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Uncle Bud's Family Photo Album

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Album information

Darwin C. Bichel or better known as Bud, or Uncle Bud to his many nieces and nephews had a passion for genealogy.

He lovingly created a photo album from the photos left behind when his parents passed. He also generously shared the album with his 9 siblings.

This is the album scanned so that all relatives have access to the family photos. The only photos left out, were those of the living. A few photos are included of the living with permission given to share.

There are 64 pages in all with 229 photographs, Transcription of Darwin's Notes are included and notes from family researcher, Melissa Jamison

Bud's Letter

Page 1

Friedrich Bichel
Born: 15 Dec 1852 in Gadendorf, Schleswig-Holstien, Germany
Died: 12 Dec 1926 in Wayne, Nebraska
Married: Bertha Chrestin 11 Nov 1881

Bertha Chrestin
Born: 2 April 1858 in Steegen (Sulfeld Parish) Mecklingburg,
Died: 22 June 1929

Friedrich and Bertha Bichel

L-R: Friedrich, Bertha, Ernest, Anna, Adolph, Clara, Albert, Frieda, Carl, Helene

Bichel Family

Page 2

Anna Bichel:
Born: 19 Aug 1885 in Wayne, Nebraska
Died: 24 Dec 1967
Clara Bichel
Born: 6 Feb 1889 in Wayne, Nebraska
Died: 2 Feb 1973
Frieda Bichel
Born: 2 Mar 1891 in Wayne, Nebraska
Died: 26 Jan 1958
Helene Bichel
Born: 3 Apr 1893 in Wayne, Nebraska
Died: 9 Feb 1983

Bichel Sisters

Carl Bichel
Born: 7 Aug 1899 in Wayne, Nebraska
Died: 8 Feb 1983
Albert Bichel
Born: 27 Nov 1896 in Wayne, Nebraska
Died: 4 Dec 1978
Adolph Bichel
Born: 1 Aug 1887 in Wayne, Nebraska
Died: 7 Feb 1981
Ernest Bichel
Born: 2 Nov 1883 in Mineola, Iowa
Died: 2 Oct 1948

Bichel Brothers

Page 3

L-R: Frieda, Helene, Anna Busse, Clara, Anna
Anna Busse was their Aunt, their father, Friedrich's, sister

Anna Busse with the Bichel sisters

Anna Busse (Friedrich's sister)
Don't know the other lady
Note: Woman with Anna could be Kathryn "Kate" Marie Busse.
She was Anna's daughter who never married,
and lived with her mother until her mother's death in 1942

Anna Busse

L-R Standing: Carl and Albert
L-R Sitting: Clara, Helene, and Adolph

Bichel Siblings

Page 4

L-R Back Row: Clara, Frieda, and Helene
L-R Front Row: Albert and Carl

Bichel Siblings

L-R: Unknown Girl, Albert, Unknown Girl, Carl, and Frieda

L-R: Albert, Carl, and Adolph
Bichel Brothers

Page 5

The farmhouse how it was in 1908
Notice how small the trees in the grove are.
Friedrich Bichel homesteaded the farm in 1883
L-R: Ernest Bichel, Frieda holding Lorenz Kay, Helene with Theodore Kay, Carl and Albert.
Note: Lorenz and Theodore are children of Anna Bichel

Bichel Homestead

House showing additions, taken around 1920.
First Photo has Friedrich and Bertha with an Unknown woman. (Bertha is standing in the middle.)
Second photo has Friedrich.

Farmhouse with additions

Farmhouse with additions

L-R Standing:
Albert, Friedrich, Unknown Woman, and Carl
Sitting: Bertha


Photo of the corn crib.

People are unidentified
Corn Crib

Page 6

Note: After Friedrich Bichel, his son, Carl, took over the farm and raised his family there.

Joyce, Lois, Darwin, Ardath, and Glenn with smiling Billy

Bichel children with Billy
Darwin with Billy
Darwin with Billy

Guess what gets shoveled out first after a good Nebraska blizzard?

