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Tumblong cemetery, New South Wales

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Tumblong (previously known as Adelong Crossing) is situated South East NSW, near Gundagai Australia. Links to WikiTree profiles are provided (where known). If you know of any others that can be linked to please contact Paul Bech to have the link added. If you require a photo of a gravestone listed and there is no profile on WikiTree, please create a profile (WIkiTree is entirely free) and contact Paul Bech and one will be added to the new profile. WikiTree is a collaborative effort, so it is little to ask that you add a profile for a person that has not already been added. If you have found a profile then please consider helping others by adding the details of another profile to WikiTree that has not already been added.

Location and Map

Link to map of location of Tumblong Cemetery


This project is to document the life and times of the people interred in Tumblong Cemetery. Project members are needed to assist in the research and adding profiles and information to profiles.

Tasks Completed

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Completed on the Jun 2019

Sortable Table of graves

Sortable table
name born died age notes photo #
?, Chloe1994 May 012012 Jan 03135215
Andrews, Anneline Harriet1912 Jun 303 134852
Andrews, Hannah1938 Dec 1389 134913
Andrews, Hannah Jane1921 May 07D of James F M Andrews 134857
Andrews, Harriet1936 Oct 21D of Hannah Andrews 134913
Andrews, James F M1927 Feb 2778 134902
Andrews, Letitia Leila1959 Apr 0869 6040234
Antill, Henry Colden 1932 Dec 978H of Jane AnneObituary
Antill, Henry Culden Sutherland1947 Jul 1269H of Susan 6040546
Antill, Susan Amelia Harris1951 Feb 2471W of Henry 6040546
Ballard, Mary Jane1927 Mar 062008 Apr 17 6040440
Barlow, Harriet1950 Oct 1859 6040201
Bartinetti, Victor Maurice1921 Feb 232011 Jul 19 6040599
Beazley, Anthony Thompson (Tony)1971 Jun 261992 Apr 22S of John & Narelle; B of Tracy & Katherine; d. Queensland 135823
Biram, Kevin John1944 Oct 282009 Apr 21H of Maureen; F of Leeanne 6040774
Booby, Brian1946 Sep 152017 Jul 18Partner of Ann 6040363
Bootes, Alice1947 Jan 1384W of William 135856
Bootes, Emiline Mary1897 Dec 1342W of William 6040351
Bootes, William Sydney1860 Jan 191951 Jan 0490H of Alice 135856
Bootes, William1920 Aug 1474H of Emiline 6040351
Brodziak, Hector Lionel1952 Jul 2434 6040656
Brown, Myra Gertrude1963 Jan 2770 135848
Butt, Alicia Maria1952 Sep 1866 6040139
Butt, Elizabeth1919 Jun 1053 6040139
Butt, Richard John1950 Jul 2873 6040139
Carpenter, Maria1898 Dec 2770W of Henry 6040132
Clarke, Alfred Randolph1922 Mar 0117 6040338
Clarke, Alfred Randolph1858 Sep 291932 Oct 0974H of Charlotte 6040394
Clarke, Charlotte1868 Oct 011926 Apr 1657W of Alfred 6040394
Clarke, Edward Chard1896 Nov 231994 Mar 06 6040338
Clarke, Eliza Emma1942 Dec 1072 6040338
Clarke, Harold Arthur (Bill)1947 Jun 1227AIF; d. Bootra Bore, NSW 6040241
Clarke, Richard Summervill1952 Jul 1184 6040391
Clarke, Robert John1949 Dec 2285 6040338
Clarke, William G1977 Feb 0367 6040341
Cole, Matthew Jeffrey1992 Dec 312015 Mar 01S of Danny & Tash; B of Tori, Tayissa, Andrew, Keagan, Indi 6040366
