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Currently, this page mixes sources and [historical] resources. Ideally, they are separated.

Resources are to help people understand the history of a place/time.

Sources are where researchers will expect to find vital and other information about their specific ancestors.

posted by Jillaine Smith
Originally, this page was set up as easy access to the links for the Sourcerers Team.

Rather than them having to look through all the Counties pages. So, they were copied and pasted from the Counties teams pages.

I agree 100% about the difference.

posted by Laura DeSpain
Laura - what do you think about renaming it Space: US Southern Colonies Sourcerers Team Cheat Sheet or Space: US Southern Colonies Sourcerers Team Quick Look or something like that?
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Liz - Either is fine with me. I am not really hung up on what the name of the page is. I only made the point before that Sources and References by definition are two different things. I know they are used interchangeably on WikiTree, but they are different. The name of the page won't change what it is for and what is on it.

There were no sources or references on the Sourcerers Team page. I was just trying to make it easier for them to locate them since they will be sourcing in different areas.

posted by Laura DeSpain
Well I thought I knew what y'all were talking about re: sources, resources, references.

sources are the source of a piece of information

resources are where you might find sources and/or more information about the place and time (the Pre-1700 Reliable Sources Pages are resources for finding sources)

references are anything you refer to

Let's take one of the Peter Joneses as an example:

We know he is son of Peter and Mary Jones, born 28 March 1731 and baptized 23 September 1731 in Bristol Parish, Virginia & his bio has that statement, citing the reliable source of The Vestry Book and Register of Bristol Parish, Virginia 1720-1789 (details on this source on his profile).

That statement was also sourced to a Family Search page, but that FS page was moved to "See also" with an explanation of its shortcomings - even though the BPR verified the info it contained, BPR is the better source so it was retained in the bio and the added FS "reliable with conditions" source (the condition being the info needs confirmation) was moved to "see also" and the person page for him found in the linked FS Pedigree File (an unreliable source on its own, but a potential resource for finding a reliable source, if the Pedigree File includes any).

Still, if someone creates a profile for the unverified wife named in the Pedigree File, that unsourced people page - - from the Pedigree File is going to be the only source for her, albeit an unreliable source.

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett