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US Southern Colonies Project | Profile Improvement Teams | Bio Builders Team

Team Leader: Beth Stephenson

Team Members:



Bio Builders clean up the biography and sources sections of profiles and develop interesting, well-written, sourced biographies for profiles using inline sourcing.


Review and improve the following categories for profiles that fall within the scope of the project:


Model Profiles

The following profiles represent examples of what to aim for when improving profiles; you don't have to use the exact structure or identical headers, but use these as inspiration for strong profiles. Do you know of a profile that should be listed as a model? Add a comment to this page with a link to the profile.

Proposed Examples Profiles

The Help: Examples page as of 25 January 2021 does not have any profiles representing the project. A poll in December 2020 resulted in several profiles being proposed, but all of them need review and update to ensure they meet current WikiTree guidelines. Comments received during the poll included
  • "I'm not a fan of the endless scroll that is hard to tell what is truly accurate or not."
  • Acknowledgements section is too long.
  • Profile is too long.
  • All the profiles need work.
  • All 4 could use some improvement.
See suggestions for improving biographies posted by the Biography Builders Project (specifically, "The List" on that page) as well as Help: Bio Ideas and Space:Genealogically_Defined.
If you'd like to work on one of the listed profiles, please post a comment to the profile and also here (or add your name by the profile in the list below). Once the Bio Builders and the appropriate colonial team are happy with the profile, it can be posted by one of the project leaders to Help: Examples.
Profiles proposed (January 2021) for the Examples page:
Runners up/write-ins (perhaps for future rotation as Example profiles) :
The following was suggested, but he might not be a good choice since he was born/married in Pennsylvania (according to his profile):
And the following profile had been listed in the Model Profiles section, but hidden:

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Hello to everyone on the US Southern Colonies Biography Builders Team! I am very new to the team projects.... But, I am very experienced in finding sources and eager to learn the ropes. I appreciate any and all help and open to any and all suggestions to make the Southern Colony wikitree pages well-sourced and readable.

Thank you for your warm welcomes in my email!

posted 26 Jan 2021 by Beth Stephenson   [thank Beth]
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Welcome Kimberly DIss Morgan to Bio Builders Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Alex Adkins Langen to the Bio Builders Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome H Baggott to the Bio Builders Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome J West to Bio Builders Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Thank you Mary ! I have almost finished the new bio for Peter Ford (Pierre Faure) II.

What do y'all think ? It needs some more editing. Need to learn to do the repeat sources properly, etc.

Also did a bio for his father.

posted by J. West
Hi J

Good work on the profile. I am wondering if it should have the Southern Colonies- Virginia sticker instead of the heading. What do you think?

I added the DAR sticker and used the approved DAR Citation format that still links to the same page you had in a weblink. One other thing that ought to be changed for Peter Fore are his birth and death dates should match what the DAR genies have approved. Do you have any objections to making that change?

posted by Beth Stephenson
edited by Beth Stephenson
Beth, Thanks so much for putting in the 2 full DAR citations - About the DAR birth date, 1719, it does make more sense in terms of his age when he started having children, but I wonder if they give any source for that date ? I will look more carefully at those tithing records to see if that theory for his birth date (1706) and his brothers' holds up.

Re the death date, the data field gives just 1780, the bio says June 22, 1780 and DAR says June 1, 1780 so if we think DAR is the most likely to be correct, it would be fine to go with that.

For the most part, it has looked like WT discourages using DAR and SAR data due their being "derivative" ? Unless the info is well sourced ? I read that SAR and DAR varied over time in how much documentation they required for membership applications.

Not sure what is meant by the Virginia sticker vs heading . . . but I am fine with whatever is standard.

I wonder, in general, about my reliance on more secondary sources for this bio and my reasoning for that in the Research Notes which was:

"There are very few original records of births, marriages, and deaths for this family. Most of what is known, or documented, is derived from land deeds, wills, other court records, and church records.

For this biography we have used two family histories that quote original records as well as family bibles and information from descendants. Though they do not document every fact, it seems important to relate the material that appears reliable in order to paint a more complete picture of the family and invite further research."

