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Welcome to the team page for the Province of Maryland, US Southern Colonies Project. This page has information about team members, team goals, and additional resources.


The Team

The Province of Maryland team focuses on profiles of persons who lived in Maryland before 1776. The United States Project focuses on profiles of people in American states post-1776; and has projects for each state. See Project:Maryland.

Team Leader: Jack Day. As Team Leader, I have focused on encouraging team members to share their Maryland connections and interests, and developing lists of research resources for colonial Maryland (see Resources, below). I also expanded the scope of our efforts to include identification of enslaved persons during this period. (20 November 2020)

Team Members:

  • Mary Baker - Researching my Tullos/Rodham ancestry believed to have originated in Maryland and Virginia.
  • Dola (Nowell) Acree has done a lot of research on the Nowells of Dorchester County, Maryland who eventually changed their surname to Noel, plus these others: Hargis, Lower, and Nalley.
  • John Albertini My colonial ancestors were Ayers, Brown, Chew, Harris, Randall, Wynne in MD, PA, VA.
  • Toni Boone joining Colony of Virginia and Province of Maryland. My father's side are Boones and came over on The Dove and Ark..
  • Michael Bowdle -ancestor Thomas Bowdle arrived in Maryland in 1662 from Cambridge, England. He married Phoebe Loftus in 1684,3G granddau of Archbishop Adam Loftus, Lord Chancellor of Ireland. Thomas was appointed one of the first Vestryman of St. Peters Parish, Talbot, Maryland, 1692
  • Dusti (Brown) Ide about Dusti
  • Beth Golden. I have many ancestors who lived in the Provinces of Maryland and Virginia before 1700. Surnames include: Bell/Beall, Bradley, deBarrette, Cecil, Duvall, Fendall, Holloway, Mackall, Mobberley, Nuthall, Odell, Prather, Ridgely, Smith, Sprigg, Van Swearingen, and Woods. I enjoy collaborating with others to tell the true stories of our ancestors. I'm a member of the UPenn 17th Century DNA project, https://rfleskes.wixsite.com/chesapeakestudy. I'm renewing my research into Elizabeth LNABU and her two husbands, John Holloway and John Nuthall and soon will be updating their biographies and to a lesser extent their daughter, Priscilla and her husband William Stevens. (27 July 2021)
  • Jack Day has extensive family connections in Maryland before 1776. Family names of 3G grandparents are Day, Beall, Walker, Lewis, Windsor, Gray, Beyer, Musseter, Purdum, Browning, King, and Miles. At 4G grandparents add Harvey, Fitzgerald, Baden, Darby, Poole. Major link back to the "old country": Sampson Waring. (3 June 2020) My work on these profiles recently has been reviewing wills for ownership of enslaved persons and creating profiles for the enslaved person linked back to the slave holder. (23 JUne 2023)
  • Laura DeSpain My ancestors arrived in Maryland, Virginia and, the Carolina's between the 1500s and the 1700s. My maternal line arrived or migrated to South Carolina before the 1700s from North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. My paternal family pioneered into Kentucky from North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland when it was still a part of Virginia in the late 1700s.
  • Jerry Ellis Lazenbys show up in Maryland in the mid-late 1600s and moved into what became Montgomery County in the early 1700s. Lazenby family, included seven documented patriots, sold the farm after the Revolutionary War and resettled in Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia.
  • Yolaine Hudson - Paternal side came to America during the colonial period in the 1600's and resided in VA and MD for the most part until NC came available, then many migrated to KY, etc....our early colonists- Archer, Bailey, Ball, Baugh, Bolling, Burris, Butt, Byrd, Chambers, Chewning, Chiles, Colclough, Croshaw, Durham, Farrar, Field, Holloway, Holt, Hudson, Jefferson, Moore, Tandy, and West
