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This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about one surname and the variants of that name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect.

Links (Aug 2018)

I hope the various Timmons projects will share information, and I encourage people to contribute to multiple projects as time allows.

Task List

For each person in the outline below:

  • If there's a WikiTree entry: turn the text into a link. If not: invite a descendant or other researcher to join WikiTree and create the relevant entries.
  • If a listed person or descendant is on GEDmatch, add the ID.
  • If a listed person or descendant has yDNA results, add the ID and level (e.g. 37, 67, 111).

In general:

  • Add new people / lines
  • Standardize on a new format ... probably something Scott will attempt to automate at some point

Multiple Levi Timmons in Georgia

I would like to note a correction to several online trees. Levi Timmons 1798?-1848 d. in Calhoun Co. GA is NOT the son of Levi Timmons "Sr" 1785-bef. 1860.

There were (at least) 3 Levi Timmons in Georgia, circa 1848: Based on probate records and such, we have a reasonable picture of 'our' Levi Timmons (d. 1848) and his wife & children when he died. But, as noted, his father is still unknown.

The 1850 Census is key, looking at records from 2 counties.

Murray County, Georgia:

  • father: Levi, age 65 ... i.e. Sr.
  • wife: Mary, age 52
  • son: Levi K, age 18 ... i.e. Jr.
  • ... plus others in the household

Source:1850 Census linked to https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/115653083/person/192005343700/facts

District 3, Baker County, Georgia:

  • Martha Timmons, age 43 ... widow of 'our' Levi
  • children: John, Isaac, Moses, Mary, James
  • daughter-in-law (note how she's listed last, after the young children): 'Prissa' ... who is Prussia Sheffield, my 3rd great-grandmother

Source: 1850 Census linked to https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/115653083/person/190149170476/facts

So, 'Levi Sr' (to use familiar terms) does seem to have a son 'Levi Jr' but our Levi is neither. Update: and the yDNA is very different! Levi Sr. may be a 'Morris', though there's also a distant Timmons match (who might also be a Morris).

Also worth noting: our Levi is often listed as being born in 1807 but that year was probably just 'borrowed' from his wife. For now we're using 1798, from a typescript source. Another hint: if (?!?) he was the Levi who won a land lottery in 1820, then he would have been at least 18 at the time, so born 1803 or earlier.

(For completeness: 'our' in this context is with reference to my late uncle: Doyal Edgar Timmons, Jr. b. 1927 in Hendry Co, FL -- GEDmatch T193685; FTDNA 259032 (yDNA111). on Ancestry.com)

If you're a descendant of Levi (male or female, any branch), we hope you will consider getting a DNA test and posting the result to GEDmatch (free). (We can also post it there without your name if you prefer.) Let's also figure out good ways to share stories & pictures! We have some of each....

Scott Lawton


(most of these gathered by Kate Timmons as of Aug 26; I added a few and *started* to reorganize to put related groups together. Suggestions welcome!)

Last I checked, Jeff Lynn Timmons and Doyal have the 'median' yDNA so I'll start with them.

  • T478472 Jeff Lynn Timmons ... descended from John W. Timmons, b 1789 (details below) ... same yDNA as Doyal but no known connection; SEE ALSO: unrelated Jeff Timmons, GEDMatch T560184
  • ML7746471 Jeff Lynn Timmons
  • T193685 Doyal Edgar Timmons, Jr ... descended from Levi d. 1848 (details below)
  • T913317 *D Curry-Timmons ... a sister of Doyal Edgar Timmons, Jr
  • T727045 *E Curry-Timmons ... a sister of Doyal Edgar Timmons, Jr
  • A515339 Daniel W Timmons ... also descended from Levi d. 1848
  • T393483 Fred Timmons Jr ... Daniel's grandfather
  • T537820 Steve Park (adopted; Timmons ancestor discovered)
  • T634219 Chad [Reese] Timmons
  • A441790 Sam Barzilla (adopted; Timmons ancestor discovered)
  • A034332 Pam Massey ... father is B.T. on Ancestry; no yDNA
  • T642465 Lynn Timmons; y37 ?
  • ----
  • A447763 Kate Timmons (Kate)
  • T293880 Ken Timmons (Kate's dad)
  • EG7173982 Ken Timmons (Kate's dad)
  • T656120 C.D Timmons (Kate's brother) ... y111 and Big Y-500
  • LB3718556 Mike Timmons (Kate's brother)
  • ----
  • A812814 Patrick Jay Timmons ... descended from Abraham Timmons b. 1765 (details below)
  • A373028 Sean Timmons ... brother of Patrick
  • ----
  • T560184 Jeff Timmons (Descendant of Charles Timmons and Mary Magdalena Forney) FTDNA y111, Big Y-500, and BigY700 upgrade results completed 10 October 2019, FTDNA mtDNA, FTDNA Family Finder auDNA, AncestryDNA auDNA, and MyHeritage auDNA ... SEE ALSO: unrelated Jeff Lynn Timmons, GEDMatch T478472
  • A046644 Jeff Timmons ... Ancestry.com
  • QM5753074 Jeff Timmons ... FTDNA test auto-migrated to GEDMatch Genesis
  • SQ5322033 Jeff Timmons ... DanteLabs (may be a "superkit")
  • T681178 Sister of Jeff Timmons
  • ----
  • A324516 Zak Jones ... a 'Wright' which has a distant ancestral yDNA connection to Timmons
  • A241831 Billy Timmins (with an 'i') ... yDNA: 'No Meaningful Matches in Project'
  • A357265 Tony Timmins (with an 'i')
  • A028040 Terra Timmins Costin ... "my dad (who is my y-DNA tester) hasn't done his AncestryDNA yet"
  • ----
  • M241706 & M421252 Ray Timmons (YFull YF65056, Dante WGS FH8001705) ... descended from William Timmons b. 1797 (details below)
  • T196218 (Timmons and Lister)
  • M383803 Billy Timmons and/or Amanda Proffitt
  • M588179 ... same?
  • T091143 Chris Timmons
  • M090253 WTTimmons
  • A444566 Kristen McDaniel
  • A869026 Kristen McDaniel's father
  • T541861 Jane Hyndman Klein
  • Z334386 ... same
  • A636886 Larry Timmons
  • A683427 Selena Timmons Mosco
  • T924204 Karen Spencer
  • A476414 Tracy Henderson Vinson
  • A374400 Chuck Alexander Timmons
  • A525069 Candice Raines
  • A162135 Robert E Timmons
  • A793735 William Timmons
  • M882018 Thomas Anthony Timmons
  • A695379 Linda Timmons
  • M125641 ... same
  • M083790 Suzanne Timmons
  • M821973 Michelle Timmons Green
  • A241069 Jennifer Timmons
  • A942939 Kathy McKissick Koenig
  • M114264 Anna Kelly's father
  • ----
  • A370989 Rhonda Timmons Yates
  • Z467679 William Timmons (father of Rhonda Timmons Yates) ... yDNA is mostly 'Morris', perhaps from Levi Timmons 'Sr' (1785-1859)

Timmons Patriarch Page, adapted from WorldFamilies.net

The old page is gone. Here's a copy with some additions. Suggestions welcome. I removed email addresses. If you're on WikiTree, please send me your ID and I'll convert to a link.

