales. He converted to Quakerism soon after marriage. In 1675 some of the Quakers were arrested in his home and imprisoned. He represented Philadelphia for four terms in the provincial Assembly. He and his family returned to Wales in 1704 and never returned to America.
  9. Elias E Matherly Jimmie's 3x great grandfather was appointed postmaster of Jeffersonville, Montgomery County, Kentucky, United States. This is probably more exciting for me because I was a mail carrier and my grandparents are from Jeffersonville.
  10. William McDermott Jimmie's grand uncle was a baritone singer. He was the entertainment for a lake ride on the steamer Canadiana. He also was a baritone singer in Buffalo, NY, performing in shows in the mid-1910s.
  11. Elin Germundsdotter (abt.1792-1854) married a man 15-20 years younger than her when her husband died. She was 44 and it says he was 24.
  12. Margareta Andersdotter (1687-1777), Jimmie's 7th great-grandmother, Is one of the oldest Swedish ancestors we've found so far. Her father's name is on her baptism record. She lived to the age of 89!
  13. Catherine (Unknown) Higgins (abt.1819-1882), Jimmie's 3rd great-grandmother, was born in 1819 in Ireland. In 1882 Catherine, as a widow, was driving her flock of geese across a train track. The engine struck her and fatally wounded her. She was 63 years old. The administrator of her estate sued the St. Louis Railroad Company for damages but lost the case.
  14. Anna Marie E Englund (1902-2006), Jimmie's grandmother lived to be 103 years old.
  15. Lula Ann Reynolds(1888-1961) Jimmie's 1st cousin 3 times removed died from 1st 2nd and 3rd degree burns caused by her clothes catching fire on kitchen stove.
  16. Elias E Matherly, Jimmie's 3x great grandpa had a very large family. 16 children and 5 wives.....not all at the same time.
  17. Elizabeth (Ingels) McNees, Jimmie's 3x great grandmother, caused an interesting discovery. When they were digging her grave, they found it was already occupied by several sets of arm and skull bones, which were then entrusted to the care of the undertaker. The newspaper surmised these may have been bones belonging to a native tribe.
  18. Charles W. Swegles (1864-1932), Jimmie's great-grandfather's brother, endorsed a quack medical procedure, offered by the Electro-Chemic Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1903. He claimed it cured his Catarrh of the stomach!
  19. Moses Scott McComas, Jimmie's 4x great-grandfather Married in 1828 and again in 1831. The second time he married he used his middle name for his surname and continued to do so until his death. After he died his children and wife returned to the name McComas. Why change your name? Hiding from someone or something?
  20. George Washington Jacobs 2x great-grandfather of Jimmy married his step-sister. In 1850 George is living with his widowed mother and a farm hand John Gilligan, next door to his soon to be wife Elizabeth Gilligan Hughes with her first husband. By 1860 George Jacobs is married to Elizabeth Hughes and his mother Elizabeth Thornton Jacobs is married to John Gilligan. So were they already step siblings when they got married or did the parents marry after their respective children? Missing marriage records would solve the question.
  21. Leroy Pierson Houck enlisted in the New York National Guard on 12 May 1925 and was dropped as a deserter on 27 Apr 1927 and his brother John Valentine Houck enlisted in the New York National Guard on 11 Jul 1924 and dropped as a deserter on 27 Apr 1927 the same day as his brother. John was restored to duty on 18 Aug 1927. Jimmie's second cousins twice removed.
  22. Maria Bullock 1618 - c1653 X 10 great grandmother, taking Maria’s family heritage line back to c1539 in the City of London makes Jimmie a true ‘Cockney’ some of his early ancestors were actually baptised in St Mary le Bow Church itself (the definition of a Cockney is to be born within the sound of ‘Bow Bell’s’ the bell’s of St Mary’s Church!), unfortunately at least one of the churches of baptism namely St Mary Somerset Church were lost in the Great Fire of London 1666.

Free Space Pages

List of Free Space Pages created for or linked to members of this family.

Military Profiles

Did any of the guests' family serve in the military or military conflicts?
  • James Ingels (1749-1815) served in the Revolutionary War.
  • Elijah (Beagle) Beagel (1820-1892) and several other family members (James, Jasper, John and Sanford Beagle) also served in Co. B, 6th Kentucky Cavalry (Union side) during the Civil War.
  • Jacob McComas served in the 6th KY CAV (confederate), he was a POW at McClean Barricks, Cincinnati Hamilton County, Ohio, United States. He was released after taking the oath of Allegiance and then continued to fight for the confederates. He died in service 1864 of Measles. His sister was Jimmy's 3x great-grandmother Sarah McComas Jacobs.
  • John W Green enlisted in the Virginia forces under Brigadier General Humphrey Marshall in 1862, later transferring to the 4th Kentucky Cavalry. His unit surrendered in May of 1865.
  • Brother of 2xgreat-grandma Sarah Matherly Jacobs Charles Thomas Matherly enlisted 11 Jul 1914 in the Army, 2 Co Coast Artillery Corps Fort Stevens Oreg to 3 Jan 1918; Battery D 65 Artillery Coast Artillery Corps to Discharge Cook 10 Feb 1917; Private 30 Aug 1917; Private, first class 13 Oct 1917; Wagoner 2 Jan 1918. Private 28 Apr 1918. American Expeditionary
  • Enoch P. Bowman (1823-1909) served in the Union Army during the Civil War in Company G of the 47th Kentucky Infantry. He was a shoemaker and a minister.
  • Mathias Swegles (abt.1758-1814) served in the Revolutionary War as a Private in Wisner's Regiment of Bartolf's Company from New York.
  • Charles Thornton (abt.1775-1815) served in Captain J. C. Eddington's Company in the Virginia military during the War of 1812.
  • George W Green (1837-1863) died of wounds suffered in battle while a member of Company C, 4th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Confederacy)


Brick Walls

Brick walls will be identified by mid-week. The first parent found and proven beyond each brick wall ancestor is worth bounty points. Please do not add to this list. Good luck!

Needs Work

These profiles need family added, research done, or narratives written. Please remove the name from the list once you've completed the task. Thank you!
  1. Ingels-113 - need sources to support her parents and siblings, as well as source for birth and death dates.
  2. Dr. Nelson Lee Eastman -- need source(s) to support parents/siblings & marriage. (1800-1830s US - VT, Ohio)

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Did you put a link on the appropriate profile? That had to be a different Abraham Lincoln than the president.
posted by Nancy (Cox) Wilson
I recall seeing that President Abraham Lincoln had a grandfather named Abraham Lincoln, so it's possible this was his grandfather. Not necessarily the case though.
posted by Shaun Boyle
I found a document pertaining to William DeHarts estate that is signed by James Ingels, Isaac Boone, and Abraham Lincoln dated 19 May 1787.
Where was the location? I don't have the tree up right now..
posted by Mindy Silva