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Province of Carolina

Welcome to the team page for the Province of Carolina, US Southern Colonies Project. This page has information about team members, team goals, and additional resources. Click here for links to other Colonial Teams. Click here for a page that focuses on the history and development of the Province of Carolina, here for North Carolina, and here for South Carolina.


Team Leader: Mary Richardson English ancestors -through Virginia to North Carolina. Scottish ancestors immigrated to the Province of Carolina, then Abbeville, S,C. to Georgia,

Team Members:

  • H Baggott - ancestor in Province of North Carolina (1712-1776) Some of my ancestors, without moving, went from being Virginians to North Carolinians once they redrew the lines. Also, writing biographies is a favorite pastime.
  • Donnie Blackstone -
  • Brenda Breland Shaffer - Almost all of my ancestors arrived in Virginia, and then are documented in the Carolina's and Georgia during the Colonial period. will be working on sources on profiles to validate them and familial relationships.
  • Laura DeSpain All of my ancestors were from the Southern Colonies. Most of us are still in the Southeastern U.S. Most of my maternal line is still in South Carolina and has been since before the 1700s.
  • Mags Gaulden - doing, stuff. Deep South Carolina/NC/GA/VA Roots.
  • Chad Olivent Ancestors came into Carolina at the earliest dates 1650's, including Chowanoke tribal ancestors. More traceable families that moved south from Jamestown, southside Virginia, the Eastern Shore, and Lower Norfolk than I ever imagined.
  • John Griscom Jr.
  • Yolaine Hudson - Paternal side came to America during the colonial period in the 1600's and resided in VA and MD for the most part until NC came available, then many migrated to KY, etc....our early colonists- Archer, Bailey, Ball, Baugh, Bolling, Burris, Butt, Byrd, Chambers, Chewning, Chiles, Colclough, Croshaw, Durham, Farrar, Field, Holloway, Holt, Hudson, Jefferson, Moore, Tandy, and West
  • Christine Johnson Gephart - teams Colony of Virginia, Carolina team, and Province of North Carolina. I’m willing to help in anyway with these projects
  • Steve Lake Returning to Southern Colonies and Maryland, Virginia, Carolinas, Georgia Teams
  • Anne Langley - about Anne
  • James Little - about James
  • RL McAdoo Researching Families McAdoo/McAdow, Stewart, Larkin, Glass, Evans, and others located around Buffalo and Alamance (Guilford NC) and Sinking Springs (Abingdon VA) Presbyterian Churches. All established pre-1776. Usually embarked from from Ulster or Scotland and landing at ports of Baltimore, Philadelphia, or Charleston.
  • Jennifer Jordan - Focusing on my and my husband’s earliest ancestors. Most proud that I could figure out how to correctly add the Team sticker to my Profile page.
  • LaMyra Morton

  • Melissa Reed ancestors have been scattered throughout the southern colonies since 1600s. Most ended up settling in South Carolina and Georgia
  • Barry B Sheppard- My family includes early settlers into South Carolina as well as Qualifying Jamestown Colony Ancestors.
  • Pip Sheppard - focusing on early settlers in the Catawba River Valley, more specially those families in eastern Lincoln and Gaston Counties, and western Mecklenburg County. Most were German and Ulster-Scots. This will be all of my maternal heritage, steeped in me by my grandparents. Surnames: Clubb, Neal, Beaty, Fite, Wells, Moore, Lawing, Berryhill, Todd, and others, including all related families, and even those not related.
  • Betty Skelton Norman - will work on what is needed. Many of my ancestors settled in South Carolina upstate -- what was once District Ninety Six. What is most remarkable about them is not the fame they achieved, but that their progeny endured, still in the Carolina Piedmont, even through the antebellum period. Their surnames are Skelton, Banister, Moore, Todd, Hembree, Brock, Holcombe, Braswell. Quality Assurance-Analysis of Province of Carolina profiles for dead links

