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US Southern Colonies Project-Managed Profiles

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Date: [unknown] to 4 Jul 1776
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The scope of the US Southern Colonies Project is persons born or settled in the colonies of Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia prior to 4 July 1776—referred to as US Southern Colonists by the project.

In carrying out its activities, the project manages person profiles in order to:

  • reduce conflicts and improve the accuracy of profiles of US Southern Colonists
  • research and improve profiles of notable US Southern Colonists
  • preserve profiles of US Southern Colonists that represent extensive work

The project accomplishes this in a variety of ways including:

  • collaborating with other WikiTreers
  • following the profile of a US Southern Colonist by adding the project to the Trusted List
  • managing and additionally, in some cases, protecting the profile of a US Southern Colonist

This page presents the criteria by which the project decides to manage and protect person profiles—known as Project-Managed Profiles (PMP) and Project-Protected Profiles (PPP).

This page additionally points to other pages with additional, more detailed information and discussion.

Criteria for Management and Protection

PMP: The US Southern Colonies Project manages person profiles of US Southern Colonists meeting at least one of these criteria:

  1. "controversial profiles of historically-significant people and widely-shared ancestors"[1]
  2. profiles of notable people[2], members of important colonial families, and other widely-shared ancestors
  3. profiles that represent extensive work that should be preserved[3]

PPP: The project additionally protects its project-managed person profiles if they meet WikiTree's Project Protection requirements.

There were approximately 2 million US Southern Colonists, most currently without a WikiTree profile. It is not possible or necessary for the project to manage all US Southern Colonist profiles, or even just those meeting the criteria for PMP and PPP. The Managed Profiles Team, working with the Colonial Teams, therefore exercises its best judgement in deciding which profiles are managed.

Adjunct: The project also manages and protects a small number of adjunct profiles outside the stated scope of the project that are the source of controversy for project profiles.

Profile Review and Management

The Managed Profiles Team reviews person profiles of US Southern Colonists against the above criteria and decides whether to make the profile a project-managed profile or a project-managed/project-protected profile.

The project manages the profile along with the profile's existing profile manager(s), which may also include other projects.

For more information about the team's activities and processes, including more detail about the information on this page, see:

Managed Profile Request Form

If you want the Managed Profiles Team to review a person profile for possible project management, or for possible removal from project management, please fill out the Managed Profile Requests form. The team is generally able to get back to you within 5 days.

Here is a timeline of person profiles under project management.

What is "Controversial"?

"On WikiTree we collaborate on one family tree." But controversy does arise. Here are some examples that might result in the Managed Profiles Team designating a person profile as project-managed or project-managed/project-protected:

  • The person's claimed origins or relationships (i.e., parents, spouses, or children) are disputed, especially when the disputed claims are frequently repeated in public genealogies that do not cite reliable sources.
  • The person or their individual facts are easily confused (conflated) with someone else in the same area at about the same time.
  • The person profile is often duplicated, resulting in repetitive merge effort.
  • The person's life was controversial, resulting in differing opinions as to how their biography should be presented.
  • The change history of the profile shows a recent history of conflicting changes by two or more WikiTreers, and the misunderstanding and disagreement is not being resolved between them.

These are just examples. The Managed Profiles Team will consider the person profile against the criteria as well as the entirety of the profile's history in making its decision.

Footnotes & Sources

  1. Help:Project-Managed Profiles, scope
  2. Wikipedia:Notability (people)
  3. The Managed Profiles Team, working with the responsible Colonial Team, will make this determination.

Last reviewed 23 Dec 2022 by the Managed Profiles Team.


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The help file for project protected profiles says that children, parents, and spouse cannot be edited by regular wikitreers. Shouldn't managers of those relations be notified before protection is decided upon?
posted by Jim Ward
Profile managers can (and I think maybe those on the trusted list too).
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
From Help: Project Protection:
"Relationship Protection: Parents, children, and spouses of a PPP cannot be added or removed unless you are a Project Leader, Project Coordinator, or Profile Manager" [emphasis added]

So, not trusted list.

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett