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The relatives of General William Smith and of W. Thomas Smith

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The relatives of General William Smith and of W. Thomas Smith

Family tree book: genealogical and biographical, listing the relatives of General William Alexander Smith and W. Thomas Smith; Compiled by them

Data for the Flake Tables gathered by Mrs. Julia Flake Burns and by Omar D. Flake

Names of writers of sketchess (sic) appearing after the sketch, except when asked that the name be omitted.

Available online at these locations:

Table of Contents

Numbers refer to paragraphs. Letters to subdivision of paragraphs. After Tables were made out, additional matters caused us to add a letter. 806A means first paragraph after 806. 8D6-A means the first subdivision of paragraph 896. We shall not index Tables. By following numbers in Honor Roll, Table of Contents, List of Subscribers and in body of book, names can easily be found. Each owner, on the fly leaf, can make a short index of his family. Blank pages in back are for the recording of births, marriages, and deaths. Errors can be corrected on margin of pages. We suggest that if any owner wishes to leave data other than this, that he secure a well bound blank book and write it out. Some descendant will appreciate it more than any money you can leave him.
Maternal relatives of W. Thos. Smith 1 to 100, 961, 962. Paternal Relatives of W. Thos. Smith too to 800; 900 to 960. Relatives of children of Gen. W. A. Smith 800 to 960. Relatives of Osmer D. Flake: 300 to 800 903 to 960. Relatives of Mrs. Julia Flake Burns 100 to 500; 503 to 800; 903 to 960. This is general. In these numbers are found names to be excluded, which from the context will be apparent.
1 The Merrick Family; "Mother" Merrick, buried in Dode County, Mo. James E., Molten, and Mary, her children.
2 The Matlock Family. John Caswell Matlock and Mary Merrick, his wife. Children, husbands, wives and descendants. (See 960, for sketch).
10 John Dewit Fry, Martha McDaniel, his wife, and descendants. Sketch.
15 The Pyatt or Pyeatt Family. Peter Pyatt, killed in the Revolutionary Army. Children: Peter Jr., of Charleston. S. C.; Jane, married Mr. Davis and went to Georgia; James and Jacob, located near Little Rock, Ark. about 1807; Martha (Patsy) married John White, located near Nashville, Tenn., 1788, eventually moved to Hickman County, Ky.
22 The White Family of South Carolina. John, married Martha (Patsy) Pyatt; Mary, married John (Jack) Craig McDaniel, located Benton County, Tenn.; Richard, located near Nashville, a daughter married Johnathan Pryor and located in Graves County, Ky. about 1822; a daughter married Duncan Pryor. located in Hickman County, Ky., about 1822. (See 960 for sketch).
26 John White -Martha (Patsy) Pyatt Tables: 25 to 100; 506 to 525. (See sketch 15, 22 and 950).
46 Green Bivens, born 1830, living at Camden, Tenn. sketch.
50 James White— Mary (Polly) McSwaine —Elizabeth Matlock Tables: 50 to 100; 596 to 525. (see sketch 961, sketch of Vetury White 914).
50 James Clay White. Confederate Soldier, sketch.
53 Hugh Lawson (Bud) White, Confederate Soldier, and Josephine Octervine Walker, his wife, sketch.
56 Eliza White— Clark Hubbs Table, sketch.
59 Dr. E. Clark Hubbs of Los Angeles, Cal., sketch.
71 Caroline (Callie) Donia White — Lieut. James Ballowe Table, sketch.
100 The Alston Family; Col. John Alston of Chowan County, N. C. and Mary Clark, his wife, The Emigrants.
101 The Williams Family; William Williams of Virginia, The Emigrant.
102 Samuel Williams Sr. of Chowan, later of Edgecombe County, N. C. and Elizabeth Alston, his wife.
103 Samuel Williams Jr. of Edgecombe County, N. C. and Mary Dudley, his wife.
104 William Williams, married about 1758, and Catherine Tyre, his wife, of Edgecombe County. N. C. moved to Wake County about 1780, to Anson County about 1800.
105 Will of William Williams, recorded in Anson County, N. C. in 1807.
106 The Harris Family; Captain Sherwood Harris died at Granville, N. C. 1763. Sherwood Harris Jr., and family of Anson County. N. C.
107 Sherwood Harris Jr. and Williams Tables. (See 107 to 150).
108 Williams Williams — Catherine Tyre Tables: 108 to 300; 311 to 342; 505 to 550.
109 David Williams. Soldier in the Revolution—Martha Ivey Table (951). no John Harris— Mary Ann (Nancy) Williams Tables; sketch of John David Harris.
150 Benjamin Williams, married 1802. Anson County, N. C, Tables 150 to 300; 505 to 550. (See sketch 912).
152 Elizabeth (Betsy) Williams— David Townsend Tables; sketch.
152 Pauline Sherwood Townsend, Ward-Belmont School, Nashville, Tenn., sketch.
169 Hampton Williams, The Witch Doctor, Tables (See sketch 952).
300 The Flake Family: Samuel and Henry Flake, The Emigrants. (See 904 for sketch of Samuel Flake.)
301 The will of Samuel Flake. Names of children. Tables 30! to 500; 503 to 800. Sketches 902 to 960.
305A William Green Flake Tables and sketch.
311 Elijah Flake, born 1768, emigrated to Henderson County, Tenn. 1818, married Elizabeth Williams. Tables 311 to 320 sketch.
320 Jordan Flake, born 1783, Anson County, N. C, Penelope Williams Tables. 320 to 342.
342 Jordan Flake, born 1783, Faithy Elizabeth Hanna, his second wife. Tables 342 to 500.
333 John Wesley Flake, Roxaline Dunn Bennett Tables. 333 to 342.
338 Flavel Bennett Flake, Ann Allen, and Jane Allen Tables. 338 to 342.
339 Julia Hough Flake of Wadesboro, N. C, Charles N. Burns Table. To her we are indebted for much of The Flake Tables.
353 James Madison Flake, born 1815, Agnes Hailey Love Tables 353 to 500. (See sketch 954).
355 William Jordan Flake, Lucy White, Prudence Kartchner Tables 355 to 500 (See sketch 955).
364 Osmer D. Flake, Elsie Owens Tables 364 and following. Osmer D. Flake resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He gathered the data for The Flake Tables.
367 James Madison Flake (See 956).
374 George M. Flake, sketch.
380 Charles Love Flake. He gave his life in The World War. Sketch.
500 The Smith Family: The origin, early history in England; John Smith Sr., died 1602. John Smith Jr., Elizabeth Garton, his wife, Thomas Garton, her father, Thomas Smith, their son. Fortune Collin, his wife.
500 Thomas Smith Sr., born 1631, The Nottingham Mercer and Banker, known as the Founder of The Nottingham Thomas Smith Family. Fortune Collin, his wife, Laurence Collin, her father. Master Gunner under Sir Oliver Cromwell. (See 900 and 901 for more data).
501 B Samuel Smith Sr., Elizabeth Cartlitch, his wife, John Cartlitch, her father. (See also 901).
502 John Smith, born 1719, No. 1, The Emigrant to Wake County, N. C, about 1735. (See sketch 902).
503 John Smith No. 2, born 1740, Wake County, moved to Anson County, married Mary Flake. Soldier in the Revolutionary Army. (See sketch 903) Tables 503 to 800.
504 Thomas Smith, born 1 768, married Jane Goff . (See sketch 9 1 2) Tables 504 to 550.
505 John Auld Smith, born 1794, moved to Henderson County, Tenn., 1838, Leusey Wiliams Tables. 505 to 540 (See 912).
506 Dr. John Devergie Smith, born 1829, Vetury White Tables. 506 to 525 (See sketches 913 and 914) They are parents of W. Thos. Smith.
507 Dr. Millard McFarland Smith, Alice Hinkle Tables 507 to 5 1 5 (See sketches 915, 916, 917).
515 Dr. Richard Filmore Smith, AHce Buckly his wife. (See 918 sketch.)
519 Prof. John D. Smith Jr., Lina Warren Table. Laura Lee Allard second wife. (See sketch 920).
520 Benjamin Franklin Smith, Izora Bond Tables (See 921).
521 Dr. Juhus Alexander Smith, Nettie Warden Wilson Tables. (See 922).
522 W. Thos. Smith, Compiler of Book (See 923).
523 Mrs. Bettie Smith Hughes, 102 North Gramercy Street, Los Angeles, California. (See 924) Copies of this book can be purchased of her.
524 Weightman Smith Sr., May Hawkins Table (See 925).
526 William Thomas Smith of Henderson County, Tenn. Susan Williams, Arstalia Hoy Tables. (See 926).
526 Nancy Ellen Smith, James Robertson Fessmire Tables.
530 Eli Tyre Smith, Elizabeth York Tables (See 927).
535 Susan Smith, William Rhodes Tables.
538 Elijah Flake Smith, Lydia Argo Tables (See 928).
540 Naomi Elizabeth Smith, James Capel Tables.
550 James Smith, Mary Gathings Tables. 550 to 600.
551 Thomas Jefferson Smith, Mary Washington Ledbetter Tables 551 to 560 (See 938, 939).
552 Mary A. Smith, Gen. Thomas Walter Blake Tables.
554 James Ledbetter Smith, Eugenia (Genia) Womack Tables (See 941).
554 William Blake Smith, sketch 554-F.
556 Lewis Philip Smith, Aurelia Walton, Mattie Beeson Tables (See 942).
558 Sallie Eliza Smith, Sanford Gibbs Tables (See 943, 944).
558-A Wilbourn Smith, Annie Nugent Table (See 945).
558-B Mary Alia Gibb, Henderson Yoakum Robinson Table (See 946).
558-C Thomas Clifton Gibb, Jamesetta Hunt Tables (See 947).
558-D Sarah Sanford Gibbs. Dr. Oscar L. Norsworthy Table (See 950).
558-E Dr. James Philip Gibbs, Mary Brent McAshen Table (948).
558-F Leutola Gibbs, Henry Houston Hawley Table (See 949).
578 Philip Gathing Smith, born 1806, Ann E. Cheairs Table
578-E Thos. Smith, iViattie Randle, his wife (See 940).
580 Winifred Ann Smith, James Clothier Caraway Table.
585 William Calvin Smith, Mary Tillman Table (See 935).
584 Mary Frances Smith, Lieut. John William McGregor Table (See 937).
585 James Tillman Smith, Ellen Pedeus. Emma Adela DeMaret (See 936).
585 Sarah Smith, James Boggan Table.
600 John Smith No. 3, Mary Bellew Table (See 907) Tables 600 to 700.
607 Joseph Pearson Smith, Mary Aleff Cooper Tables (See 930).
617 Samuel Smith, Jane Henderson Meacham Table (See 932).
619 Col. William Gaston Smith, Eliza Sydnor Nelme Tables (See 908).
619-H Sarah Aleff Smith. Lewis Williams, Nicholas WilHam Lilliton (See 934).
620 Dr. John Guinn Smith, Ann Eugenia Smith Tables (See 935).
631 Gen. William Alexander Smith, of Ansonvile, N. C, Mary Jane Bennett Table. After her death he married Nancy Jane Flake. He is one of Compilers of Book (See 909. 910, 911).
632 Eliza Catherine Smith, Henry W. Robinson Tables (See 931).
635 Mary Jane Smith, Oliver Berry Bennett Table.
636 Charles Ebenezer Smith, Sarah Ann Brown Table.
642 Presley Nelme Smith, Sarah Steele Leak Table, and her ancestry.
700 Jesse Smith, born 1780, Mary Seago Tables.
750 Samuel Smith, born about 1782, Margaret (Peggy) Hutchinson Tables. Mary Smith, their daughter (See 906) married Jesse Lindsay Relatives of Gen. W. A. Smith, but not related to W. Thos. Smith 800 to 900.
800 Abraham Bellew and Catherine Smith, his wife; Isaac Bellew and Phillip Smith, their parents (See 840).
801 Col. Hugh Montgomery, The Emigrant, Lady Moore, his wife, Nancy Montgomery, their daughter, Edwin Ingram, her husband, Joseph Ingram, their son, and Catherine (Katie) McCaskill, his wife. (See 839, 802, 841).
802 Malcolm McCaskill, The Emigrant (See 831).
803 John Nelme, The Emigrant. (See 804, 841, 835, 619, to 700).
804 Presly Nelme Sr. and Winfred, his wife (See 801, 836, 619, to 700).
805 Elizabeth Nelme and Mr. Davis, her husband.
836 Presly Nelme Jr. and Ann (Nancy) Montgomery Ingram, his wife.
807 Dr. Joseph Presly Nelme and Sarah Parson, his wife.
836B Ebenezer (Eben) Nelme and Martha Ann Smith, his wife.
806C Kate McCorkle Crump and Jasper Francis Butler, his wife.
