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Truitt Family Research

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Date: Aug 2019 to about 2030
Location: Accomack, Virginiamap
Surnames/tags: Truitt Trewett Sussex, Delaware
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Progenitor: George Truitt


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Please contact the Study's coordinator Carole Taylor or post a comment to the right. If you have any questions, just ask. Thanks! FREE SPACE was ALL MERGED into the ONS. Aug 10 2019

3 members, Cuz' all.
  1. I am Carole Taylor.
  2. Mary Louise Gresham We are 7th cousins, thru James and we both have Riley Truitt grandfather's.
  3. Dawn Truitt-Gordon both descendants of Nicholas Day Sr. and George Truitt 7 Male Descendant's to Dawn.
  4. Cathi Truitt Steffens


This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about one surname and the variants of that name. The hope is that other Truitt researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect.

  1. TYRWHITT (England- his father, no SOURCE YET)
  2. Truitt (America)
  3. Trewett (England)
  4. Trehett (as mentioned in Dr. Groves data

Research FOUND

  1. from A. Hayes was posted on the WikiTree profile of George Truitt. "Looking at Coldham 1679-1700, I don't see a reference to THIS George. There are two Georges with land records, but one has 1684 and 1687 dates. I would assume son George. The other, "George, Jr., of Virginia" 1699 record -- maybe Henry's son, George? But both too late to be this man George Truitt born 1617..

[1] "

  1. The Truitt Family [2] Owner: Dr. William E.Groves ID: I13784
Name: George TYRWHITT
Sex: M
Birth: 1580 in Northumberland, England
_UID: FF0BA52BB9FCE84F9D125727AF674E419822
Note: From: Dawn Louise (Truitt) Gordon Jan 2011
Change Date: 27 Jul 2011 at 20:51:35
Father: Robert TYRWHITT b: 1550 in Northumberland, England
Mother: Elisabeth FRESHVILLE b: 1539 in Northumberland, England
CHILDREN:: George TRUITT b: ABT 1617 in , ,Northumberland , England

Task List

  1. [citation needed] to prove WHERE Progenitor: g-g-g-g grandfather George Truitt Trewett was born and his Parents

"Dr. Groves Research"

Dr. Groves research info starts at 1617-[1]
"George Truitt probably was born during 1617 in perhaps Wales or Cornwall or Kent, England [Shannonhouse; Houston] (George's birthdate is inferred from [Houston] who mentions a deposition of George Truitt, age 46, in November 1663."
Note: Dr. Groves does not make mention to whom Grampa George's parents were.
A) Kent, England, farthest south/at the English Channel. (is a county in South East England) (thought to be born Kent)
B) Wales, from Kent, 223 miles also across England on the bay from Ireland, and near the St. George Channel (is a country that is part of the United Kingdom)
C) Cornwall, from Kent, 285 miles across England on the Celtic Sea. (is a county in South West England)
D) Northumberland , England near the North Sea, from Kent, 332 miles north of KENT...(is a county in North East England, northernmost county of England, it borders Cumbria to the west, County Durham and Tyne and Wear to the south and the Scottish Borders to the north.)
  1. Research, FIND SOURCES, compare and
  2. FIX any profiles that have incorrect data. (((please send messages to the Managers before or leave a NOTE on the right side of the Profiles, IF the change is DRASTIC))) Thank you
  3. ADD the One Name Study|name=Truitt
    This profile is part of the Truitt Name Study.
    STICKER to all the TRUITT profiles. Which gives us more exposure for getting the answers.
The "Where he was born" question? is from one side of England to the other and as far north as you can get........


From: "In 1640 George Truitt immigrated to Accomack County, Virginia, from England. He was sponsored Christopher Kirke, who may also have been the captain of the ship on which he sailed."
Date: 1640
Source: [3]
  1. Adding census records, probates, Wills, f-a-g IF there is a photo of headstone.....
  2. IF there is a source from please interpret IT so we can all read it.


  1. Truitt Family by Dr. Groves
  1. Dr. William E. Groves TREE The Truitt Family SOURCES
  2. from Dr. Groves TREE Geneaolgy Trails

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!

Moved over from PROFILE

"This refers to Henry Truitt " The Will that names his son George Truitt and George's mother, Elizabeth Robinson THIS whole paragraph has been moved to the FREE SPACE

This is how I read this, ok, "1676 is the date of death that WE are giving Henry Truitt the SON of George Truitt according to the statement he had 1 son George and his wife was Elizabeth.... However, we have 2 other sons LINKED a Henry/a John, John being born AFTER the father's death...
ANSWER: I agree with Mary THIS is regarding the SON not a FATHER so let us move this to the FREE SPACE and Henry Truitt profile....
1676 Muddy Creek "Henry Truitt, POSSIBLE father of George"
"My only son George" --- "his mother Elizabeth"
I don't see where it says "brother"
This is a transcript in a book from the Wills/Admin. so maybe someone needs to pull up the original and make sure of this "QUOTE"

I see a Henry Truit of Muddy Creek as possible father of George Truit in the Wills of Accomack.-[2] Quote: "TRUIT, HENRY of Muddy Creek – 5 Sept.1676 and 19 Dec. 1676 – My only son George Truit sole heir to land & tenements, he to remain with his mother, Elizabeth, entil he is 21, should he die then to my unborn child. Wife Elizabeth Exec. Witt: Baptis Nucom, Robert Barton, William Luis – p. 18)" ..from Foster-86 03:16, 11 August 2018 (UTC).

"This profile needs serious cleanup. 8/16/19
All those references about removing and adding Frances Peddenton, etc. are just confusing and clutter up the profile biography.
I thought the old argument of who Frances was had been resolved long ago?
She was Frances Peddenton when she was ill and at her father's house talking about "father what should I do" to Mr. Peddenton.
How could she be otherwise? Thanks, Mary
This message is from Mary Louise Gresham (gresham67

"This refers to George's Parents"

1- Just for NOW I will LINK the parents until WE, Cuz's can prove them or disprove them with a SOURCE...
From f-a-g member and Cuz'
"Looking for information on George Truitt's
father [[Truitt-[977 | George Truitt]] 1600-1663) and
mother removed to FREE SPACE UNKNOWN

•2- Here is another family TREE that has the same ID: P22608

Name: George Truitt (Truett) (Trewett)
Birth: 1600 in England
Death: 1663 in Accomack, Virginia, United States
THIS too was about Francis Peddington, which too many Researchers say NO!
Clarification: "George Truitt paid for Alice's passage from England after his 1st wife Francis Graves died abt 1645-49. Alice lived in George's home after arrival in 1654. They were married shortly thereafter." George was brought before the courts on a charge of fornication.

This is assumed to mean that he and Alice were living together but not married in the Quaker faith at the time.

SOURCE: "U.S & Canada, Passenger & Immigration Lists Index. 1500-1900" Alice Watson Arrival year: 1654 Place: Virginia Annotation: Includes 25,000 names from records of the Virginia State Land Off. :Excerpts of the Irish names from the GREER LIST were published in # 6258, :O'Brien, Early Immigrants to Virginia..." [citation needed]
-Note: first marriage is in England. No Children shown. (Where is the source for a marriage in England?)
All children from marriage to Frances Peddenton Graves and Alice Watson.
This below has been done: Left for reference only.

••:WARNING: The father was born in Accomack, Virginia, yet the son George born in Kent, England? THERE IS NO FATHER NOW>>>>>>>>

ANSWER: probably need to unlink the 2.
The 2 sons, George linked to George Truitt UNLINKED # George b:1671 his mother is Eleanor MEREDITH --#George b:1650
••:Warning: Check the data. A child's birth date (Truitt-313 born 1617) should not be before a parent is six years old (mother Graves-37 born 1619)
••First thing I think we should do is remove Graves-37 as George's mother as Frances is also linked as his wife,
ANSWER: Removed the link for Frances as his motherTaylor-25258 09:51, 12 December 2017 (EST)
And that fixed the WARNINGS••
I, Taylor-25258 09:38, 11 October 2017 (EDT) adopted this file and now trying to get it untangled and MERGED-- MERGE COMPLETED
On 26 Jan 2017 at 18:16 GMT Davis Simpson wrote:
"Groves provides a good analysis about why he believes Frances Peddenton was Frances Graves and the wife of this George Truitt. A+ ..This is certainly an argument against including Truitt-500 and Peddington-2 as parents. The facts as presented by Groves do not easily support a 2nd George Truitt and a 2nd Frances. Also, is there any record of a 2nd George Truitt? ~

Right now, Frances is presented as both mother and wife, but only the latter is supported by any evidence. I think we should remove Truitt-500 and Peddington-2 as parents until any evidence suggest otherwise.

"Looking for information on George Truitt's
father George Truitt, 1600-1663) and
mother removed to FREE SPACE
for, George Truitt (Grave Memorial # 68006399) and his wife Alice Watson are my 9 x :great-grandparents. Thanks so much! Frances Peddington,1600-1645).
Father: Phillip Truitt b: 1580 in England
Marriage 1: Frances Peddington b: 1600 in England. 1620 in Virginia with Children; George Truitt b.1617 in Kent, England. Source: .

GEDCOM stuff removed


Date: OCT 1670
Place: Accomac, VA.
User ID: 411A60E2-4A20-49A4-BB00-95ED635737EF
Record ID Number: MH:IF377


Place: Accomac, VA
Husband: George Truitt
Wife:Alice Watson
Record ID Number: MH:F104
User ID:17BC9DB4-SEKV-G406-17BC-17BC9DB4TRWU

I don't know, lets look them up. and IF they are accessible we keep them and if not they should go to a FREE SPACE as most of this STUFF CAN GO........right?