By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Thomas Timmons Sr. b c1650 Leinster, Carlow Parish, Ireland m Mary - CONTACT: David Ellsworth Timmons
    • Samuel Timmons b 11 Jun 1694 Northumberland, VA
      • John Calvin Timmons b c1718 Stafford Co., VA m Elizabeth
        • Abner Timmons b 1756 Frederick Co., VA m Hannah
          • Elijah Timmons b 1798 Spartanburg, SC m Elizabeth
            • Robert Timmons b May 1828 Darke Co., OH m Matilda Brummett
              • William Timmons b Feb 1844 Darke Co., OH m Melissa Jane Coppock
                • David Allen Timmons b 24 Nov 1873 Grant Co., IN m Eliza M. Smelser
                  • Geneva Josephine Timmons b 30 Mar 1899 Marion, Grant Co., IN m Vernard Ellsworth Mason TX-1
  • Jacques (John) Timmons b c1660 - CONTACT: Thomas Timmons McGranahan
    • William Timmons b c1702
      • John Timmons II b c1740 m Mary (Molly)
        • Isaac Timmons b c1775
          • Joseph Timmons II
            • Benjamin Franklin Timmons Sr. b 7 Jan 1856 Fairhaven, OH d 1936 m Barbara Ann Norris
              • Benjamin Franklin Timmons Jr. b 15 Mar 1880 Preble, Israel Twp., Dark Co., OH d 14 May 1958 Anderson, IN m Aida (Ida) Marie Goehler
                • Rheta L. Timmons b 2 Aug 1910 Anderson, IN d 11 Mar 2000 Roseburg, OR m Robert Daniel McGranahan 140120
  • John Timmons, b c.1720 - CONTACT: Bill Timmons
    • Thomas Timmons, b c.1745
      • William Timmons, b c.1779 Spartanburg Co. SC
        • Hamilton Timmons, b 1813 Williamson Co. TN
          • James K.P. Timmons, b 1841 Maury Co. TN
            • Evan M. Timmons, born 1868 Maury Co. TN - T-1 15908
  • John Timmons, bdate unknown, Ireland (probable), d 1787, MD, m Sarah Copeland- CONTACT: Mary Timmons
    • Edward Timmons, bdate unknown, place-Baltimore Co., MD, d 1826 MD, m Elizabeth
      • John (E.?) Timmons, b 1789, d 1876 MD. m1 Betsey Custis Lee, m2Ann Sankey, m3 Louisa Shoemaker Stinchcomb
        • Joseph R. Timmons Sr.,  b Aug 1852, d 1929 MD, m Alice Lee Bramble
          • George B. Timmons Sr., b Feb 1892, Harford Co, MD, d 1947 MD, m Anna Margaret Dunn 408464
  • Samuel Timmons b. 1747 m. Nancy - CONTACT: jcobc
    • George Timmons b. c1760 m. Miss West
      • George Edward Timmons b. 1818 m. Eliza Jane Miller
        • Commadore Amplias Timmons b. 1847 m. Martha Ann Crenshaw
          • Claiburn Lilburn Timmons b. 1875 m. Allie Tempie Thomas
            • Agnes Ione Timmons b. 1908 m. Herman Julius Rondot
  • Thomas Timmins b c 1780 unknown, m Miss Hutchinson - scooper
    • Francis Edward Timmins b 12 Sept 1833 Madison Co., AL m Cornelia Granville Anderson, d 22 Feb 1894, Harrison Co., TX
      • Lyle Vaughn Timmins b 15 Aug 1878 Harrison Co., TX md Minnie Cassandra Bryson, d 21 May 1948, Harrison Co., TX
        • Stanley Timmins, Sr b 7 Feb 1907, md Ina Mae Little, d 1 Feb 1947
  • Thomas Timmins b. c1780 Lincoln Co., TN m1 Polly Lewis  m2 Barbara Lewis - CONTACT: Tom Timmins
    • Frank Bracy Timmins b. 1830 Madison Co., AL m Eliza Missouri Anderson
      • Barney Holland Timmins b. 1890 Harrison Co., TX m Lucille Howard T-3 N49849, T-4 N44850
  • John W. Timmons, b 1789 Sussex Co., DE, m Margaret Rowen  - CONTACT: Jeff Lynn Timmons (GEDMatch T478472)
    • William C. Timmons b 1813 OH, m Catherine "Kitty" Moore
      • Enos Moore Timmons b 1844 IN, m Sarah Jane Keister
        • William Armond Timmons, b 1877 IN, m Addie May Nowels
          • Merle Leon Timmons, b 1901 Il d 1965 In, m Nellie Agnes Brown T-5 100772
  • William, b. 1797 Effingham, SC, d. 1841 Effingham, SC- CONTACT: Ray Timmons M241706 & M421252, YFull YF65056, Dante WGS FH8001705
    • Randelson,  b. 1821  Effigham, SC, d.1892 Friendfield, SC
      • James, b. 1857 Friendfield, SC, d. 1930 Freindfield, SC
        • Henry, b. 1891 Friendfield, SC d. 1961  Lake City, SC
  • Thomas Timmons b 1813 KY or TN d 1876 Franlin Co., IL m Julia Ann Burket/Burkitt- CONTACT: W. Thomas Timmons
    • William C. Timmons b 1857 Franklin Co., IL d 1908 Johnson Co., TX m Sarah L. Flatt
      • William Thomas Timmons b 1892 Johnson Co., TX d 1943 Johnson Co., TX m Ruby Pearl Timmons B3517
  • Levi Timmons d. 1848 in Calhoun Co. GA  m. Martha "Patsy" Johns[t]on - CONTACT: Deloyce Timmons Conrad
    • John Aubrey Timmons, b. 1830 in Early Co. GA,  m. Prussia Sheffield
      • Seaborn Bryant Timmons, b. 1852 in Early Co. GA,  m. Frances Eudora Johnson
        • Julius Edgar Timmons, b. 1876 in Early Co. GA,  m. Nebraska Brown
          • Doyal Edgar Timmons, Sr. b. 1900 in Early Co GA,  m. Alma Curry (first of five wives)
            • (new) Doyal Edgar Timmons, Jr. b. 1927 in Hendry Co, FL GEDmatch T193685; FTDNA 259032 (yDNA111)

