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Thomas Fisher, Thomas Fisher



The original profile of Thomas Fisher , I believe, was an amalgam of two different Thomas Fishers.

Thomas Fisher (A), now Thomas Fisher married Margery Maud and died 1713 in Lewes, Sussex County, Delaware. Their children were: Margaret, Elizabeth (m. Richard Eyre), Margery (m. James Miers), Esther (m. Abraham Wynkoop), James, Jabez Maud, and Joshua.

Thomas Fisher (B), now Thomas Fisher, married Elizabeth Huntley (or Huntly) and died in East Caln, Chester, Pennsylvania in 1747. Their children were: children: Samuel, Thomas, Elizabeth the wife of Joseph Wilkinson, Francis, Mary, William, James

There are other children currently attached to Fisher-2473 -- Allis, Rebeckah, Susannah, and one of the Mary's-. They are probably the children of Thomas(B) who died in childhood. Their deaths may be reflected in a Particular Meeting record?

The Find A Grave Memorial, Thomas Fisher, Find A Grave shows the combined Thomas, Thomas (A+B). Other genealogies on Family Search or Ancestry.com have same combined profile. This confusion is pervasive.

The book, the First Fishers of of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Colonies, discusses the family of Thomas Fisher(A) on page 22 and following and Thomas Fisher (B) is discussed on page 56 and following.[1]

Thomas Fisher (A) of Lewes

Genealogy of the Fisher Family, pages 14-20, at Archive.org. The Genealogy of the Fisher Family

Married Margery Maud. Their children were: Margaret (m. Joshua Booth), Elizabeth (m. Richard Eyre), Margery (m. James Miers), Esther (m. Abraham Wynkoop), James Fisher, Jabez Maud Fisher, and Joshua Fisher.

  • Delaware, Wills and Probate Records, , 1676-1971: Sussex: General index, 1682-1948; Wills, book A, 1682-1781. Image 346-347. Images available at FamilySearch.org: Thomas Fisher (A) Will, accessed 13 Oct 2019
Will of THOMAS FISHER, 1713
Image is very difficult to read; a transcript is available at the book Genealogy of the Fisher Family on page 17 [2]. The book provides the date 17 Nov 1713.

Here's another source, the will of Thomas's daughter Elizabeth Fisher Eyre in 1720, which (conveniently!) mentions her siblings:

  • Delaware, Wills and Probate Records, , 1676-1971: Sussex: General index, 1682-1948; Wills, book A, 1682-1781. Image 374. Images available at FamilySearch.org: Elizabeth Eyre will, accessed 15 Oct 2019
Will of ELIZABETH EYRE, of Sussex County [husband Richard Eyre died earlier that year]
Signed: 16 Dec 1720; proved 6 Jan 1720[/21]
Heirs: Mary Miers; siblings: Margret Booth, Margery Fisher, Jabeck {sic} Maud Fisher and Joshua Fisher and James
Executors: Joshua Booth [brother-in-law]
Witnesses: John Murphy, Sarah Mickey, John May
plantation together with the water grismill and water full in [fulling?] mill”

This is not the daughter Elizabeth currently linked to the profile who dies much later and in Pennsylvania.

Here's what I have for Thomas (A)'s birth:

“There has always been a tradition in the family that he [John Fisher, father of Thomas] came from Clitheroe, Lancashire, but recent search in the copies of the Friends’ Records of Lancashire and Yorkshire, at Devonshire House, London, shows no mention of his birth or marriage. He was a Friend at the time of his emigration, but it seems probable that he may have joined this religious society shortly before leaving England” And "Only the Christian name of his [John Fisher's] wife, Margaret, has been handed down. From the will of their son, a copy of which will be found on page 17, it seems likely that her family name was Hindle. In it [the will] property is conveyed which has come to the testator from his “uncle John Hindle the son of Bryan Hindle of Cletheroh.” [3]

  • Baptism at St. Mary Magdalene, Clitheroe Parish, Lancs, 1666: Thomas son of John Fisher. 4 month and year obscured but falls into 1666. . Image on right page about 13 lines up (where white spot is). Record at: Ancestry View image here: Ancestry shared image.
The St. Mary Magdalen, Clitheroe, Lancs site indexes this as Thomas Fish son of John Fish: Lan-opc.org.uk. The image, to me, shows "ffisher".
the parish surname index for 1653-1680 lan-opc.org.uk shows 3 other Fish baptisms: Michael in 1664; John, 1669; James, 1670. Need to check the ancestry.com link to the actual images to see if the same name "ffisher" has been indexed as Fish in those cases. Thomas Fisher (A) had a brother John Fisher who also emigrated - this may be the 1669 birth record.
from 1681-1725 there is one Fisher baptism- Alice in 1691, daughter of James . Also 4 Fish baptisms --Margaret, 1703, daughter of James. Isabel and Jane are the daughters of Abraham Fisher
interestingly, there are a # of Hindle baptisms in St. Mary Magdalen's parish. Hindle is said to be the surname of Thomas's mother, Margaret per The Genealogy of the Fisher Family
6 Hindles plus 1 Hinde baptized from 1569-1614: lan-opc.org.uk. There are no Fish or Fisher baptisms in this time period.
The 1614-1653 book is missing, alas!
15 Hindle baptisms in 1653-1680: lan-opc.org.uk. 4 Fish baptisms as discussed above.
I have looked at the opc.org index before 1700 for marriages and cannot find any Fisher or Fish marriages, and none for a Margaret Hindle/Hinde.
There are no Fish or Fisher deaths indexed between 1570 and 1626 lan-opc.org.uk. There are four Fish burials betwen 1651 and 1679 lan-opc.org.uk: Michael, 1671, Elizabeth 1674, and two unnamed in 1662 and 1674. Need to check the images to see if they are actually Fisher/ffishers and if a parents' name is available?
The only Fish burial past 1681 is Isaac, d. 1713 lan-opc.org.uk.


Thomas's wife, Margaret Maud & sister-in-law, Jane Maud were on The Submission {http://files.usgwarchives.net/pa/chester/immig/ships1682.txt], 2 Nov 1682, one of Penn's fleet. The Welcome Society of Pennsylvania includes Margaret on their list of Approved Ancestors [4]. Their website tentatively puts Thomas, his parents and siblings on board the Lamb of 22 Oct 1682, another ship of Penn's Fleet, but this is speculative.

John, brother of Thomas (A)

Married Elizabeth Light, according to Wharton's "The Genealogy of the Fisher Family"

John ffisher witnessed land sale in Lewes, Sussex, Delaware, 11 March 1707/08. Sale from Anthony & Elizabeth (Watson) Morris of Philadelphia to Luke Watson of Sussex, Delaware: [5]

1715 in Lewes, acknowledging the resolution of a dispute with Thomas Woodward in Sussex Deeds

Plantation of John ffisher, mariner, of Lewes: Land Deed

1717, Elias Fisher administering estate of John Fisher of Sussex county debt quit claim from John Monroe of New Castle, DE, to Elias ffisher

John Fisher, deceased 1729 -- sons John, William, Thomas, James [*Sussex, Delaware Orphan’s Court dockets and minute dockets, 1728-1802. Image: 11. Images available at FamilySearch.org [6]
22 July 1729
22 Sept 1764
guardianship for three minor children: Elizabeth, Sarah, John, under age 14. Petition by father in law [stepfather] Riley ?Truitt of Worcester County, Maryland. Court appoints the aforesaid Riley Truitt & Sarah his wife (mother to the sd. Minors) as guardians to the minors both their persons and estates.
Said minors had an Estate in the county in the hands of the executors of Anderson Parker, late dec’d

Thomas Fisher (B) of East Caln

I have done a search through the Genealogy of the Fisher Family on 1. "Caln" (nothing); 2. "Chester" -- yes, several members of the family profiled in the book have hits on this search Chester (e.g., Jabez Maud Fisher, pg 34), but I cannot find the Thomas Fisher who died in 1747 in Chester PA or an Elizabeth Huntley (Huntly, Hentley, Hently, Hantley, Hantly) in the book.

Here's what I do have:

  • Estate Papers, 1713-1810; Author: Chester County (Pennsylvania). Register of Wills; Probate Place: Chester, Pennsylvania. link to papers at Ancestry.com
Name: Thomas Fisher
Probate Date: 27 Aug 1747
Probate Place: Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
Inferred Death Year: Abt 1747
Inferred Death Place: Pennsylvania, USA
Case Number: 1051
Item Description: Estate Papers, No 1016-1149, 1700-1810
Will, image 288 shows in the above collection View image of will here: Ancestry shared image. View image of inventory here: Ancestry shared image
wife, Elizabeth
children: Samuel, Thomas (not yet 21), Elizabeth the wife of Joseph Wilkinson, Francis, Mary (receives bequest when 23), William, James.
  • Same will in "Wills, 1713-1854 ; Index to Wills, 1713-1923"; Author: Chester County (Pennsylvania). Register of Wills; Probate Place: Chester, Pennsylvania. Will Books A-C, Vol 1-3, 1713-1755. Image 319 @ Ancestry.com: will in PA Wills at Ancestry.com View image here: Ancestry shared image.
  • Minutes, 1683-1756; Collection: Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Minutes; Call Number: MR-Ph 124. Ancestry.com. U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935 [7]
Intention of Marriage. View image here: Ancestry Shared Image
Name: Thomas Fisher
Marriage Date: 9 Mar 1712
Marriage Place: Delaware, Pennsylvania
Residence Date on Image: 09 First 1712
Residence Place: Delaware, Pennsylvania
Spouse: Elisabeth Huntly
Monthly Meeting: Concord Monthly Meeting
Yearly Meeting: Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Meeting State: Pennsylvania
Meeting County: Delaware
Concord Meeting Subordinates: Chichester Pm 1700-1914; Newtown Pm 1706-; Caln Pm 1716-1737; Birmingham Pm 1727/02-1815; West Chester Pm 1814-1815
Marriage announced at Concord MM, 6 Third (June?) 1713 [8]. View image here: Ancestry Shared image
  • Find A Grave for Thomas Fisher (A+B) leads to a memorial for a daughter Elizabeth Fisher Wilkinson, clearly the Elizabeth in the 1747 will. [9]
The memorial there provides: Myers, Albert Cook, M.L, Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania (Genealogical Publishing Company 1969, Baltimore.), Pages 370-371. Joseph Wilkinson, unmarried, from Ballinacree Meeting, County Antrim, dated 2 Mo. 23, 1737, ...a son to Francis Wilkinson Deced. Joseph Wilkinson came over to Pennsylvania in 1737 and was married 10 Mo. 31, 1740, to Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Fisher, of Kennett, Chester County. They resided in East Caln, in the latter county, but afterwards resided at other places. He died 9 mo. 10, 1760, having had the following children: Frances, b. 12 mo. 15, 1741; Susanna, b. 12 mo. 29, 1743; Thomas, b. 12 mo. 5, 1745; Elizabeth, b. 6 mo. 30, 1748; Joseph, b. 7 mo. 17, 1750; Mary, b. 3 mo. 20, 1752; Ruth, b. 7 mo. 27, 1754; Alice, b. 12 mo. 10, 1755. The widow, Elizabeth Wilkinson, and her family removed within the limits of Warrington Monthly Meeting, York County, not long after the death of her husband and she was married a second time to Joseph, son of Peter and Sarah (Gilpin) Cook, of Warrington. She died at York early in the nineteenth century and was buried in Friends' graveyard at York.

Various family trees show Thomas b. 1684 in Clitheroe, Lancs. and d. in 1747 in Chester, PA. There is no Clitheroe baptism source for a Thomas Fish or Fisher in the 1680s.

There are unsourced trees on Ancestry.com Ancestry suggesting that Thomas(B) was born in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England, either in 1707 Ancestry which is simply not possible, or 1690 Ancestry. Wolverhampton may be another place to look, but there are enough Thomas Fishers out there that I am not sure how to confirm this.

Other Sources that may or may not belong to completely different Thomas Fishers

When I searched for this person on Ancestry, I found some sources attached that I'm not sure about, and some probably belong to Thomas (B)'s son Thomas Fisher or grandsons Thomas Fisher, Thomas Fisher. I expect one of the grandsons actually died in childhood, but that is not reflected on their profile; both seem to have lived to adulthood.

Note: I have not gotten around to adding all the links to the ancestry.com images for these; I hope to get to it.

  • Thomas Fisher, son of John and Margaret Fisher b. 10 Feb 1679 (?1679/80) in Stanway Gloucestershire: Ancestry View image here: Ancestry Shared Image, right hand page, 5th entry down
  • Thomas Fisher in American Genealogical-biographical Index. Ancestry
Name: Thomas Fisher
Birth Date: 1690
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Volume: 54
Page Number: 411
Reference: Ten "Series" of "Pennsylvnia Archives" have been so far published in from 5 to 31v. Ea. Philadelphia and Harrisburg. 1852- ( We have indexed Series 2, v.2 and v.8 ( early Pa. marriage recds.) And all the v. of SeriesV. Which contain nearly complete Pa. Rev. War recds.)s.2, v.8:90

These are links that seem too late to be either Thomas(A) or (B)

This Bradford MM record of a Thomas & Elizabeth Fisher is attached to some Ancestry.com family trees for Thomas Fisher (B), but the page after this looks as though it's well post 1747? Ancestry. View image here: Ancestry Shared Image. Image of page two showing later dates: Ancestry Shared Image. Shared image of page 8 Ancestry Shared Image which definitely shows this belongs to Thomas Fisher died 1791.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1791, Ancestry memorial notice for Thomas Fisher, Elder, of Bradford Monthly and East Caln PM, age 63(b. abt 1728?)

Thomas Fisher, Junior, of Chester, intention to marry 1789 at Philadelphia MM Northern District. This is probably Fisher-2489 or -2490. Ancestry

Fishers in Sussex County

children of Thomas(A)'s brother, James?

  • Sussex, Delaware Orphan’s Court dockets and minute dockets, 1728-1802. Image: 249. Images available at FamilySearch.org [10]
20 Jan 1766
funds turned in by administrator of THOMAS WAPELS estate
belonging to Benjamin and Thomas Fisher, sons of James and Sarah Fisher, late of Sussex County, who left this county in or about the year 1719 [or 1749?] for the then back settlements.


  1. Fisher, J.L., the First Fishers of of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Colonies, Copyright 2010 by J.L. Fisher. Reproduction is permitted. Published by Bryce Engelhart, Engelhart Printing, Wimberley, Texas [1]
  • Smith, Anna Walton, Genealogy of the Fisher Family, 1682-1696. Published Philadelphia, 1896 (Privately). Digital copy available at Archive.org [11]. Contributed by the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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