  • Seely Foley - discovered her colonial Maryland ancestors while writing her seminar paper for a degree in history at Hood College. She's fascinated with this period of our history and thinks Maryland's is uniquely interesting. Her Maryland ancestors include: Richard Acton, the first settler on land of today's Annapolis, Jonathan Hanson, who built the first mill on the Jones Falls and Thomas Cole, an early claimant of Baltimore City. She enjoys writing long, sourced profiles revealing both the good and the bad of our forebears. Other surnames include: Martin, Hooker, Buck, Mead, Morgan and Murry.
  • Stephanie Grohol
  • Donna Harris My maternal family immigrated mostly from the UK and settled in Maryland-- Middleton, Wheeler, Smallwood, Coghill, Bayne, Beale and others.
  • Mollie King My maternal Prout line is my passion - trying to sort all Prout lines of Maryland, some of which date back to the 1600s. Allied lines are Sunderland (1669), Ringgold (1650), Merrick (1600s), Benny, Cryer, Leonard. They span the Eastern and Western Shores of the Chesapeake Bay. My paternal King line dates solidly in Montgomery County and Prince Georges County, Maryland back to the mid-1700's - when the John Kings become harder to sort out. Allied families are Hurley, Burdette, Miles, Duckett, Waring, Waters.
  • Mary Koester - I am working to prove that my Hobbs ancestors came through Washington and Lee Counties during the 1700's from Maryland. As of now, I am at a brick wall for proof in 1801 Tennessee. I am also working on the Oxford family in North Carolina. Other surnames include Herrin, Taylor, and Holloway.
  • Steve Lake Returning to Southern Colonies and Maryland, Virginia, Carolinas, Georgia Teams. I'm returning to SCP, after a break, with a better sense of how important the many teams of volunteers are to the integrity and quality of WikiTree. Several of my family lines (Green, Scott, Cain and other associated families, Butt, Dean, DaVault, Wisehart, Prior, Custer) reach back into several of these colonies.
  • David Martin
  • RL McAdoo Researching Families McAdoo/McAdow, Stewart, Larkin, and other founder families of Buffalo and Alamance Presbyterian churches, Guilford (now Greensboro) NC area, and Sinking Springs Presbyterian churche near present day Abingdon VA, all pre-1776. Arrivals from Ulster or Scotland at Port of Baltimore, Philadelphia, or Charleston.
  • Scott McClain I've spent a lot of time working on the Walling and Blevins families in Maryland in the 1730s and have several other ancestor lines that dead end in Maryland around that same time. Particular interest in indentured immigrants and the frontier settlements.
  • Sherrie Mitchell - Also works on Team Virginia and Jamestown Team. My ancestors are in VA or MD early on. My MD surnames include Mitchell, Wheeler, Elliot, Boswell, Greer, Payne, Stump, Nichols, Ayers, Musgrove, Lazenby, Box
  • Debbie Nance ancestors in Maryland, Colony of Virginia, Province of North Carolina and Province of South Carolina
  • Fred Roe- My paternal line of Roes had a large presence on the Eastern Shore and the later "half" were in Greensboro. I, however, was born in Boston, Mass and raised in a suburb. This is because dad had gone to New England for higher education. On that journey he ended in the Cambridge, Mass area where he met my mom who was from northern NH. Her dad was a Warfield a family with a long history on the Eastern Shore starting with Richard Warfield Sr. It seems doubtful that these 2 lines had ever cross paths in Maryland! But I could be surprised. I know a lot about the Warfields due to a book on them. For the Roe's I had a "Brick Wall" pertaining to my 2X granddad's parentagel I recently got a big clue on them via the Genealogical Society of the Eastern Shore which I recently discovered! So as a result of all this I am primarily interested in recording the Early families of which I have gone quite a bit of material.
  • Candice Shockley Anglo American ancestors migrated from southern sts,1830's
  • Jim Shook II
  • Alice Thomsen Staff Sergeant- have relatives in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland
  • Carole Taylor My first Ancestors in Maryland were John Taylor D:5 Apr 1676, in Gunpowder, Harford County, AND my James Greer Owners of land around the Gunpowder Falls area and then 60 years later my mother's family Joseph Puntenney owned land 50 miles away from the Greer's.. And then 1918 my Greer gramma married my Taylor grandfather in Sedalia Missouri.