Thank you again


posted by J. West
edited by J. West
In the old days, the DAR GRS wasn't necessarily accurate. But if there is a proven lineage paper within the past five years on the file, then it is almost certain that there is a primary source that proves the dates in the GRS lineage papers.
posted by Beth Stephenson
Ok, thanks. Can you tell if this particular file, for Peter Fore, is within the last five years and is therefore almost certainly accurate ? Also, does one have to be a DAR member to access this particular type of info (proven with primary sources) ??
posted by J. West
Hi J

Peter Fore has numerous recently proven papers. An easy way for you to see this is that there are a few member lineages in the Million Member Range... This means that those papers were scrutinized to the nth degree by very rigid professional genealogists that won't let a lineage through into the system without all the i's dotted and t's crossed. I would think the dates are very solid. I would say that anything from the nine hundred thousand range in membership numbers can be counted on to be correct. For example, my own number is 913898. I joined DAR in 2012. The genies were extremely thorough at that time and even more so since about 2015.

I am not currently an officer in DAR, however I am a past registrar and a past regent. Anyone, member or not, can order papers to receive primary source documents from the DAR. It costs $$, but the papers can be downloaded with a credit card if you want to get a copy of the document. Otherwise, you could ask your local DAR officer (i e Regent or Registrar) to find out what document was used for the exact date of death and birth. Then, you can look for that document at Ancestry or at family

Hope that helps.

posted by Beth Stephenson
Beth, thank you again!

I just went to the DAR GRS page and found a member with a high number and ordered the supporting documents for Peter Fore and got them but there is nothing about Peter Fore, just a 4 photocopies of marriage certificates, etc. from later generations. I wrote and told them what was missing and will see what they say.

If the documents would be on Ancestry or Family Search, one would just find them there? But have not found any so far.

posted by J. West
Beth, a quick question since I'm new to the team...what's the preferred method of team communication? Here? The Google Groups (if so, is there any special post header I should use to flag it as a team item?) or do you guys use Discord like some other of the projects?
posted by Alan Radecki
And, BTW, just finished a major upgrade to the bio of, and am open to feedback!
posted by Alan Radecki
Looks great. He could use a Southern Colonies South Carolina sticker and an in line source to his parents, but all in all a great profile!
posted by Beth Stephenson
Oops, yeah, I missed that, thanks! Been staring at this too long. The profiles for the rest of his kids will come eventually, I tend to save stuff like that for the connect-a-thon.
posted by Alan Radecki
we are on a google group. I don't send too many posts, but if you sign up, guaranteed that your mailbox will be full of Southern Colonies posts in a few minutes.... I try not to post much because I don't like the spam factor that this causes. Basically, I am here to answer questions and work on profiles that need biographies.
posted by Beth Stephenson
Welcome Alan Radecki to the Bio Builders Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Thank you, Mary! It's always fun to leave Wikitree a better place at the end of a day's editing!
posted by Alan Radecki
Welcome David Martin to the Bio Builders Team!
posted by Mary Richardson

I just wanted to say, "Hi" and also thank you for allowing me to join your team. I hope that I can be an asset to the team. I am very new at working with teams on here so forgive me if I make any mistakes. I am not new to Wiki however, so hopefully I will do fine. There are times I go a while w/o working on here and other times where I have a lot of time and get a lot done. I hope that is not a problem for the team.

Kind regards, Ginny T.

Welcome! We are glad to have you!
posted by Beth Stephenson
Welcome Michelle Detwiler to the Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome new team member, Mary Morgan to the Bio Builders Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome new team member, Leila Keller, to the Bio Builders Team!
Hey Beth, one thing I'd suggest as to the 'model' profiles is that someone review all of the 'comments' attached to the profiles and 'archive' as many of them as possible. If they have information that we'd still want people to read (not that you can't read archived comments, but they aren't staring at you at the bottom of the page), then I'd leave them. But some of them have lengthy comments that might be able to be archived. Just a thought . . .
OK. I did a test drive on 1 a few days ago. I was hoping to find more interesting destination flags than Flags_of_Colonial_America.png

for the appropriate time periods, but could always update later.

The reason I asked is most all are pre-1700, so I will make sure appropriate sources are there for origin and destination countries.

posted by Jim Ward
Would it be appropriate for me to add the wiki Migrating Ancestor sticker to my ancestors that emigrated to the Southern colonies?
posted by Jim Ward
Yup. Keep in mind that WikiTree guidelines say no more than 5 stickers (and say 3 is better) on profiles other than your own (meaning your personal profile, not profiles that you manage).

The project's page about Migration Categorization Hierarchy mentions the use of stickers, and also the Migrating and Nonmigrating Ancestor Stickers. So does the project's Stickers page.

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Hi! I noticed that US Southern Colonies does not have an example profile (see Help: Examples) & saw the list posted here. I've made minor edits to the first three listed (Bellinger, Young, & Mackall), updating stickers/order of elements and other style issues (see Help: Biographies & changes made).

Changes to update Beall were not quite as minor (and I marked the Suggestion that his mother might possibly be Calvert-202 as false).

Any one of these would be a good example for the Help:Examples page. Let me know which, if any. We could probably post more than one (e.g., maybe even four - one each from Maryland, Virginia/Jamestown, the Carolinas/NC/SC, and Georgia... I'll post something to the Discussion Group in a sec).

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Just a note to everyone on the Bio Builders team that we are still needing a leader for the team. Please drop me a note if you'd like to discuss. Thanks very much.
Darlene and other bio-builders,

As part of the re-launch of the US Southern Colonies project, it was always my intent to draft an Editing Guidelines page, like this one for PGM:

I realize that this would naturally fall under the care of Bio-Builders, right? Managed Profiles is also very interested because we seek that managed profiles meet a certain level of quality, and the editing guidance helps us achieve that.

Is working on something like this with Managed Profiles of interest to you and the Biobuilders team?

posted by Jillaine Smith
Jillaine, I think that is great. Would you be willing to put together a similar editing guideline for the Southern Colonies project?

While we're discussing, I'd like to point out that we are still seeking a leader for the Bio Builders Team. Please get in touch with me if you're willing to be the Team Leader. Thanks.

Yes, I'm willing to draft a US SC editing guidelines along the same lines as the PGM one (which I also drafted initially).

Can't really take on another Team Leader role right now, but know that as part of my role as pre-1700 managed profiles team leader, I'd be doing very similar *content* work as on a bio-builder. David, similarly (or someone on his team), for 1701-1776.

posted by Jillaine Smith
It is now drafted:

It has implications that project Leaders may wish to decide differently on.

posted by Jillaine Smith
Thanks. That was quick! I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. This is a super crazy week with unexpected guests...
I am picking John Garner II (1663 - bef. 1713) mainly because I worked on it recently. Though it is not my own, I did a significant amount of research on it and had to organize the biography to accommodate linked findings. No categorization or stickers had previously been placed, either.

As it turns out, this line of Garners is not without genealogic challenges. John's grandfather is presently in dispute, and if FamilySearch were to be believed, a different John altogether competes as the John Garner II, son of John Garner and Susanna (Keene) Garner.

It is hopeful that identifying his grandfather will at least move us in the right direction, but even as I look at the profile now, I am unsure where the birth date was sourced! Also, the previous version of John's profile placed his generation with Virginia origins; whereas, I think the evidence suggests that he was not.

posted by Porter Fann
Hi USSC Bio-Builders! I am your interim Team Leader and I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself and help us get to know one another a little bit. I thought we might like to share a profile we are proud of so we can each enjoy each other's work. Here's a profile I did of my English great-grandfather to get us started. I'd love to see what all of you have been working on.

We also need to decide what our goals are. I suggest we set up and use the maintenance category "needs biography" and have other teams in the project let us know when they need one written. Then we can call dibs on them as they come in. Would that work for all of you?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Susie :-)

posted by Susie MacLeod
Hi! Here is a profile of one of my third paternal great-grandfathers: Armstead Hall.

When I find profiles that are unsourced, if the profile has not been edited for over a year and has no biography, I always add bio information using in-line sources, and clean up any import information if necessary. From my view point, I am thinking that the bio building would also be done by the Province of Carolina team, and Province of Georgia team. Is that correct, or am I confused on bio building? This is an example of a profile of a person born 1683 in Carolina I have added bio info plus source to today which had been set up in 2011 and adopted 2013 without any changes made until 2019: Thomas Long.

Concerning the maintenance category "needs biography," that works for me.

Hi Susie,

One thing that might be useful under resources is a reminder of the sources style guide:;

There are so many profiles with just links to web pages used as sources, and it is puzzling how those could be called a source.

Hi Brenda, I know Jillaine is putting together a list of reliable and unreliable sources. There should be a link from the project page at the top (one of the green tabs). If you have any to add, perhaps you could suggest them in the Google group and Jillaine will respond? Many thanks, Brenda. Susie :-)
posted by Susie MacLeod
Brenda, you can access the project's reliable sources page From the project page -- it has its own tab -- and directly here:

Note that this page is under development and includes things that were in a previous version under the former project scope that need review.

I invite those most familiar with era-specific quality sources to add them to that page or if not sure, add a comment on the page and I will take a look.

Thanks, but I was referring to the proper way to cite a source.
Ah, thanks for the clarification.
posted by Jillaine Smith


posted by Jillaine Smith