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Unconnected Notables

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(Note: This page is a sub-page of the Connectors Chat page and the Notables Project. For more details about what's going on here, please read the Connectors Chat page. Also, please post any messages about what's happening on this page on the Connectors Chat page.)

This table lists notables who have profiles on WikiTree that are not yet connected to the main tree.

  • The "Branch Size" number is the total number of profiles in the branch that contains that notable's profile. (If the branch size is 1, it means that that notable has not been linked to any parent, spouse, or child's profile.)
  • The "Name" is the full name for that notable, or the name by which they are commonly known.
  • The "Last Name At Birth" is normally that notable's last name at birth. (If that notable is from a culture which does not use last names, then the Last Name At Birth will be whatever is used in that person's WikiTree ID.)
  • The "Country" cell includes any country where somebody from that branch was born. (Note that many branches spread over more than one country, so you may miss some branches that are at least partly in the country you're looking for if you sort the table by this column. To make sure that you find all of them, try searching within this page using Control-F if you're running Linux or Windows, or Command-F if you're running macOS.)
  • The "Notable As" cell is a short description of why that person is considered to be notable.
  • An asterisk (*) in the "Five Star" column means that that person's profile is considered "5 star". In other words, it has received at least 1,000 total views from at least 100 separate visitors in the past year. These profiles need special attention to improve them, and help WikiTree put our best foot forward. See Chris' announcement, "Will you help us improve the most-visited profiles?" for more details.
  • The "Badge Needed" column will say "1700" if that notable was born before 1700, or "1500" if that notable was born before 1500. If you want to work on pre-1700 profiles, you need to take the Pre-1700 Self-Certification. If you want to work on pre-1500 profiles, you need to request a Pre-1500 Certification.
  • If there is an asterisk (*) in the "1900" column, it means that person was alive in the year 1900. This is to mark profiles that are eligible for inclusion in La Belle Époque Project.

The default sort for the list is first by whether the person is a "5 star" notable, then by the number of profiles in that branch, then by coutry, then by surname, then by given name, but you can sort the list by any column (Branch Size, Name, Last Name At Birth, Country, Notable As, or Working On) by clicking on the sort symbol in the header for that column.

Free space profiles (like this one) work pretty much the same way that profiles for people do, so all the same syntax applies. So to show that you are working on a branch, edit this page, scroll down to the listing you want to work on, and replace the number at the end of the line with two opening square brackets ([), then your WikiTree ID, then a pipe (|), then your name, then two closing square brackets (]), like this: [[Example-123|Ferdinand Grubstake]].

Similarly, when you connect a branch (or discover one that's already connected), add Connected (or Found connected) and then the date. Put three single quotes (') before and after "connected" to put it into bold, like this: "'Connected'" February 29, 2020. One of the page pruners will then delete that entry in a couple of weeks, after everybody has had a chance to celebrate the new connection.

Feel free to add more unconnected notables, but please do not add notables whose profiles are not set to Open. Connecting is hard enough without having to deal with privacy restrictions.

For more places to find unconnected notables, see the "Resources" section at the bottom of this page.