Collien, Kathleen Enid1922 Mar 222004 Nov 16nee Jamieson; W of Norman 6040451
Crowe, Alexander1908 May 3074H. of Sophia Obituary
Crowe, Sophia18561900 W of Alexander Husbands Obituary
Deighton, Gladys May1956 Jun 3044 6040725
Deighton, John1990 May 1974 6040728
Dennis, AllenJun 1939twin of Leslieinfant; with Martha Dennis 6040192
Dennis, Edith Martha1972 Feb 2191with Oliver Dennis 6040348
Dennis, Enid1925 Dec 3 d.of B.J.DennisObituary
Dennis, George William1904 Jan 1643 6040182
Dennis, Harriet1989 Nov 2487 6040251
Dennis, James Edward1984 Mar 1054 6040254
Dennis, Martha1938 Dec 6040188
Dennis, Neville Ernest1991 Mar 2166RAAF 131151 6040248
Dennis, Oliver James1975 Dec 2987with Edith Dennis 6040348
Dennis, Robert Owen1969 Apr 1241 6040245
Dennis, Rupert Ernest1969 Dec 1574AIF 53579 6040245
Dennis, William Leslie1990 Jun 1459 6040257
Derrick, Esther1935 Dec 0366W of James 135437
Derrick, James Richard1954 Jun 2282H of Esther 135437
Derrick, James Richard1929 Feb 152011 May 24H of Wilga; F & F-in-L of Narelle, Jamie, Sheryl 135447
Derrick, Wilga Mary (Billie)1928 Sep 182016 Aug 21nee Martin; W of James 135458
Diamond, Henry1919 May 2846H of Sylvia 135351
Diamond, Irene I 1992 Nov 0183 135427
Diamond, Richard1981 Feb 0572 135422
Diamond, Sylvia1956 Sep 2776W of Henry 135411
Dodwell, Helen Anne1959 Jul 301959 Aug 02 6040688
Dodwell, Pamela Jamieson1998 Apr 1263nee Turner; M of John 6040701
Elphick, William James1955 Nov 0474 6040632
Farley, Addie2011 Dec 0588W of Francis 6040474
Farley, Francis Michael1986 Jan 1161AIF NX177951; H of Addie 6040474
Farley, Glenn 1949 Aug 122008 Aug 08 6040471
Fathers, Bert1911 Nov 2937 135907
Fathers, George1914 Jan 2279 135904
Fifield, Esther May1964 Aug 2667W of William 6040684
Fifield, William James1985 Oct 2994H of Esther 6040684
Fuller, John18361912 Sep 04with Phillipa Fuller 135158
Fuller, Phillipa Sophia1844 Apr 051923 Oct 18nee Wright; with John Fuller 135158
Galvin, Barry John1999 Dec 1751 6040198
Galvin, Belither Cecil2003 Mar 1285with Iris Joy Galvin 6040379
Galvin, Carl F1965 Oct 2472 6040385
Galvin, Clare L1957 Oct 02 6040388
Galvin, Iris Joy2005 Nov 0980with Belither Cecil Galvin 6040379
Galvin, Raymond Vincent1959 Nov 27121 mths; GS of Clare Galvin 6040388
Galvin, Ronald Edward1945 Jun 181998 Nov 0353 6040382
Gibson, Rhonda Mary1994 Aug 0646 6040277
Gibson, Scott Andrew2008 Apr 3040with Rhonda Gibson; F of Sophia & Matthew 6040277
Hall, Albert1958 Mar 2073with Pearl Hall (cremated Northern Suburbs crematorium) 135632
Hall, Margaret1922 Nov 242015 Aug 13W of Jack; M of Margaret, John, Robyn, Peter 6040204
Hall, Pearl Ellen1982 Feb 0392with Albert Hall 135630
Hampstead, Eliza Freda1946 Sep 0564 6040400
Hampstead, James1888 Jun 281973 Sep 01 6040404
Hampstead, James Leslie1920 Oct 131997 Aug 30AIF NX101834 6040407
Hardwick, John1915 Apr 1161 134942
Hardwick, Sarah Ann1923 Aug 2566 134951
Harpley, Ethel Jane1903 Jan 281993 Apr 1290nee Jamieson 6040590
Hayes, Barry James1942 Mar 132012 May 0470 6040231
Hayes, Brian Douglas1999 Aug 1756 6040225
Hayes, Elizabeth1962 Nov 0388 6040172
Hayes, Georginia (Enid)1974 Dec 0350W of Harold 6040217
Hayes, Harold James (Mick)1979 Mar 1771H of Enid) 6040221
Hayes, James Edward1943 Apr 1565 6040168
Hayes, John Kenneth1940 Sep 022006 May 0666 6040228
Hayes, John Thomas1930 Jan 1228 6040179
Hayes, Kenneth Leo1963 Mar 1053H of Reta 6040671
Hayes, Reta Doris1972 Feb 0654W of Kenneth 6040671
Hayston, Joseph1962 Mar 0570 6040674
Hides, Jane1898 Oct 06 134847
Hides, John1883 Apr 2272 134847
Hindmarsh, Charles William1969 Nov 2259 6040731
Hindmarsh, Darryl Thomas1994 Apr 0236 6040752
Hindmarsh, Florence May1955 Mar 0768W of John 6040719
Hindmarsh, Geoffrey George (Joe)1988 May 1271AIF NX102301; H of Marjorie 6040742
Hindmarsh, John1956 Jun 2771H of Florence 6040722
Hindmarsh, John Wilson1975 Jul 0468 6040740
Hindmarsh, Mabel Elizabeth1915 Aug 011988 Nov 09W of Charles William; M of Ray, Charles, June, Shirley 6040771
Hindmarsh, Marjorie Dorothea June1925 Apr 182017 Oct 10nee Henry; W of Geoffrey 6040745
Hindmarsh, Myrtle Irene1992 Jul 0370with Reginald Ernest Hindmarsh 6040705
Hindmarsh, Reginald Ernest2009 Feb 0888AIF NX101837; with Myrtle Irene Hindmarsh 6040705
Hindmarsh, Robert Reginald<17 mths 6040716
Hindmarsh, Violet Rubine1984 Nov 1777 6040734
Hindmarsh, Wallace Wilfred (Wal)1983 Feb 1960 6040443
Hourn, Jane Mary1998 Apr 0851nee Turner; D of Amy & Lachlan; M of Annette, Paul, Geoffrey; Fiance of Keith 6040695
Hourn, Robert John1933 Nov 23<115 days 6040344
Howarth, James1919 Jun 0275 135251
Jamieson, Amy Iris1984 Feb 0984 6040577
Jamieson, Arthur1945 May 0349H of Emily 6040437
Jamieson, Edward1944 Nov 0766 6040434
Jamieson, Emily1970 Nov 2573W of Arthur 6040437
Jamieson, Ernest1973 Jun 3075 6040580
Jamieson, Ethel1923 Jun 042? 6040457
Jamieson, Harriet1957 May100 6040583
Jamieson, Jane1959 Nov 1679 6040431
Jamieson, Kenneth William1929 Sep 291991 May 23F of Debbie & Jenny 6040617
Jamieson, Vera May1988 Jul 0781 6040428
Jamieson, William1947 Aug 0697 6040586
Joyce, William1891 Nov 2057? 135033
Kennedy, Kevin Desmond 6040210
Leary, Amy Agnes1975 Nov 0876 6040147
Leddy, Richard Graham1957 Dec 162002 Jul 13with Una Paton 6040608
Lewin, Amelia1980 Jun 1991 135802
Lewin, Beryl Frances1930 Dec 292017 Sep 1986nee Mitchell; W of Keith; M of Lynette, Cheryl, Colin 135740
Lewin, Charles Edward1875 Sep 082 6040781
Lewin, Charles Ernest1967 Jan 2470with Mary Ann Lewin 135721
Lewin, Edward1884 Dec 2568with Eliza Lewin 135749
Lewin, Edward1981 Sep 3097with Elizabeth Martha Lewin 135809
Lewin, Eliza1901 Jun 1781with Edward Lewin 135749
Lewin, Elizabeth Martha1991 Jul 06101with Edward Lewin 135809
Lewin, Florence Mary1974 Aug 0679With William Lewin 135646
Lewin, Keith William1928 Dec 291985 Sep 3056H of Beryl; F of Lynette, Cheryl, Colin 135737
Lewin, Lionel Charles1981 Feb 2155H of Peggy; F of Allan & Betty 135713
Lewin, Mark Anthony1971 May 161971 May 17 135702
Lewin, Martha Cicley1882 May 173 6040781
Lewin, Mary Ann1967 Mar 3166with Charles Ernest Lewin 135728
Lewin, Mary Ann1952 Dec 1791W of William 135756
Lewin, Peggy Marie2007 Sep 2379nee Turner; W of Lionel; M of Allan & Betty 135713
Lewin, William John1975 May 1881AIF 2796; with Florence Lewin 135655
Lewin, William John1924 Feb 0568H of Mary Ann 135756
Luff, Alfred1951 Mar 1994 6040629
Luff, Alma Doris1989 Apr 2080W of Joseph; M of Barry, Robyn, Wendy, Jennifer, Narelle 6040567
Luff, Annie1987 Feb 0387nee Compton; W of Willie 6040303
Luff, Charles Stanley1982 May 0675AIF 6040424
Luff, David Nicholls1964 Jan 0129 6040623
Luff, Edna Mary2002 Feb 1386with Robert Nicholls Luff 6040620
Luff, Eileen Margaret1954 Oct 3043mother 6040626
Luff, Eliza Watt1937 Sep 1957mother 6040415
Luff, Elma Grace1915 Jul 012010 Jun 14with Noel Luff 135623
Luff, Esther1921 Jun 1073W of Joseph 6040558
Luff, Francis1944 Jul 0975 6040303
Luff, George1959 Jun 0978H of Mary Ann 6040300
Luff, George Leslie1904 Dec 301989 Oct 25RAN S6048; H of Neath; F of Kevin 6040266
Luff, Ivy1922 Nov 0523D of F & L Luff 6040306
Luff, Ivy Gwendoline1971? Jun48 6040421
Luff, Joseph1917 Jul 2679H of Esther 6040558
Luff, Joseph1992 Jun 3086H of Alma; F of Barry, Robyn, Wendy, Jennifer, Narelle 6040567
Luff, Kevin George1935 Feb 222003 Oct 24 6040263
Luff, Louisa M18711907 Nov 12 36W of FrancisObituary
Luff, Margaret1907 Nov 1836 6040309
Luff, Maria1937 Aug 1695W of Robert 6040317
Luff, Mary Ann1945 Oct 2966W of George; M of Leslie 6040300
Luff, Neath1910 Oct 282005 Jul 28nee Bolton; W of Les; M of Kevin 6040273
Luff, Noel George1918 Feb 102011 Mar 04with Elma Luff 135623
Luff, Rita1927 Sep 1916with William John Luff 6040561
Luff, Robert 1908 Oct 1379H of Maria 6040309
Luff, Robert Francis1904 Sep 01117 mths 6040309
Luff, Robert Nicholls1996 Oct 0192with Edna Mary Luff 6040620
Luff, Sophia Jane1972 Jul 1789 6040564
Luff, William1960 Aug 3185 6040418
Luff, William John1953 Jun 2479with Rita Luff 6040561
Luff, Willie Redvers1979 Apr 1279H of Annie 6040303
Lyell, Iris (Rene)2016 Jan 2997F of James; M of Trish, Bob, Tracie 6040596
Lyell, James1987 Jan 0282H of Rene; F of Trish, Bob, Thelma 6040596
Magner, Marshall Sydney1934 Jul 042015 Aug 18H of Robyn; F of Lloyd and Scott 6040570
Magner, Robyn Anne1938 Jan 112008 Dec 12nee Luff; W of Marshall; M of Lloyd & Scott 6040570
Martin, Clem Albert1948 Apr 011998 Apr 17H of Jenny 6040755
McDonnell, Agnes Frances2013 Apr 1890with Sidney McDonnell 6040159
McDonnell, Ben1971 Aug 122004 Nov 22 6040156
McDonnell, Mark Anthony1960 Aug 212011 Jun 0850 6040153
McDonnell, Philip Alvan1962 Aug 1366 yrs, 11 mths 6040165
McDonnell, Sidney George1985 May 3165AIF NX136641; with Agnes Frances McDonnell 6040159
McGee, Rhonda Helen1947 Apr 202004 Oct 2357nee Hindmarsh 6040709
McKenzie, Lavina1921 Sep 2937W of Colin 6040411
Miller, Cecilia1960 Dec 2379W of William 6040549
Miller, Dulcie Jean2009 Jan 1886with William Douglas Miller 6040777
Miller, Fanny1925 Nov 1464W of William 6040555
Miller, Raymond Harold1927 Jan 082004 Oct 05H of Irene; F of Keith, Linda, Warwick, Sharon 6040280
Miller, William Douglas2000 Nov 1483with Dulcie Jean Miller 6040777
Miller, William James1947 May 1268H of Cecilia 6040549
Miller, William James1916 Aug 2862H of Fanny 6040552
Monaghan, Elizabeth1834 Sep 2 1934 May99M. of ThomasObituary
Monaghan, Thomas John1930 Aug 2150 6040214
Moon, Christina Blanche1906 Apr 0632with Mary Eliza Moon 135137
Moon, Donald1878 Oct 122 135933
Moon, Elizabeth1874 Jun 044 135933
Moon, Henry1915 Jan 1572 135933
Moon, Henry1884 Aug76H.of Janet, b ScotlandObituary/Death Cert.