Every Person who lived in Maryland before 1776 has a documented and interesting profile on WikiTree.


  • Enhance Resource list for colonial Maryland.
  • Improve existing Province of Maryland profiles.
  • Add new Province of Maryland profiles.
  • Appropriately categorize all Province of Maryland profiles.
  • Monitor Province of Maryland profiles for errors, duplications and issues.



  1. Identify the best resources/sources for documenting pre-1776 Maryland persons.
  2. Use these resources/sources to add documentation to profiles.


  1. Find the existing profiles on WikiTree
  2. Research each potential profile for references.
  3. List sources on profiles to validate them and familial relationships, with links to online sources. Use inline citations.
  4. Where existing sources are weak, seek out stronger sources for the same information.
  5. Check suggestions list to ensure all suggestions are addressed.
  6. Many pre-1776 Marylanders were slave holders. If the documents cited include the names of enslaved persons, work with the US Black Heritage Project to appropriately create profiles for them.


  1. Identify the men and women who settled in the Province of Maryland.
  2. People not already found on wikiTree will need a profile written with references


  1. Categories for this Province of Maryland. Add Category for '''[[:Category:Province of Maryland]]''', <SAVE>
  2. Recommend Categories to the Category team.


  1. For project Protection, Coordinate with the Managed Profiles Teams for pre-1700 and 1700 to 1776 profiles.


This Team uses Standardized Sources that are collected at Province_of_Maryland_Reliable_Sources

Links to other Resource Pages for the Province of Maryland

  • US Southern Colonies Province of Maryland Resource Page This was the original resource page and uses the word "resource" to mean essentially "background information about Maryland." It needs updating.
  • Province of Maryland Book Review. This was created to focus on books which are useful sources of data, presented in the form of an easy to use bibliographical reference that can be copied to profiles.
  • We still need a page that will focus on the best available sources of primary information, especially those available on the internet.

Associated Free Space Projects

Any WikiTree member can create a small "Free-Space Project" to collaborate on a specific focus. The following Free Space Projects are associated with the Province of Maryland:

  • Catoctin Furnace Patterson Project Addresses the descent from Mary Molloyd, indentured Irish servant in St. Mary's County, Maryland, through generations of enslaved Marylanders to free persons of color employed at the Catoctin Furnace in Frederick County, Maryland.

Temporary Links

Temporary Links to other pre-1776 Maryland pages on Maryland subject to review

Temporary Links to categories affecting the Province of Maryland:


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Welcome Debbie to the US Southern Colonies Maryland Team!
posted 12 Nov 2022 by Dola (Nowell) Acree   [thank Dola]
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Welcome Michael Mankin to the Province of Maryland Team@
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Michael to our Maryland Team!
posted by Dola (Nowell) Acree
Hi, Michael! Welcome. I see you've already been made a co-manager of this free space profile, so you'll see any messages posted here -- and you already an entry by your name as a member of the Team. I'm wondering if you might add some detail including specific family names of your Maryland ancestors? This is very helpful to others so that we can help each other with our research!
posted by Jack Day
Many early Maryland familes; Mankin, Smallwood, Maddox, Speak, Brawner, Wheeler, Fernandez & Perry to name a few.
posted by Michael Mankin
Hi Michael,

We share some early families, Smallwood and Wheeler are among the ones you've mentioned, and both are from my maternal line. I'd guess we might share Coghill too, since several Smallwoods and Coghills were related, and possibly Middletons too, as Mary Wheeler, daughter of our shared great-grandfather, John Wheeler, married Robert Middleton (Middleton-406). I hope you enjoy WikiTree as much as I do!