  • L Sauls working Alexander Younger family, preacher in Carolina
  • Becky Simmons - About Becky-
  • John Simmons- writing biographies for Carolina and SC profiles.
  • T Stanton - many early family lines in Carolina; a significant number came from Nansemond, a few from Massachusetts, a few from the Old World. Stantonsburg, North Carolina (population 768) founded by and named for two multi-great grandfathers.
  • Kerri Miaso about Kerri
  • Beth Streu My ancestors were in Virginia and the Carolinas before the Revolutionary War. They migrated through Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi and finally into Texas.
  • Cathie Stumpenhaus - I am a descendant of Anthony Alexander through at least two of his children. The Alexanders were some of the earliest land holders in what is now Tyrrell County, North Carolina. Will be working on related families in this area.
  • Glenn Tuley - My Tuley Family documents back to an 1808 marriage in Kentucky. Family legends say they travelled west with Daniel Boone.. There were documented Tuley families in North Carolina in the 1700's that could be a connection. Other related families also came from North Carolina.
  • Anonymous (Turner) Foster- Many of my ancestors lived in North and South Carolina prior to the Revolutionary War, and some lived in Virginia, including my earliest known ancestor in America, Robert Easley, who settled in Henrico Co VA through William Byrd and the headright system in 1675.
  • Jim Ward
  • Dawn Watson interested in the Carolina, Province of North Carolina, Province of South Carolina, and Province of Georgia teams 11/23/2023
  • Carol Wilder - Willing to assist in any way. Sourcing Dodson profiles on WikiTree with good sources. Adding spouses (b in Edgecombe County, NC) , with abstract of will.
  • Joan Benton: ... see home page
  • Allen Jensen ne Woodard My paternal ancestors came from Virginia through North Carolina to North Georgia. My maternal line I have only traced back to North Carolina. I have done extensive DNA testing as well and have used that to help confirm my research. I retired in 2019 and am looking forward to learning from the team. My main focus at present is my link to Virginia.


  • Identify the men and women who emigrated and settled in Province of Carolina.
  • Find the existing profiles on WikiTree
  • Research each potential profile for references.
  • Improve the profiles of people born in the Province of Carolina prior to 1776. Research these thoroughly so they are fully sources. Write the biography. Inline source these, if possible connect to the global family tree.
  • People not found on wikiTree will need a profile written with good researched sources.
  • Categories for this Province of Carolina. When we have the category available, then add Category for '''[[:Category:Province of Carolina]]''', then <SAVE>
  • For Project Protection, Request from the leader


  • Add this sticker to your profile: {{US Southern Colonist Sticker|Carolina}} (to 1712)

Some of this is pre-1700- this project needs very good sources

  1. Write Biographies if profiles are missing the Biography
  2. List good sources on profiles to validate them and familial relationships.
  3. Develop Categories
  4. Add the new (as of August, 2020) sticker to profiles
  5. Request from any leader, to project protect your profiles.
  6. Members - work on Suggestions for Province of Carolina
  7. Research if members here are still working on Province of Carolina and Southern Colonies
  8. Quality Assurance working existing profiles for dead links or poor sources. Betty Skelton Norman, Laura DeSpain, and Carol Wilder



Province of Carolina

NOTE: Ultimately, we will link to the separate source page for this colony once we make sure that the following are also represented on that colony's source page
The South Carolina Colony was founded by the British in 1663 and was one of the 13 original colonies. [1]

Vital Records

  • Camin, Betty J; Camin, Edwin A,[https://archive.org/details/northcarolinabas1990cami North Carolina bastardy bonds]; Topics Illegitimate children,Publisher Mount Airy, N.C. : B.J. and E.A. Camin, State Library of North Carolina, 1990. link
  • [Anson Co., North Carolina and Early Craven Co., Cheraw District and

Chesterfield Co., South Carolina settlers, and history]

Deaths, Probate
  • Grimes, J. Bryan, [http://www.usgwarchives.net/nc/statewide/grimes/grimeswills.html North Carolina Wills & Inventories], Copied from Original & Recorded Wills & Inventories in the Office of Secretary of State (1912). Contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by Nola Duffy. link
  • Shields, Ruth Herndon, [http://www.acregenealogy.org/PDF/Estates/Orange_Co_NC_Abstracts_of_Wills.pdf Abstracts of Wills Recorded in Orange County, North Carolina 1752-1800], Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore (1957, 1966, 1972). link
  • NCGENWEB Project Wills by County
  • North Carolina Marriages, 1759-1979 (FamilySearch-source citation copy/paste provided)

Land Records

Surname / Family / Demographic Compilations


1) All members Search through the categories for Profiles needing new Biographies. Post on this space page; Biographies Needed-QA

2) All members

Write biographies on profiles needing Biographies

3) Inline source the biographies with good sources.




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Welcome Dawn Watson to the Province of Carolina Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Steve Lake, a returning Southern Colonies member to Province of Carolina Team
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Anonymous (Turner) Foster to the Province of Carolina Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Yolaine Hudson to the Province of Carolina Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Christine Gephart to the Province of Carolina Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome H Baggott to the Province of Carolina Team.  !!
posted by Mary Richardson
edited by Mary Richardson
Welcome Melissa Reed to the Province of Carolina Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Barry Sheppard to the Province of Carolina Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome RL McAdoo to the Province of Carolina Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Jennifer Merritt Jordan to the Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Noah Funderburg to the Team!!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome James Little to the Team
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Kerri Miaso to the Carolina Team
posted by Mary Richardson
Hi, I am a project member for the Southern Colonies and I would like to join this team. I have Carolina roots. I'm also pre-1700 certified. Thanks! I'm interested in the Bellamy surname.
posted by Eileen (Bellamy) Robinson
edited by Eileen (Bellamy) Robinson
Hi Eileen

I direct added you to the Province of Carolinas, per your note on the page. This is the team page https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:US_Southern_Colonies_Province_of_Carolina_Team

You are now a member of both Province of Carolina Team, as well as the Province of South Carolina (1712-1776) Team. I am your team leader for both teams.

Thanks for your interest.

Mary ~ Project Coordinator, Southern Colonies.

posted by Mary Richardson
Wonderful! Thank you Mary! I really appreciate it.
Welcome new member, Tyler Foster!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome new team member Cathie Stumpenhaus-1
woo-hoo! The "upgraded" sticker is live. If you added |North Carolina (or another colony) to a sticker, it should now display text to match it. See for example

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Keith-2105 - it uses the |Virginia switch: {US Southern Colonist Sticker|Virginia}}

If the person is not clearly identified with just one colony, keeping the base sticker is probably preferred. See for example

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Neely-55 - it uses just {US Southern Colonist Sticker}}

See details on the template page: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Template:US_Southern_Colonist_Sticker

I saw a really nice set of stickers - the base sticker with Migrating Ancestor Stickers. See McChesney-110 and the template page for details about the Migrating Ancestor sticker: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Template:Migrating_Ancestor

Cheers, Liz

P.S. I posted to Team Carolina because of the previous threads, but this post is for all y'all. Give me a holler if you have questions about either sticker - Migrating Ancestor or US Southern Colonist Sitcker

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Hi Liz,

Thanks for all your work. When I added | Carolina to the sticker, and then on the profile clicked on Carolina on the sticker it links back to this page. Shouldn't it link back to https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:US_Southern_Colonies_British_Carolina or another page that would offer a researcher a description of Carolina rather than team Carolina.

Most project stickers are a way of connecting someone who is interested in the person profiled with the project and, in this case, with the active Team most likely to apply. The link from the image goes to the project page. The text link goes to the Team page.

Perhaps each team could add a "top-of-page" statement along the lines of "Welcome to the team page for the Province of Carolina, US Southern Colonies Project. This page has information about team memebers, team goals, and additional resources. Click here for links to other Colonial Teams. Click here for a page that focuses the history and development of the Province of Carolina.

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
edited by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Second question - South Carolina has two category page, so one needs to go away:

Let me know which should be kept & I'll take it from there.

