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US Southern Colonies Project | Colonial Teams | Province of Georgia Team | Province of Georgia Reliable Sources

Welcome to the team page for the Province of Georgia, US Southern Colonies Project. This page has information about team members, team goals, and additional resources. Click here for links to other Colonial Teams. Click here for a page that focuses on the history and development of the Province of Georgia. Click here for Province of Georgia Reliable Sources.

The Province of Georgia team focuses on profiles of persons who lived in Georgia, including settlers and officials, up to 4th July 1776.


The Team

How To Join Our Team
Sticker for your Profile: {{Member|Southern Colonies}}
Team Leader: Sandy Patak I currently live in Georgia. I am heavily researching the founding settlers, to include those that came as Trustees and those that came on their own. I am happy to do a Fold3 Lookup. I also have a copy of the "A List of the Early Settlers of Georgia" book with names, dates, sometimes occupations and religion.
Team Members (add your interest area/focus):

  • Cindy Crafton- many of my ancestors immigrated through Virginia and the Carolinas. They ended up in Georgia where I now live.
  • Sandy Patak - Adding Cemetery Categories and Tombstones Photos, Adding & Improving Profiles of Founding Settlers, Locally Researching Georgia Settlers and their Districts/Parishes.
  • Melissa Dunn Miller - Trying to help other as much as possible while learning about family from North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. I've hit a wall.

  • Michelle (Hartman) Detwiler Currently I have been working on USBH Plantations projects, creating plantations, and adding lists of enslaved who live there. Some of the plantation owners I have researched have very poor profiles. I have learned to create good profiles, clean up the not so good ones, and add real sources to them. This area of research seems to cross over into Southern Colonies bio improvement and sourcing and why I signed on to help here.
  • Steve Lake Returning to Southern Colonies and Maryland, Virginia, Carolinas, Georgia Teams
  • Chad Olivent - Both parents from Georgia. Lots of connections pre 1776, including a handful of Salzburgers.
  • Robby Nesbitt - interested in Provinces of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Colony of Virginia as that is where there are the most connections.
  • Alan M. Pendleton - Working on early Irish settlers in Queensborough Township. I mostly work with Mccullar and McGee profiles of that time period. Adding Oglethorpe's Forty Irish "Convict" to WikiTree.
  • Helen Rice: Interest areas are improving profiles of my ancestors, adding details and family. Harvey’s were in Georgia pre 1776 and I’m seeing if they can be linked to my Harvey ancestors. Working on profiles of the descendants of Pierre/Peter Morel colonist of Savannah and surrounding areas.
  • Mary Richardson - Scottish Carolina immigrants who fought in the skirmishes before the revolution and received Georgia bounty for service in American Revolution
  • Melissa Reed ancestors have been scattered throughout the southern colonies since 1600s. Most ended up settling in South Carolina and Georgia
  • Ken Spratlin - Currently compiling and properly sourcing all records for Spratlin(g) surname in Virginia pre-1800. Many removed to GA and SC, and then west.
  • Marsha Sturdivant - Currently working on the Heards in northern Georgia, from Virginia and connected to Heardmont, Georgia. Working on the Province of Georgia Maintenance Categories: Needs Biography and Needs Research.
  • Eve Warren Mayes - about Eve
  • Dawn Watson interested in the Carolina, Province of North Carolina, Province of South Carolina, and Province of Georgia teams 11/23/2023


To improve the profiles of people born or settled in the Province of Georgia prior to 1776 so that they are researched as accurately and thoroughly as they can be, that they are fully sourced, biographies are written, family added and, if possible, so that they are connected to the global family tree. Generally, you would only add one Colony-level Colonists category. Province of Georgia Sample Profile: Thomas Gibbons (1757-1826)

  • Add new Province of Georgia Profiles with complete sourcing and biography
  • Improve on existing Georgia Colonists Profiles with complete sourcing and biography
  • Add the {{US Southern Colonist Sticker|Georgia}} Sticker to all Profiles of Georgia Colonists.
  • Connect Province of Georgia Profiles to the Global Family Tree
  • Adding Project Protection for needed Profiles by Requesting PPP from the Southern Colonist Team.