806D John Dunn and Francis Dunn, his wife. The Emigrants (See 845, 844).
806E Gen. William Bennett, of Maryland, The Emigrant (See 806F, 806, 845, 844).
806G William Little and Elizabeth (Betsy) Steele, The Emigrants, of Anson County, N. C. (See 806F, 806H, 845).
837 George Starback, The Emigrant. Table 807 to 819.
809 Charles Starback and Delia F. Ingram Table.
810 Jude Steele Starback and William Starback Dockery Table.
811 Presley Starback and Ann Winnefred (Nancy) Davis Table.
812 Thomas Franics Starback and Julia Manly Table.
813 George Manly Starback and Annie Leak Moss Table.
814 William Little Starback. Confederate Soldier.
815 George Little Starback, Confederate Soldier.
816 Elizabeth Starback and Henry W. Ledbetter Table.
817 Lillie May Ledbetter and John W. Wasseman Table.
839 Col. Hugh Montgomery, The Emigrant, sketch (801).
840 Abraham Bellyew, sketch (800).
841 Presley Nelme Jr. sketch (804).
842 Ebenezer Nelme and Martha Ann Smith, his wife, sketch (806E).
843 Charles Gallatin Ne'me, Confederate Soldier ,sketch (806B).
844 The Bennetts and descendants, sketch (8a6H).
843 Lemuel Dunn Bennet and Susannah Dunn, his wife, and children, sketch 806H).
846 Dr. Mary Sheffield, Revolutionary Heroine, wife of Isaac Dunn, sketch (806D).
847 Willam Smith Williams and Nellie Johnson Williams.
848 Col. Joseph Williams of Anson County, N. C.
849 Hon. Edward Hull Crump of Memphis, Tenn. (806A-A).
Historical Relatives of Gen. W. A. Smith and W. Thos. Smith.
900 Coat-Armour of Thomas Smith Sr. of Nottingham and Gaddesby, England.
901 Thomas Smith Sr. of Nottingham and Gaddesby and English descendants. (300)
902 John Smith No. 1, The Emigrant to Wake County, N. C. (See Table 302).
903 John Smith No. 2, soldier in the Revolutionary army and Mary Flake, his wife, of Anson County, N. C. (503, 301-A).
903 The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.
904 Samuel Flake, The Emigrant to Anson County, N. C. born about 1700 (300, 301).
906 Mary F. Lindsey. Affidavit as to the names of children of John Smith and Mary Flake. (750-E).
907 John Smith No. 3, born 1770, and Mary Bellyew. his wife. (600).
908 Col. William Gaston Smith, born 1802. and Eliza Sydnor Nelme, his wife (619).
909 Gen. William Alexander Smith, Ansonville. N. C, one of Compilers of this book (631).
910 Mary jane Bennett, first wife of Gen. W. A. Smith (631).
911 Nancy Jane Flake, second wife of Gen. W. A Smith (631).
912 Thomas Smith, born 1768, Jane Goff. his wife. Benjamin Williams all of Anson County, N. C. John Auld Smith, Leusey Williams, his wife, of Henderson County, Tenn. (See 504).
913 Dr. John Devergie Smith of Paducah, Ky. He is the father of W. Thos. Smith. His life inspired the compiling of this book (506).
914 Vetury White, wife of Dr. John D. Smith, mother of W. Thos. Smith (506). (Also see 50)
913 Dr. Millard McFarland Smith, son of Dr. John D. Smith (307).
916 Alice Hinkle, wife of Dr. Millard McFarland Smith (307).
917 Children of Dr. M. M. Smith and his wife. Alice Hinkle (507 to 515).
918 Dr. Richard Filmore Smith, son of Dr. John D. Smith; Alice Buckly, the wife of the son (515).
920 Prof. John D. Smith Jr. (son of Dr. John D. Smith Sr.,) Lina Warren, his first wife. Laura Lee Allard, his second wife (519).
921 Benjamin Franklin Smith (son of Dr. John D. Smith) of Birmingham, Alabama (320).
922 Dr. Julius Alexander Smith (son of Dr. John D. Smith), Nettie Warden Wilson, his wife, of Greenville, Texas. (521).
923 W. Thos. Smith. Chief Compiler and Publisher of this Book. (522).
924 Mrs. Bettie Smith Hughes, daughter of Dr. John D. Smith. 102 North Gramercy Place. Los Angeles, California. Copies of this book can be purchased of her. (523).