"Are these 10 "SOURCES" not considered SOURCES " ?"

Donna Grover
•2.Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. Volume VI: Virginia on
•3. Lineages of Members of the national Society of Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims, Vol. III on ALSO online Lineages of Members of the national Society of Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims, Vol. III on ALSO NATIONAL SOCIETY SONS AND ​DAUGHTERS OF THE PILGRIMS
•4. book "Martin and allied families" on
•5. book " Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore of Maryland: a study in foundations and founders" on
•6. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500's to 1900's on
•7. Settlers of Maryland 1679-1700 (on
•8. Settlers of Maryland,1679-1783. (Consolodated edition -on
•9. Settlers of Maryland, 1731-1750 [4] at .
•10. U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 (takes you nowhere) ???

"See Also" LISTED TWICE: Title: Sons and Daughters of Pilgrims. Publication: Downloaded 1 Jul 2002. Repository: Page: Vol II, Surnames H, p. 94

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Through a bit of an accident the other day, I found some information about George Truitt's first wife, Frances Graves, that bears investigating. If it turns out to be accurate, it is pretty exciting. France's parents are Thomas Graves and Catherine Croshaw. Catherine's parents are Raleigh Croshaw and Pau Pauwiske Scent Flower of the Powhatan Nation. I have just begun this research and it was suggested in one paper that when Thomas Graves and Catherine Croshaw passed away, that their daughter was put into the care of the Peddenton's (Peddington's). If this is true, then the two sons born to George and Frances (Henry and George, Jr.) are descended from Native Americans. Much of this research has been done through and the references that I've found through them. I am descended from James Truitt, son of George and Alice Watson.
posted by Leslie Wade
good luck anything I can do to help....
posted by Carole Taylor
ok, help!!!! Truitt-1029 boy can NOT find his parents.. have tried to spell TRUITT as many ways as I can think. please check it out and see IF he looks familiar...
posted by Carole Taylor
I snipped and condensed George Truitt's bio. I omitted anything that was redundant. Anyone researching George will see the One Name Study label and will get the notes about free Space, etc. there. See what you think. Mary
posted by Mary Gresham
I created a new profile for Margaret Newbold so that it could be attached properly to her father and mother. Didn't want to attach a profile named Newbolt-, etc. Newbold-932. Now it agrees with all the old genealogies, the DAR, etc.
posted by Mary Gresham
Be nice if a Truitt male with a solid paper trail to George Truitt would submit their dna to FTDNA and then join an English project researching Truitts in Kent. I had my dad's dna done many years ago and submitted it to the English Project at FTDNA researching ancient lines from Norfolk, the home of Greshams in 1066. Very interesting. It was thought that we descend from a Norman who came over with William in 1066. Looks like the Greshams are from ancient Briton lines, not French Norman. Know any Truitt men?
posted by Mary Gresham
Hello. I started researching the origin of the Truitt last name during a brainstorm session to create a business name. I was shocked to find out that Truitt was brought to the U.S. by "George Truitt".........shocked because my late Father's name was George Truitt. Would love to find out more.
posted by Travor Truitt
Remember that it has long been suspected that Purnal was correctly spelled as Purnell? Well they were right. I found his mother Margaret Newbold's line with her mother as a Purnell maiden name. Go Look at it to see what you think. Lacks sources but has to be the right Newbold line. Can't get her birth name changed by John, have requested it several times? Not Newbolt but Newbold. I always had her father as Thomas Newbold from years ago.
posted by Mary Gresham
John re-linked the father/mother and has added the WILL of the father James that names his children, as Grandchildren
posted by Carole Taylor
I sent John an email and asked why? since he is one of the managers.
posted by Carole Taylor
I know, I saw that the other day, decided not to bring it in, too embarrassed. did not think about the dates I guess.
posted by Carole Taylor
Old George Truitt was brought up on charges of fornication and it has long been speculated that it was because he was living with Alice before their marriage, however, the charges were in 1652 and Alice did not arrive until 1654. So much for speculation. lol
posted by Mary Gresham
I came across some information about this the other day and I will try to find it again. There was a young lady living in the Truitt household who actually was charged with fornication. George paid 500 pounds of tobacco to keep her from being jailed. It did not indicate that he was the man she slept with but instead that he was her guardian or possibly employer.

I also came across this genealogy which indicates that it was actually George and Alice who were involved: And I have also seen some accounts that say the charges were brought up because Alice was not a Quaker.

posted by Leslie Wade
But we will NOT consider our Uncle Henry a "Heathen" right.

We need to actually correct his birth place to Accomac Shire..............because Northhampton did not exist until 1642, after he was born.

posted by Carole Taylor