posted by Donna (Stephens) Harris
edited by Donna (Stephens) Harris
Welcome Steve Lake, a returning Southern Colonies member to the Province of Maryland Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome, Steve -- please add a few words by your entry above letting us know your Maryland interests!
posted by Jack Day
Many early Maryland familes; Mankin, Smallwood, Maddox, Speak, Brawner, Wheeler, Fernandez & Perry to name a few.
posted by Michael Mankin
Welcome, Steve! Glad to have you back.
posted by Dola (Nowell) Acree
Welcome Alice Thomsen to the Province of Maryland Team. I am sending this again, as it didn't even go to my email address.


posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome, Alice! Have a wonderful day.
posted by Toni Boone
Welcome Alice (Stephens) Thomsen to the Province of Maryland Team!!
posted by Mary Richardson
edited by Mary Richardson
Welcome Mary Baker to the Proince of Maryland Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Mary, to the Province of Maryland. Enjoy!
posted by Dola (Nowell) Acree
Welcome Yolaine Hudson to the Province of Maryland!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Fred Roe! This is an exciting project and filled with amazing people.
posted by Toni Boone
edited by Toni Boone
Welcome Fred Roe and other new members. This is a good time for everyone to (1) edit your entry of what you are working on in pre-Revolutionary colonial Maryland profiles (2) read the entries of others and (3) make contact with others who may be working on similar families and people, and ..... collaborate!
posted by Jack Day
Welcome Fred Roe to the Province of Maryland Team!!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome, Fred, to the Maryland Team.
posted by Dola (Nowell) Acree
Welcome new team member, Sjana Bauer to the Province of Maryland Team.
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Sjana to the Maryland Team!
posted by Dola (Nowell) Acree
Welcome to RL McAdoo and all the other new members of the Province of Maryland Team! If you ahven't already, please go into edit mode and add your name and Maryland interests in the bulletted list of team members. It's very helpful to the rest of us to know what the specific interests of others are!
posted by Jack Day
Thanks Jack. Researching Families McAdoo/McAdow, Stewart, Larkin, Glass, Evans, and others located around Buffalo and Alamance (Guilford NC) and Sinking Springs (Abingdon VA) Presbyterian Churches. All established pre-1776. Usually embarked from from Ulster or Scotland and landing at ports of Baltimore, Philadelphia, or Charleston.
posted by RL McAdoo
Welcome RL McAdoo to the Province of Maryland Team!!
posted by Mary Richardson
Thank you so much. I love learning all about Maryland
posted by Toni Boone
Welcome Toni Boone to the Province of Maryland Team.
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Toni to the province of Maryland Team!
posted by Dola (Nowell) Acree
thank you so much. I didn't realize this was on Wiki. I think this is so interesting.
posted by Toni Boone
I have just made an unusual addition to the Province of Maryland Book Review page -- an historical fiction. The author, Cynthia Marlowe, is a genealogist who has worked extensively on the racially-mixed Dove family as well as those who enslaved them. The book -- "Sold" -- is fiction, because obviously nobody get a record of all the dialogue as people lived their lives, so she has taken basic facts and filled in the details to make a book that brings a touch of reality to the days of enslavement. But because the basic facts are correct, it's a useful guide to find the actual sources and documents one would need for a WikiTree biography. I was able to find several documents which I used to add detail to some existing and new biographies, which I've identified on that page. On some of the biographies I also added a "Research Notes" section indicating that the person who is profiled appears in the "Sold" historical fiction."
posted by Jack Day
wonderful, Jack! thanks for finding and sharing this super resource
posted by Beth (Brown) Golden
Welcome Debbie Nance to Province of Maryland Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
I added a paragraph about the Space: Catoctin Furnace Patterson Project, one of the mini-projects WikiTree encourages any member to create for a specific purpose. This project opens the door to tracing the ancestry of a particular mixed-race family through colonial and post-colonial periods. Genealogists are lucky that this family had a penchant for making friends with lawyers, who created an unusual degree of legal records recording family details. Anyone interested may join this project; two of the current members are descendants, while I am just a fascinated outsider.
posted by Jack Day
Welcome Mary Oxford Koester to Province of Maryland Team
posted by Mary Richardson
We welcome you, Mary, to the Prince of Maryland Team.
posted by Dola (Nowell) Acree
Welcome David Martin to the Province of Maryland Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome David to the Province of Maryland Team!
Welcome David, to the Maryland Team.
posted by Dola (Nowell) Acree
Welcome Sherrie Mitchell to the Province of Maryland team. She is also on Team Virginia and Team Jamestown.!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Sherry to all three teams!
posted by Dola (Nowell) Acree
Welcome Sherrie! Enjoy all the teams. :)
Welcome Ginny Thomas to this Province of Maryland Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome James Little to the Team
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome new team member, Jerry Ellis to the Province of Maryland Team!
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome new team member to this Province of Maryland Team, Candice Shockley!!
posted by Mary Richardson
Hi Just added my Grandparents and Daughter to Maryland Colonist project. Not sure if she listed in Maryland first families but her father was. I added 3 her her husband and daughter. It’s amazing how many Maryland peoples I finding here in family.



Welcome Kerri Miaso to the Maryland Team
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome Jim Shook to the Maryland team!
I hope everyone on the Province of Maryland team enjoys a Happy New Year -- and contributes to a happy new Year for Province of Maryland profiles! Wikitree has some amazing resources to help identify spots that need clean up. This link -- https://www.softdata.si/wt/Unconnected_20211226/MD/2_0000-0000_0.htm -- takes you to a list of Marylan d profiles in our date range who are unconnected or unlinked to the main body. Generally that means the profiles need significant research work. Please use some of your "public service" time to look through the list and identify some profiles you can work on. Once you've researched who they are, generally you can connect them properly to the larger WikiTree tree!
posted by Jack Day
edited by Jack Day
Healthy and Happy New Year to all!

Jack, Thank you for sharing this list! I spent a good amount of time trying to add sources/connect the colonial era profiles from the list. Many were actually duplicates for which I initiated merges.

posted by Jana Shea
I found some Maryland colonist in family. I think they Maryland first Families too but not sure they on list.



Thanks, Billie. I found a father for Michael Robey and added him. But to qualify for "First Families of Maryland" the person needed to hold some type of public office or responsibility, like, say, sheriff.
posted by Jack Day

Like I said I didn’t know I knew was older family in area. My poor memory so bad as of late.


I am currently working on the family of William Burgess and would like to propose the following changes to his wives. His first wife seems to be the daughter of George Puddington (abt.1608-1674) who was maybe the mother of both George, Edward & Susanna Burgess who are mentioned in his will. The will in the book at the Maryland Archives is missing a page & the abstract is way too brief to gain much information from the legacies, but Edward was left about half of his patented land. William's last wife was named Ursula and I believe she was the sister of Nicholas Painter (abt.1655-bef.1684). Ursula was a witness to his will and he was a fairly young man based on a primary source deposition giving his age. I believe he was childless so left his estate to his nephews & nieces.
posted by Seely (Kenny) Foley
I found the complete will of George Puddington after I posted this and now believe that Edward Burgess married one of the daughters of George Puddington not William. See the Questions section on his profile,
posted by Seely (Kenny) Foley
I have a research challenge for the Province of Maryland Team: The profile https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Smith-31868 is causing problems because it claims a death date of 1642 in Anne Arundel County, but the County was only created in 1650. Upon inspection, the profile is essentially unsourced. I imagine the profile is a real person, but the fact is, we don't actually know until there are sources. I have already posted a comment on the profile challenging the numerous profile managers to source the profile, but I'd be grateful if one or more of you would also step up and see what you can find about this person. She needs facts with inline citations to support the facts. She needs more than simply correcting her death location to St. Mary's County, from which Anne Arundel was created, because her present death in 1642 is three years prior to the birth of a child! Any takers?
posted by Jack Day
I can find time to work on it, maybe today, but tomorrow for sure. If someone else has time to do it, please let us know so we don't work on the same sources.
This a really challenging profile, first because I haven't found any reliable sources so far, and secondly because the attached profiles for parents, spouse and child all lack sources too, and the most of PMs are inactive.

