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US Black Heritage Index of Plantations

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US Black Heritage Project

This page is managed by the Heritage Exchange Slavery Projects Team for the purpose of tracking all space pages created for plantations that held 40 or more slaves during its history. Slaves listed should be named and located on the plantation.

Plantations Team Leader: Michelle Detwiler

How to Create a Plantation Page

  • Please create your plantation space pages with the plantation name and the location in the title. Example: Bellevue Plantation, Essex County, Virginia.
  • Please request a category from team members Michelle Detwiler or Gina Jarvi. A category will then be created that will go on the profiles for any person associated with that plantation (ie: slave owners, slaves, overseers, etc).
  • If the categories have not yet been created, please place the plantation below the Needs Categorization section for each state. The plantation category should be created before the profiles on that plantation.

How to Create Profiles for the Enslaved on Plantations

  • When creating profiles for the enslaved please make sure the Plantation Name Category is listed on each profile in the Category area.
  • If you have more than one person on a plantation with the same name, ie Betty, Betty, Little Betty, etc. please initiate a "Rejected Merge" when creating those profiles so they are not accidently merged.



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Missouri Plantations

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North Carolina Plantations

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South Carolina Plantations


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Plantation Stats

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Hi page managers.

The current advice here is to create free-space profiles with commas in the Title field.

These commas make it difficult to add images to the profile: see for example this G2G comment. They may also make it hard to use the Space: ID in the WTID field of a new G2G question.

A different approach you might consider would avoid these issues. Instruct people to use a simple Title with all punctuation removed. Then, after creating the profile, they should edit it and set the Page Name field to the style which is recommended at present, including the commas. This field determines the page heading, so the new page will still have the appearance you want.

I hope you will welcome this suggestion as a way to make life easier for the creators of plantation pages.

Kind regards—Jim Richardson

posted by Jim Richardson
edited by Jim Richardson
Hi Jim, We disagree with this recommendation and brought it up with the WikiTree Team not long ago. It is a known WikiTree problem that tech needs to fix. From a Google crawling standpoint, they see the _ in all WikiTree titles no differently from any other punctuation. We need commas in our titles to make them easier to read. We need standard and easy instructions for people to follow. We don't want multiple steps to the naming instructions. The work we do is already complicated enough. Thanks, Emma
Thanks Emma. The trouble is that by avoiding a small complication at page creation time, this potentially makes for big complications later on. But I agree it would be better if the WikiTree software were fixed to handle punctuation in Space IDs gracefully. Perhaps an easier software change (for pages created from now on) would be for the Add New Free-Space Profile mechanism to be modified to strip punctuation and spaces out of the Title automatically, but retain what the member had originally specified in the Page Name field.
posted by Jim Richardson
Making changes to our process not only would be an unbelievable undertaking for us, it would be like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. We already have hundreds upon hundreds of space pages with commas in the title. It's not worth the work it would take to find and rewrite the many pages with instructions, update the numerous pages, and retrain everyone with a new process. We very rarely have an issue because of the punctuation.
All plantations have been migrated to their state pages and linked above.
posted by Gina (Pocock) Jarvi
The Monticello Plantation is no longer under construction. It can be move to Needs Profiles.
posted by Dreama (Morgan) Brower
Done. Amazing work, Dreama!! Thank you!
posted by Gina (Pocock) Jarvi
edited by Gina (Pocock) Jarvi
You might find this useful: the Hunt family in MS owned numerous plantations. Here is an accounting of some of them:
posted by Connie Graham