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Welcome to the team page for the Colony of Virginia, US Southern Colonies Project. This page has information about team members, tasks, and additional resources.


The Team

The Colony of Virginia Team covers Virginians born before July 4, 1776. Click here for a page that focuses on the history and development of Virginia before the American Revolution. The United States Project focuses on profiles of people in America post-1776, although many of its sub-projects, such as the Virginia Project, previous to this project's revival covered pre-1776 also.


Team Leader:

  • William Foster: Many of my ancestors migrated to America through Virginia. Happy to look up records for you in books I have that are not online.

Team Members:

  • John Albertini My colonial ancestors were Ayers, Brown, Chew, Harris, Randall, Wynne in MD, PA, VA.
  • Thom Anderson: For the Colonial period, most ancestors/cousins were in Virginia starting in Jamestown and later in the Northern Neck with many moving to Loudoun and Culpeper Counties by the start of the Revolution.
  • William Anderson - Colonial Virginia families, particularly in New Kent and Hanover Counties. I am pre-1700 certified and am actively loading up detailed profiles for the seven sons of Robert Anderson I, then moving down their trees.
  • Daniel Ange: Many of my family lines have either travelled through or been in Virginia since the Colonial period. A few surnames include the Kitchen, Adams, West, Minor, and Gunnell families of Northern Virginia on my paternal side and the Dabney, Peele, Fowler, Parsons, Crenshaw, and DePriest families on my maternal lines.
  • Anne Baker member of Colony of Virginia Team,impressed with the Wiki Tree structure of combining data under "one tree". It is a bit overwhelming to read
  • Cyndee Bayer- member of Virginia Colony Team
  • Chris Brady: Many of my ancestors came to Virginia originally. I have a keen interest in Amherst County and am willing to do lookups in the will/ded books I have for Amherst.
  • Debbie Nance ancestors in Maryland, Colony of Virginia, Province of North Carolina and Province of South Carolina
  • Amy Blythe: I have heavy early & mid-colonial VA roots on my both sides. Paternal: Hargis, Duke, House/Howze, Greene, Powell, Layton, Fisher, Cooksey/Kearse, MeriwetheHair-1386r, Lewis, Rucker, White, Tinsley, Parks, Beasley, Yarbrough, Pope, Fort, McKinnee/McKinney, Godby/Godbee, Royall, Davenport, Ransone, Varner & Stephenson. Maternal: Price, Freeman, Hall, Galbraith/Galbreath, Baughman, Penn, Ziegler, Buckwalter, Shook, Waters, Lanier, Burch, Maclin, Sampson, Jordan, Washington, Westmoreland, Nipper, Harwell, Lindsey, Barksdale, Woodruff, Bevis, Barton, Turner, Moseley, Grantham, Ammons, West, Bates, Owens, Pate & Jones. Main counties of interest: are Isle of Wight (IOW), Brunswick, Surry, Prince Georges, Charles City, Spotsylvania, & Augusta. I am the lead researcher for the IOW VA Dukes (or ftDNA group 2) in the GEDmatch Duke/Dukes DNA Study. Across all Duke groups, we have recently begun to request profile protection on the earliest progenitors.
  • Linda (Brooks) Hoerner = about Linda
  • Dusti (Brown) Ide ` about Dusti
  • Beth Golden: I have early roots in colonial VA, with arrivals in the 1630s'-1640s, and settling primarily in Accomack-Northampton. Surnames include Croshaw, Graves, Holloway, Nuthall, Roper, and Sprigg. Other early VA surnames: Brown (still searching for direct paternal ancestor either in VA or MD pre-1776), Crews, Prather and Walker. Brothers' (surname Brown) peculiar 111 marker ydna match to Swearingen, Bolling, Kirkland and Walton.
  • Loretta Buckner: One half of my ancestry is solidly from the Piedmont are of NC, via primarily PA, but some VA, prior to migrating pre-1776. I'm still fairly focused there (NC) in my research--as there are still some stones to unturn--but I do feel a special affinity for Virginia, having grown up in the region, for the most part. As much as an Army Brat can be from anywhere, Fairfax County was my home for more than half of my primary and secondary school days. 2023 Addendum: Turns out, lots of roots go back to Spotsylvania, Goochland and Caroline County - I'm also quite active now with USBH, helping to trace and document former enslaved and (sadly), lots of exposure through Crutchfield, Stapleton, Duerson, Craven, Buckner, Johnson, Alston... likely more, and this is VERY interesting work, for anyone who loves digging!
  • Allice (Burns) Reynolds: ..
  • Denise Carter: My Carter ancestors arrived in Colonial Virginia in 1650/52 . They began with large plantations in Lancaster County and moved to Prince William, Loudoun, Clarke/Frederick and then to Fairfax County around 1890. Once my 4th GGF died in 1801, his large number of children primarily moved to 3 different counties in KY and to Bloomington, IN. From KY, many of the kids from subsequent generations settled in Texas and as far west as California. One daughter stayed in Loudoun County with her husband and children while my 3rd GGF, James Carter, moved a short distance from his family home in Loudoun County to Frederick/Clarke County, where he married and had a large family of his own. Besides Carter, prominent surnames in my family are Norman (Liberty County, GA, Macon, MO and Seattle, WA), Bosteyon/Boston, Crump, Clark, Estes, Gaines, Richards, Hospital, Pendleton, Mitchell, Rowland, Jacobs, Stacy, Wills, Breeze and Salter.
