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US Southern Colonies Managed Profiles Process

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This page documents the processes used by the Managed Profiles Team to manage person profiles of US Southern Colonists.

The page US Southern Colonies Project-Managed Profiles presents the criteria by which the project decides to manage and protect person profiles—known as Project-Managed Profiles (PMP) and Project-Protected Profiles (PPP). The Introduction section of that page also provides a high-level description of the purpose and tasks associated with this activity. That material is not repeated here, and should be understood as background for this page.

This page progresses in level-of-detail from general activities to specific tasks to the processes used to perform those tasks. The More Detail section then provides explanatory material including discussion and agreements.


The project accomplishes its purpose in a variety of ways including:

  • collaborating with other WikiTreers, including participating in discussions about person profiles through G2G
  • managing and additionally, in some cases, protecting the profile of a US Southern Colonist
    • via: trusted list, profile manager including adopting orphaned profiles, profile co-manager, protected profile
    • designating profiles as PMP or PMP/PPP, and then removing when no longer needed
    • maintaining a list of managed profiles including information about profile status
    • monitoring watchlists, activity feeds, suggestion reports, and error reports
    • improving managed profiles
    • advocating for initiatives and tools to further the project's goals and activities


The Managed Profiles Team performs the following tasks:

  1. Review and disposition project Request Form (tab 1).
  2. Maintain project Managed Profiles Master List (tab 2).
    1. Add entries for person profiles when designated PMP or PMP/PPP.
    2. Revise entries for person profiles when PMP or PMP/PPP is revised.
    3. Remove entries for person profiles when PMP or PMP/PPP is removed.
    4. Add entries for missing, existing person profiles. (on-going startup task)
    5. Review list for missing links and status. (on-going startup task)
  3. Maintain PMP and PMP/PPP person profiles.
    1. Edit person profiles based on the Action (Last Review) column, and revise data field to reflect edit.
  4. Monitor the project activity feed. See the Managed Profiles Workspace for the monitoring schedule and last monitored status.


Project Editing Guidance

All changes made by members of the Managed Profiles Team should be made in accordance with the US Southern Colonies Project Editing Guidance.

Determine Management Approach

  1. Determine if there are conflated or duplicate profiles of the person profile. If there are duplicate profiles, only the lowest-numbered profile should be made PPP.
  2. Assess the person profile against the criteria.
  3. Determine if the objectives can be achieved without project management through collaboration or mentoring, and by following the person profile by adding the project account to the profile's Trusted List. Note: This approach is seldom used; the only examples are profiles already having one of the US Southern Colonies Project Leadership Team as the profile manager.
  4. Determine if the person profile should be co-managed with another project.
  5. Determine if the person profile will have too many co-managers after adding the project or another project.
  6. Make the necessary changes, and notify interested parties.

Make a Person Profile into a PMP or PMP/PPP

Note: Steps 1-3 are performed by any member of the Managed Profiles Team. Steps 4-5 are performed by a Project Leader.

  1. Add the person profile to the Managed Profiles Master List (tab 2).
    Note: remember only the lowest-numbered profile should be made PPP.
  2. Add the Project Box above the biography heading of the person profile. The colony parameter should be set to the colony of the responsible Colonial Team.
  3. Document the decision criteria as part of the Change:
    Change Explanation:
    US Southern Colonies Project adding project management (PMP) and project protection (PPP)—[basis].

    Post New Comment:
    US Southern Colonies Project adding project management (PMP) and project protection (PPP)—[basis].

    Please continue to manage normally, and review US Southern Colonies Project Editing Guidance before editing.
    Note: See Basis for Project Management/Protection column for examples of the [basis] text.
  4. Add the project account to the person profile's Trusted List, and elevate the project account to profile manager.
  5. If the person profile is also being protected, set the Locked Status to 1.

More Detail

Project Scope

The scope of the US Southern Colonies Project is persons born or settled in the colonies of Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia prior to 4 July 1776—referred to as US Southern Colonists by the project.

The project scope includes:

  1. indentured servants

The project scope does not include:

  1. Native Americans (generally, they were not colonists; see instead the Native Americans Project)
  2. enslaved people (see instead the US Black Heritage Project; however, profile managers of enslaved persons may choose to display the project sticker)

Project Box and Sticker


  • The US Southern Colonies Project co-manages person profiles with WikiTreers and other WikiTree projects.
  • "If a profile has more than four or five profile managers, it becomes unwieldy."[1]
  • "The profiles covered by projects inevitably overlap. However, one project should usually have primary responsibility. There should never be more than two projects managing the same profile."[2]

Interested Projects

The projects below are those most commonly interested in person profiles within the project scope.



American Revolution and the fledgling USA

Ancestor of ...

  • US Presidents Project manages the profiles of US Presidents and also several generations of the Presidents' ancestors.

Footnotes & Sources

  1. Help:Profile Manager, maximum number of profile managers
  2. Help:Project FAQ, maximum number of projects
  3. Per the England Project: "The England Project is happy for the US Southern Colonies Project to manage profiles which emigrated from England to the Colonies without needing to co-manage. Non-migrating ancestors which are contentious may be managed by the England Project after discussion with the EP Managed Profiles team (EP suggestion form). The "Born in England" sticker {{England Sticker}} does not imply that the England Project is monitoring the profile."
  4. 4.0 4.1 While the US Southern Colonies Project manages those born before 4 July 1776, if the person's pre-1776 life is overshadowed by their post-1776 life, then one of the United States subprojects or the Southern Pioneers Project may wish to be the primary project.

Last reviewed 13 Apr 2023 by the Managed Profiles Team.


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