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Province of Carolina History
The purpose of this page is to provide background and resources relevant to the Carolinas prior to the split of North and South Carolina in 1712. It is managed by the Province of Carolina Team of the US Southern Colonies Project.



Colonial History

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The Carolina Colony was originally chartered by King Charles in 1629. It included the Cape Fear area of present day North Carolina. [1] [2] This original Charter was ruled invalid because it was never realized. A New Charter was put in place in 1663, granted by King Charles II, and a second one in 1665. [3] These Charters were an attempt to add a buffer between the Spanish and Indians.[4] The Charters included the areas of present day NC, SC, GA, Northern Florida, Al, MS and Southern Louisiana. [5]

Government Structure

King Charles II

Original Structure

In 1629, Sir Robert Heath was given the southern half of the English land in the New World between 36 degrees and 31 degrees north latitude from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. [6] The land was named “Province of Carolina”. Sir Robert Heath’s attempts at settlement failed and in 1645 he was stripped of all his possessions. including the province of Carolina.[7]

King Charles appointed eight English Noblemen from Virginia as the Lords Proprietors in 1663. They were charged with affecting the settlement of Carolina.[8]

Text of Charter of 1663

The Eight Lords Proprietors governed Carolina until 1729.

Evolution of Government Structure

Unrest over the Lords Proprietors governance caused the Colony to split in 1712 and a Deputy Governor was appointed to govern the Northern part of Carolina.

The Colony was split into three Counties, Albemarle in the north, Clarendon and Craven in the south.[9]

Continued unrest over the Lords Proprietors governance of the Carolina Colony caused the appointment of a royal Governor in 1720 who governed over the southern part of Carolina. Both North and South Carolina became Royal Colonies in 1729. [10]


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Migrating From the Northern Colonies

Links to Ships

Links to Slave Ships and Slave Ship Resouces

Ships List Sources

  • The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles; Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations 1600-1700.
  • "The First South Carolinians" by St. Julien R. Childs, ("The South Carolina Historical Magazine", Vol. 71 (1970), pp. 101-108; Edited by Joseph I. Waring.)
  • The Shaftsbury Papers", edited by Langdon Cheves.The settlers/passengers of the three ships wrote letters to Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper, the Earl of Shaftsbury, in England. He was one of the eight Lords Proprietors. John Locke, the Earl's secretary, organized and compiled papers for the Earl which are known as the "Shaftsbury Papers." The original Shaftsbury Papers are in England but copies may be found in many libraries.
  • Bermuda Historical Quarterly. Lefroy. Memorials of the Bermudas.

American Indians

Santa Elena Indians

'Santa Elena Village, SC

Indentured Servants


Slaves Working in Tabacco
Slave Markets
First Hand Accounts and Other Reports

Political Prisoners

Penal Transportation

Economic Resources and Information

Conflicts Within The Colony

Battle of Sullivan's Island

Research Resources


North Carolina

Battle of Guiliford Courthouse
South Carolina

Battle of Cowpens

Fort Frederica, St. Simon's Island

British West Florida in 1767

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Colonial Park Cemetery, Entrance

Colonial Park Cemetery, East Wall

Slave Cemeteries

Note: Slave and free African Americans are typically both buried in the cemeteries listed below as freed men continued to work in the same area.

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North Carolina
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Sources for this Page

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