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Tyneham Burials 1813-1942

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Location: Tyneham, Dorset, Englandmap
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Tyneham, Dorset One Place Study

Baptisms 1813-1903 | Marriages 1840-1921 | Burials 1813-1942 | Rectors | War Memorial |

This transcription of the burial register is in the course of preparation.

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Reg EntForenamesSurnameAbodeBurial dateAgeWikiTree Profile / notes
1WilliamMILLERTyneham30 Jan 181364 Miller-59998
2MollyVYEEgglestone8 Apr 181366
3JoanVYECorfe Castle15 Apr 181357
4MatthewPITCHERTyneham23 May 181310m
5AnnRICHARDSTyneham14 Jul 181311m
6ElizabethRICHARDSTyneham21 Jul 181311m
7ElizabethSTICKLANDTyneham22 Nov 181354
8CharlesMILLERTyneham29 Jan 181426
9ElizabethSAMPSONPool14 Jul 181450
10AnnVIVIANTyneham6 Nov 181457
11MaryRICHARDSTyneham27 Dec 181477
12JamesGALTONTyneham12 Feb 18159m
13WilliamRICHARDSCorfe Castle27 Aug 181546
14HenryBARTLETTCoombe Keynes24 Dec 181583
15GeorgeRICHARDSTyneham25 Sep 1816infant
16James CharlesRICHARDSTyneham22 Oct 1816infant
17JamesRICHARDSTyneham31 Oct 181649
18AnnRICHARDSTyneham31 Oct 18161
19DanielPILCHERTyneham20 Sep 181885
20MaryRIDOUTTyneham20 Dec 181820
21GeorgeSEARLYTyneham23 Dec 181817
22ThomasVEYTyneham24 Jan 181989
23SarahPILCHERTyneham9 May 181977
24MarthaMOULAMTyneham11 Nov 181965
25ElishaBALSONTyneham6 Feb 18205
26HenryMILLERTyneham28 Feb 18202
27PriscillaMILLERTyneham6 Apr 182074
28SarahGALTONTyneham23 Apr 182018
29RobertMILLERTyneham26 Apr 182060
30Mary FurberRICHARDSFleet1 May 182017
31MarthaPILCHERTyneham7 Nov 182135
32AnnCURTISTyneham30 Oct 182274
33CharlesPOLLARDWareham9 Dec 182293
34RobertFOOKSKnowle6 May 182380
35JohnCAKETyneham10 Nov 182378
36KesiahHARDINGTyneham4 Dec 18238m
37MarySTANLEYTyneham25 Jan 182452
38Elizabeth AnnMILLERTyneham24 Apr 18241m
39EdmondRIDOUTTyneham24 Apr 182412d
40[Male]UNKNOWNUnknown10 Dec 1824UnknownCast ashore at Worbarrow
41JohnSAMPSONPool17 Dec 182467
42EleanorVIVIANTyneham22 Jul 182565
43JohnSTANLEYTyneham25 Sep 182598
44[Male]UNKNOWNUnknown8 Feb 1826Unknown
45LucyGALTONTyneham2 Apr 182614
46AnnPITCHERTyneham15 Dec 182659
47ThomasSAMPSONGreat Canford8 Jan 182734
48MaryMILLERTyneham12 Jun 182785
49RobertCOXTyneham13 Jun 182723
50LouesaRICHARDSNorth Kingston5 Jul 182713
51Elizabeth MaryBASCOMBETyneham6 Jul 18278m
52HenryWILTSHIRETyneham30 Jul 182780
53JohnPITCHERTyneham23 Nov 182750
54SarahBALSONTyneham27 Feb 18287w
55HannahGALTONTyneham1 Feb 182920
56HarrietBALSONTyneham1 Mar 18298w
57JosephSTICKLANDTyneham30 Oct 182974
58GeorgeMOULAMTyneham17 Jan 183048
59ElizabethRICHARDSMilbrook Hants7 Oct 183021
60SusannaMILLERTyneham24 Oct 183070
61JohnMOULAMTyneham2 Dec 183074
62Mary AnnWILLIAMSSwanage21 Feb 183124
63GeorgeWILLIAMSTyneham1 Jun 18316m
64FelixFOOKSTyneham4 Aug 18312Fooks-172
65MarySEYMOURTyneham25 Sep 183180
66CharlesRICHARDSRingstone8 Dec 183120
67JamesLUCASTyneham6 Jan 183252
68JohnRICHARDSBurton1 Jun 183270
69JaneELBYKnowle14 Aug 183278
70MaryPITCHERSteeple10 Feb 183362
71RosannaPITCHERCorfe Castle12 Feb 183325
72WilliamBARTLETTTyneham31 Mar 183387
73ElizabethBALLWinfrith31 Mar 183351
74JaneRICHARDSBurton31 May 183369
75JamesWILCOXTyneham30 Jul 183485
76AnnPITCHERWareham4 Jan 183515
77JamesGALTONWareham5 May 183568
78MaryVIVIANTyneham23 Jun 183581
79WilliamBALSONTyneham6 Sep 183576Balson-46
80WilliamRICHARDSWest Lulworth18 Oct 183560
81SamuelWOOLFRIESTyneham1 May 183764
82JamesGALTONTyneham4 May 18372
83DanielPITCHERSteeple13 Sep 183768
84JohnELMESTyneham11 Apr 183873Elmes-241
85RichardSANSOMChristchurch20 Jun 183853
86HannahBARTLETTSt Mary Wareham1 Jul 183879
87SusanGALTONTyneham31 Jan 184029
88MarthaMILLERTyneham14 Apr 184086
89William JamesWILCOXTyneham24 May 184020m
90JamesMILLERTyneham14 Jul 184085
91SarahGALTONTyneham26 Dec 18402y 10m
92AlexanderBALLBriantspuddle10 Aug 184168
93GeorgeSEARLYTyneham28 Jan 184283
94JohnHIBBSTyneham30 Jan 184280
95[Male]UNKNOWNTyneham12 Feb 1842UnknownCast on the shore
96CatharineWILTSHIRETyneham1 Mar 184275
97Elizabeth BakerWITHERSTyneham13 Jun 18422
98FrancisWITHERSTyneham13 Jun 18425m
99Lavinia ElizabethKINGCOMETyneham18 Jun 18422
100JaneELMESTyneham22 Jun 18426
101LydiaJACKSONFrom the Wareham Union House11 Jul 184280
102LucyKINGTyneham30 Jun 184368
103AnnHIBBSTyneham25 Feb 184476
104AnnLUCASTyneham28 Mar 184461
105HarrietMILLERTyneham11 May 184445
106GilesSPENCERTyneham17 May 18445mSpencer-22192
107Mary SarahRICHARDSWest Lulworth1 Sep 18442y 6m
108AliceGUYTyneham8 Sep 184454
109[Male]UNKNOWNTyneham14 Oct 1844UnknownCast on the shore
110MaryLANGFORDTyneham12 Feb 18451
111AnnSEARLEYTyneham13 Feb 184677
112GraceSPENCERTyneham27 Mar 184634Lucas-10263
113WilliamBOND Esq.Inner Temple London17 Oct 184647
114ElizabethMILLERTyneham31 Dec 184683
115ThomasSOPERTyneham4 Jan 184728
116AnnELMESTyneham13 Jul 184758
117George ThomasTUCKTyneham3 Aug 184714w
118WilliamBURTTyneham18 Feb 184885
119SamuelMILLERTyneham1 Aug 184885
120Sarah ElizabethMURRAYTyneham30 Aug 184819m
121Lavinia MaryJOYTyneham2 Oct 18485m
122AnnMURRAYTyneham28 Oct 184830
123AnnHIBBSTyneham6 Nov 184857Wilcox-8874
124MaryMABEYTyneham21 Feb 184937
125HenryTHOMPSONTyneham29 Mar 18491w
126JosephELMESTyneham22 Oct 18491
127ElizabethRICHARDSWest Lulworth28 Oct 184939
128JaneRICHARDSKingston Corfe Castle5 Dec 184979
129CharlesTHOMPSONTyneham11 Dec 18506w
130Mary AnnBALSONTyneham2 Jul 185116Balson-61
131WilliamSTICKLANDTyneham24 Jul 185171Stickland-183
132The Revd. WilliamBONDTyneham15 Mar 185294
133Thomas JohnBASCOMBETyneham9 Apr 18526d
134SelinaSPENCERTyneham26 May 185220Spencer-22052
135Henry LewisSPENCERTyneham27 Jun 185210
136MariaLANGFORDTyneham5 Jul 185227
137JosephPITCHERTyneham11 Oct 185270
138Thomas JamesBENNETTTyneham23 Dec 18521y 2m
139MaryWILLCOXTyneham2 Apr 185364
140HenryPOLDENTyneham14 Apr 185383Polden-62
141RobertLANGFORDTyneham10 Aug 185318
142ThomasMILLERTyneham8 Dec 185371Miller-73554
143HezekiahMILLERSt Mary Wareham10 Dec 185358Miller-73575
144ElizabethBALSONTyneham12 Feb 185486Miller-69022
145JaneBONDTyneham17 Mar 185485
146AnneLUCASCorfe Castle16 Apr 185432Langford-2432
147ElizabethRICHARDSWest Lulworth24 Jul 185476
148William CharlesRICHARDSWest Lulworth22 Oct 18542y 3m
149MaryELMESTyneham10 Feb 185578
150ElizabethBALSONTyneham25 Feb 185542Snelling-935
151John ThomasRYANTyneham20 Apr 18552y 4m
152MariaELMESTyneham6 Jun 185530
153MarthaMILLERTyneham22 Jun 185566Miller-73548
154CarolineHIBBSWest Lulworth24 Jun 185568Hibbs-868
155MahalaBALSONSt Martin Wareham4 Jul 185563Balson-48
156MariaELMESTyneham22 Feb 185657
157HarrietELMESTyneham14 Mar 185620
158Henry PalmerHULLTyneham31 May 185678
159Jane SarahMILLERTyneham18 Feb 185828Miller-76166
160JosephMILLERTyneham6 Mar 185813m
161HezekiahMILLERTyneham24 Mar 185814m
162StepheSPICERTyneham16 Jun 18594m
163ElizaTAYLORTyneham3 Jul 18593
164[Male]UNKNOWNUnknown1 Oct 1859Unknown
165MaryRICHARDSSt Mary Wareham31 Oct 185979
166HenryRICHARDSUnion Workhouse St Mary Wareham30 Jan 186069
167GeorgeRICHARDSSt Mary Wareham10 Feb 186081
168[Male]UNKNOWNUnknown23 Jun 1860Unknown
169WilliamSPENCERTyneham26 Jun 186145Spencer-22056
170EstherRICESteeple19 Jul 186182
171Edith MaryBONDTyneham22 Nov 186110
172JohnMILLERTyneham30 Apr 18621 yr 11m
173SarahSPINCERLangton Matravers16 Jul 186244
174MarySPENCERTyneham28 Feb 186380Miller-68303
175JohnMILLERTyneham20 Jan 186483Miller-73350
176SarahPOLDENTyneham29 Feb 186486
177GeorgeELMESTyneham7 Mar 186466Elmes-269
178ElizabethSTURMEYTyneham11 Mar 186412d
179Emma LouisaMILLERTyneham28 Mar 18648m
180HenryLANGFORDTyneham14 Jun 186470
181Jacob GeorgeWEARRTyneham19 Jun 18641 yr 11m
182Elizabeth MaryELMESSteeple10 Aug 186463Cox-26194
183JohnELMESSteeple14 Sep 186466Elmes-219
184ThomasSPENCERTyneham14 Jan 186585Spencer-22040
185MarthaMILLERTyneham10 Jul 18652w
186Mary CharlotteLUCASTyneham22 Jul 18656m
187JohnLANGDOWNTyneham19 Jan 186632
188ElizabethHIBBSTyneham19 Mar 186668
189Elizabeth HarrietELMESSteeple13 Dec 18662y 5m
190JamesELMESTyneham27 Jun 186729
191HenryMURRAYTyneham3 Aug 18673d
192LouisaSTICKLANDTyneham18 Mar 186858Stickland-302
193HenryMILLERTyneham13 Apr 186883Miller-27523
194DavidMILLERTyneham17 Apr 186869Miller-73577
195Arthur GeorgeEVANSTyneham27 Apr 18686
196MaleUNKNOWNUnknown25 Aug 1868Unknown
197Gertrude Emma LouisaSTICKLANDTyneham7 Jan 18691y
198RhedaPOLDENTyneham30 Mar 186951
199SarahDAVISTyneham10 Sep 186949
200FrancisSTICKLANDKimmeridge20 Dec 186921Stickland-306