  • Teresa Clary Willis member of Colony of Virginia and Jamestown Colony Teams
  • Tom Lamar Coughlin: Thomas Noland ran Noland's Ferry from Leesburg across the Potomac near Point of Rocks. His wife's father Francis Awbrey had started it in the 1738. His wife's father is William Luckett, who also had ferry business, is one of the "12 immortal judges" of Frederick, MD. They married into the Lamar family from MD.
  • Larry Cunningham: Most of my ancestors are from Virginia.
  • C Davis: I am interested in my Davis lineage. John D. Davis-born in Cumberland, VA, 1805; died- Buckingham, VA, 1860. Married Mary Jane Carter (Buckingham, VA 1811-1907 ). I have the Davis/King family Bible with photos that I would like to identify. I cannot find any additional info past John D Davis. Also, I am related to Meador, King, Watkins, Guerrant, DuToi, L'Orange, Ragland, Burks, Womack, Seamster, Ligon, Conner, & Crowder families of VA. Most of my family on both sides has VA roots (Southern Colonies). I am a member of DAR, and my aunt (who traveled many times to UK to do research-it was lost when she passed) was a member of the Huguenot Society and Valley Forge Society. I would like to trace back as far as possible. I would also like to meet relatives.
  • Teresa Davis - about Teresa
  • Laura DeSpain My ancestors arrived in Maryland, Virginia and, the Carolina's between the 1500s and the 1700s. My maternal line arrived or migrated to South Carolina before the 1700s from North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. My paternal family pioneered into Kentucky from North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland when it was still a part of Virginia in the late 1700s.
  • Crystal Dodd About Crystal
  • Kathy Donaldson - about Kathy
  • Sjana Bauer- A lot of my family falls within this project and the Jamestown Colony, Province of Maryland, Colony of Virginia and Province of North Carolina (1712-1776) Teams
  • Melissa Dunn Miller - family from North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.
  • Noma Eddings: Volunteer Genealogist for the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) - Cahuilla Chapter - Palm Springs, CA; interested in documenting slaveholding families.
  • Laurie McKenna I’m not new to genealogy but I’m relatively new to WikiTree and still learning my way around. I’m hoping to learn a lot from this project and share what I can. This Virginia Team is where I have the most experience.
  • Mary Gossage: Most of my ancestors came through Virginia and spent time in Loudoun County. Some stayed, some moved west. And some in PA, OH, MN with ancestors in Loundon County married people generations later whose ancestors had also been in Loudoun.
  • John Griscom Jr. about John
  • James F Haynes - Haynes family, first emigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634. The Lee, Craig, Reid, and Sharp families, who were pre-1776 residents of the Province of Virginia.
  • Malcolm Hoare: About me...
  • Lawrence Hodapp: About half of my mother's 3rd–great–grandparents were born in Virginia. One of my more interesting Southern ancestors is Col. Robert "Potato Hole" Woodson, whose mother reportedly hid him in a potato hole during the 1644 attack in which his father was killed.
  • Eleanor Colson: I have many ancestors in the 1600s and 1700s who came to America through Virginia including Randle, McGehee, and Meriwether to name a few.
  • Leila Keller -
  • Margaret Kerns - Many families in VA, NC and MD during colonial period; several are pre-1700. Plans to add sources to Gedcom, stickers.
  • Tammy Kirkpatrick: Several of my ancestors trace back to Colonial Virginia, including some who are confirmed in the Jamestown Society. I have been working to confirm information and source the Townes family of Virginia. Other family names I have from Virginia are Allen, Archer, Boykin, Epperson, Field, Hix, Hudson, Huffman, Jones. I'm sure I left someone out!
  • Honi Kleine: I am an obsessive learner with great interest in Early American History. My own family's history is deeply rooted in Colonial Virginia, more recently in those Stith, Smith, Webster, and Vaughan families, to name a few, who left civilization and organized government to do their part in populating the State of Kentucky. Not me, I'm a Hoosier, born and raised.