Unconnected Notables

Branch Size Name Last Name At Birth Country Notable As Five Star Badge Needed 1900 Working On
71 Geronimo Apache Mexico, USA Apache leader * *
47 Oskar Schindler Schindler Austria Righteous Among the Nations *
43 Wassily Kandinsky Kandinsky Russia Painter and art theorist * *
32 Jeanne Louise Calment Calment France Supercentenarian * *
27 Auguste Rodin Rodin France Artist * *
19 Sashadhar Mukherjee Mukherjee India Film Producer *
19 Leonardo da Vinci Vinci Italy Artist, Inventor * 1500
18 Mohandas Gandhi Gandhi India Leader of Indian nationalism * *
18 Murdoch Nesbit Nesbit Scotland Bible translator * 1500
17 Ann Kenney Kenney England Suffragette * *
17 Danny Kaye Kaminsky USA Actor *
15 William Kidd Kidd Scotland Privateer *
13 Henry Hudson Hudson England Explorer * 1700
13 Elijah McCoy McCoy USA, Canada Inventor with 57 patents * *
12 Richard Allen Allen USA Minister, educator, and writer *
11 John Wood Wood England Clothier *
11 Nelson Mandela Mandela South Africa Activist and president *
10 Adriaen Block Block Netherlands Privateer * 1700
8 William Dampier Dampier England Explorer, pirate, and navigator *
8 Louis Vuitton Vuitton France Designer *
8 Joan Miró i Ferrà Miro Spain Artist * *
7 Joan of Arc D'Arc France Heroine of France * 1500
7 Nutan Samarath India Actor *
6 Jean Henri Dunant Dunant Switzerland Founder of the Red Cross * *
4 Gustav Klimt Klimt Austria Painter * *
4 George Washington Carver Carver USA Inventor * *
3 Sojourner Truth Baumfree USA Abolitionist and women's rights activist *
2 Mary Fields Fields USA First African-American woman employed as a mail carrier in the United States * *
1 Ferdinand Magellan Magellan Portugal Explorer * 1500
117 Whitney M. Young Jr. Young USA Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient
92 Oscar Micheaux Michaux USA Author, filmmaker and producer *
87 Simeon Morrill Morrill USA, Canada Mayor of London, Ontario
60Howard Carter Carter England Archaeologist *
60 Kakuma Yasumasa Kakuma Japan Politician *
57 Uda Shintaro 宇田 Japan Inventor
56 Werner Klemperer Klemperer Austria, Germany Actor
54 Zhang Zuolin Zhang China Warlord *
54Clive Dunn Dunn England, Scotland Actor
45 Thomas Waddell Waddell Canada Politician *
44 Rudolf Caracciola Caracciola Germany Racing car driver
30Pelé Nascimento Brazil Football (Soccer) Player
23Jim Croce Croce USA Singer-Songwriter
21 Victor David Brenner Brenner Lithuania, Russia Designer of the Lincoln penny
20 Luis R. Esteves Esteves USA WW II general Karen Tobo
19 Josef Goldstein Goldstein Austria, Hungary Cantor and composer
18 Cilla Black White England Singer, actress, television presenter and author
18 Stan Berenstain Berenstain USA Children's author
17 Joseph Medicine Crow Medicine Crow USA War chief, author, and historian of the Crow Nation
16 Claude McKay McKay Jamaica Writer, poet, and seminal figure in the Harlem Renaissance *
16 George Best Best Northern Ireland Football player *
16 Elijah Muhammad Poole USA One of the founders of the Nation of Islam
15 Theodor Lessing Lessing Germany Philosopher
15 Alberto Alfonso Schomburg Schomburg USA Historian, activist & writer of the Harlem Renaissance movement *
14 Martin R. Delany Delany USA, Canada Abolitionist, journalist, physician, soldier and writer
14 Askala Maryam Maryam Ethiopia Empress of Ethiopia *
13 August Horch Horch Germany Founder of one of the companies which merged into Audi *
13 Ron Glass Glass USA Actor
12 Vincent Robert Capodanno Capodanno Italy, USA Medal of Honor recipient
12 Enzo Ferrari Ferrari Italy Founder of Ferrari *
12 Ludwig Michael Mies Miles Germany Architect *
12 Don Rickles Rickles USA Comedian
10 W. P. Kinsella Kinsella Canada Author
10 Bagyidaw Konbaung Myanmar King
10 Alexander Carmichael MacGilleMhìcheil Scotland Exciseman, folklorist, antiquarian, and author *
10 Daniel Hale Williams Williams USA Founder of the first non-segregated hospital in the United States *
9 Thomas Waddell Waddell Australia Politician *
9 George Phillips Phillips Canada Medal of Honor recipient
9 Jackie Burroughs Burroughs England, Ukraine, Canada Actor
9 Samuel Ajayi Crowther Crowther Nigeria First African Anglican bishop in Nigeria
9 Johan Edvard Tallaksen Tallaksen Norway Resistance member
9 Yuri Gagarin Гагарин Russia First human in space
8 Thomas Bryan Bryan England Victoria Cross recipient *
8 Andrew Sachs Sachs Germany, England Actor
8 Emiliano Zapata Zapata Salazar Mexico Revolutionary * *
8 Joey Ramone Hyman Russia, USA Musician
8 Oliver Tambo Tambo South Africa President of the ANC
8 Roberto Clemente Clemente USA Baseball player/humanitarian
8 Matthew Henson Henson USA Arctic Explorer *
8 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Powell USA Baptist pastor and first person of African-American descent to be elected to Congress Found connected 2023-04-09.
7 Albany Hancock Hancock England Naturalist
7 Frederick Montague Montague England First Baron Amwell *
7 William Thomas Stead Stead England Editor of the Northern Echo, Titanic victim *
7 Purnima Sinha Sen-Gupta India First Bengali woman to receive a Doctorate in Physics
7 Robert McVitie McVitie Scotland Founder of McVitie's
6 Hal David David Austria, USA Lyricist Found connected 2023-04-23.
6 Margarita Zhukova Жукова Belarus Educator and scientist
6 Barbara Howard Howard Canada, USA Athlete, teacher
6 Andrew Miller Miller Canada, USA Publisher *
6 Henry Shepherd Shepherd Canada Pioneering black soldier, descendant of slaves *
6 Alexander Welch Welch Canada Manitoba Politician *
6 Kathleen Ferrier Ferrier England Singer
6 Emma Martina Luigia Morano Morano Italy Supercentenarian * *
6 Amiri Baraka Jones USA Actor, teacher, director, producer, writer, activist, and poet
6 Vera Rubin Cooper USA Astronomer
6 Ernest Willows Willows Wales Aviator *
6 August Wilson Wilson USA Playwright
6 Carter Woodson Woodson USA Founder of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History *
5 Mother Teresa Bojaxhiu Albania Founder of the Missionaries of Charity *
5 Franz Joseph Haydn Kirchner Austria Composer
5 Gabriel García Márquez Márquez Colombia Novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist
5 Alice Herz-Sommer Herz Czech Republic Pianist, music teacher, holocaust survivor, and super-centenarian
5 Rudolf Kříženecký Kříženecký Czech Republic architect *
5 Gladys Aylward Aylward England Missionary to China *
5 John Harrison Harrison England Inventor of the marine chronometer 1700
5 Kalpana Chawla Chawla India NASA Astronaut
5 Giacomo Puccini Puccini Italy Composer *
5 Sadako Sasaki Sasaki Japan Origami Artist
5 Chinua Achebe Achebe Nigeria Author
5 Annie French French Scotland Painter, engraver, illustrator, and designer associated with the Glasgow School *
5 Francisco Goya Goya Spain Artist
5 Shirley Chisholm St. Hill USA First African American Congresswoman Found connected 2023-04-23.
5 Alexander Crummell Crummell USA Minister, academic, and African nationalist
5 Bob Homme Homme USA, Canada The Friendly Giant
5 Barbara Jean McNair McNair USA Singer and actor
5 Denise McNair McNair USA Victim of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing
5 Asa Philip Randolph Randolph USA Labor unionist, civil rights activist, and politician *
5 David Walker Walker USA Abolitionist Found connected 2023-04-23.
5 John Welch Welch USA Ohio Politician
4 Hélène Dutrieu Dutrieu Belgium Cycling champion, stunt motorcyclist, race car driver, stunt driver, war ambulance driver and aviatrix *
4 James Welch Welch England Victoria Cross recipient *
4 Pierre Plantard Plantard France Perpetrator of the Priory of Sion hoax
4 Albrecht Dürer Dürer Germany Artist 1500
4 Niccolò Paganini Paganini Italy Composer
4 Jiroemon Kimura 木村 Japan Supercentenarian *
4 Yamazaki Tomie Yamazaki Japan Beautician, war widow *
4 Willem Barentz Barentsz Netherlands Explorer 1700
4 Mel Hurtig Hurtig Romania, Ukraine, Canada Publisher, author, political activist, and political candidate
4 Vladimir Komarov Комаро́в Russia Cosmonaut
4 Georgiy Dobrovolsky Доброво́льский Ukraine Cosmonaut
4 Igor Sikorsky Sikorsky Ukraine Inventor of the helicopter *
4Cleveland Leigh Abbott Abbott USA football
4 Nathan Abshire Abshire USA Cajun musician Found connected 2023-04-23.
4 John Henrik Clarke Clark USA Historian, professor, and pioneer in Africana studies
4 Frank Robinson Robinson USA Baseball player and manager
4 Fran Welch Welch USA Football player and coach, track and field coach, and college athletics administrator *
4 Frank Welch Welch USA Baseball player *
4 Allen Clayton West West USA Criminal
4 Joseph C. White White USA Politician
4 Richard Wright Wright USA Author
3 Epanow Wampanoag Native America Kidnapped Native American who escaped *
3 Austin Clarke Clarke Barbados, Canada Novelist
3 Esma Cannon Cannon Australia Actress
3 Carrie Best Prevoe Canada Journalist and social activist
3 Joseph White White Canada Pilot and Distinguished Flying Cross recipient
3 Umm Kulthum ‘Ibrāhīm es-Sayyid el-Beltāgī Egypt Singer *
3 William Crozier Crozier England Editor of the Manchester Guardian *
3 Stephen Hancock Hancock England Actor
3 H.F. S. Morgan Morgan England Founder of Morgan Motor Company *
3 Eric Thompson Thompson England Actor and producer
3 Robert Radford Welch Welch England Designer
3 Jean de Brébeuf de Brébeuf France Missionary to the Huron 1700
3 Béla Bartók Bartók Hungary Composer *
3 Zaha Hadid Hadid Iraq, Morocco Architect (Connects to the Moroccan Alouite Dynasty via marriage)
3 Albert Sharpe Sharpe Ireland Actor *
3 Rabindranath Tagore Tagore India Poet, writer, playwright, composer, philosopher, social reformer and painter * *
3 Marcus Garvey Garvey Jamaica Founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association *
3 Erasmus Roterodamus Netherlands Scholar 1500
3 George Woods Woods New Zealand Artist
3 John Pender Pender Scotland Founder of Cable & Wireless Found connected 2023-04-23.
3 John M. Clayton Clayton USA Chief Justice
3 Eleanor Abbott Abbott Canada, USA Candy Land board game
3 Helen Aberson-Mayer Aberson USA children's book author
3 Cuba Gooding Sr. Gooding USA Musician and actor
3 Fannie Lou Hamer Townsend USA Voting rights activist
3 John Harold Johnson Johnson USA Magazine publisher
3 Benjamin Barr Lindsey Lindsey USA Judge and social reformer *
3 Cleavon Little Little USA Actor
3 Alain LeRoy Locke Locke USA Writer, philosopher, educator, and patron of the arts *
3 Johnny Ramone Cummings USA Musician
3 Thomas Vincent Welch Welch USA Leader in the "Free Niagara" movement *
3 Buzz Westfall Westfall USA Politician
3 Alvin White White USA Test pilot
2 Domingo French French Argentina Revolutionary
2 Ursula Franklin Martius Canada Metallurgist, research physicist, author, and educator
2 Frederick John French French Canada Lawyer and politician *
2 Bob Welch Welch Canada Ontario Politician
2 John Day Day England Printer 1700
2 Margret Rey Waldstein Germany Children's author
2 Aikaterini Paxinou Konstantopoulou Greece Actor *
2 Utako Okamoto Okamoto Japan Doctor and medical researcher
2 Leonhard Seppala Seppala Norway Dog breeder, trainer, and musher
2 Chung Ju-yung Chung South Korea Founder of Hyundai
2 Nadezhda Popova Popova Ukraine Pilot
2 Agnes Dean Abbatt Abbatt USA landscape painter
2 Antonino Leonardo Accardo Accardo USA Chicago mobster
2 Nathaniel Booth Booth USA Abolitionist *
2 Gus Cannon Cannon USA Musician *
2 Kenneth Clark Clark USA First African American president of the American Psychological Association Found connected 2023-04-23.
2 Bob McNair McNair USA Businessman and owner of the Houston Texans
2 Frank Welch Welch USA Nebraska Politician
2 Phillis Wheatley Wheatley USA First published female African-American poet
2 Edward Welch Welch Wales Architect
1 Po'pay Ohlay Owingeh Ohlay Owingeh New Spain Native American leader
1 Casimiro Alcorta Alcorta Argentina One of the fathers of Tango music *
1 Ángel Villoldo Villoldo Argentina One of the fathers of Tango music *
1 Allan Percy Fleming Fleming Australia National Librarian
1 Reg Goodes Goodes Australia Australian Rules football player
1 Alan Waddell Waddell Australia Walked every street in 284 suburbs of Sydney
1 Franz Gruber Gruber Austria Composed the music to Stille Nacht (Silent Night) *
1 Reinhard Furrer Furrer Austria, Germany Physicist and astronaut
1 Joseph Mohr Mohr Austria Composed the words to Stille Nacht (Silent Night)
1 Fazlur Rahman Khan Khan Bangladesh Architect
1 Jagadish Chandra Bose Bose Bangladesh Physicist, biologist, botanist and archaeologist *
1 Sarah Ann Gill Gill Barbados Religious liberty pioneer
1 Константин Иванович Сокольский Сокольский Belarus Admiral
1 Augusto Fragoso Fragoso Brazil Writer, soldier and politician *
1 Luiz Gonzaga do Nascimento do Nascimento Brazil Singer
1 Angèle Arsenault Arsenault Canada Singer, songwriter, media host
1 William Knapp Buckley Buckley Canada Founder of Buckley's LImited
1 John Cannon Ireland, Newfoundland Canada Builder and politician Found connected 2023-04-23.
1 Eleanor Coerr Page Canada Children's author
1 Henriette Feller Odin Switzerland, Canada Baptist missionary to Québec
1 David French French Canada Actor and playwright
1 Ruth Goldbloom Schwartz Canada Philanthropist
1 Stuart McLean McLean Canada Journalist, broadcaster, humorist, and author Found connected 2023-04-09.
1 Ernest Henry Nickel Nickel Canada, Australia Mineralogist
1 Harry Watson Watson Canada Ice hockey player *
1 Li Ching-Yuen Li China Super Centenarian *
1 Qian Xuesen China Aerodynamicist, cyberneticist and politician
1 Else Holmelund Minarik Holmelund Denmark Author
1 Charlie Slade Slade England Football Player *
1 Henry Royce Royce England Co-founder of Rolls-Royce *
1 William Slade Slade England Member of Olympic tug of war team *
1 William Crawford Crawford England Member of Parliament
1 George Davenport Davenport England "The Leicester Highwayman"
1 Charles Fenwick Fenwick England Member of Parliament *
1 Christopher French French England High Court Judge
1 Donald Guthrie Guthrie England New Testament Scholar
1 Thomas Heywood Heywood England Playwright, actor, and author 1700
1 Thomas Hudson Hudson England Painter
1 Cliff Michelmore Michelmore England BBC television presenter
1 Brian Miller Miller England Football player
1 John Phillips Phillips England Pirate
1 Tazmin Pugh Pugh England Swimmer
1 John Smyth Smyth England Founder of the Baptists 1700
1 Sid Waddell Waddell England Sports commentator
1 C.H. Welch Welch England Theologian *
1 Denton Welch Welch England Writer and painter
1 Andrew White White England Jesuit missionary 1700
1 Gerda Taro Pohorylle Germany Photographer
1 Karl Baedeker Baedeker Germany Publisher of tourist guidebooks
1 Heinrich Nickel Nickel Germany General
1 József Dobos Dobos Hungary Inventor of the Dobos torte *
1 Asima Chatterjee Mookerjee India First woman to receive a Doctorate of Science from an Indian university
1 Leonardus Jansen Jansen Indonesia, Netherlands Portrait painter
1 Rendra Rendra Indonesia Poet, activist, performer, actor and director *
1 Whitey McDonald McDonald Ireland Football player
1 Anthony C. West West Ireland Author
1 James White White Ireland Politician
1 Carlo Collodi Lorenzini Italy Children's author
1 Italo Svevo Schmitz Italy Writer *
1 Harold McNair McNair Jamaica Jazz musician
1 Rosario Castellanos Figuerosa Mexico Poet, author, and feminist
1 Win Tin Tin Myanmar Newspaper editor
1 Jan Luyken Luyken Netherlands Artist and engraver 1700
1 Gervan McMillan McMillan New Zealand Doctor and politician
1 Anthony Anenih Anenih Nigeria Politician
1 Adamu Ciroma Ciroma Nigeria Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria
1 James White White Northern Ireland Author
1 Hashim Khan Khan Pakistan Squash Player
1 Ahmad Bashir بشیر Pakistan Writer, journalist, film director
1 Irene Lieblich Lieblich Poland, USA Artist and Holocaust survivor
1 Miklós Borsos Borsos Romania Sculptor
1 Sándor Bortnyik Bortnyik Hungary, Romania Painter and graphic designer *
1 Valery Kubasov Kubasov Russia Cosmonaut
1 Fazlur Rahman Khan Khan Saudi Arabia Architect
1 Adam Galloway Miller Miller Scotland Football player *
1 Laurence A. Waddell Waddell Scotland Explorer, professor, surgeon, collector, and amateur archaeologist *
1 Senzo Meyiwa Meyiwa South Africa Football player
1 Alonso Álvarez Pineda Pineda Spain Conquistador and cartographer * 1500
1 Théophile Steinlen Steinlen Switzerland Artist *
1 Liudmyla Pavlychenko Павличенко Ukraine Sniper
1 Arthur McDonald McDonald UK, South Africa Air Force officer
1 Eric Archibald McNair McNair UK Victoria Cross recipient
1 Edmonia Lewis Lewis Haiti, USA Sculptor *
1 Raffaella "Rae" Julia Theresa (Abruzzo) Allen Abruzzo USA singer, actress, director
1 Crispus Attucks Attucks USA Victim of the Boston Massacre
1 Augustus Barry Barry Ireland, USA Medal of Honor recipient
1 Howard Cannon Cannon USA Senator
1 Charlie French French USA Baseball player *
1 Daniel French French USA Inventor
1 Francis Henry French French USA Army Major-General who fought in three wars *
1 James B. French French USA Member of the Wisconsin State Assembly *
1 James Strange French French USA Lawyer, novelist, and hotel keeper
1 Samuel French French USA Theatrical publisher
1 Edna Guy Guy USA Dancer
1 Prince Hall Hall USA Abolitionist and Freemason
1 John Hemphill Hemphill USA Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas
1 Tom Kibler Kibler USA Athlete and coach *
1 James Lloyd Lloyd USA Senator from Massachusetts
1 Eugene F. McDonald McDonald USA Co-founder of Zenith *
1 James Grover McDonald McDonald USA First U.S. Ambassador to Israel *
1 Adam David Miller Miller USA Poet, writer, publisher, and radio programmer and producer
1 Alice D. G. Miller Miller USA Screenwriter *
1 Amos Miller Miller USA Lynching victim
1 Richard Nickel Nickel USA Achitectural photographer and historical preservationist
1 William Roth Roth USA Senator
1 Tim Rucks Rucks USA Football player and coach
1 Benjamin Singleton Singleton USA Escaped slave, abolitionist, and businessman *
1 Jeff Slade Slade USA Basketball Player
1 Helen Thomas Thomas USA Journalist
1 Rube Waddell Waddell USA Baseball player *
1 Christopher Evan Welch Welch USA Actor
1 Edward F. Welch, Jr. Welch USA Rear Admiral
1 Herbert George Welch Welch USA Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, The Methodist Church and the United Methodist Church *
1 Johnny Welch Welch USA Baseball player
1 John West West USA Lynching victim
1 Bryn Phillips Phillips Wales Rugby Player *
1 Dewi Phillips Phillips Wales Philosopher
1 Henry Morton Stanley Stanley Wales Journalist and Explorer *
1 Patrick Fani Chakaipa Chakaipa Zimbabwe Archbishop of Harare
1 Buzwani Donald Mothobi Mothobi Zimbabwe Academic, civil servant, and diplomat