The Ann Arendel category was added recently and arbitrarily without any reference to a source.

I've checked Sussex records and Maryland records so far. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the world of "legacy profiles!" (1) They have numerous profile managers because they result from numerous merges; (2) They were mostly uploaded from unsourced gedcom files back in the "wild west" when anything went on WikiTree; (3) the profile managers are mostly no longer active so the profiles just sit there.

So the challenge is to find some way to improve these profiles or bring coherence to them. I believe we need a double standard here -- we should not create new pre-1700 profiles without solid reliable source evidence -- but when we're trying to make sense of something that already exists, any hint from ancestry or geni may be a useful step along the way, and we need to document that that's where we got it. That in turn can lead us to more reliable sources and then we can delete the ancestry or geni sourcing. And make extensive use of the Research Notes section of the narrative to put facts that don't fit -- this is like a giant jigsaw puzzle where the first step is to find the pieces -- but then we can all gather around and help put the puzzle together!

posted by Jack Day
Good advice, as always. I use ancestry often for clues too, and geni sometimes. Thanks for the reminder.
Another approach is to follow the current weak connections back to a stronger one. So Elizabeth Smith is currently married to Sir Walter Plummer, who has a bit more information, though somewhat garbled. Sir Walter's son Thomas married Elizabeth Stockett, who was the daughter of Mary Wells, whose second husband was George Yates -- a Magna Carta gateway person written up by Richardson. Now the trick is to use sources from George Yates to documewnt each person in that stream and see if it leads you back to Elizabeth Smith...which it may or may not do. But of course in the process, you improve a whole bunch of other profiles!
posted by Jack Day
Welcome new Team Member, Seely (Kinney) Foldy!!
posted by Mary Richardson
Thanks for the welcome, but the name is Seely Kenny Foley.
posted by Seely (Kenny) Foley
Hello Everyone,

I apologize if this question has been answered before. I've tried to find an answer but couldn't. I'm somewhat new to the WikiTree software. I had a really enjoyable experience in following the great work that fellow members put forth in creating the Magna Carta Trail. I can't really express how interesting and how much fun I had following several of my gateway ancestors to my Magna Carta Surety Baron ancestors. I noticed that my ancestor has the "Maryland Colonist" badge. Is there a link that connects all the people that are listed under this badge? Thank You!

posted by Arthur Bates III
Hi Arthur,

This page is probably what you're looking for: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Maryland_Colonists My understanding is that only those profiles that have been tagged will tie into the category, however, so it is an ongoing project.

Thank You Elizabeth! I've noticed that many of the profiles I'm looking at have various project tags attached to them. Do all the projects have a similar page where all those tagged are listed? Again, sorry if this is off topic..
posted by Arthur Bates III
Welcome to newest Team Member, Elizabeth Greenway! (Jack I added her as manager, as you have done)


posted by Mary Richardson
Thanks! I hope to do a lot of deep digging in Colonial Maryland. :)
Thanks for adding your name and interests to the team list as well!
posted by Jack Day
I have just made sure everyone who is a member of the team is listed as a "manager" of this page so that you receive emails whenever there are comments posted here, like this one

If you have not updated your interests and things you are working on in the list of team members above, please do so -- and review what others have written because you may have shared interests to collaborate on.