new outlines in misc. formats

2 patriarchs with yDNA! (Both FamilyTreeDNA Timmons Project R-M269 - Family Group 03)

2 patriarchs (Harrison and Belmont Counties, Ohio) without DNA but possibly related to the above:

Additional unlinked patriarchs (Ohio Valley Region) in the process of being documented by Jeff Timmons as of September 2019:

If you are aware of any other Ohio Region Timmons households that are not yet documented here on wikitree, please contact Jeff Timmons as he is willing to research and document them as well.

Looking for descendants of any of the above for DNA testing

Abraham Timmons to Patrick Jay Timmons, GEDmatch A812814

1 Abraham Timmons b: 1765 in Worcester, Maryland, USA, d: 11 Sep 1818 in Deer Creek, Ross, Ohio, USA

......2 Bassett Timmons b: 01 Dec 1799 in Worcester, Maryland, USA, d: 23 Jul 1840 in Kentland, Newton, Indiana, USA; Age: 41

.........3 Nelson Bonard Timmons b: 05 Feb 1825 in Piqua, Miami, Ohio, USA, d: 03 Jul 1887 in Lecompton, Douglas, Kansas, USA

............4 Jacob Antrim Timmons b: 11 Aug 1865 in Kansas, USA, d: 08 Dec 1947 in Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

...............5 Jacob Ernest Timmons b: 25 Jan 1904 in Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA, d: 16 Jul 1966 in Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA; Fairmount Cemetary

..................6 Ernest Frank Timmons b: 09 Feb 1934 in Denver, Colorado, USA, d: 23 Jun 2004 in Susanville, Lassen, California, USA

.....................7 Patrick Jay Timmons b: 19 Sep 1963 in Denver, Colorado, USA