Other Unconnected Notables

These links are to other sources of unconnected notables. Some of these lists are specifically for unconnected profiles, and some of them are lists of notables, some of whom are connected and some of whom are not.

Free Space Profiles

WikiTree+ Reports

Data Doctors Suggestions

Notables Project: Notables Profiles in need of Improvement

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This time around checking this list, I found three newly-connected profiles, and found linked relatives for four notables who had been stuck at the bottom of the list with a branch size of one. I also moved a bunch of profiles out of this list to https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Unconnected_World_Leaders and the new https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Unconnected_Archivists and https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Unconnected_Nobel_Laureates pages.
posted by Greg Slade
I'm working through the page, marking people as connected if they're connected, and changing the branch size where more family members have been added. I'm excited at how many profiles that used to be unlinked now have family members linked. The section with a branch size of "1" is still the largest, but we're making progress. Thank you!
posted by Greg Slade
I think Geronimo is connected, if I understand connections correctly. His wives and some of their spouses have profiles. I'm trying to remember or find the name of his grand daughter or great grand daughter who spoke at a Native conference I attended in New York State in the '90s to work back from her as well.
posted by Lorraine O'Dell M.L.S.
There's a difference between being linked to other profiles and connected to the main tree. If you look at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hansberry-31 and scroll down to the bottom of that page, you'll see a block of text that starts with "Lorraine is 37 degrees from Queen Elizabeth II Windsor, 42 degrees from Tony Blair,..." Any profile that has that block of text near the bottom is "connected". Any profile that doesn't is not "connected". It may be "linked", but the term "connected" only applies if there is a connection to the "main tree" which has millions of profiles all connected to one another. The next-largest branch has a little over 3,000 profiles. That's a lot of profiles, but it's not the same as being connected to the main tree.
posted by Greg Slade
I added/connected Oscar Wilde’s only grandson to his profile. Oscar Wilde is not connected to the “big” tree yet, but I am working on that.
posted by Nikki (Stegall) Davis
Oscar Wilde shows as connected now.
posted by Greg Slade
Should not Salvador Dalí be possible to connect via his wife Дьяконова-1 to Heiroth-1? Heiroth-1 brother might have been Alexander Alexandrovich Heiroth 1851-1902. His son might be Alexander Alexandrovich von Heiroth and his wife Lidia Heiroth (Diakonova) might be sister to Дьяконова-1.
posted by Axel Svensson
edited by Axel Svensson
Ah. We don't go on "might be" here. We look for sources so we can say "is".
posted by Greg Slade
Ofcourse, it's the reason I wrote "might have" instead of "would"! It's just hints for anyone with knowledge in Russian sources (St Petersburg to start with for Alexander Alexandrovich Heiroth). I have no clue about these source and will not add any profile outside Sweden. It's possible three new profiles that needs to be added to connect over 600 other profiles.
posted by Axel Svensson
Ah. Okay, I misunderstood your meaning. But yes, I would love to find somebody who can handle Russian sources. Among other people, not a single cosmonaut is connected to the main tree yet.
posted by Greg Slade
I have connected Boberg-57 to the big tree, he is not unconnected anymore.
posted by Axel Svensson
THANK YOU! I've been waiting for so long to see him connected!
posted by Greg Slade
It took some time but the connections was much closer to me than I thought. Our tenant's great grandfather's brother was married to Carl's daughter. I did later found a connection to our tenant's ancestors even if I had to add another 10+ profiles to connect the trees.

PS. Sweden needs another unconnected nobel in the list now! :)

posted by Axel Svensson
edited by Axel Svensson
I've added Signe Bergman to the list.
posted by Greg Slade
Thanks! Another mountain (berg) to reach!
posted by Axel Svensson
Connected her to the global tree. One more unconnected nobel Swede needed.
posted by Axel Svensson
I have added Claes Pontus Arnoldson.
posted by Greg Slade
I have connected him to the global tree.
posted by Axel Svensson
Okay, then. I've added four prime ministers. But please don't ignore Åke Kromnow. Archivists do seem to be harder to source, but their work is so essential to our work that I would like to honour them.
posted by Greg Slade
NZ archivist Judith Sidney Hornabrook now connected - possibly show tomorrow. Walter Nash looks to be also.
posted by Kylie Fowler
Thank you for connecting Judith Hornabrook, Kylie! I root for archivists to be identified, sourced, and connected, but I have found them to be hard to do! Good job!

Oh, and my bad on Walter Nash. I knew from the Quest for Great-Grandparents: Kiwi Edition challenge that he'd been connected, but I forgot to check for him on this page!

posted by Greg Slade
edited by Greg Slade
All the NZ ones are now connected and will show tomorrow probably, except Jonah Lomu. I have never managed that one.

I've managed to work out the table editing and have added that they are connected.

posted by Kylie Fowler
Kylie, WikiTree+ still lists 122 unconnected Kiwi notables. I use the "Unconnected Notables" link near the bottom of the page, and then edit the URL in the address bar to specify a country. Thus, https://wikitree.sdms.si/function/WTWebProfileSearch/Profiles.htm?Query=unconnected+notables+new+zealand is the list of unconnected notables who have some connection to New Zealand. You seem to be able to connect them pretty much as quickly as I add them to the page, so maybe it would be more efficient for you just to work through the report, and then we can add anybody who you can't connect to this page. What do you think?
posted by Greg Slade
Yep, I'll have a go. I get a bit lost in the Wiki+ reports but with instructions I should be fine! Cheers!
posted by Kylie Fowler
The list is officially at 117 now but there are, at least, ten more to come off when refreshed. Ryan-3199 and Jackson-11420 should definitely go on your list though. I've done what I can on NZ part of Bill Jackson and still haven't found a connection and Frank Ryan is a 1930's birth with no parents. I won't be able to do any of the Maori names on the last page either, I doubt.
posted by Kylie Fowler
I've added Ryan-3199, but you don't need to worry about Jackson-11420. He's not a notable. (I know his profile has the sticker, but there's no Wikipedia entry for him.)
posted by Greg Slade
But he is Peter Jackson's father;-)
posted by Kylie Fowler