In addition, as a team member, you have a "public service" responsibility -- to do things to improve WikiTree in general even though it might not relate to something you are personally working on at the moment. Please review the list of Vision, Goals and Tasks to identify some ways that you can contribute! When we're immersed in our own research, these things may seem like a distraction, but in the long run these things pay off not only for others, but, we will discover, for us as well!

posted by Jack Day
edited by Jack Day
Welcome to new team member, Crystal Dodd !
posted by Mary Richardson
Thank you! A couple of my Colonial Maryland families are Duvall and Griffith.
posted by Crystal Dodd
Welcolme new team member, Dusti (Brown) Ide !
posted by Mary Richardson
Welcome new Team Member Lynn Wentworth!
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Welcome new team member Carole Taylor. Please edit the page and add a sentence after your name about your interests.
Hi, I thought that I probably should ask to be a member of the Team, since I have been adding images, online address, and Bio's, and SOURCES to the 1670-1780+ people and adding profiles if not POPPED. I found the St. John's/St. George's Parish Register that has 1164 images and now I have found the St. Mary's/St. Stephen's of Cecil County, Maryland has 656 images. so hopefully I can get those in as well. Jack Day has helped me with some suggestions. Thank you. (one I have just finished is Rumsey-722 and have a problem, we have to work on)
posted by Carole Taylor
edited by Carole Taylor
Thanks so much, Carole! Are you posting links to the Parish Registers you've found? If so, where can they be found?
posted by Beth (Brown) Golden
Beth, excellent point -- a picture of a parish register is essentially unsourced material unless you have added the publication particulars and link where it can be found, to the parish register picture. That enables others to give a proper source when they get information from the parish register.
posted by Jack Day
yes, This is how I add it to the Bio. I am a BIG Bio person.... I do not want to have to go looking for the proof...This is

Abraham Standiford-140 And then attach an image of the ENTRY and then share the link with everyone on the page. I try to make sure I search the person first, if they are not in then I try the father... I love to find one already in wikitree that needs a source.

posted by Carole Taylor
HI, Carole. You'd be most welcome as a member of the team -- ask to join Southern Colonies Project first, and then on this page click on the link where you ask to be a member of the trusted list. Once you do that, I'll make you a manager like everyone else so that you get email notificiations whenever something is posted to this page. And then edit the page to add your own name and interests in the fashion that others have done.
posted by Jack Day
Hey cousin can you help me with my family tree? Where to start to prove I am a descendant of the Gorsuch family related to the Magna Barons? Was told to try coming here ans a few other places. I am not sure where to start. I have lost almost all my immediate family so hard to prove anytbing that way.
posted by [Living Witt]
Hi Jess! You need to be much more specific please. If there is a particular fact that you need help with for a Maryland colonist, please provide the WikiTree ID of the colonist so that Maryland Team members can see what you've found/where you've looked so far for what it is that you need.
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Hi, Jess - let me respond to your question "where to start": -- you've already started, because you have joined WikiTree and there are profiles for your immediate family and many ancestors. Now the next step is to identify who you think you may be connected to. Pick the earliest Maryland Gorsuch profile, and then under the tab at the top which has his/her profile number, there is a link to "Relationship to Me". That will give you a line of descent which you can print out.

I just did that, for instance on your profile and the result tells me that you and I are 15th cousins once removed! It also displays that you're descended from Charles Gorsuch, born 1642. Notice that on the right hand some links are shown as "confident" and others as "unknown confidence". Check them all, starting with yourself, and develop biographies including sources for the genealogical essentials -- births, marriages, children, deaths. Only mark the relationship as "confident" when you have a biography establishing all of this.

When you've done that between you and Charles Gorsuch, pick a Magna Carta baron and make a similar relationship list between Charles Gorsuch and that baron. If they're related, look at the profiles on the list to see if they have good sources.