  • Abraham Timmons
    • b BET 1755 AND 1764, Worcester, Maryland
    • d BET 1811 AND 1812, Ross Co., Ohio
    • m Elizabeth UNK b 1767 Worcester, Maryland d 14 SEP 1854, Oxford, Benton County, Indiana
  • Stephen TIMMONS
    • b 14 AUG 1784
    • d 4 OCT 1841)
    • m 1st: Mary Corkwell 25 Jun 1807
    • b 20 Sep 1786 Maryland
    • d 13 Jun 1839 Ross County, Ohio, USA
    • m 2nd: Magdalena Worley 27 Oct 1840 in Tippecanoe, Indiana
    • Child by Mary Corkwell
  • Wingate Waddle Timmons
    • b 18 Nov 1821
    • d 1897 Big Eddy, Nez Perce, Idaho, USA
    • m Charlotte Jane Vanderburgh 18 Dec 1849
    • b 26 Jul 1829 Norwich, Oxford, Ontario, Canada
    • d 02 Jun 1862 Neosho, Coffey Co., Kansas, USA (Consumption)
  • Warren William Timmons
    • b 07 Jan 1851 Dubuque Co., Iowa
    • d 06 Dec 1927 Spokane, Washington
    • m Almira Ellen Denny 25 Dec 1874 Iowa
    • b 04 Dec 1856 Bremer, Iowa
    • d 08 Jun 1926 Spokane, Washington
  • George William Timmons
    • b 14 Jun 1878 Waterloo, Allamakee, Iowa
    • d 25 Jun 1962 Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai, Idaho
    • m Bertha Mae Lynn 26 Jul 1913 Davenport, Lincoln, Washington
    • b 24 Nov 1893 Smyth, Virginia
    • d 02 Mar 1975 Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai, Idaho
  • Arnold Earl Timmons
    • b 07 Aug 1920 Peach, Lincoln, Washington
    • d 05 Jun 1979 Post Falls, Kootenai, Idaho
    • m Louise Mae Lowden 1948 Kootenai, Idaho
    • b 23 Nov 1930 Beaverton, Gladwin, Michigan
    • d 30 Dec 1981 Maricopa, Arizona

Next generation: T293880 & EG7173982 Ken Timmons (Kate's dad ... see above for additional family)

The last one from the above WorldFamilies.net outline, but grouping the years together as a range:

  • Levi Timmons (1798? - 1848) in Calhoun County, GA m. Martha "Patsy" Johns[t]on (1807-?)
  • John Aubrey Timmons (1830-1883) in Early County, GA m. Prussia Sheffield (1831-1922)
  • Seaborn Bryant Timmons (1852-1919) in Early County, GA m. Frances Eudora Johnson (1857-1927)
  • Julius Edgar Timmons (1876-1955) in Early County, GA m. Nebraska Brown (1882-1948)
  • Doyal Edgar Timmons, Sr. (1900-1981) in Early County, GA m. Alma Curry (1903-1980)
  • Doyal Edgar Timmons, Jr. (1927-2013) in Hendry County, FL m. (TBD) ... GEDmatch T193685; FTDNA 259032 (yDNA111)

Different descendants of the same Levi, showing year born & age difference (lots of 25s!)

  • 1798? Levi Timmons, d. 1848 ... common ancestor with Doyal Edgar Timmons (below)
  • 1841 34 Moses Timmons
  • 1877 36 Willie Timmons
  • 1904 27 Fred Timmons Sr - died in the 1970's - Born in SC?
  • 1929 25 Fred Timmons Jr - Born in GA ... yDNA111
  • 1954 25 Fred Timmons III - Born in GA lives in NC
  • 1979 25 Daniel Timmons - born in NC live in GA ... yDNA111; GEDmatch #A515339

Timmons, John (William)1620 - Leinster, Carlow Parish, Ireland1680 - Christian Malford, Wiltshire, England
Timmons, William T29 Jun 1655 - Leinster, Carlow Parish, Ireland7 Jun 1707 - Oriole, Somerset, Maryland
Timmons, John Morgan1682 - Worcester County, Maryland3 Feb 1771 - Worcester, Maryland
Timmons, Joseph1705 - Somerset, Maryland25 Oct 1771 - Worcester, Maryland
Timmons, Elijah19 Jul 1734 - St Martin, Worcester, Maryland10 Sep 1811 - Worcester County, Maryland
Timmons, Ephraim1775 - Worcester, Maryland18 Oct 1830 - Ross, Ohio
Timmons, Robert Mabt 1810 - Worcester, MarylandAft 1892 - Macon, Macon, Illinois
Timmons, Joseph T24 May 1841 - Ross County, Ohio24 August 1899
Timmons, Joseph H 'Jode'24 Sep 1881 - Shelbyville, Shelby, Illinois10 Jul 1956 - Mesquite, Dallas, Texas
Timmons, William Franklin15 Nov 1913 - Centralia, Nemaha, Kansas30 Sep 1999 - Rockport, Aransas, Texas
Barzilla, Sam; GEDmatch #A441790

