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US Southern Colonies Categories Team

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US Southern Colonies Project | Profile Improvement Teams | Categories Team

See also the US Southern Colonies Categories page.

US Southern Colonies Categories Team

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Team Leader: Liz Shifflett

Team Members:

Note: The Categories Team Leader must be a member of the Categorization Project and serves as liaison to that project. While it is recommended that team members also join the Categorization Project, it is not a requirement.


The Categories Team works on maintaining categories relating to the US Southern Colonies Project and coordinates as needed with the Categorization Project.

Project Categorization Hierarchy:

Category: US Southern Colonies Project - [Click here] for the current hierarchy.
This is a top-level category (see the Categorization Project's glossary) for project pages and categories. Top-level categories generally have no people profiles, with the exception of project members. US Southern Colonies Project members should [[Category: US Southern Colonies Project]] to their profile.

Colonial Categorization Hierarchies:

There are two major hierarchies for the Project's Colonial Teams: Colonists & Location. They are separate hierarchies, with Colonists being more of a tool for the Project & Project Teams than a help for WikiTree members & visitors to find someone (which Location categories tend to be):
The Colonists categories are for people profiles (aka "landing-level" categories - see the Categorization Project's glossary). The project box & project sticker both add Category: US Southern Colonists; adding a switch to the sticker moves the profile out of Category: US Southern Colonists into the Colony-level Colonists category.
US Southern Colonists
|Carolina Colonists (to 1712)
|North Carolina Colonists (1712-1776)
|South Carolina Colonists (1712-1776)
|Georgia Colonists
|Maryland Colonists
|Virginia Colonists (1625-1776)
|Jamestown Colonists (1606-1625)
US Southern Colonies (top-level)
| Colony-level location categories (top-level)
| County-/District-level location categories (landing-level) << people profiles go here
Colony-level location categories should be treated as top-level categories (no people profiles). In early September 2020, the question posed to the Colonial Teams (sent via the US Southern Colonies' Discussion Google Group and posted to the Teams page: Should the Colony-level location category be top-level (no people profiles) or mid-level across the board or as determined by each Colonial Team and, if a top-level category, what to do about the people profiles with no information to indicate a county or a district?
Answers received were for top-level, meaning no people profiles in the Colony-level location categories. The question of what to do with profiles of people without more specific location information didn't have a clear answer, but perhaps they could be added to a maintenance category (for example, needs=Research - or maybe a "Location Research" maintenance category would be useful? - hmmm. I Just added that as a proposal in the next section.) ~ Noland-165, 20 September 2020.

Project Maintenance Categories

See: US Southern Colonies Project Maintenance Categories for the current list of project maintenance categories, which as of 6 September are Category:US Southern Colonies, Unsourced Profiles and the following "Needs" categories.
The Needs categories are automatically created when adding a |needs= parameter to the project box or project sticker. The Project currently has five values that can be used with |needs=
Both the project box and project sticker can accommodate up to three needs= parameters and, for the sticker, the colony. For example:
{{US Southern Colonist Sticker|Carolina
|needs1=Relationship Review
Suggestions for a new "Needs" value: If you have a suggestion for a new value, please post a comment to this page.
needs= Location Research - for those profiles with location issues or no location, so that they can be correctly categorized to a location category below Colony-level locations. proposed by Liz, 20 September 2020, 9 pm ET

Migration Categories

See US Southern Colonies Migration Categorization Hierarchy.


1. Category: US Southern Colonies Project:

Periodically check for people profiles (only project members should be listed).
  • done 18 September 2020 (Liz)
Search for project pages and categories that should be included and add them as needed by adding
[[Category: US Southern Colonies Project]]
  • _____

2. Colonists Hierarchy: Need to move profiles added by the project sticker to Colony-level Colonists categories (if Colony is known).

Categories Team Member POC: Liz
Engage Colonial Teams to help:
  • Province of Carolina
  • Province of North Carolina
  • Province of South Carolina
  • Province of Georgia: Team Leader Sandy Patak has Team involved
  • Province of Maryland:
  • Colony of Virginia Team: Liz (Colony of Virginia Team member) is working
  • Jamestown Team (Topical Team): Liz (Jamestown Team member) is working

3. Location Hierarchy: Once questions mentioned above are resolved, need to go through Colony-level categories.

Categories Team Member POC: Liz
Engage Colonial Teams to help:
  • Province of Carolina
  • Province of North Carolina
  • Province of South Carolina
  • Province of Georgia: Top-level; Team working.
  • Province of Maryland: Jackson Day (3 Sept. 2020)
  • Colony of Virginia Team: Top-level; Liz working.

4. Correct category errors - see salmon rows at the [Navigate] link for any category:

[Navigate] for US Southern Colonies Project:


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just saw the naming convention note & then the earlier comment.. the [Project] Needs... is autogenerated when you use |needs= parameters with project boxes (and now with the project sticker also). See documentation for the categories generated from the sticker at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Template:US_Southern_Colonist_Sticker
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Jack and/or Lynden, are either or both of you willing to be liaisons to the Categorization project on behalf of US So Colonies?
posted by Jillaine Smith
Yes, I'm already liaison for a minor project or two, so I might as well!
posted by Jack Day
Thank you, Jack.

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posted by Jillaine Smith
I'm not convinced about the need to prefix "needs biography" and other project maintenance-related arguments with the name of the project. Let's discuss. Other projects' leaders claim such prefix is useful for project-managed/Protected profiles. But not all profiles that fall within the scope of the project Will be managed or protected by the project. BUT they may need maintenance categorization. I'd Ike us to keep things as simple as possible. What do you think? --jillaine
It's probably useful, and I think you already have them now. Jack
posted by Jack Day