  • The Upper Level Category for Province of Georgia includes Parishes. If you know the Parish for the Profile, please find/add the appropriate Parish Category.
  • The Upper Level Category for Immigrants from Various Countries including England and Ireland. If other Countries are needed, please request from your Team Leader. If you know from where the Profiled Individual migrated from, please add the appropriate Immigrant Category.
  • The Category for All Southern Colonists - Georgia Colonists Profiles prior to July 4th, 1776.
  • Please do not use the Province of Georgia Category for Profiles. Use this Sticker instead: {{US Southern Colonist Sticker|Georgia}}.


Team Volunteers Needed

Contact Sandy to coordinate your efforts with Team Members
  1. Adding the first Jewish Settlers to the Province of Georgia
  2. Adding the Georgia Moravians settlers, 1735-1745
  3. Adding the Colonial members of Midway Congregational Society and Church
  4. Help with adding Oglethorpe's Forty Irish "Convict" to WikiTree.
  5. Help with adding the Queensborough Township: Scotch-Irish expansion of Georgia, 1763-1776
  6. Go through the list of Georgia Colonists and ADD the appropriate Immigrant Location

Current Team Mini Projects

Contact Sandy to coordinate your efforts with Team Members
  1. Add 112 People to WikiTree who became the First 40 Families to arrive in Georgia. They arrived on the Ann Passenger Ship.
  2. Adding the Salzburgers of Georgia to WikiTree Category:Georgia_Salzburgers
  3. Adding the First Quakers to Category:Wrightsboro Monthly Meeting, Wrightsboro, Georgia - Province of Georgia, Wrightsborough, Georgia Settlement
  4. Adding the Georgia Scottish Highlanders to WikiTree Category:Georgia_Scottish_Highlanders from the Passenger List
  5. Adding/Improving Existing WikiTree Profiles for the Trustees of Georgia.

Ongoing Tasks

  1. Identify existing Profiles on WikiTree that are categorized as {{US Southern Colonist}} *(if Not Project Protected)* OR {{US Southern Colonist Sticker}} and replace with {{US Southern Colonist Sticker|Georgia}}
  2. Identify existing Profiles on WikiTree that are not categorized as Southern Colonist|Georgia and add this sticker: {{US Southern Colonist Sticker|Georgia}}
  3. Improve on all Profiles of Georgia Colonists where needed.
  4. Add New Georgia Colonists Profiles to WikiTree with accurate sourcing and biography.
  5. Further Categorize Existing and New Province of Georgia Profiles to include but not limited to: Georgia Cemeteries, Immigrants to Georgia, Parishes and Georgia, Slave Owners, Georgia, Slaves in coordination with the US Black Heritage Project.
  6. Help develop the Native Americans Project with information about Georgia state tribes. Georgia's two largest tribes were Creek and Cherokee.
  7. Here you can search for your own ancestors - including those who are American Immigrants. Check to see if any of your ancestors are found through the search are "new to you" and if their profiles could use some attention, categorization, etc.

Maintenance Tasks

  1. Scan Category:Georgia,_Needs_Profiles_Created for our timeframe and add Family Profiles to these existing Profiles.
  2. Scan Category:Georgia,_Needs_Biography for our timeframe and Biographies to these existing Profiles.
  3. Work on Current Georgia Southern Colonists Profiles that need Researched or Relationship Reviewed or A Biography.
  4. Work on Current Georgia Southern Colonists Profiles that Need Sources or are Unsourced.
  5. Work on fixing profiles we manage in the database errors report (search for Georgia)
  6. Work on fixing PPP / Project Management DBE report for Wikitree-24
  7. Work on profiles in the Georgia Project Maintenance Categories that need attention. Many fit in our Province of Georgia Timeline.

General Georgia Tasks

  1. Scan Category: Georgia to make sure no people have been added to it that fit our Southern Colonists Timeline. If any are found, add them to the Southern Colonists|Georgia category with the sticker.
  2. Help answer questions on G2G that are tagged with Georgia.
  3. Help with Georgia errors in general when time allows. (See also Georgia Errors.)
  4. If you have any Georgia resources that you are willing to do lookups, please add them to the Georgia Resources Page.
  5. If you live in Georgia, please consider adding your name to the Georgia Research Assistance page (see Offering Your Assistance).



This Team uses Standardized Sources that are collected at Province_of_Georgia_Reliable_Sources.

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Welcome Michael Whitehurst to the Province of Georgia Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Dawn Watson to the Province of Georgia Team!!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome to Returning member, Steve Lake to Province of Georgia!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Cindy Crafton to the Province of Georgia Team!!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Robby Nesbitt to the Province of Georgia Team!!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome back to Paul Tolleson on the Province of Georgia Team
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Melissa Reed to the Province of Georgia
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Lea Walker Sullivan to the Province of Georgia Team
posted by Mary Richardson
edited by Mary Richardson
Welcome Melissa Dunn Miller to the Province of Georgia Team!!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Noah Funderburg to the Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Michelle Detwiler to the Province of Georgia Team
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Doug Smith to the Province of Georgia Team
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome James Little to the Georgia Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome new team member, Eve Mayes to the Province of Georgia Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome to a new Team member, Kerri Miaso to the Province of Georgia Team.!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome new Team member, Pamela Parker.
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome new Team member, Victoria English
posted by Mary Richardson
Victoria, welcome to the Province of Georgia team!

When you have the chance, please add your Province of Georgia interests by your name on this page. Also, please review our Reliable (and Unreliable) Sources for the Province of Georgia ( LINK ) to help with sourcing our Profiles as you add or come across them.

I am always available for any questions or help. Thanks for joining the team.

Sandy, Province of Georgia, Team Lead - US Southern Colonies Project

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Georgia, your help is needed solving a genealogical puzzle. Please see


posted by Jillaine Smith
Since your G2G post, I have been looking through my Georgia notes, and searching a few sources. So far, I have only found proof of James De Veaux's son, William. If I find anything important, I will post on his profile's comments.
I have sent your G2G message to Amanda (Moyer) Torrey. She has expertise in the Huguenots from the Pro of GA. She is currently involved in several Huguenot mysteries of locations/parentage.
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Welcome new Team Member Helen Rice!
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Welcome to the Team, Helen.

Thanks for adding your Area of Interest next to your name, above. Feel free to also jump in to any of the "Mini Projects" listed. Or, if you have a specific area of interest that you would like help on, just let me know.


posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Welcome new Team member Ken Spratlin!
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Welcome new Team member Paul Tolleson!
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Thanks Jillaine!

Sandy - I added it at top and under "Sources". Feel free to edit.

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Welcome new team member Lynda Pollitt!
Welcome new team member Suzanne Howe!
Welcome to the Team, Kathy Zipperer!

Kathy will be working with other Team Members on the Georgia Salzburgers.

Welcome Aboard!

Sandy Patak Team Lead Province of Georgia, Southern Colonies

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Welcome to the team, Chris Moore! :)
posted by Greta Moody
Hi Chris!

It is great to have you on the Province of Georgia Team!

Our Team has a lot of great members that are working on Improving Existing Profiles, Creating New Profiles from Passenger Ships (and other interests) and bringing Areas of Interest to the Province of Georgia Team that you can jump on in and help. There are also opportunities to help out with Research and Adding Interesting Biographies. I am always looking for volunteers on Tasks and very open to any New Focus from a Team Member.

Once you get the chance, please put your Area of Interest next to your name or drop a reply here and I will be happy to do it for you. :)

Welcome aboard!

Sandy Patak Team Lead Province of Georgia, Southern Colonies

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Hi! The Surname Teams was renamed to Founding Families Team, but since the Colonial Teams would be the better Team(s) to cover these folks, the Founding Families Team was retired. This page was about a Georgia family: The Dillard Family Association.

