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US Southern Colonies Jamestown Team

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US Southern Colonies Project | Colonial Teams | Colony of Virginia Team

Welcome to the page for the Jamestown Team, US Southern Colonies Project. This page has information about team members, team goals, tasks, and additional resources.


The Team

The Jamestown Team focuses on the Jamestown Colony, spanning 1606 to 1625 (see the Timeframe Details on the Jamestown Colony page).

To join the team, add your name and interest area to the list below.


Team Leader: Mary Richardson
Team Members:


  • Identify the men and women who arrived in Jamestown.
  • Find the existing profiles on WikiTree.
  • Post this Sticker {{US Southern Colonist Sticker|Jamestown}} on profiles found. Add Sticker to biography person below the ===Biography === header. <SAVE>. Result:
    Jamestown Church Tower
    ... ... ... was a Jamestown colonist.
  • The |Jamestown switch on the sticker adds Category: Jamestown Colonists automatically.
  • If the person also lived in Jamestown, add [[Category: Jamestown, Virginia Colony]]
  • Research each potential profile to prove the ancestor arrived in Jamestown
  • Post the references for the ships and any other sources you find.
  • People not found on WikiTree will need a profile written with references.
  • List sources to profiles to validate them and familial relationships, with links to online sources.
  • Add appropriate ship, sailing date category to each profile. (In category include ship name, date sailed)
  • Request from a leader, to project protect the profiles if needed.
  • Add this sticker to your profile: {{Member|Southern Colonies}}

Jamestown Families

The project's Surname Teams, which was briefly renamed Founding Families, was retired and its collected information (such as the following information) is being shifted to the Colonial Teams pages.

Earliest Families

  • Governor's Council. Trying to identify who the actual families were:
  • House of Burgesses. First session members (1619):
    • From James City: (Capt. William Powell, Ensign William Spence (or Spencer?) of Spence);
    • From Charles City: (Samuel Sharpe, Samuel Jordan);
    • From the City of Henricus: (Thomas Dowse, John Pollington sometimes shown as Polentine or similar variations);
    • From Kecoughtan: (Captain William Tucker, William Capps);
    • From Smythe's Hundred (Captain Thomas Graves, Walter Shelley);
    • From Martin's Hundred (John Boys, John Jackson);
    • From Argall's Gift Plantation (Thomas Pawlett, Edward Gourgainy);
    • From Flowerdew (or Flowerdieu) Hundred Plantation: (Ensign Edmund Rossingham, John Jefferson (burgess);
    • From Captain Lawne's Plantation: (Captain Christopher Lawne, Ensign Washer);
    • From Captain Ward's Plantation: (Captain John Warde or Ward, Lieutenant John Gibbs or Gibbes);
    • From Martin-Brandon (Captain John Martin's Plantation): (Thomas Davis, Robert Stacy).
  • Earliest women:
    • wife of Tom Forest
    • Anne Buras, one of the first two women to arrive in Jamestown, marries John Layden in the first wedding at Jamestown, Nov 1609


  1. Check profiles with {{US Southern Colonist Sticker}} and add |Jamestown for Jamestown settlers and officials (up to and including those in the 1624/25 Jamestown muster). Adding the switch adds the category Jamestown Colonists. Liz working on this, 27 August 2020; feel free to help!
  2. Create new pages, for the chart, another for history and third to hold the ship and year categories.
  3. Sources are important, need team member to double check all sources are viable.
  4. Team member to Scan WikiTree for any men or women who have been created.
  5. Profile creation, with sources to prove the person actually reached here by a ship on a date when the ship sailed.
  6. Quality Assurance (QA) for the Categories put on profiles. More explanation later.
Tasks for sub-groups:
  • Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestors: There are over 1000 settlers and officials recognized by the Jamestowne Society as a "Qualifying Ancestor" (meaning a descendant of that ancestor has been accepted into the Society). Tasks related to these profiles include
    1. Identifying their profiles - see this list (which includes WikiTree IDs of those whose profiles have been found). The Society's list is here.
    2. Adding the {{Jamestowne Society Ancestor Sticker}} and supporting text (see details here).
    3. Improving their profiles.
    4. Monitoring Category: Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestors. The sticker adds the profile to this category, but some have been adding erroneously. You can use this app to search for your own ancestors who are in the category.


The category Reliable Sources for Pre-1700 Profiles has links to project pages listing relevant sources, noting which are reliable and which aren't. The following WikiTree pages have additional information that may aid your research or otherwise be of interest:


  • Anne Stevens, "Jamestown (Fleet)," Packrat Productions Some ships made more than one trip
  • Chesapeake Colony Ships. This category has most passengers listed, and appears to be sourced well, but additional research will be needed to determine accuracy.






