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Toups Name Study

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This profile is part of the Toups Name Study.
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How to Add a Profile

To add a Toups or Dubs profile to the study, copy and paste one of the following above the Biography section of the profile: (either option will add the profile to the Toups Name Study):

  • Without the icon: [[Category:Toups Name Study]]
  • With the icon: {{One Name Study|name=Toups}}


As with most One Name Studies, the intent is to collect together in one place everything about the Toups (Americanized) and Dubs (German/Swiss) surnames. The hope is that other researchers like you will join the study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect.


Many (most) of the Toups/Dubs profiles for individuals born prior to 1850 or so were created through the import of a single GEDCOM file and do not have source data other than a link to an individual's Ancestry.com Family Tree - most of which are inaccessible - or links to Data Compilations that do not exist. The profiles are also missing Biographical information, are uncategorized, and in some cases, are duplicates of existing profiles.

Task 1

Clean up the teltale GEDCOM "mess" and create readable, easy to follow biographies with verifiable source data. If no verifiable sources can be found but there is circumstantial evidence, add {{Unsourced|Louisiana}} to the profile.

Task 2

Categorize the profiles. You can find the complete list of Louisiana categories here. Some of the potential categories are:
  • [[Category: German Immigrants to Louisiana]]
  • [[Category: German Coast Settlers]]
  • {{Louisiana Family}}
  • [[Category: Louisiana First Families]]

Task 3

I’ve created a free space page for the Baudoin - Toups Marriages. If you come across a Toups or Baudoin who married a Baudoin or a Toups, add [[Space:Baudoin-Toups_Marriages|Baudoin - Toups Marriages]] to the profile just below Biography and then go here and add them to the table or add the Wiki-ID and I can add them to the table.

Task 4

Create profiles for all of the people who are included in the Toups Genealogy book written by Neil J. Toups titled The Toups Clan and how it All Began: A Detailed Four Hundred Year Genealogy of the Toups (Dubs) Family.[1] and add [[Category:Toups Clan]] to the profile which will add them to this page.

Please feel free to add any additional tasks that you believe would benefit this project.

Free Space Page

Shae's WIP Page - Feel free to check out my WIP page and help me finish up some of the profiles.

Thank You

Thank you to Barbara Shoff for creating the TOUPS DNA Connections page.

Valuable Resources


Most of us have full time jobs and current day family responsibilities so researching historical records for information about our ancestry is done as time permits. The purpose of this study is to take the part-time research of many and turn it into a comprehensive genealogical picture of our common ancestry that can be shared with all.


  1. The Toups Clan and how it All Began: A Detailed Four Hundred Year Genealogy of the Toups (Dubs) Family; Compiled by Neil J. Toups; Publisher - Neilson Publishing Company, 1969. Personal copy of Shae Simpson


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