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
This is great! Rabun County, GA is one of my favorite places in Georgia.

Anyone on the Team want to work with the Dillard's of Rabun County as an area of interest???  :)


posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Welcome new Team member Eleanor Colson!
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Thank you Liz! This is my first project to help on so I need to read up on what I need to do. I have many ancestors in Georgia, such as McGehee, Lamar, Randle, so I thought this was a good place to start.
Welcome Eleanor! We are so glad to have you help the Province of Georgia Team. The Southern Colonies is a great first Project to start with in WikiTree. :)

Take a look at this page to see what the current members are actively working on and/or for specific volunteer opportunities. If you would like to suggest a specific focus, just let me know. As soon as you get the opportunity, could you add your specific area(s) of interest next to your name above - or - reply to this comment and I will add.

Anytime you have a question or need help, just reach out to me. I am happy to help, proofread Profile biographies, research for hard to find sources, etc.

Again, welcome aboard!

Sandy Patak Team Lead Province of Georgia, Southern Colonies Project

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Hi all,

After reading the exciting work to begin on the Salzburgers. I thought I would share if needed this link, when I worked on Effington County History. It might have a morsal or two for you all. This is Effington County History, (part of United States History)

Mary Richardson

posted by Mary Richardson
edited by Mary Richardson
Hi Sandy Patak! Thank you for inviting me to comment to this page. My name is Amanda (Moyer) Torrey and my family has deep Georgian roots most of which are being well served in the many profiles here on Wiki. I'm not a very good writer, but I can do research as long as someone checks my bios and edits them to fit Wiki standards. I'd be interested in researching the Salzburger Immigrants of Effington County. Oglethorpe and various businessmen made an offer to Austrian Lutherans not wanting to capitulate to a Catholic agenda to help settle Salzburger immigrant Effington County, Georgia in 1734. There was limited room on the ship and the land available so the people were hand picked. One of these was remembered by a descendant, Peter (Gruber) Groover in a self published book now stored off site in Utah. There were 300 passengers on each of the 3 ships that came to the colonies. The area was horrific. If the settlers weren't attacked by hostile indians as well as British soldiers mistaking them for traitors against the British King and the soil, they'd starve as the soil in the area was not as good do farming as Oglethorpe had hoped. And then there was the usual deadly plagues. But these were strong Austrian Lutherans dedicated to making this work. They certainly were valiant. I'd love to find others who came off the boats and were part of this harrowing effort. Maybe we could make it as part of a project? What do you think?
posted by Amanda (Moyer) Torrey

Great minds like alike!! Just today, another Province of Georgia Team Member, Chad Olivent, discussed setting up a Space page for the Salzburger's and adding Profiles to WikiTree. I think it would be fantastic for you both to work on. I know I would love to see more of the Salzburger's added to WikiTree, specifically Province of Georgia. Considered yourself signed up for a "Province of Georgia Salzburger Profile Adding" team. :)

In antipication of Chad's Space Page being created, I also created a Province of Georgia, Immigrants from Austria category for the Salzburger Profiles to also go into (along with the Georgia Colonists category).

... and I am sure you are great at writing up Profiles for WikiTree. Your comment above proves that because it made me even MORE interested in the Salzburgers!



posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Here is the original journal from which Coulter's The List of Early Settlers was taken:

Egmont, John Perceval, Earl of, 1711-1770. "A List of Persons who went from Europe to Georgia On their own account, or at the Trustees charge, or who joyned the Colony, or were born in it distinguishing Such as had Grants there or were only Inmates." Digital Library of Georgia:

Brenda -

Thanks. I've added this as a companion resource to the Early Settlers.


posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Hi Sandy,

I just saw on the Google groups discussion update news that you have just started the task of adding/updating Profiles for the first 112 Families to arrive in the Province of Georgia and that she's "Looking for Volunteers!"

I have continually worked on several of those families since April or May, and will continue to do so. Since working on one profile usually leads to working on several of the family members' profiles, I end up working on some that are out of the scope of just the first 112. The point is my focus is not just on those 112 families, but linking or adding other profiles, and making sure each has a biography with in-line sources.

