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US Black Heritage: Notables

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US Black Heritage Project

The purpose of this page is to assist US Black Heritage Project members with working on project notables. All USBH Project members should have editing access to the Notables Spreadsheet. Please ask in the project group if you can't find it.



  • Who is considered notable?
    • In most cases, a person is considered notable if they have a WikiPedia page or if they should have a WikiPedia page. WikiPedia says a person is notable if they are "... 'worthy of notice' or 'note'—that is, 'remarkable' or 'significant, interesting, or unusual enough to deserve attention or to be recorded.'"[1]
  • Should the project manage all African American notables?
    • In most cases, at this time, the project hopes to manage them all. However, there is a limit to how many profiles the project can manage and further guidelines for management will be created as the limit is neared. Also, there are some profiles that will be managed by other projects because they are in a better place to help descendants connect to their ancestors.
  • Which profiles does the project manage?
    • In general, the project will manage profiles that fit any of these criteria:
1) The person is notable (has a WikiPedia page or should have a WikiPedia page).
2) The person had an important role in Black history.
3) The person has a lot of descendants who may argue over facts about them.
4) The person has a lot of descendants and many duplicates get created for that person.

How to Process Notable Profiles

Project Managed Notables

These are managed by the project. The creator/manager may co-manage if they wish.

The profile should have the project box and notable sticker, in this order:

{{US Black Heritage}}
== Biography ==
{{Notables Sticker|African-American Notables}}

Do not add the African-American sticker to project managed profiles. It is redundant.

Notables Not Project Managed by USBH

These are usually managed by another project.

The profile should have the African-American and notables sticker below the biography heading, but not the USBH project box.

== Biography ==
{{Notables Sticker|African-American Notables}}
{{African-American Sticker}}

Profiles Needing Project Management

  • If they are orphaned or you created the profile:
    • Adopt them and/or add the project as the manager using the project email address (listed at the top of the project Google group and notables spreadsheet).
    • You can then remove yourself as manager if you wish.
    • If they have a WikiPedia page, you do not need to ask in the project group before you add them to the project.
    • Please add them to the proposed notables tab on the Notables Spreadsheet.
  • If the profile is managed by someone else, simply add the profile to the proposed notables tab on the Notables Spreadsheet and a team leader will process it.
  • If the person doesn't have a WikiPedia page, but you feel they should, treat them as if they do have a WikiPedia page and follow the above instructions.

Stickers for Notables

  • All African Americans who are not project managed should have the African-American sticker.
  • All African-American notables will have the notables sticker {{Notables Sticker|African-American Notables}}. If they are project managed, do not add the African American sticker. They will already have the project box which is the same image.
  • Please also add a link to their WikiPedia page as well as the WikiData link. {{Wikidata|Q1234567}} See the Notables Project page for more information.

Living Family Members of Notables

Please do not create profiles for living family members of notables unless it's the only way to make a connection. If you need to do this, we ask you to add USBH to the trusted list or as co-managers while that person is still living and the profile is unlisted. The reason for this is if something happens to you or your account, that profile will still be managed by USBH. If the person passes away, you can open the profile up publicly (by adding a death date) and USBH Project may be removed.

Living Notables

Privacy of living people is very important to the US Black Heritage Project.

Per the WikiTree guidelines for living notables, only close family members (within two degrees) and project members working in collaboration with the project who will manage it should create a profile for a living notable.

To help us protect privacy for living notables, if you create a profile for the US Black Heritage Project, you will be required to pass management over to the project unless you have met the requirements for working on living notable profiles:

  • You are a USBH member who has completed the USBH Profile Improvement Path
  • You have been with the project at least one month
  • You have been certified by the USBH Notables Team to work on living notable profiles.
  • The above three criteria will be waived for Notables Project members who have been certified to work on living notables.

Some living notables qualify per the WikiTree guidelines for living notables to have their profiles open for public viewing. Only a Project Leader can open the profiles once they have confirmed the qualifications have been met.

If you are certified to work on living notables managed by USBH (whether public or not), please click on the trusted list request link for that profile to be added temporarily while you make improvements. When you are finished with your work, please remove yourself from the trusted list. If you wish to remain on the trusted list for a particular reason, please contact a Notables Team leader.

Please see: US Black Heritage Project: Creating and Caring For Living Notables for a full list of the rules and processes for working with USBH living notables.

Formatting and Style

Please see USBH Project Notable Profile Standards for best practices when formatting notable profiles.

Information for Non-Project Members

If you have created or found a profile for a notable African-American, the project would like to manage or co-manage the profile. Please answer on this post and tell us about the profile. Someone from the project will contact you about adding the project as manager/co-manager. You can also answer on this post if you have a recommendation for a notable who needs to have a profile created.

We do not require you to remove yourself as profile manager when USBH manages a profile for a deceased notable, however, if you'd like to place it fully in our hands, we promise to take good care of it.

Living Notables

If you are not a member of the US Black Heritage Project, and you have created a profile for a living notable African-American, please understand you will need to pass management of that profile to USBH per the WikiTree guidelines for living notables. The exception is members of the Notables Project who have been certified to work on living notable profiles.

This helps us to protect the privacy of the living and their families.



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