Moon, James1907 Jul 2054 135940
Moon, Janet1876 Aug 14064W. of Henry, b. ScotlandObituary/Death Cert.
Moon, Mary Eliza1906 Sep 03<16 mths; with Christina Moon 135137
Moon, Mary Eliza1940 Jul 3098 135926
Moon, Myra Ellen1902 Sep 221988 May 22W of Reginald 135920
Moon, Reginald Harris1904 Dec 201988 Jul 24H of Myra 135920
Moss, Geoffrey1900 Dec 061965 Nov 05with Kathleen Isobel Moss 6040659
Moss, John Geoffrey1939 Jan 292014 Jun 14H of Bernadette; F of Suzanne, Janeanne, Geoffrey, Melissa, Damien 6040662
Moss, Kathleen Isobel1909 Feb 102003 Jun 11with Geoffrey Moss 6040659
Murray, Ann1950 May 3184with W B Murray 6040293
Murray, W B1957 Oct 14100with Ann Murray 6040293
Neiberding, Allan Keith1942 Jul 152014 Feb 2071H of Carol; F of Lisa & Greg 6040454
Neiberding, Arthur1904 Mar 2523S of A & H 6040119
Neiberding, C E1995 Jun 2076AIF N6229; H of Jean; F of Chris, Danny, Claudette, Stephen, Jim, Patrick, Michael 6040488
Neiberding, George Ernest1967 Sep 0273H of Victoria 6040485
Neiberding, Jeffrey1925 Jun 11<12 and a half mths 6040478
Neiberding, Victor Roy1989 Jan 0867AIF NX105456; H of Marie; F of Janice & Paul 6040464
Neiberding, Victoria E R1977 Sep 2180W of George 6040482
Neve, David1884 Jul 1216 135025
Neve,Eliza Emma1902 Aug 2162W. of JamesObituary
Neve, Harriet1902 Sep 2381 6040335
Neve, James1840 Aug 141928 Aug 2688H. of Eliza (Turner)Obituary
Nicholls, Alexander James1911 Jan 011979 Aug 18 140128
Nicholls, Arthur Douglas (Doug)1921 May 211979 Apr 0657AIF NX104657; H of Jean; F of Kathryn, Jack, George, Geoff 140039
Nicholls, Eliza1885 Jun 2841W of James S 135953
Nicholls, James S1899 Dec 2960H of Eliza 140001
Nicholls,John Alexander1942 Jan 2065H of MarionObituary
Nicholls, Nancy Jean (Jean)1920 Mar 242010 Sep 13 140030
Nicholls, Peter Jock1941 Jan 132002 Jan 0960 140140
Nicholls, Thomas Gilmour19182008 140144
Nicholls, Thomas James S1926 Apr 2054 140052
O’Leary, Harriet1945 Sep 2372W of Timothy 6040150
O’Leary, Timothy1941 Dec 1676H of Harriet 6040150
Parkes, Stephen Wayne1966 Nov 15<18 and a half months 140114
Parnell, Jessie Gertrude1918 Jan 146 6040297
Paton, Alfred Archibald 1952 Aug 1973H of Charlotte 6040614
Paton, Charlotte 1964 Oct 2684W of Alfred 6040614
Paton, Claude Alfred R 1972 Oct 1965H of Vida 6040611
Paton, John18651925 Jan 160H. of Annie MaryObituary
Paton, Margaret1930 Sep 2175Obituary
Paton, Una Fay1937 Mar 011999 Aug 28with Richard Graham Leddy 6040608
Paton, Vida Clorene May 1998 Sep 3091W of Claude 6040611
Phillips, Lizzie1896 Apr 0927D of Mary Ann 6040128
Phillips, Mary Ann1888 Jan 0854M of Lizzie 6040125
Power, Norman Augustus1929 Dec 112015 Feb 12 6040764
Power, Patricia June 6040758
Quarmby, Edwin J 1899 Jan 1039 135604
Rees, Megan1970 Oct 152006 Apr 02 140124
Ritchie, Una1983 Sep 0864nee Jamieson 6040515
Scott, Bessie Mary (Queenie)1942 Sep 2365 6040354
Scott, Carolyn May1968 Apr 012017 May 07mother 135539
Scott, Esther1910 Feb 0973 135554
Scott, Thomas James1954 Dec 2986 135546
Scott, William Thomas1977 Jul 75 6040357
Sheather, Jason Claude1972 Dec 092000 Feb 29B of Scott 6040605
Sheather, Scott Douglas2001 Oct 3126H of Karen; F of Isaac, Imogen 6040602