Thanks again, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
There are no TEAM pages for North Carolina or South Carolina colonies
posted by Mary Richardson
Checked one in North Carolina

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Stiball-3 The image is changed but the wording still says "was aSouthern Colonist"

posted by Mary Richardson
yes. The revisions are in the final phases of approval, so the "live" sticker does not yet support the switch. Once it goes live, it will. You can add |Carolina or |South Carolina or |North Carolina now, but nothing will happen until the template is updated. That should be happening later today or tomorrow: I notified the Templates Project earlier today that the draft was ready for review/approval & Steven usually gets back to me within 48 hours or so. Once I get that the Templates Project's ok, I'll update the live template. At that point, if you've added a switch, it will go live too.
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
following is {US Southern Colonist Sticker|Carolina}} but with the missing { added back in to the beginning. If I recally, a sticker displayed in a comment will update when the template is updated (on the page, not in the e-mail).
U.S. Southern Colonies Project logo
... ... ... was a Carolina colonist.
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Liz go over with me where I go to update? I think I lost what I am to do.

These look good https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Template:Sandbox_Liz3


posted by Mary Richardson
you're good - no updating needed. As you edit profiles with the US Southern Colonist Sticker you can add the switch for the colony they are associate with. No need to do anything more. When the template gets updated, the text will change to reflect the colony you added after the pipe - |

Folks that aren't clearly of one profile can stay with the base sticker: {US Southern Colonist Sticker}}

Someone who settled in North Carolina, you could add |North Carolina : {US Southern Colonist Sticker|North Carolina}}

Sometime this week - when Sandbox_Liz3 coding gets transferred to https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Template:US Southern Colonist Sticker - then the text for that sticker will change from Southern Colonist to North Carolina colonist.

For example, the profile you mentioned earlier has just the base sticker. Even if you added a switch for it - one of the following for the Carolinas:


|North Carolina

|South Carolina

it will still display Southern Colonist until I update Template: US Southern Colonist Sticker

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Hi! I've been working with Jillaine, David & Ellen on adding a "switch" to the US Southern Colonist Sticker. I had a question about the wording for the |Carolina switch. Could you take a look at the draft & let me know if the switch name (Carolina) and the text it switches the sticker to (... was a Carolina colonist) is ok? Also, the links may or may not make it to the "live" sticker, but if they do - is it correct to have Carolina, North Carolina, and South Carolina all linking to this page?



posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Liz, switch to (...was a Carolina Colonist.) For links, have Carolina, North Carolina, South Carolina if possiblele.

It is rather hard to put the Province into the sticker.. I agree.

Question I have members putting the old sticker on profiles.. Will editbot switch the sticker over of do the members need to redo their posts???

posted by Mary Richardson
Once the switch goes live (probably today or tomorrow), you would need to manually add |Carolina (or another colony) for the text in the sticker to change. You don't need to do anything - that's the beauty of a template. If the template for a sticker is changed, stickers across WikiTree are updated (you might notice the image has already been updated ... I just double-checked and realized the green in the image that Ellen found matches the green for the tag link in the project box! - at least it does to my eyes).

I didn't see that there were Team pages for North and South Carolina. Did I miss them? If so, could you let me know their URLs?

Thanks again!

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Thank you Christina for writing the biography. This is what I was hoping for, when I left the note here. And you moved the biography down to completed Quality Assurance Biographies needed. Thank you so much.

If you see others which are open, please try another.

Mary Richardson ~ Province of Carolina Team Leader

posted by Mary Richardson
Members I need several volunteers to write biographies. (they do not have to be long. The links are here.

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Quality_Assurance-_needed_Biographies (This page is also posted on the Province of Carolina Team Page, labeled TO DO for August). Be sure to notify the PM as well as record your writing "biography" on the horizontal line for changes. and SAVE the change

When you have finished, then will you move the link down to the next topic labeled Completed Biographies. , Then SAVE.


Mary ~ USSCol Province of Carolina Team Leader

posted by Mary Richardson
edited by Mary Richardson