Person in photo is unidentified


Photo shows the washhouse, garage and the northend of the house
Woman is unidentified

Out Buildings

The New Durant
Carl holding Ardath, Renetta holding Glenn
Lois and Darwin in front

That is Ardath's handwriting on the photo

Page 7

L-R Back Row:
Carl Bichel, Ernest Bichel, Bernard Meyer, Unknown Man, Grover Larsen
L-R Middle Row:
Estella Morrell, Unknown Woman, Unknown Woman
L-R Front Row:
Amelia Kay, Helene Bichel, Unknown Woman, Unknown Woman

Bichels and Spouses

Ernest and Estella Morrell Bichel
They were married 27 Feb 1930

She was born 29 July 1885
Ernest and Estella Bichel

Page 8

Anna Bichel Kay
Married Henry Kay 22 Dec 1904
He was born 20 Jan 1878
He died 22 July 1930

Anna Louise Bichel Kay

L-R Back Row:
Lorenz (Lawrence) Kay
Born: 21 Mar 1908
Died: 8 Nov 1965
Theodore Kay
Born: 23 Feb 1906
Died: 17 Sept 1915
Bernard Kay
Born: 16 Jun 1910
Died: 16 Mar 1978
In Front:
Vernon Kay
Born: 12 Sept 1914
Died: 5 Jul 1964

Kay Brothers, 1915

Lorenz Kay
Bernard Kay
Vernon Kay

Page 9

Adolph Bichel
married Amelia Kay 18 Aug 1915
She was born 23 Sep 1892
She died 25 Jul 1983

Adolph and Amelia Bichel
Adolph and Amelia Bichel

Marvin Bichel
Born: 7 Jun 1918
Died: 20 Jan 2005
Margaret Bichel
Born: 16 Jul 1919
Died: 9 Apr 2018

Marvin and Margaret Bichel

Robert Bichel
Born: 13 Oct 1929
Died: 31 May 2017
Richard Bichel
Born: 13 Jan 1932
Died: 25 May 2019
L-R: Robert, Richard

Robert and Richard Bichel

Page 10

Marvin Bichel

Margaret Bichel

Robert Bichel

Richard Bichel

Page 11

Adolph and Amelia Bichel
Their 62nd Wedding Anniversary
18 Aug 1977
Adolph was 90 years old

Adolph and Amelia Bichel

This page included a family portrait of Robert Bichel and living family members

This page included a family portrait of Richard Bichel and living family members

Page 12

Clara Bichel
married William Baker 2 Mar 1910
He was born 17 Jun 1888
He died in 1951

William and Clara Baker

Page 13

Clarence Baker
Born: 8 Feb 1911
Died: 28 Sept 1996
He married Alverna Test 14 Feb 1935
She was born: 13 Nov 1913
She died: 28 Mar 1990

Clarence Baker

Kenneth Baker
Born: 25 Jun 1914
Died: 4 Dec 1998
He married Viola Test 30 Jan 1940
She was born: 8 Feb 1918
She died: 22 Mar 2001

Kenneth Baker

Edna Baker
Born: 16 Jun 1916
Died: 20 Apr 2011
She married Louis Hansen 7 Apr 1940
He was born: 12 Nov 1909
He died: 14 Mar 1974

Edna Baker

Alice Baker
Born: 14 Jul 1918
Died: 16 Mar 2002
She married Emil Muller 1 Jan 1939
He was born: 27 Oct 1912
He died: 24 Feb 1996

Alice Baker

Page 14

Clifford Baker
Born: 4 Oct 1920
Died: 23 Oct 2010
He married Leoma Minnie Barner 24 Jun 1947
She was born: 20 Apr 1924
She died: 23 Nov 2018

Clifford Baker

Erwin Baker
Born: 26 Dec 1921
Died: 30 Apr 2007

Erwin Baker

Irene Baker
Born: 5 May 1924
Died: 29 Oct 1998
She married Fred VonSeggern
He was born: 2 Dec 1916
He died: 27 Mar 2001

Irene Baker


Clara Bichel Baker, Amelia Kay Bichel, Helene Bichel Meyer
Bichel Sisters

Page 15

Frieda Bichel
Married Grover Larsen 7 May 1919
He was born 18 Aug 1892
He died 23 Aug 1946

Grover and Frieda Larsen

L-R: Lowell Larsen and Jean Larsen

Lowell and Jean Larsen

Frieda with Lowell

Frieda and Lowell

The Larsen Family
At home in Gurley, Nebraska

Jean, Frieda, Grover, Elda and Lowell
Larsen Family

Page 16

Lowell Larsen
Born: 11 Oct 1920
Died: 29 Dec 1971
He married Alice Mae Bell 12 Jun 1947
She was born: 18 Mar 1924
She died: 16 Mar 2018

Lowell and Alice Larsen
Lowell Larsen
Lowell Larsen

Page 17

Jean Larsen
Born: 22 Aug 1923
Died: 10 Jul 2009

Jean Larsen
Jean Larsen

This page included a photo of Jean Larsen with living family members

This page included a photo of Jean Larsen with living family members

Page 18

Elda Larsen
Born: 16 Aug 1931
Died: 28 Jul 2014
She married Lavern Draper in 1950
He was born: 02 Aug 1931
He died: 15 Nov 1994

Elda Larsen

Lavern and Elda Draper, 1950

Lavern and Elda Draper

There is a photo on this page of Lavern and Elda with living relatives

Page 19

Helene Bichel
She married Bernard Meyer 04 Feb 1920
He was born: 02 Oct 1889
He died: 28 Jan 1971

Bernard and Helene's Wedding Party
L-R Standing: Ernest Bichel, Carl Bichel, Mrs. Otto Test, Unknown
Note: Mrs. Otto Test was named Johanna, maiden name Longe. Unknown woman could be one of Bernard's sisters. There is certainly a resemblance.

Bernard and Helena Meyer's Wedding Party

Their 25th Wedding Anniversary

Carl Bichel, Estella Morrel Bichel, Ernest Bichel, Otto Test, Bernard and Helene Meyer, Johanna Longe Test, a Pastor and his wife (I think), Renetta Longe Bichel

25th Wedding Anniversary

Page 20

Bernard and Helene's 25th Anniversary L-R
Carl Bichel, Ernest Bichel, Bernard and Helene, Johanna Test

Bernard and Helene's 25th

Bernard and Helene

Helene Bichel Meyer

Page 21

Dale Meyer
Born: 02 Feb 1921
Died: 16 Sep 2003
Erna Meyer
Born: 08 Sep 1922
Died: 16 Oct 2013

Dale and Erna Meyer

Dale and Erna Meyer

Dale Meyer

Dale Meyer

Page 22

Erna Meyer married Mike Karel

Erna Meyer

This page contained a photo of Erna's family with living persons

Page 23

Albert Bichel
married Ida Baier 16 Feb 1938
She was born: 21 July 1908
She died: 08 Aug 1992

Albert Bichel
Albert and Carl Bichel
Ida Baier

Albert and Ida's 40th Wedding Anniversary
Walt Baier, Albert, Ida, and Edna Baker Hansen

Albert and Ida's 40th Anniversary

Albert and Ida Bichel

Page 24

Carl Bichel
married Renetta Longe 12 Sep 1923
She was born: 31 Jan 1904
She died: 11 Jul 1980

Carl Bichel
Carl Bichel

Wedding Party L-R
Adella Longe, Renetta, Carl, Albert

Carl and Renetta's Wedding
Carl and Renetta

Wedding Trip to visit Frieda in Gurley, Nebraska
Lowell Larsen, Renetta, Carl, Frieda Larsen

Wedding Trip

Carl holding his first born, Darwin

Carl and Darwin

Page 25

Carl and Renetta Bichel
40th Wedding Anniversary

Carl and Renetta's 40th

Page 26

This page included a family portrait with all Carl and Renetta's children. Some family members are still living.

Carl and Renetta's 50th Anniversary
12 Sep 1973

Carl and Renetta's 50th

Page 27

Dad (Carl Bichel) with fish we caught in West Okoboji Lake, IA


Mom (Renetta Bichel) at Wayne House


At Albert and Ida's House
Lowell Larsen, Alice Larsen holding Frieda June Larsen, Carl Bichel holding Lowell Timothy Larsen, Renetta Bichel, Ida Bichel, Albert Bichel

Larsens and Bichels

This page contained a photo of living family members

Glenn and Carl Bichel

Glenn and Carl

Carl and Renetta's 50th

50th Anniversary

Page 28

Carl Bichel and Renetta Longe's Wedding Party 12 Sep 1923 Best Man: Albert Bichel Maid of Honor: Adella Longe Ring Bearer: Marvin Bichel Flower Girl: Alice Baker

Carl and Renetta's Wedding Party

Page 29

This page contains a photo of living family members

Darwin and Renetta Bichel at the Farmhouse, Feb 1945

Darwin and Renetta

L-R Standing:
Ida Bichel, Renetta Bichel, Helene Meyer
L-R Sitting: Clara Baker, Amelia Bichel, and Mrs. Henry Baker
Note: William Baker (Clara Bichel's husband) had a brother named Herman Henry. If this is his wife, then her name was Sophie, maiden name Longe.

SIsters and Sisters-in-law

Page 30- Page 48

These pages contain photos of Carl and Renetta's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Most of these photos are more current and contain images of living family members. I don't feel comfortable sharing these at this time.

Page 49

Herman August Longe
Born: 13 May 1867
Died: 30 Mar 1951

Emma C. Miller
Born: 05 Feb 1879
Died: 31 Mar 1966

Herman Longe and Emma Miller Wedding Party, 26 Dec 1899
Minnie Miller (Emma's sister), Theo Utech, Louise Loescher (cousin), Emil Miller (Emma's brother)

Note: Darwin listed Theo Utech as being in the wedding party, but on their wedding certificate, it was Fritz Utech, Herman's brother in law.

Update: Family member, Sandy Utecht Morari, has pointed out that the Fritz Utecht in the wedding party is most likely Frederick Utecht, nephew of Herman. His brother in law would have been in his 50's at the time of this wedding. Thank you for sharing Sandy!

Herman and Emma's Wedding Party

Herman and Emma Longe
Adella Longe to the left
Edmund Longe in the back
Arthur Longe in the front
Renetta Longe to the right

Herman and Emma Longe's Family

Page 50

Herman and Emma Longe's Farmstead
Adella and Edmund with Emma

Longe Farmstead

Miller Family Reunion at Allen and Otilla Kuhn's
place in Norfolk, NE.
Emma Longe, Otilla Kuhn and Minnie McGinnis were sisters

Miller Family Reunion

Page 51

Longe Family Reunion

Herman Longe with his brothers and sister
I don't know which brother is which.
Brother's names were: Albert, Frank, Theodore, Emil, and Amos
His sister was Augusta

Herman Longe with Siblings

There is a family photo on this page with living relatives

Page 52

Herman and Emma Longe's Children
Back: Adella Longe
Left: Edmund Longe
Right: Renetta Longe
Front: Arthur Longe

Herman and Emma Longe's Children

Page 53

Adella Longe
Born: 14 Oct 1900
Died: 05 Jan 1998
She married Carl Frevert 11 Mar 1926
He was born: 19 Aug 1899
He died: Feb 1983

Adella Verna Longe
Adella Longe

Far left is Edmund Longe, Unsure of Maid of Honor, possibly Ida Ecktenkamp, Flower girl unknown

Adella and Carl's Wedding
Carl and Adella Frevert

Page 54

Carl and Adella Frevert

Page 55

Laverne, Mildred and Kenneth Frevert

Frevert Children

Mildred Frevert
married Wesley Flueger

Wesley and Mildred Flueger

Page 56

this page contains photos with living members of Laverne's and Kenneth's family

Page 57

Adella, Renetta and Edmund Longe

Longe Children

Edmund Longe
Born: 15 May 1902
Died: 03 Jun 1953
married Ida Ecktenkamp 14 Dec 1933
She was born: 17 Apr 1908
She died: 20 Jun 1997

Edmund and Ida Longe

Carl Bichel, Renetta Longe, Ida Ecktenkamp? (possibly) and Edmund Longe

Photo at the Longe Farm

Page 58

This page contains photos of living members of Edmund and Ida's family

Page 59

Right Rear: Adella Longe
Right Front: Renetta Longe
Two girls on the left unknown

Adella and Renetta

There is a photo on this page with Renetta and some of her living chilren

Renetta Longe

Adella and Renetta

Page 60

In Front of Herman and Emma's Farm House
Adella and Renetta in the middle

Longe Farm House

Herman Longe by the Garage on the farm
Ruby Rubeck beside him
Child is Ardath Bichel
Perhaps Renetta sitting behind Ardath
Note: Arthur Longe married Marie Rubeck, but I can't find a Ruby Rubeck
connected to the family

Herman Longe

Carl and Renetta Bichel at the Longe Farm

Carl and Renetta

L-R Standing
Renetta Bichel, Carl Bichel, Carl Frevert, Adella Frevert
Emma Longe sitting

Longe Family Reunion

Page 61

Arthur Longe
with Adella and Renetta

Longe Children

Arthur Longe
married Marie Rubeck

This page contained 2 photos of Arthurs family with living family members

Page 62

This page contains photos of living members of Arthur Longe's family

Page 63

Otilla and Allen Kuhn, Emma Longe, and Minnie McGinnis


Minnie McGinnis, Emma Longe, and Otilla Kuhn


Family Get Together at the Kuhn's

Minnie and Zell McGinnis

Otilla with relatives,
probably in California

Emma Longe

Page 64

Otilla Kuhn
John Allen Kuhn

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