Sibthorpe, Gerald1921 Jan 2438 6040286
Sibthorpe, John (Jack)1919 May 2224 6040286
Sibthorpe, Waldo Homan1924 Oct 0668 6040283
Smart, Elaine Helen1953 Oct 201954 Nov 27D of William & Lillian 6040397
Smith, Esme Irene1987 Sep 1582 6040680
Smith, Francess Ann1954 Dec 3183W of W D Smith 6040320
Smith, George1906 Oct 1186H of Jane 135046
Smith, George1979 jul 0378 6040677
Smith, Jane1888 Mar 3177W of George 135046
Smith, John Raymond1955 Nov 222017 Jan 25H of Ruoqi Tang 6040136
Smith, Lola Jean1987 Mar 1648W of Bill; M of Ken, Shirley, Kathy 6040668
Smith, William George1931 Jun 252013 Sep 15Korean War 2410204; F of Ken, Shirley, Kathy 6040665
Turner Lionel Bruce1960 Nov 0656 6040207
Turner, A H1932 Apr 1989with Eliza Turner 135127
Turner, Albert Harris1909 Sep 0719 135114
Turner, Albert Harris1958 Jan 0779H of Alice 6040329
Turner, Amy Mary1999 Nov 1590 6040698
Turner, Charlotte Edith1965 Mar 1662 6040650
Turner, Christina1911 Feb 1764W of J E C Turner 6040323
Turner, Christina1916 Jan 1145 6040329
Turner, Eliza1916 Jul 0768with A H Turner 135127
Turner, Emma Maud1897 Jan 0424 135114
Turner, Florance Ada (Jimmy)19122002D of Alice & Albert; W of Sidney Forrest Fowler & Thomas Waddell; M of Barbara & John 6040326
Turner, George1878 Jun 061010 yrs 10 mths 135057
Turner, Glen1938 Dec 25<13 mths 6040647
Turner, J E C1932 Jun 0293H of Christina 6040323
Turner, James Edward1946 Aug 167171 yrs 11 mths 6040332
Turner, John1896 Jan 2288b. England; H of Sophia Ann 135052
Turner, John Henry1971 Apr 3090 6040260
Turner, John Roy1975 Jul 2470AIF NX95252 6040653
Turner, Lachlan1954 May 0879with Margaret Turner 6040638
Turner, Lachlan Henery1982 Mar 2274H of Amy 6040692
Turner, Margaret1963 May 3084with Lachlan Turner 6040638
Turner, Margaret Alice1878 Jun 1955 and a half yrs 135101
Turner, Mary Gilchrist1939 Nov 0333 6040641
Turner, Minnette Myrtle1887 Feb 21<13 mths 135117
Turner, R C1971 Sep 2757AIF NX57943 6040644
Turner, Sophia Ann1877 Jun 0862W of John 135052
Vallancy, Hinfant135603
W, T135430
Walsh, Lois Rita1930 Apr 042011 Feb 24W of Terence 6040447
Walsh, Terence William1985 Aug 0253H of Lois 6040447
Warbrick, Alma1918 Nov 1516D of C & F Warbrick 6040289
Washer, George 6040593
Washer, Jen 6040593
Watt, Mary1881 May 0575b. Tyrone, Ireland; with Thomas Watt 140007
Watt, Samuel1884 Jan 2548 140017
Watt, Thomas1882 Mar 0245with Mary Watt 140007
Whiticker, Emily1898 May 2732W of George 135228
Whiticker, George1922 Feb 0252H of Emily 135228
Whiticker, James1914 Oct 19<118 weeks 135303
Whiticker, John1875 Apr 291953 Sep 4 Obituary
Whiticker, Mary Ann1919 May 2382mother 135243
Whiticker, Priscilla Jane1917 Jun 1143 135311
Whiticker, Richard H1908 Aug 0636 134934
Whiticker, Richard H1912 Oct 0278 135237
Whiticker, Sylvia Sophia1900 Jan 10<14 mths; D of Richard H & Amelia M 134928
Whiticker, William1939 Apr 0861 135323
Whiticker?, Joan Prisilla1924 Jan 281954 Aug 10 135333
Whiticker, Leo1922 Mar 041992 Nov 04 135333
Whittaker, John1911 Nov 2975 135254
Whittaker, Susan Priscilla194242 135341

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