I have noticed that some PM's create profiles with just one source, and it appears that PM does not follow-up adding other sources to create a biography. My mindset is if a profile is created, that person should be also researched, and a biography added.

Brenda -

Thanks for mentioning that you are working on the Original 112. This is a quest that I wanted to make sure Team Georgia took on so that we could build on those original 112....something you are already doing! I will add this to your area of interest next to your name (above, on this page).

I love your mindset that Profiles should be created with researched biography and sources. As a researcher, I totally undertand your mindset. The Southern Colonists Profiles can be tricky to fully detail but work like yours on WikiTree is a great asset and much appreciated.

Keep up the great work!!!


posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Hello Team Georgia -

I wanted to let you know of some really great new stickers for the Southern Colonies Project that was communicated via the Google Group, just in case you missed it.

The US Southern Colonists Sticker has been updated in two ways: to specifically list the Colony (such as Georgia) and/or add a "needs parameter" such as Needs Biography, Needs Relationship Review, Needs Sources.

Now, we can add "Georgia" to the Southern Colonists Sticker to specifically categorize the appropriate Profiles as well as add the "needs" if any. These new stickers are truly a great resource as we add or find Profiles for the Province of Georgia. As you come across the Southern Colonist stickers on Profiles, feel free to switch to the more specific Colony name (see Google Thread for complete instructions), in our case, Georgia.

For a complete explanation:

For the list of new Southern Colonists Sticker:

A huge thanks to Liz for creating these! !!

Sandy, Team Leader, Province of Georgia

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Hello Province of Georgia Team!

I wanted to introduce myself as the new Team Leader and to give a big thanks to Olivia for setting up this Team and encouraging all of us on this new re-vamped Project.

I've been with WikiTree for several years and also head up another great Georgia Project: Georgia Cemeteries. I live OTP of Atlanta (for non locals, that is Outside the Perimeter) but I travel across the State for my work and vacations. For "fun", I have started mapping names that helped first populate the Province of Georgia (Pre-1776) and would love any contributions.

Pre-1776 Sourcing is a challenge but the Project has great information on Reliable Sources at

If there is anything that I can help with, please do not hesitate to ask. I'm really excited to be working with each of you to help build great Profiles for the Province of Georgia on WikiTree!

Sandy, Team Leader, Province of Georgia

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak

Thanks for taking on the responsibility of leading Team Georgia for SoCol. You have a great group of members to work with that are among the most experienced genealogists in WikiTree. A big thanks to each one of you !

Best regards, David Douglas, SoCol Project

posted by David Douglass
Hi Team, I hope you are all well, despite the current global crisis. How are you all getting on with your Georgia ancestors? What can we do to help each other out? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Olivia, Team Leader, Province of Georgia

posted by Susie MacLeod
Been super busy recently at work. Grateful for that. I did, however, make a nice find, my mothers 2 stepsisters that she didn’t know she has, both from Atlanta. Now to actually locate them. They appear to be alive.
posted by Maurice Allison Jr
Wow, Maurice. That's a powerful story, and one I can relate to. All the best in your search :-)
posted by Susie MacLeod
I took Tara Wildes' advice, and began with Georgia unsourced profiles. Since I had a lot of information on the Quaker Jackson families migration from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to Georgia, I started working on Jackson profiles. I have helped with numerous pre-1776 Jackson profiles linking to the Mapp and Piggot pre-1776 Georgia unsourced profiles. This work had the added benefit of documenting my fourth great grandfather who is now linked back to the sixth original Jackson who arrived in Pennsylvania about 1717. Also when searching the Quaker records when I run across a familiar surname, I make note of it, and add it to Wikitree profiles if they have one.

I have also been working on the profiles of the original settlers of Wrightsboro, parish of St. Paul, Georgia for the Maddock and Stubbs families, which included linking to Jones and Mooney pre-1776 Georgia unsourced profiles.