925 Weightman Smith Sr. (son of Dr. John D. Smith), May Hawkins, his wife (524).
926 William Thomas Smith of Henderson County, Tenn., Susan Williams, and Arstalia Hoy, his wives. (523).
927 Eli Tyre Smith, of Friendship, Tenn. Elizabeth York, his wife (530).
928 Elijah Flake Smith, Deport. Texas. Lydia Argo and Mary McGraw, his wives. (538).
929 Samuel Smith Sr. (son of John Smith and Mary Flake) and Margaret Hutchinson, his wife, Anson County. N. C. (750).
930 Joseph Pearson Smith, born in Anson County, N. C. 1813. Mary Alef Cooper, his wife. (607).
931 Eliza Catherine (Kate) Smith and Dr. H. W. Robinson, her husband (632).
932 Samuel Smith Jr. and Jane Meacham, his wife. (617).
933 Dr. John Guinn Smith and Eugenia Smith, his wife. (710-C, 620).
934 Sarah Alef Smith, Lewis James Williams, her first, and Cap. N. W. Lillington, her second husband. (619-H).
935 Col. William Calvin Smith and Mary Ann Tillman, his wife. (See 935).
936 James Tillman Smith, Ellen Pedues first wife, Emma Adela DeMaret, second wife. (585).
937 Mary Francis Smith and Lieut. John Williamson McGregor, her husband. (584)
938 Thomas Jefferson Smith, born 1810, married Mary Washington Ledbetter. (551).
939 Mary Washington Ledbetter, wife of Thomas Jefferson Smith. (551).
940 Thomas Smith, born 1839, and Mattie Randle, his wife. (578-E).
941 James Ledbetter Smith, born 1840, and Eugenia Womack, his wife. (554).
942 Lewis Philip Smith, born 1847, Aurelia Walton, first, and Mattie Beeson, second wife. (556).
943 Sallie Eliza Smith, born 1844, wife of Sanford St. John Gibbs. (558).
944 Sanford St. John Gibbs, born 1819, husband of Sallie Eliza Smith. (558).
945 Wilbourn Smith Gibbs, born 1866, and Annie Nugent, his wife. (558-A).
946 Mary Alia Gibbs, born 1868, and Henry Yoakum Robinson, her husband. (558-B).
947 Thomas Clifton Gibbs, born 1870, and Jamesetta Hunt, his wife. (558-C).
948 Dr. James Philip Gibbs, born 1875, and Mary Brent McAsham, his wife. (558-E).
949 Luteola Gibbs, born 1878, and Henry Houston Hawley, her husband. (958-F).
950 Sarah Sanford Gibbs, born 1873, and. Dr Oscar Laertius Norsworthy, her husband. (558-D).
951 David Williams, Soldier in the Revolution, and Martha Ivey. his wife. Tables. (109).
952 Hampton Williams, born about 1810. The Witch Doctor of Henderson County, Tenn. (See Table 169).
953 Obituary notices: Deacon William Tyre Williams, John Dudley Williams, William Ellis Williams, Albert Williams, Mrs. Roxie (Williams) Tyson, all of Lilesville, N. C. ( 171, 171-E, 171-D, I76).
954 James Madison Flake, born in Anson County 1819. Agnes Haily Love, his wife. Emigrants to Utah. (353).
955 William Jordan Flake, born 1839, now residing at Snowflake, Arizona. (355).
956 James Madison Flake, born 1859, and Nancy Hall, his wife. (367). Maternal Relatives of W. Thos. Smith.
960 John White, Martha (Patsy) Pyatt, his wife of South Carolina, emigrated to Nashville, Tenn., about 1788, to Hickman County, Ky., about 1835 and there died.
John Caswell Matlock and Mary (Polly) Merrick, his wife, emigrated to Nashville, Tenn. about 1800.
961 James White, born near Nashville, Tenn. July 27, 1789, Mary (Polly) McSwaine, first wife, Elizabeth Matlock, second wife, all buried at Sugar Tree, Benton County, Tenn.
962 List of Subscribers for Books.


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I would like to note that, other than this book, there is no supporting evidence to suggest that these Smiths in North America are cousins to the Smiths of Boulcott Lodge in Nottinghamshire, England. In fact, the visitation records initially record the John Smith they claim descent from as having died without every marrying and then in later revisions, he was removed completely.
posted by Christopher Smith