[Family Group] I(M253).1 [FTDNA kit] MK40448

{possible father: Levi Timmons 'Sr' (1785-1859) ... NOT related to Levi d. 1848}

  • John (Bayless?) (Balus?) Timmons b. abt 1813 SC, d. 11 Jun 1906 Calhoun, AL m. Caroline Bailey b. 1814 Elbert, GA, d. AL
  • Levi A.T. Timmons b. 17 Aug 1857 GA, d. 1 Dec 1937 Dawson, DeKalb, AL m. Uary Jane McWhorter b. 20 Jan 1859 GA, d. 11 Jul 1933 Fyffe, DeKalbe, AL
  • John W. Timmons b. Dec 1878 Calhoun, AL, d. 1907 AL m. Mary Elizabeth (Bessie) Smith b. 7 Aug 1881 GA, d. 10 Apr 1964 Jasper, Walker, AL
  • James Otis Timmons b. 10 Apr 1904 Walker, AL, d. 27 Dec 1982 Southgate, Wayne, MI m. Geanie Bell Abbott b. 7 Aug 1906 Curry, AL, d. 17 Dec 1980 Wyndotte, MI

GEDMatch: Z467679

Ancestry.com pedigree

source: a pedigree

FTDNA shows distance 1 at yDNA37 from Glen Gale Timmons (below), with yDNA67 matches to several with 'Morris' surname

[Family Group] I(M253).1 [FTDNA kit] 86031

[MDA] John Bayles Timmons (1851-1925) b.AL/GA d.TX

  • Levi Timmons b. 1785 SC, d. 1860 St Joseph, Andrew, MO m. Mary Watkins b. 1798 NC, d. aft 1860 AL
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • Conflict above this line with 'dwt' in R-M269#1
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • Robert E. Timmons b. 18 Nov 1823 Spartanburg, SC, d. 27 Oct 1890 Stockwell, Tippecanoe, IN m. Nancy Dyer b. 1828 GA, d. 2 Apr 1908 Calhoun, AL
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • Speculation above this line.
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • John Bayles Timmons b. 15 Nov 1851 AL/GA, d. 22 Mar 1925 Levita, Coryell, TX m. Easter Ann Wilson b. 14 Dec 1859 AR, d. 10 Dec 1947 Coryell, TX
  • John William Timmons b. 4 Feb 1880 Bell County, TX, d. 7 Oct 1935 Levita, Coryell, TX m. Lela Esther Coleman b. 24 May 1884 Coryell County, TX, d. 24 Apr 1957 Hamilton, TX
  • John Bailey Timmons b. 10 Apr 1908 Levita, Coryell, TX, d. 17 Nov 1955 Denton, TX m. Mamie Odell Dyson b. 27 Jul 1910 King, Coryell, TX
  • Glen Gale Timmons b. 1 Feb 1937 Levita, Coryell, TX, d. 8 Apr 2010 Gatesville, Coryell, TX

source: a pedigree

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I am looking for information on Franklin D. Timmons - father Victor Timmons - Brother Victor Timmons Jr - Mother Pearl He was born in Faulkner County Arkansas 1932-1933.
posted by Celeste Mobley

I have run across a few Franklin D Timmons' but their father's are all accounted for. If I encounter another one, I will certainly make sure to let you know. Welcome to the Timmons Name Study. I am always thrilled to see other genealogists interested in the Timmons/Timmins surname.

There is a record on FamilySearch for a Franklin Timmons born in 1933 in Arkansas residing in Lake Village, Lake Township, Newton County, Indiana, United States indicating that he lived in Faulkner County, Arkansas in 1935. Others in the household include Maurice Timmons, Rosanna Timmons, Victor Timmons and Victor Timmons. Franklin is listed as a grandson of the head of household. Maurice is the head of household. One Victor is the son of Maurice and the other is the grandson of Victor. It is almost certain that this represents the person you are looking for.

Jeff Timmons

posted by Jeff Timmons
edited by Jeff Timmons
Invite me please- Kate Timmons
posted by Kate Timmons