That was a really good suggestion from Tara. Thanks for picking up on it and for all your efforts, Brenda. :-)
posted by Susie MacLeod
I've been working on a few along and along too...I like your process of working on the original settlers of a particular site or area. Having something to focus on helps me.
posted by Tara Wildes
Hi Team Georgia! Excited to help in this project and learn. I live in northeast Florida but came from southeast Georgia, where most of my family still lives. Just a few of the names intertwined with my tree that have roots in colonies are Wood, Nunez, Anderson, O'Steen, Bowen, Wilkinson, Weeks, Hall and Ray. I focus most of my research in what is known as the Wiregrass region and that general area.

I love the idea of trying to source the earliest immigrants to the state. If you take a look at the unsourced profiles for Georgia, ( you can see that will give us quite a good start!

posted by Tara Wildes
Greetings , team Georgia, please review your listing above and add your interest/focus area. Thanks!
Good Evening Team Georgia! I no longer live in the south but I grew up, went to college, and lived in the area around Atlanta for many years. My mother's family are all from North Georgia, primarily Gilmer and Fannin counties. The primary family names are Long, Brookshire, Day and Garrison. Long and Brookshire belong to my mother's father's family. They came to North Georgia over the mountains of SW North Carolina. The Days came to GA via SC and the Garrisons were Dutch who settled in NY before moving South. The Longs have been in the mountains of North Georgia and NC for about 200 years. From what I have been able to put together, they really didn't stray too far. I am looking forward to working with the group.
posted by Cathy Harmon
Hi Team Georgia, I currently live between Greensboro and Eatonton, Georgia. My Dodson family and Robinson family lived in Georgia in the early 1800's before moving on to Alabama. Happy to help do research for sourcing. I currently live close to the courthouses in Putnam, Greene and Morgan counties and within a 45 minute drive to the courthouse in Jasper county, Georgia so I'm available to do research in the actual court records that are not on-line.
posted by Carol Wilder
Hi Team Georgia! I am your interim Team Leader. I thought it might be good to get to know one another to begin with and to look at what our goals might be. What is your connection to Georgia? I don't have many, if any, Georgia ancestors but did spent three years living in Decatur studying for my Masters so love the state. What about you? What do you think our goals should be as a team? Susie :-)
posted by Susie MacLeod
Hey Team Georgia. My mothers side of the fam are predominantly from Georgia, Randolph and Carroll Counties. My fathers side also has some Georgians. My personal goals are to gather as much info and properly source that info as I can. Much of my own tree needs work on sourcing and I'm starting to do that little by little. I will try to apply those same goals to the team.
posted by Maurice Allison Jr
Hi! My maternal side that I have documented all migrated to Georgia from the Carolinas, and most of them kept moving onto the Indian lands as they were ceded. Unfortunately the Jackson's were part of that side which are hard to document since so many siblings named their children the same names. My paternal side lived across the Savannah River from Georgia during the Colonial period, but migrated to the Mississippi Territory. My father moved back to Georgia in 1949, and married a Georgia girl. We lived in Georgia and Florida.

Some ideas for goals: identifying the men and women who emigrated and settled in Georgia, searching Wikitree for profiles for those people, and for those profiles that are unsourced, finding credible sources to validate information listed on profile as well as clean up profile. My objective would be to help source those profiles.

Hello Team Georgia! I currently live in the suburbs outside of The ATL (OTP) and am regularly digging into Georgia Ancestors, History & Archives. As the Team Lead for the Georgia Cemeteries Project (, I am constantly out and about, around the entire State, surveying, documenting and photographing Georgia Cemeteries with an emphasis/goal on the very old, forgotten and abandoned. My other Georgia obsession is with the following old Georgia surnames: Bonner, Strickland, Bagley.

I'd love to see some Team goals of tracing back to the Original Colony (tough task!) to be able to find stories of what brought people to Georgia since it's commonly known that many were in penal colonies/indentured servants (another tough task!). Another fun goal could be adding historically famous residents to WikiTree.

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak