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US Black Heritage: Connectors Page

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Project:US Black Heritage

This space page is for members of the US Black Heritage Project to facilitate connecting profiles to the Global Tree.


General Connecting Information

You do not have to be a member of WikiTree's Connectors Project to help connect profiles, but if you do join the project you will be able to quickly see the profiles that are unconnected. For members of the Connectors Project, a yellow puzzle piece is displayed at the top of any unconnected profile.

Some good general tips on connecting can be found at the Connectors Project Chat Page. Since many of the USBH profiles now have the African-American sticker on their profile, it can be helpful to include "African-American" on WikiTree+ searches to find others that may already be connected in a certain area and/or with a certain surname. For instance, if you enter "connected wilmington 'north carolina' african-american" in the WT+ text search field, you can see what other African-Americans that were born or died in Wilmington, North Carolina are already connected and perhaps work your unconnected profile towards one of those.

Connecting Challenge

Any family members that you attach to existing profiles can count toward the Black Heritage Connecting Challenge.

The G2G post for the current month's challenge, May 2023, can be found here:

Featured Unconnected Birthday Notables

Every month, 10 Unconnected Notables with birthdays in the current month are selected and posted on G2G, so that the project and the wider WikiTree community can work together to connect them.

The featured Notables for the current month, June 2023, can be found here:

USBH Project Notables Wish List for Connection

The following unconnected Notables are ones that USBH Project Leadership would REALLY REALLY like to connect to the Global Tree!! If you would like to be on the Trusted List for any Living USBH Notable in order to help us improve bios or add family, just send us a TL request using the link on the profile. These are not in any particular order (tree sizes as of 7 May 2023):

Unconnected Notables With Over 200 Family

The following Notables have over 200 family members attached but remain unconnected to the Global Tree:

  1. LeRoy Homer Jr.: 646 profiles
  2. Dr Ann Als: in same tree as LeRoy Homer, Jr
  3. Lt. Col Charity Edna (Adams) Earley: 204 profiles

Unconnected Notables With Over 100 Family

The following Notables have between 100 and 200 family members attached but remain unconnected to the Global Tree:

  1. Ruth Brown: 165 profiles
  2. Mary Wilson: 145 profiles
  3. Thelonius Monk: 131 profiles
  4. David Abner: 131 profiles (this tree includes 6 other USBH Notables)
  5. Allen Cooksey: 128 profiles
  6. Whitney M. Young Jr.: 118 profiles
  7. Oscar Devereaux (Michaux) Micheaux: 118 profiles (this tree includes 2 other USBH Notables)
  8. Denny Greene: 112 profiles (this tree includes 1 other USBH Notable)
  9. Albert Louis Young: 110 profiles
  10. Valsin Adam Gauff: 109 profiles
  11. Lawrence Crossley: 105 profiles
  12. Jewel McNair: 105 profiles

Last Updated with data from 7 May 2023

Other Large Unconnected Branches

For the largest unconnected branches that contain USBH profiles, please refer to the list on the US Unconnected Profiles - USBH Project Space Page. This list is updated weekly courtesy of AleŇ° Trtnik and the Data Doctors.

Largest Unconnected Branches By State

(Data below as of 25 Mar 2023) The 10 largest unconnected branches by birth location are shown below, updated at least monthly. Some branches will include profiles from more than one state, so the same branch may appear in multiple states.


(Data as of 7 May 2023)

  1. Washington Beverly , 181 profiles
  2. James Bibb, 169 profiles
  3. Emma Lee Terrell , 155 profiles
  4. Mildred Watkins, 148 profiles
  5. Diana Delashment, 146 profiles
  6. Frank Bizzell , 146 profiles
  7. Pauline Wells , 145 profiles
  8. Jesse Cheatham , 140 profiles
  9. Clay Womack , 138 profiles
  10. John Fennel, 136 profiles


(Data as of 7 May 2023)

  1. Andrew Houston 181 profiles
  2. Vernell Carter 148 profiles
  3. Bettie Bradford 133 profiles
  4. Frances Monk 130 profiles, wife of USBH Notable
  5. Fannie Williams 113 profiles
  6. Rory Bargeman 110 profiles
  7. Rosa Lee Powell 108 profiles
  8. DOrothy Gossett 99 profiles
  9. Fannie Miles 98 profiles
  10. George Lee Jones Sr 92 profiles , one Notable in tree


(data as of 7 May 2023)

  1. Elouise Griffin , 646 profiles (same tree as USBH Notable Leroy Homer)
  2. John Keith , 299 profiles,
  3. Lucy Blackwell Adams , 204 profiles,
  4. Peter Hawkins , 181 profiles ,
  5. Pollie Sanders , 169 profiles,
  6. Goldie Mars , 159 profiles,
  7. Henry Jarrett , 155 profiles,
  8. Grief Harper , 148 profiles,
  9. Elliott Morgan , 140 profiles,
  10. Micajah Hugle , 138 profiles


(data as of 7 May 2003)

  1. Ed Crittle, 138 profiles,
  2. Ellastein Turner Bush , 135 profiles,
  3. Emma Patterson Guinn , 131 profiles,
  4. Fred Bickham , 130 profiles,
  5. John Richardson, 126 profiles,
  6. Cleothilde Cabrere, 118 profiles,
  7. Bessie Joseph Durden ,117 profiles,
  8. Ida Veal , 116 profiles,
  9. Catherine Jordan , 111 profiles,
  10. Stella Mouton Spearman , 110 profiles,


(data as of 7 May 2023)

  1. Willie Taylor, 646 profiles (same tree as USBH Notable Leroy Homer)
  2. Austin Grant, 189 profiles
  3. Alice Durham , 169 profiles
  4. Johnnie Mae Lewis, 145 profiles
  5. Elsie White Broadnax, 138 profiles
  6. Alsey Swayne , 138 profiles
  7. Sylvanus Hooper, 136 profiles
  8. Cora GIllam , 135 profiles
  9. Walter M Miller, 134 profiles
  10. George Bobo, 133 profiles

North Carolina

(data as of 7 May 2023)

  1. John Harper , 646 profiles (talso tree of USBH Notable Leroy Homer)
  2. Jonah Lee , 276 profiles
  3. Margaret Newton ,207 profiles ,
  4. Gilbert Baird Jr , 204 profiles ,
  5. Joseph Wortherly , 193 profiles ,
  6. John Fifer , 189 profiles,
  7. Ned Cofield , 181 profiles
  8. Mack DeBerry , 175 profiles
  9. Martha Allsbrook , 165 profiles
  10. Vida Terrell Clodfelter , 155 profiles

South Carolina

(data as of 7 May 2023)

  1. Reed Taylor, 646 profiles (same tree as USBH Notable Leroy Homer)
  2. Oscar Rogers , 299 profiles,
  3. Rev Eugene Adams Sr, 204 profiles,
  4. William Cochran , 193 profiles,
  5. Cressie Reid McQueen , 181 profiles,
  6. Baby Ginn Hayward , 175 profiles,
  7. William Steadman , 165 profiles,
  8. Jacob Terrell, 155 profiles
  9. Sam Guydon Sr , 145 profiles,
  10. Julius Erving , 139 profiles,


(Data as of 7 May 2023)

  1. Sally Grant , 189 profiles,
  2. James Chappel , 138 profiles,
  3. Easter Taylor Clay, 138 profiles
  4. Scott Thompson Hooper , 136 profiles,
  5. Ben Kinchlow , 132 profiles,
  6. Ella Mae Wheeler Abner ,131 profiles
  7. Maria Cooksey, 128 profiles
  8. Mack Ingram , 126 profiles,
  9. French Stone , 118 profiles,
  10. Dollie Petty Guthrie , 111 profiles,


(Data as of 7 May 2023)

  1. Frances Thornton, 646 profiles (same tree as USBH Notable Leroy Homer)
  2. Ella SImpson Cabaniss , 201 profiles
  3. George Jackson Sr , 175 profiles
  4. Amanda Denwoodie , 169 profiles
  5. William Weston , 165 profiles
  6. Barbara Cash , 146 profiles
  7. Cuttie Wade , 142 profiles
  8. Reuben Woodson , 140 profiles
  9. Willis Taylor , 138 profiles
  10. Amelia Roberts, 131 profiles

WikiTree Members Needing Connection

If you are a WikiTree member and would like help connecting your tree or someone you are assisting, please identify at least one profile in the current tree below. For member privacy, please do not work at the living family generations.

Tyre Nichols, Police violence victim (the following profiles are in his hidden mother's side to assist in connecting: Goodman-7785, Hunter-23809


For Notables who are related, only one person from the unconnected tree is on the list.

The WikiTree+ methodology being used does not count private profiles as part of the tree.

The Connectors Project has a space page for the Largest Unconnected Branches on WikiTree. Once an unconnected tree hits ~275 profiles, it will eventually make its way onto this list (which is updated on a roughly monthly basis) and attract the attention of the wider Connectors Project on WikiTree. Several of our Notables have been connected in this way. Getting an unconnected tree to approximately 300 profiles is therefore a good goal.

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Can anyone help connect a Wikitree Notable, former NBA, Ray Allen-55712 who has 28 profiles through his hidden living wife. For their relationship tree, see descendants of Silva-2141. Thanks
posted by N Gauthier
quote> If you are a WikiTree member and would like help connecting your tree or someone you are assisting, please identify at least one profile in the current tree below. <end quote>

Can anyone help connect a recently deceased victim of police violence, Tyre Nichols-20532 ?

I have already added about 20 relatives through his hidden living mother and many of them had 2 marriages. A couple of profiles in his relationship tree are Goodman-7785 & Hunter-23809


posted by N Gauthier
Thanks for identifying and adding family already for Tyre. I will add his link to the WikiTree Members Needing Connection and also send something out to our google group.
posted by Katie (Cooper) Bryant