201JaneMILLERTyneham3 Feb 187078Langrish-2
202HesterSELBYTyneham5 Feb 18703
203TamarPOLDENTyneham20 May 187060
204ElizabethWOADDENTyneham19 Oct 18707
205ThomasSTICKLANDKimmeridge22 Dec 187053Stickland-233
206MaryELLISTyneham10 Nov 187191
207Sarah AnnSTICKLANDTyneham1 Dec 187188Lush-763
208RichardHERRINGTyneham7 May 18727m 3w
209MaryBONDTyneham4 Jul 187275
210Charles ChurchillRIDOUTTyneham9 Aug 187228
211JosephCOOPERTyneham4 Oct 187285
212WilliamGUYLangton Matravers30 Oct 187272
213Phoebe CarolineGREBBELLTyneham28 Nov 18729Grebbell-2
214AnnaLANGFORDTyneham22 Feb 187376
215MaryCOXTyneham8 Apr 187378
216FannyHUMPHREYSTyneham12 Apr 187361
217[Male]UNKNOWNUnknown17 Aug 1873Unknown
218JemimaOLDTyneham18 Jul 187441Miller-76167
219JohnELLISTyneham13 Aug 187464
220WilliamRIDOUTSteeple2 Nov 187471
221CharlesELMESChurch Knowle11 Dec 187450
222JohnNINEHAMTyneham19 Dec 187424
223ThomasNINEHAMTyneham8 Mar 187561
224Eliza IsabelHARTLEYTyneham9 Apr 18756w
225MarthaGUYTyneham3 Jul 187576
226Edwin GeorgeFOOKSTyneham21 Sep 187518mFooks-326
227HenryBONDSouth Petherton4 Oct 187571Bond-8230
228PriscillaBALSONTyneham9 Feb 187627
229JohnMURRAYTyneham24 Mar 187616
230JaneBONDTyneham3 Apr 187680
231HenryDAVISTyneham13 May 187669
232KeziaELMESEast Stoke24 Apr 187746Balson-59
233WilliamHIBBSTyneham7 May 187775Hibbs-867
234CarolineEVANSForston Asylum, Charminster6 Jul 187759Spencer-22060
235JaneGOULDTyneham29 Aug 187877
236WilliamELMESTyneham10 Mar 187965
237Sarah JaneGUYLangton3 Jun 187975
238Edwin JohnPRESSLEETyneham27 Jul 18797w
239JohnELMESTyneham12 Nov 187988
240SarahLEGGTyneham27 Jan 188076
241Elizabeth SnellingRICKETTSTyneham19 Jun 188020
242Bessy MayTURNERTyneham10 Jul 18804m
243Joseph Charles SymondsTIZZARDTyneham28 Aug 188013d
244Wilfred L BCRUMPLERTyneham8 Oct 18805
245LouisaBROWNTyneham6 Dec 18804
246CharlesWIGMORETyneham29 Jan 188185
247William LushSTICKLANDTyneham23 Mar 188166Stickland-184
248MaryGOULDTyneham6 Jun 188134
249Alfred CharlesGOULDKimmeridge1 Jul 18818w
250WilliamBALSONTyneham14 Nov 188170Balson-45
251Mary Louisa ElizabethELMESTyneham29 Nov 18829m
252ElizabethREDOUTTyneham15 Feb 188362
253AliceBALSONTyneham2 Mar 18838
254JaneRICHARDSTyneham17 Mar 188382
255JaneREDOUTWareham19 Mar 188379Ridout-572
256William HenryMILLERTyneham25 Aug 188362Miller-64039
257MaryHIBBSTyneham18 Oct 188380Gould-7176
258JaneLUCASTyneham20 Dec 188356
259GeorgeTATCHELLTyneham27 Jan 188444
260JosephMILLERTyneham4 Apr 188483Miller-60001
261AnnHULLTyneham9 May 188472
262Robert HarryMILLERTyneham12 May 188411
263EdwardFOOKSTyneham9 Jun 18845
264JaneMILLERLangton10 Oct 188483
265HarrietPRESSLEETyneham17 Jan 18859m
266JaneSAMWAYSTyneham12 Feb 188561
267William ShitlerHULLTyneham24 Feb 188578
268WilliamTRUELLTyneham15 Jul 188581
269ElizabethDUNFORDTyneham7 Sep 188551
270WalterCOOPERTyneham14 Sep 18855m
271EmilyMURRAYTyneham5 Feb 188658Miller-76165
272JohnHORSHAMTyneham24 Feb 188670
273JohnBALSONTyneham1 May 188653
274WilliamMORESTyneham2 Jun 188647
275WilliamMARSHALLTyneham23 Jun 188648
276HarrietELMESTyneham29 May 188782
277SidoniaCAKEWest Parley29 Jan 188842Pitcher-1625|Pitcher-1625
278MaryPOLDENHerston, Swanage1 Feb 188881
279MaryCOOPERTyneham7 Jun 188889
280Frank HorshamHARTTyneham29 Jun 188817
281JohnRICHARDSTyneham23 Feb 188992Richards-15775
282WilliamGUYTyneham11 Dec 188984
283Thomas WilliamEVERETTSouth Egliston, Tyneham9 May 189010Died by accident in a stone pit
284JaneTRUELLWimborne30 Jun 189075
285Ernest CharlesFOOKSPovington, Tyneham9 Oct 18901y
286Mary Hester SHULLTyneham Farm27 Mar 189160
287Arthur Ernest RobertHARRISSouth Egliston, Tyneham30 Apr 18914Drowned in a pond
288Henry JamesFOOKSTyneham28 Jan 189222Died in County Hospital, Dorchester
289GeorgeFOOKSPovington, Tyneham20 Feb 189353
290ThomasBONDTyneham House15 Mar 189387Died at Meriden, Bournemouth
291GeorgeSPENCERWorbarrow, Tyneham18 Mar 189387Spencer-22041
292ElizaSPENCERWorbarrow, Tyneham11 Jul 189389Spencer-22042
293Benjamin EdwardPEARCEWorbarrow, Tyneham20 Oct 18936d
294Sarah JaneHARRISSouth Egliston, Tyneham28 Apr 189430
295Arthur Ernest RobertHARRISSouth Egliston, Tyneham17 May 189423dDied at Gaulter in Steeple
296AmeliaLANGRISHNorth Egliston, Tyneham16 Feb 189589
297Herbert SamuelSTOCKLEYPovington, Tyneham25 May 18951m
298Elizabeth Mary JaneTIZZARDTyneham6 Oct 18964m
299[Male]UNKNOWNUnknown17 Aug 1897UnknownWashed on shore at Worbarrow
300Mary AnnTAYLORPovington, Tyneham28 Jan 189831
301JohnBONDTyneham31 Jan 189896
302PhiladaSTEPHENSTyneham2 Feb 189873
303JamesHINEWareham11 Mar 189874
304SusannaSTICKLANDEast Orchard3 Jan 189987Orchard-1179
305Harriet LouisaMILLERWorbarrow, Tyneham22 Feb 189941
306Editha Mary AugustaBONDSwanage15 Dec 189969
307SamuelMILLERWorbarrow, Tyneham31 Oct 190049
308Mary AnneTIZZARDWorbarrow, Tyneham3 Jan 190159
309ElizabethSELBYPovington, Tyneham7 Feb 190163
310Charles HenryJAMESWhiteway, Tyneham20 Apr 19013w
311WilliamDENNETTGalter, Steeple24 Mar 190273
312Edgar LeslieWAYEgliston Farm, Tyneham4 Jul 19025d
313PriscillaSTYLESCoastguard Station, Worbarrow, Tyneham29 Apr 190344
314Victoria MaudCOOPERPovington, Tyneham23 Jan 19046 days
315Eleanor MaryTRUELLErin Lodge, St Johns Hill, Wimborne1 Jun 190468
316Alice MaadCOOPERPovington, Tyneham24 Dec 19044m
317Alfred JohnELLISTyneham24 Mar 190649
318ElizabethCOOPER'The Cat', Lulworth Road, Tyneham30 Mar 190789
319[Male]UNKNOWNUnknown4 Oct 1907Unknown
320SamuelMURRAYPovington, Tyneham27 Feb 190888
321HenrySELBYPovington, Tyneham3 Mar 190875
322HenryCHARLESTyneham14 Apr 190885
323WilliamCHILLCOTTPovington, Tyneham21 Dec 190849
324JamesCHILCOTTPovington, Tyneham29 May 190984
325EmmaCHARLESWest Creech, Steeple13 Jun 191070Langrish-30Lived for many years at N. Egliston
326IsaacCOOPERLulworth Road, 'The Cat', Tyneham30 Jul 191087Cooper-29201
327MaleUNKNOWNUnknown20 Oct 1910UnknownWashed ashore at Worbarrow
328JohnHOODPovington, Tyneham11 Jan 191171
329JamesBASCOMBEBaltington Farm, Tyneham25 Jan 191161
330Eliza SarahHIBBSPovington, Tyneham12 Jun 191169
331CarolineMILESPovington, Tyneham died in Infirmary, Wareham3 Feb 1912711N of Tom Ednett
332Louisa JaneMILLERWorbarrow, Tyneham4 Mar 191280
333RosannaCHURCHILLPovington Farm, Tyneham9 May 1912661N of John Chilcott
334[Male]UNKNOWNUnknown1 Apr 1913abt 30Washed ashore
335Joseph HenryMILLERWorbarrow, Tyneham20 Jun 191355
336GeorgeRICHARDSTyneham31 Jan 191486
337Sarah JaneMILLERWarbarrow, Tyneham29 Apr 191489Miller-64040
338Sarah AnnWOODMANTyneham8 Mar 191569
339Louis WilliamSTICKLANDS. Egliston, Tyneham17 May 191574
340Charles RichardWOODMANTyneham25 May 191572
341[Male]UNKNOWNUnknown20 Aug 1915Washed up ... Aug 15
342RichardTIZZARDKingston, Corfe Castle9 Oct 191577Tizzard-18
343MariaCOOPER'The Cat', Lulworth Road, Tyneham22 May 191678
344MarySTICKLANDSouth Egliston, Tyneham1 Jan 191780
345John SamuelTHOMPSONPovington6 Jun 191760
346EmilyTAYLORTyneham18 Jul 191752
349KittyEVERETTSteeple5 Feb 192078
350Dora AnnieBURTWhiteway, Tyneham5 Mar 19203
351JohnHOLLANDTyneham6 May 192074
352AmeliaBALSONWhiteway, Tyneham28 Feb 192167
353WilliamCHARLESWest Creech, Steeple3 May 192386
354IsaacBUGLERPovington16 Jul 192372
355William RobertMINTERNWorbarrow, Tyneham17 Jul 192315Minterne-129
356Harry JohnCOOPERPovington, Tyneham27 Nov 192422
357James WilliamLUCASTyneham22 May 192576Lucas-9588
358William ThomasMINTERNWorbarrow, Tyneham17 Sep 192563
359Thomas HenryMILLERTyneham5 Mar 192690Miller-68519
360Maria LouisaWHITEPovington29 May 192669
361Edith EllenMARTINPovington18 Aug 192734
362GeorgeDAVISTyneham16 Sep 192750
363RichardHOOPERPovington in Tyneham15 Dec 192791
364Minnie ElizabethWELLINGSPovington in Tyneham20 Apr 19283
365GeorgeEVERETTTyneham8 May 192879
366Eleanor Elizabeth MayCOOPERPovington in Tyneham (killed in motor accident)13 Aug 192828
367JaneLUCASKingstagg Pulham28 Mar 193180
368Eleanor BeatriceBUGLERPovington in Tyneham3 Nov 193361
369WilliamBALSONWest Creech18 Nov 193383Balson-44
370William HenryBONDTyneham House, Tyneham15 Jan 193582Bond-8231
371Ephraim JohnMOOREWorbarrow, Tyneham29 May 19352
372Emily AliceHOWARDSwanage17 Apr 193674
373[Male]UNKNOWNUnknown14 Sep 1936
374Edwin George CliffordFRENDTyneham Rectory (Priest)19 Jan 193765 Frend-70
375Theodora KateSMITHTyneham Farm26 Oct 193876
376Sarah AnnMINTERNWarbarrow, Tyneham21 Mar 193979Sansom-976
377Martha AnnROSEWarbarrow18 Oct 194093Pink-635
378Jane AnneMILLER1 West Walls, Wareham29 Oct 194191
379George StewartCHAPPLEPovington17 Jan 194262
380Florence LouiseDAVISPrimrose Cottage, Povington22 Sep 194265



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