  • Michael Bassishaw, Composite register: baptisms 1557 - 1663, marriages 1557 - 1661, burials 1557 -
  • London, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812, London Metropolitan Archives,

1663, P69/MIC1/A/002/MS06987 Ancestry.com


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Welcome Deborah (Burton) White to the Jamestown Colony Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Barry B Sheppard to the Jamestown Colony Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Teresa Clary Willis to the Jamestown Colony Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Sjana (Dreyer) Bauer to the Jamestown Colony Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
edited by Mary Richardson
Excuse me if I am not supposed to post a query here, but I will ask a question, and wait for an answer. I am looking for William Evans of James River, College Plantation, who patented 400 acres in Tappahannah Territory on September 15, 1619.

I found mention on line that his wife Mary probated his estate by 1659. Also online, it refers to him in Surry Co, VA records. Online says his name was variously spelled as EWEN, but is considered elsewhere to be EVANS. He is referred to as the master of a negro slave named John Geaween (Gowen-93). The slave is well documented on wikitree, but the master William Evans is who I am looking for. Best regards, Lilly Martin

posted by Lilly Martin
Hi Lilly, this is the wrong place for your post. You need to post it on the G2G forum. I've moved it over to the forum: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/1497775/seeking-information-on-william-evans-james-river-circa-1619
posted by Darlene (Athey) Athey-Hill
edited by Darlene (Athey) Athey-Hill
Welcome V L Baggott to the Jamestown Team
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome to Rosemary Newman to the Jamestown Colony Team
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Welcome James Little to the Team
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Welcome new team member, Tyler Foster! Please edlt the page and add a sentence or so about yourself, and ancestors.
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome new team member Kelly Kley! Please edit the page and add a sentence or two by your name about your interests or focus.
Welcom new Team member Gary Sullivan!
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Welcome new Team Member C Davis!
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Note: website http://www.genealogical-gleanings.com/Jamestown.htm appears no longer valid. Link leads to a page that says domain name is for sale.
Thanks Shirley! WayBack Machine had captured it, so I added that link -


Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Welcome new team member Terry Moore! Please edit the page and add something about your interests next to your name in the membership list. If you need help or can't figure it out, feel free to comment here and one of us will assist.
In reviewing the list of project protected profiles, I came across this profile (not protected or managed) that appears to belong to Jamestown. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Shelton-2281
posted by Jillaine Smith
I have searched the Sea Venture list, to no avail and other ship lists for this name. (ames Shelton). There is a large profile one FindaGrave which I posted, that may be the source for the Shelton profile.. plus found one large link

I am just not sure about this person

Mary Richardson- Jamestown

posted by Mary Richardson
edited by Mary Richardson
Thanks, Mary. I hope you'll add your findings to the profile.
posted by Jillaine Smith
Hi Jamestown Team! Did you know that sign-up for the 2020 Source-a-Thon has opened? Register by posting an answer at https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/1097927/have-you-registered-for-the-2020-source-a-thon-yet

See https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Source-a-Thon for a list of teams. If you'd like to be on Team Virginia, just say so in your registration answer.

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Hi Jamestown Team Members!!

I would like for each you to review this new page for the Jamestown project. Much has been revamped for Jamestown and we thank Liz Shifflett for a lot of long hours and work to Liz Shifflett .. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Jamestown_Colony_Index

This will now be the leading page for the project. Please review carefully and if you feel you can help with this, follow the directions carefully. Many categories are in place with more to come.

I hope each of you will be willing to give some thought and help with Jamestown.

Thanks to Liz again.

Mary Richardson ~ Project Coordinator for Jamestown

posted by Mary Richardson
Hi! I was searching for the profile of Rev. Robert Hunt, first vicar of James City Parish, to add a link to him from... I found three, all slightly different and not all with same father (plus one that's a maybe). Anyone here up on the good Reverend & able to sort out the real one (sounds like What's My Line!):


posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
This is the one on Jamestown table that I talked with you


posted by Mary Richardson
yup, but is the father and other info correct? and if Hunt-83 is intended to represent the same man, it should be the target profile for merges and the one that is on the table (the one currently at Space:Jamestown,_Virginia_Colony, right?).
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Greetings, Jamestown folks. I'm Jillaine, co-Leader of US Southern Colonies Project, and team lead of managed profiles. We're seeking a liaison between the Jamestown Team and the pre-1700 Managed Profiles Team. Please take a look at our criteria for joining; if you think you meet those qualifications and are interested, send me a message.


posted by Jillaine Smith