To prove you're a descendant, you'll need to see good sources on every profile. If you discover no links between Charles Gorsuch and the baron you chose, pick another baron or pick another Gorsuch! Genealogy can take a lifetime so make sure you're having fun along the way!

posted by Jack Day
Welcome new member Karen (Weitz) Wood!
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Welcome new team member Jana Shea! Please edit the page and add something about your interests next to your name in the membership list.
Welcome new team member John Albertini! Please edit the page and add something about your interests next to your name in the membership list.
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Also, click on the link for "add me to the trusted list" if you're not already on it. We'll bump you up to co-manager so that you receive notices of additions to this page.
posted by Jack Day
Jack - I'd added John to the trusted list just before posting the Welcome comment. I've just added him as a manager now.

John - One of the differences between being on the trusted list and being a manager is that if someone posts a comment, you'll see that in your Family Feed and the weekly Family News e-mail - but just that someone posted & unless you check your feed frequently, it could be days (even a week) later. If you're a manager of a page or a profile, you'll automatically get an e-mail copy of the comment sent to you right away.

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
edited by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Hi. I am interested in joining this team.
posted by Cyndi Rutledge
Hi Cyndi, you have to first be a member of the U.S. Southern Colonies project. If you would like to join the project, let me know and I can award you the project badge and add you to Team Maryland. Thanks.
Welcome to the Maryland team, Mollie King! Please edit the page to add information on your interests.
Hey welcome, cousin Mollie and fellow descendant of Sampson Waring and the whole constellation of Welsh nobility! Write something after your name above to let people know what your interests are!
posted by Jack Day
Happy November to members of the Province of Maryland Team! This is a good time to get your membership in good order and to post some updates. Some of you may not see this message because you are not on the trusted list, sdo I'll be contacting you separately to ask you to make that request. For those of you who see this -- all members of the trusted list should see it -- here is my request:

1. Check you entry above. Some of you don't have an entry -- please add one, in alphabetical order, describing your interests. This is helpful to others so they may know where interests intersect.

2. Add an update to your entry describing what you've been doing with respect to Province of Maryland profiles over the last several months. Put a date at the end -- we'll add to these over time.

3. If you have suggestions for ways we can collaborate more as a team, or specific tasks that you see need doing, please post a comment, like this one. That way if a discussion is warranted, people can respond directly to the comment!

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Jack, TL folks will only see your message through their activity feed *if they check it.* For team members to receive *email* notifications of comments posted here, they will need to be profile managers on this page.
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Thanks, Jillaine! Congratulations, everyone, you are now ALL co-managers of this page!
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Welcome to the Maryland Team, Loralee! :)
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Jack, could you and your team please take a look at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Sprigg-31

She's got quite the life, a suite of husbands, an out-of-wedlock child and questionable origins. Many thanks.

posted by Jillaine Smith
there are some primary sources listed in her profile at https://www.colonial-settlers-md-va.us/getperson.php?personID=I030872&tree=Tree1 Hope this helps!
posted by Beth (Brown) Golden
I brought in the information from Mike Marshall's colonial settlers site -- Beth's link -- and then arranged the material in chronological order with subheadings. It's clear she had a full life! It still needs lots of work to figure out which material is most reliable and which is less. Research on her children to establish as much as possible their actual dates of birth will also contribute to knowing how her own life was arranged.
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Hello, Province of Maryland team! I have just created a free-space page called Province of Maryland Book Review -- see link, above, under Resources. My request of you is that if there are several books you have found especially useful in your research -- especially if there is an online version -- that you create an entry for it on our book review page and then it will be highlighted for others. I created a model format for the entry -- author, title, link, -- and an annotation, your impression of the value and reliability of the work. I'm looking forward to your contributions! Jack Day
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Welcome to all the members of the Province of Maryland team. You are now on the trusted list for this page so you'l receive notices of any changes or new comments in your email. Please add a couple of sentences under your name to let us know your interests if you haven't done so already. Then please also look at the list of goals and tasks. Are there more that we should be considering? If there is a task that you are particularly interested in being involved with, please put your name in parenthesis after that task. Thanks. Jack Day, Team Leader
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