  • Lea (Isaacs) Cooley Most all of my paternal ancestors are originally from the Colony of Virginia. Many arrived in the 1500 - 1600s and pioneered areas in both Virginia and later West Virginia in the counties of Wayne and Cabell. Many of my Isaacs line left Winchester, Frederick, Virginia to settle in North Carolina and some later settled between Wayne County, West Virginia and neighboring Kentucky. Some of my paternal family surnames include Isaacs, Watts, McComas, Hale, Osburn, Adkins, Clay, Davis, Peyton, and Ferguson. Many of my maternal ancestors also arrived at the Colony of Virginia and pioneered into the Carolinas, TN, and Kentucky while my maternal Swiss-German Sigler/Zeigler ancestors arrived in South Carolina in the 1600s and settled in Louisiana (Greater New Orleans and Southwest/Coastal Mississippi). I am also on the Jamestown Team.
  • James Little - about James
  • David Martin
  • Anne Massey: About me...
  • Lynn McCurdy Robinson- Lynn McCurdy Robinson, retired Cultural and Applied Anthropologist, BA, MA San Diego State University. Over 30 years working on family genealogy. Married 45 years to her writer husband David. Surnames: McCurdy, Kerkhoff, Stinchcomb, Hogue, Trower, Givens, Anderson, Cosby, Dickenson, Garland, Meriwether, Meriweather, Lewis, Warner, Clarke, Overton, Read/Reade, Massey, Heyden, Singleton, Shaw, Dryden, Craig, Carr, Jefferson, Berry, Washington,Waters, Hopkins, Boone. Lynn is also a portrait and wildlife oil painter.
  • RL McAdoo Researching Families McAdoo/McAdow, Stewart, Larkin, Glass, Evans, and others located around Buffalo and Alamance (Guilford NC) and Sinking Springs (Abingdon VA) Presbyterian Churches. All established pre-1776. Usually embarked from from Ulster or Scotland and landing at ports of Baltimore, Philadelphia, or Charleston.
  • Scott McClain: My main early Virginia interest is the far southwestern frontier - old Brunswick County from the 1730s on. Spending a lot of time working on the Wallin/Walling, Blevins, and related families in this area during that period.
  • Jennifer Jordan - My family has been in Virginia since the beginning. I enjoy researching my Quaker ancestors and enjoy researching other families to show them that many early families were Quakers before they were disowned.
  • Sherrie Mitchell: I am 100% Bedford County Virginia @ Rev War and have 17 Ancestors connected though I need to check to be sure all have stickers. Happy to help as I can.
  • Amanda Torrey: My mother's mother who died when I was weeks old in Kansas City Missouri (I'm sure that's a story), was raised in Georgia as was her mother and father and theirs and theirs and theirs. Georgia. My mother's father was raised in Virginia as was his mother, his father was from Baltimore. But at my grandparents' wedding, one of his aunts had a conversation with his new bride at their reception and said, We are direct descendants of Albrecht Durer - to which my nana replied Illegitimately I'm sure... oh my. Great start to a long life lol. My great grandmother Augusta named my grandfather Duer as a second name The Durers were Hungarian and the famous Albrecht never had ch[[Seay-783ildren, but his father had more than plenty. I'm sure everybody is a direct descendant of Albrecht Durer. shoot... But the point is Augusta's family came out of Cumberland Cty Virginia and were not (for the most part) agriculturalists. Her father was a "painter" by trade which I'd have to believe helped those farmers that lived around him keep their modest farms spruced up, especially during the Civil War. He married a girl from Buckingham Cty and they had 4 children together. He made a fair living for he kept at it over a decade and his personal worth increased steadily I found an article from the History Channel that said one of the benefits of the American Revolution was the introduction of the artisan and yeomen into the American system. I cannot believe there was a lot of call for portraits and such in Cumberland Cty and certainly not enough to make a living. But I had to smile when I saw Painter in the Census category of occupation. His son was a painter as well. They owned their own house, even when just married...It was terribly modest, worth only about $300. They had to have gotten a small tract of land from somebody.
  • Allison (Morman) Tuinstra
  • LaMyra Morton: I have many lines that go back to the Virginia colony. Some of my early Virginia surnames are Arnold, Bell, Garton, Angell, DePriest, Easley, Parker, Coffelt and Ryan. Trying to get profiles as accurate and well sourced as possible. Will need to go back and add the stickers.
  • Pamela Parker: Several of my ancestral families lived in the Virginia Colony before moving down South as the new territories opened up for settlement. My ancestors include McDonald, Buster, Howell, Smith, Byrd, Harrison, Carter, Moultrie, Blakey, Sheffield, Melton, Traywick/Trawick/Traweek, and Seger. I am in the process of updating biographies and adding additional sources to my profiles. I'm always happy to help others, so please don't hesitate to contact me.
  • Pam Bush - about Pam
  • Renee Newman- Many of my ancestors were in Virginia in the seventeenth century and most went into North Carolin early to mid eighteenth century. A few were at Jamestown and many were in Charles City County, Surry, Brunswich, Sussex, Albemarle, Amherst, Henrico, Nelson, Goochland. My main surname interests in Virginia are Jean, Jane, Davis, Joplin, Farrar, Brantley, and Braswell.
  • Dola (Nowell) Acree has researched quite a few ancestors that came from Virginia including Mansell, Crunk, Joyce, Jennings, Kirby, and Shackelford, Beasley, Toler, Thomas, Pendleton, Suttle, Doggett, Hargis, Jay, and Voss.
  • Ginny Thomas
  • A.M. Pendleton
  • Bob Pickering Some of my Colonial Virginia surnames are Patton, Thompson, Horton, Wheeler, Hall, Sandidge and Gaddie.
  • Gary Pinson My first Proven ancestor in Virginia was William Carter, shown by several records between 1623-26. Other surnames in Virginia pre 1700 include: Pinson, Crafford, Swann, Newsom, Pitt, Bridger, Godwin, Kearney, Jeffreys, Spier, Hunt, Anderson, Hilliard, Wade et.al.
  • Kelly (Popp) Kley:
  • Liz Shifflett: I'm also on the Jamestown Team and am interested in Dinwiddie County (one of Virginia's burned counties) and Virginia's Ancient Planters.
  • Mary Koester - I am working to prove that my Hobbs ancestors came through Washington and Lee Counties during the 1700's from Maryland. As of now, I am at a brick wall for proof in 1801 Tennessee. I am also working on the Oxford family in North Carolina. Other surnames include Herrin, Taylor, and Holloway. I am looking forward to doing some work in this project.
  • L Sauls I have traced many of my ancestors to Virginia and North Carolina. Surnames of interest are Sauls, Higginbotham, Callen, and Younger.
  • Judy Hixson- About Judy
  • Carl Seibert: About me...My wife has deep roots going back to early Jamestown. Mainly in the Barnes family tree.
  • Lynn Sexton
  • David Shipp~ About David
  • Jim Shook II
  • Sue Ellen (Smith) Knifley- Many of my ancestors migrated to Kentucky from Virginia not long after the Revolutionary War. At least one line goes back to Jamestown. I look forward to learning more about them through this project.
  • Max Snead, Jr.: Greetings to all! I am very happy to be participating! The surnames of my known paternal Virginia ancestors and the number of generations between the first ancestor by that name and me are: Arrington (2), Barte (4), Clark(e) (3), Coleman (5), Cralle (4), Crowder (3), Estes (4), Golding (6), Hatter (4), Jones (5), Leake (6), Oglesby (6), Opie (6), Rosser (5), Rowsey (5), Smith (5), Sne*d (1), Wood (5) and Woodrum (6). The 6th generation people are my 4X great grandparents who became parents generally in the thirty years beginning in 1760 (for a few, it was earlier and for a few more, it was later). Three Sne*ds- Thomas, William and John - arrived in the colony in 1619. Samuel arrived between 1633 and 1635. DNA testing suggests that Samuel and one of the first three are the progenitors of two Haplo-subgroups that moved west from the Chesapeake, often living in the same vicinity with common given names and leading to confused ancestral assignments. I am hoping to make the connection between my most remote known grandparent -- John b. abt. 1738, d. 1802 in Amherst County, married Sarah Woodrum of Goochland on 6 April 1763, with whom they were parents of Benjamin, Claiborne, Elizabeth, Elisha, Randolph, Alice and Hannah -- and one of the two haplogroup progenitors. I would also like to assemble accurate family trees for the two groups up to the time of the Revolutionary War. The various published Sne*d genealogies do not recognize the presence of two lineages before that time. I am 79 years old and live in Denver, Colorado. I have studied Virginia history but still have a lot to learn. I look forward to helping others with their family searches, certain that I will learn.
  • Kerri Miaso Hello. I'm excited to be a member. I have many lines in my history which lead back to Virginia. In particular, my Stewart ancestor arrived in Bath around 1755 from Scotland. I'm looking forward to working with the group.
  • Corbin Smith - WikiTree’s honor code and stress on being careful are things that attract me to this common tree effort. My initial research was (and my main interest still is) into my paternal Corbin family line, back to (and beyond) Henry, my 6th great grandfather, who arrived in the colonies in 1654 and spawned a lineage of Corbins active in Virginia affairs and politics (and land and slave-owning and church affairs) up to and through the Revolution. Tayloe, Beverley, Lee, and Carter lines also interest me. I look forward to learning from and contributing to this effort: I know I’ve got a lot to learn, and think I have things to contribute.
  • Ken Spratlin: Currently compiling and properly sourcing all records for Spratlin(g) surname in Virginia pre-1800. Many removed to NC, SC, and GA, and then west.
  • Andrea Pack: I am working on the beginning of Augusta County Justices and its first court I live in WV and most of our families of Pack and Lilly etc came in early start of our country beginning in the 1600s.
  • T Stanton: Currently sorting out the first generations of Corker, Jordan and allied families. Many ancestral lines in Virginia from Jamestown onward.
  • Don Stephenson ~ About Don
  • Shirley Dalton: Member of Colony of Virginia Team.

Many of my ancestors came through Virginia on their way to other colonies/states. Eventually most moved west. Jamestown early settlers, through about 1700; Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestors.

  • Kern Brogan: About
  • Mark Trevithick - maternal relatives dating back to the Revolutionary War. Early on they lived in the Virginia Colony, but over time migrated to Tennessee, Arkansas, and finally Texas. My family of interest is Gentry who emigrated to Virginia during the Revolutionary War. They were two British soldiers who stayed in Virginia after the war and built farms and families. I have two books on and by Gentrys going back to that time that covers their genealogy.
  • Glenn Tuley: My branch of the Tuley family only documents back to 1808 in Kentucky. By DNA we match with the Tuley family living in Virginia in the 1680's.
  • Bill Vincent: All of my ancestor families migrated to Kentucky. Most of them came from Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas.
  • Lea Sullivan- Ancestors in Virginia Colony , Province of North Carolina (1712-1776), Province of South Carolina (1712- 1776), and Province of Georgia
  • Jim Ward
  • Robert Weaver my Y-DNA results should lead back to my Weaver ancestors in colonial Virginia
  • Karen (Weitz) Wood
  • Jane West - interested in Colony of Virginia and Bio Builders Teams
  • Joan Benton Whitsett: I have many ancestors who started in VA, but destroyed records often interfere with me getting info I need. I come from the families of Cate, Harlow, Hall, Jay, Lawrence, Wyatt, Wright. I also follow these families for my in-laws (thus my grandchildren): Presnall, Creech, and even Jane Cheraw Indian.
  • Crystal White - I have a lot of family branches that were in Colonial America, and the majority of those seem to have come through Virginia. Some of the names (both definite and still-unconfirmed) include White, Snodgrass, Taylor, Carr, Lewis, Trotter, Herring, and more.
  • Sherri Williamson Schrat- member of Jamestowne society thru Thomas Graves, of the Virginia Company who arrived on the 2nd supply ship in 1608. His daughter Verlinda Graves married William Stone 3rd Gov, 1st Protestant Gov. of Md.
  • Susan Wilson: My mom was born in the mountains of Virginia and although I wasn't born there our family "went home" as often as possible. Other than Quaker ancestors who came from various places it has always been assumed we have been Virginians since colonial days. I now live in Virginia.
  • Allen (Woodard) Jensen I was adopted in 1960 and discovered my biological family in 2014. My paternal ancestors came from Virginia through North Carolina to North Georgia. My maternal line I have only traced back to North Carolina. I have done extensive DNA testing as well and have used that to help confirm my research. I retired in 2019 and am looking forward to learning from the team. My main focus at present is my link to Virginia.
  • Jackie Younge

