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US Southern Colonies Sources and Resources Directory

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Source and Resources Page Directory

This page serves as a directory for the Sources and Resources pages of the US Southern Colonies Project. As a pre-1700 project, the project includes a US Southern Colonies Project Reliable Sources page.

Quick-links for Sources pages
US Southern Colonies Project Reliable Sources
Maryland Virginia


Sources, or Resources ? What's the difference ?
Laura DeSpain, our Sourcerers Team Leader, explains the distinction between sources and resources as follows:
  1. Sources: "This is where you find the information that you use to create a citation."
  2. Resources: "Information that will help you locate a source. Including the history, changes in boundaries, wars, anything that may help you locate the source you are looking for." (These are the things that can affect the location of a source, whether it may exist anymore, etc.)
Tip from Laura: "When I cannot locate a source, the first thing I do is start checking boundary changes and whether or not battles or fires may have destroyed any places that stored records for the area."
WikiTree's Sources Style Guide help page defines Sources and References more broadly (omitting mention of "Resources"):
  • Sources: "What we call sources could be called items in a source list, bibliography, or works cited." with the next paragraph saying "On WikiTree we put them beneath the references and a line that says "See also:". "
  • References: "What we call references could be called citations, reference notes, inline references, footnotes, or endnotes." and the next paragraph says "A reference provides a source for a specific statement in the text."

Table of Sources/Resources

NOTE: Green-shaded rows are US Southern Colonies Project pages (project-level pages categorized under Category: US Southern Colonies Project; colony-level pages are categorized under the colony-level location categories). Grey-shaded rows are other projects that have sources/resources that may also be helpful to US Southern Colonies Project members. If the page listed is a category page, it will be followed by a [Navigate] link, which will show subcategories that may be of interest to project members.
Project/TeamResourcesSourcesGenealogy ResourcesHistoryLocation CategoryProfile CategoriesOther
US Southern Colonies ProjectUS Southern Colonies Sources[1] Reliable SourcesProject Resources PageUS Southern Colonies HistoryUS Southern Colonies [Navigate]US Southern Colonists [Navigate]Project Pages [Navigate];
Recommended Sources (currently empty)[2]
Other ProjectsMagna Carta Project: Reliable Sources; Popular Errors1776: Resource PageEngland: British America [Navigate]Founding Fathers
Southern Pioneers ProjectSection of Team PageResource Page
United StatesReliable Sources;
Sources- United States of America
US History [Navigate]USA [Navigate]same (USA)American Immigration [Navigate]
Province of Maryland TeamSection of Team PageReliable SourcesBook Review[3] History[4]Province of Maryland [Navigate]Maryland Colonists [Navigate]First Families of Maryland (Space page, Category page);
Province of Maryland (Space page)
Maryland ProjectSources-MarylandMaryland [Navigate] Maryland History [Navigate]Maryland [Navigate]same (Maryland)
Colony of Virginia TeamSection of Team PageReliable SourcesColony of Virginia [Navigate]History[4]Virginia Colony [Navigate]Virginia Colonists [Navigate]
Virginia ProjectResources SectionSources-Virginia;
Sourcing Help
Virginia [Navigate]
Virginia History [Navigate]Virginia [Navigate]same (Virginia) Virginia Counties (see County space pages too)
Jamestown TeamSection of Team PageReliable SourcesJamestown, Virginia Colony, Genealogy Resources[5] [Navigate]Jamestown HistoryJamestown, Virginia Colony [Navigate][6] Jamestown Colonists [Navigate]Jamestown Colony Index
Province of Carolina TeamSection of Team PageReliable SourcesHistory[4]Province of Carolina [Navigate]Carolina Colonists [Navigate]
Province of North Carolina TeamSection of Team PageReliable SourcesHistory[4]Province of North Carolina [Navigate]North Carolina Colonists [Navigate]
North Carolina Project Resource PageSources-North CarolinaNorth Carolina [Navigate]North Carolina History [Navigate]North Carolina [Navigate]same (North Carolina)
Province of South Carolina Team Section of Team PageReliable SourcesSouth Carolina Colony [Navigate]History[4]Province of South Carolina [Navigate]South Carolina Colonists [Navigate]
South Carolina Project Resources PageSources-South CarolinaSouth Carolina Resources South Carolina History [Navigate]South Carolina [Navigate]same (South Carolina)
Province of Georgia TeamSection of Team PageReliable SourcesHistory[4]Province of Georgia [Navigate]Georgia Colonists [Navigate]
Georgia ProjectSources-GeorgiaGeorgia [Navigate]Georgia History [Navigate]Georgia [Navigate]same (Georgia)
  1. The Sourcerers Team compiled a quick-reference by collecting the information in the Resource Sections of Team Pages: see Space: US Southern Colonies Sources. The name of this page will be changed; the content may change to better accommodate the needs of the Sourcerers Team.
  2. Perhaps this page was intended to cover sources for the post-1700-1776 period.
  3. Listing and Reviews of Books containing genealogical information about persons in colonial Maryland.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 Was "Resources"; before that was "US Southern Colonies British...[Colony name]".
  5. Categorization Project created a companion space page for all the information that was previouisly included on the category page).
  6. The category continues to 1776, past the timeframe for the Jamestown Colony (which ends with the 1624/5 Jamestown Muster).

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I found this today - volume II here but all volumes are available and searchable - “Notable Southern Families Vol. II”


posted by Allen (Woodard) Jensen
Thanks Allen. I will add it to the Main SoCol Reliable Sources Page under "Reliable with Conditions"


posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Hi! I hope this Directory proves useful to anyone seeking sources or resources to help improve profiles within the scope of the US Southern Colonies Project:
Scope of US Southern Colonies Project
  • People: Colonial settlers, officials, and investors. Native Americans are not included (see Project: Native Americans).
  • Location: Colonial Maryland, Virginia, Carolina and subsequently North and South Carolina, and Georgia.
  • Timeframe: prior to 4 July 1776 - this is the end of the colonial period for WikiTree purposes.

Additions and changes should be coordinated with Laura DeSpain or Jilliane Smith (listed as managers).

Cheers, Liz

P.S. If you have a profile you believe needs to be managed by the project, please go to this page & click the link for the Managed Profile Request Form.

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Fabulous! Thanks very much!! This is terrific.
Great job, Liz! I have already added the link to this page on the Sourcerers Teams page.
posted by Laura DeSpain