Virginia Surnames



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  8. Help develop the Native Americans Project with information about Virginia state tribes.
  9. Work on profiles for Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestors - see more on the Jamestown Team's page.
  10. Here you can search for your own ancestors - including those who are American Immigrants and those that are categorized in WikiTree as Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestors. Check to see if any of your ancestors found through the search are "new to you" and if their profiles could use some attention.



This Team uses Standardized Sources that are collected at Colony of Virginia Reliable Sources.

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Hi Can you add the Bennett surname to this list they were very Prominent in Virginia and West Virginia founding.




posted 14 Mar 2022 by Billie (Bright) Keaffaber   [thank Billie]
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Hello to all, I am a true Virginia girl with deep roots. I wish I had found WikiTree sooner, it overwhelms me but thrills me at the same time. I live in Brunswick County about 8 miles from the Fort Christanna site. My surnames that have early beginnings in the Virginia Colony are:

Poythress Abernathy Clary Morris Lynch Jones Fleshood (Fleischhutt: German) Wright Baird (1615) Wysong Hancock Wynne Harwell Wyche I'm looking forward to learning and working with you all

posted by Teresa (Clary) Willis
Francis Poythress? I remember that name from Brunswick.
posted by Renee Newman
Yes I am he is my 8th GGrandfather
posted by Teresa (Clary) Willis
I had to look back at my tree. Francis who married Rebecca Coggin? My ancestor John Jane was married to her sister Elizabeth. I have never found anything that would show if Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard Tye or of John Coggin. "John Jane sayeth upon oath that he knew Frances and knows the sd. Rebecca and he married with one of the sisters of the sd. Rebecca and that he was told and took the sd. Rebecca and Frances to be sisters, that is to say, the daughters of one mother but of divers fathers".
posted by Renee Newman
Welcome Teresa Clary Willis to the Colony of Virginia Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome J West to the Colony of Virginia Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Hi Virginians! I'm still relatively new to WikiTree so bear with me if I don't get things quite right. I've done extensive research on New Kent, Hanover, and to some degree Louisa Counties, where my Andersons resided from about 1635 on. I am presently loading up detailed profiles for the 8 children of Robert Anderson Sr. and their near descendants, including Dabneys, Overtons, Pounceys, Waddys, Massies and others. I would appreciate your input on those profiles (see Anderson-1605 for a starting point). I also have created a master "cheat sheet" that has the seven sons of Robert and descendants through the early 1800s to help me keep track of all these folks. If anyone wants to see that, let me know.

After years of using Ancestry, I"m loving WikiTree for its collaboration and single person approach. Looking forward to working with you all.

posted by William Anderson
Welcome William to the Virginia Team!
posted by Dola (Nowell) Acree
Welcome, William! Looking forward to seeing you "out there"...
posted by Loretta Buckner
Welcome William Anderson to the Colony of Virginia Team !
posted by Mary Richardson
I am slowly adding the sources I posted below to the exteral links section on the Virginia sources page. I am just learning how , it will be slow.
posted by Teresa Davis
[Comment Deleted]
posted by Teresa Davis
edited by Teresa Davis
deleted by Teresa Davis
thanks so much for taking the time to post these!
posted by Beth (Brown) Golden
Teresa, thanks for these. We have a reliable sources page. If you could review that and sort these by the headings on that page, At least enter a description of what is located at each link. it would be very helpful and most appreciated.
posted by Darlene (Athey) Athey-Hill
edited by Darlene (Athey) Athey-Hill
I did what you asked and I will take the comment off now.
posted by Teresa Davis
I don't know how to do that. I tried it didn't work. If you or someone elese want to add them to the resource page,thats great. And thanks!
posted by Teresa Davis
Welcome Anne Baker to the Colony of Virginia Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Mark Trevithick to the Colony of Virginia Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
edited by Mary Richardson
Welcome Cyndee Bayer Melton to the Colony of Virginia Team!
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Welcome Sjana (Dreyer) Bauer to the Colony of Virginia Team
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Cyndee Bayer to the Colony of Virginia Team!
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Welcome RL McAdoo to the Colony of Virginia Team!
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Welcome Lea Sullivan to the Colony of Virginia Team!
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Welcome Toni Boone to the Colony of Virginia.!
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Welcome Debbie Nance to the Colony of Virginia Team!!
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Welcome Laurie Fancher McKenna to Colony of Virginia Team.!!
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Welcome Melissa Dunn Miller to the Colony of Virginia Team!
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Welcome Robert Weaver to the Colony of Virginia Team!
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Welcome David Shipp to the Colony of Virginia Team!
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Welcome to Mary Oxford Koester to the Colony of Virginia Team!
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Welcome Teresa Davis to the Colony of Virginia Team!
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Welcome Rosemary Newman to Colony of Virginia Team!
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Welcome, Rosemary, to the Virginia Team!
posted by Dola (Nowell) Acree
Welcome Lynn McCurdy Robinson to the Colony of Virginia Team!!
posted by Mary Richardson
Thank you so much Mary and thanks for your guidance..💕
Welcome Chrystal White to the Virginia Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Thanks, Mary! Looking forward to participating.
posted by Crystal White
Welcome Crystal! Thanks for for joining the Colony of Virginia Team!
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Welcome Gary Pinson to the Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Ginny Thomas to this Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
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Welcome James Little to the Team
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Welcome Renee Newman to Colony of Virginia Team.1
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Welcome Kerri Miaso to the Virginia Team.!!
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Welcome new team member, Jim Shook, to the Colony of Virginia Team!
Welcome new team member, Leila Keller, to the Colony of Virginia Team.
Welcome new Team Member, Kathy Donaldson to the US Southern Colonies Colony of Virginia Team
posted by Mary Richardson
Is anyone using findmypast.co.uk and do you find it useful in connecting pre-1776 ancestors who came from the UK?
posted by Allen (Woodard) Jensen
A maternal line ancestor I ran into had pretty sparse sources and problem with parents - both born and died in England but the child was born in colonial Virginia - Elizabeth (Luke) Adams (1734-1780). I am burned out on this one - and could use some help if anyone is up to a challenge! Spans the 1776 line...
posted by Allen (Woodard) Jensen
edited by Allen (Woodard) Jensen
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Hello Virginia Team, Help! Apparently DNA evidence has proven that my ancestor, Charles Stewart (-2717), should have Charles Steward b: 1690 and Mary Proctor b: bef 1709 as parents. Charles was born in VA (not Scotland) and resided in Spotsylvania. Marriage to Johannah Kirk (from Virginia or Wales) is correct.

The DNA evidence is pointing to Charles's grandparents as Charles Steward b: 25 Feb 1657 and Grace b: 1672 and ggrandparents John Steward b:1610 and Elizabeth (born in England) through Y-DNA of descendants. Looking for sources, I have found a few sets of differing parents for Mary Proctor, so I am hoping that sharper minds than mine can come to a conclusion as to who her parents might actually be. I have found her family to lead back to Jamestown. The following may be her family: Father George Proctor b: 1667, his father George Ambrose Proctor, b: bef 1658 (and wife Ann), his father George Proctor, b:1621, and his father John Gray Proctor, Ancient Planter, b:1583 (and wife Allis Graye). Stewart-2717's mother doesn't seem to have actually existed. I can find no record of her anywhere except on WT. I put some of the DNA information in Charles's and Johannah's biography pages. Please help me correct this page! Thank you.

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Suggest you check the Kirks in Lancaster County, VA. prior to your Kirks and Stewarts appearance in Spottsylvania. An easy boat ride up the Rappahanouk River to the fall line would have brought you from Lancaster to Spotsylvania.
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Hi, I wondered if you wanted to put a PPP status on this profile. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Ascough-25 It had the incorrect birth date and place added. I have since created a separate profile that shows the John Ayclough that was born there with his death also in the same location. On your profile, I have added a research note not to confuse the two.
Hi! If anyone is looking for a project this weekend.... go to https://wikitree.sdms.si/default.htm?report=err6&Query=Virginia+&MaxErrors=1000&ErrorID=894 & click the big blue "Find Suggestions" button. The project recently made "colony" a required parameter for the project box & project sticker, so all the templates without it are now causing a DBE 894 suggestion: "Missing Required parameter in template"

Once you click the "Find Suggestions" button on that page, you'll get a list of profiles that have Virginia & DBE 894. A lot of the early profiles (born before 1625) might be Jamestown Colony (if they're in the 1624/5 muster or arrived by ship before the muster, then they're |Jamestown), but after that the majority are Virginia (|Virginia).

Just add |Jamestown or |Virginia - or another colony (or delete the sticker if no evidence they were in the southern colonies) then go back to https://wikitree.sdms.si/default.htm?report=err6&Query=Virginia+&MaxErrors=1000&ErrorID=894 & click the "Status" button in the last column of the row for that profile & note that it was corrected (this last step will remove the profile from the list when you click the "Find Suggestions" button again & helps cut down on others finding profiles in the list that have already been corrected).

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Liz

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Would it be possible to get the Bot to add the colony? That's a huge amount of DBEs...  :(
It's not really suited to bot action - too many variables (which colony or whether or not the profile should even have the sticker).
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Michael Cayley contacted me recently, sharing the following: "Dianne Farquharson, https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Howard-17919, has been getting into a complete muddle on George Keiths and Elizabeth Johnstons. The George Keith profile she has been working on most recently is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Keith-5228, on which I have emailed her this evening. It conflates, as you will see, a number of different people. She has been suggesting wrong relationships for a leading Quaker (and then Quaker separatist) called George Keith (one of those she has muddled together)."

Diane has agreed with Michael to not add any more to this family until more research is done. I am hoping someone from the Virginia or Jamestown teams will offer to look at what has been done with this profile and the descendants to help try and sort out the family (as well as look for reliable sources). If you will help, please let the team know. Thank you!

Darlene - Leader, U.S. Southern Colonies Project

I was looking for a Henrico County source for a Floyd/Tanner marriage and came across one for Peter Randolph's marriage to Lucille Bolling, which led me to his brother Beverley Randolph's profile. Beverley was the 8th governor of Virginia and his profile could use a bit of TLC. Anyone game?


Thanks in advance!

P.S. If you are, post a comment to the profile that you're editing it, in case there's a mad rush of helpers for this profile :D

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A number of you still have "About me..." behind your names above. Please consider editing this page to add a BRIEF one-liner about your team-related interests. Thanks.
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