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Unconnected World Leaders

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(Note: This page is a sub-page of the Unconnected Notables page, which, in turn, is a sub-page of the Connectors Chat page. For more details about what's going on here, please read the Connectors Chat page. Also, please post any messages about what's happening on this page on the Connectors Chat page.)

This table lists deceased world leaders who have profiles on WikiTree that are not yet connected to the main tree. Specifically, this list is for deceased heads of state (monarchs, presidents, etc.) and heads of government (chancellors, prime ministers, viziers, etc.) Please do not add any profiles that do not have the privacy set to "Open", because people wouldn't be able to work on them.

The goal to put up at least one head of state (monarchs, presidents, etc.) and one head of government (chancellors, prime ministers, etc.) for each country in the world. In some cases (Australia Canada, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States) all (or nearly all) of the former leaders are already on WikiTree and connected. But, for many countries, I haven't been able to find a single profile for a former leader. (And, in some cases, the profiles I did find weren't for leaders who reflect well on those countries -- sorry about that!) If you're from (or interested in) a country which has no profiles for former leaders on WikiTree, please feel free to create a profile for a former leader, and then add that profile to the list here.

  • The "Branch Size" number is the total number of profiles in the branch that contains that notable's profile. (If the branch size is 1, it means that that notable has not been linked to any parent, spouse, or child's profile.)
  • The "Name" is the full name for that notable, or the name by which they are commonly known.
  • The "Last Name At Birth" is normally that notable's last name at birth. (If that notable is from a culture which does not use last names, then the Last Name At Birth will be whatever is used in that person's WikiTree ID.)
  • The "Country" cell lists the country that this person governed.
  • The "Notable As" cell is a short description of why that person is included in this list.
  • An asterisk (*) in the "Five Star" column means that that person's profile is considered "5 star". In other words, it has received at least 1,000 total views from at least 100 separate visitors in the past year. These profiles need special attention to improve them, and help WikiTree put our best foor forward. See Chris' announcement, "Will you help us improve the most-visited profiles?" for more details.
  • The "Badge Needed" column will say "1700" if that notable was born before 1700, or "1500" if that notable was born before 1500. If you want to work on pre-1700 profiles, you need to take the Pre-1700 Self-Certification. If you want to work on pre-1500 profiles, you need to request a Pre-1500 Certification.
  • If there is an asterisk (*) in the "1900" column, it means that person was alive in the year 1900.

You can sort the list by any column (Branch Size, Name, Last Name At Birth, Country, Notable As, or Working On) by clicking on the sort symbol in the header for that column.

Free space profiles (like this one) work pretty much the same way that profiles for people do, so all the same syntax applies. So to show that you are working on a branch, edit this page, scroll down to the listing you want work on, and replace the number at the end of the line with two opening square brackets ([), then your WikiTree ID, then a pipe (|), then your name, then two closing square brackets (]), like this: [[Example-123|Ferdinand Grubstake]].

Similarly, when you connect a branch (or discover one that's already connected), add Connected (or Found connected) and then the date. Put three single quotes (') before and after "connected" to put it into bold, like this: "'Connected'" February 29, 2020. One of the page pruners will then delete that entry in a couple of weeks, after everybody has had a chance to celebrate the new connection.

For more places to find unconnected notables, see the "Resources" section at the bottom of this page.

Unconnected World Leaders

Branch Size Name Last Name At Birth Country Notable As Five Star Badge Needed 1900 Working On
1 Burhānuddīn Rabbānī Rabbānī Afghanistan President
1 Enver Hoxha Hoxha Albania First Secretary
1 Ramiz Alia Alia Albania President
1 Chadli Bendjedid Bendjedid Algeria President
1 Ali Kafi Kafi Algeria Acting President
1 Agostinho Neto Neto Angola First President
1 Vere Bird Bird Antigua and Barbuda First Prime Minister
1 George Walter Walter Antigua and Barbuda Second Prime Minister
1 Roberto María Ortiz Ortiz Argentina 33rd President *
2 Ramón Antonio Castillo Castillo Argentina 34th President *
5 Néstor Kirchner Kirchner Argentina 63rd President
1 Vazgen Sargsyan Սարգսյան Armenia Prime Minister
4 Zelman Cowen Cowen Australia 19th Governor-General
7 Ninian Martin Stephen Stephen Australia 20th Governor-General
1 Kurt Waldheim Waldheim Austria President
3 Thomas Klestil Klestil Austria President
4 Lynden Pindling Pindling Bahamas Prime Minister
1 Grantley Herbert Adams Adams Barbados First Prime Minister *
1 David Thompson Thompson Barbados Tenth Prime Minister
1 Hubert Pierlot Pierlot Belgium 32nd Prime Minister *
3 Achille Honoré Van Acker Van Acker Belgium 33rd Prime Minister *
2 Aurélio de Lira Tavares de Lira Tavares Brazil Member of the Military Junta of 1969 *
1 Maurice Yaméogo Laguemba Burkina Faso 1st President
2 Ahmadou Ahidjo Ahidjo Cameroon 1st President
94 Zhu Youjian Zhu China Emperor
1 Huang Fu China Acting President *
2 Belisario Betancur Betancur Cuartas Colombia President
6 Virgilio Barco Vargas Barco Vargas Colombia President
1 Mobuto Sese Seko Seko Congo President
26 Fidel Castro Ruz Cuba President
1 Václav Havel Havel Czech Republic First President
1 Stanislav Gross Gross Czech Republic Fifth Prime Minister
5 Thorvald Stauning Stauning Denmark Prime Minister *
1 Gamal Abdel Nasser Nasser Egypt Second President
1 Hosni Mubarak مبارك Egypt Fourth President
1 Girma Wolde-Giorgis ወልደ_ጊዮርጊስ Ethiopia President
7 Mauno Koivisto Koivisto Finland 9th President
4 Ludwig Wilhelm Erhard Erhard Germany Second Chancellor *
8 Helmut Kohl Kohl Germany Chancellor
4 Kwame Nkrumah Nkrumah Ghana President and Prime Minister
1 Georgios Papadopoulos Παπαδόπουλος Greece President
13 Konstantinos Karamanlis Καραμανλής Greece President
8 Konstantinos Stephanopoulos Στεφανόπουλος Greece President
1 Marc Louis Bazin Bazin Haiti Provisional President
1 Émile Jonassaint Jonassaint Haiti Provisional President
2 René Préval Préval Haiti President
1 Smarck Michel Michel Haiti Prime Minister
1 Ferenc Szálasi Szálasi Hungary Head of State *
1 Rajendra Prasad प्रसाद India 1st President
4 Rajiv Gandhi Gandhi India 6th Prime Minister
5 Abdurrahman Wahid Ad-Dakhil Indonesia Third President
11 Cathal Brugha Burgess Ireland 1st President of Dáil Éireann *
23 Liam Cosgrave Cosgrave Ireland 6th Taoiseach
23 W. T. Cosgrave Cosgrave Ireland 1st President of the Executive Council
6 John A. Costello Costello Ireland 3rd Taoiseach *
10 Arthur Griffith Griffith Ireland 3rd President of Dáil Éireann *
66 Charles Haughey Haughey Ireland 7th Taoiseach *
4 Patrick J. Hillery Hillery Ireland 6th President
66 Seán Lemass Lemass Ireland 4th Taoiseach *
12 Jack Lynch Lynch Ireland 5th Taoiseach
2 Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh O'Daly Ireland 5th President
2 Shimon Peres Perski Israel President
3 David Ben-Gurion Grün Israel First Prime Minister
1 Carlo Ciampi Ciampi Italy Tenth President
26 Donald Sangster Sangster Jamaica Second Prime Minister
4 Obuchi Keizō 小渕 Japan Prime Minister
4 Masayoshi Ito 伊東 Japan Acting Prime Minister
1 Daniel Arap Moi Moi Kenya 2nd President
2 Emilio Mwai Kibaki Kibaki Kenya 3rd President
1 أديب-1 Adib Lebanon 1st Prime Minister *
1 Khoury-54 Khoury Lebanon 2nd Prime Minister *
1 السعد-1 Es-Saad Lebanon 3rd Prime Minister *
1 أده-1 Eddé Lebanon, Egypt 4th Prime Minister *
1 دباس-1 Debbas Lebanon 5th Prime Minister *
1 Algirdas Brazauskas Brazauskas Lithuania President
1 Vicente Ramón Guerrero Guerrero Mexico Second President
4 Benito Juárez Juárez Mexico 26th President
1 Genghis Khan Khan Mongol Empire Founder * 1500
1 Willem Verhulst Verhulst New Netherland Second director
1 Umaru Musa Yar'Adua Yar'Adua Nigeria President
6 Johan Nygaardsvold Nygaardsvold Norway Prime Minister
1 Ricardo Alfaro Jované Alfaro Jované Panama 16th President
5 Omar Torrijos Herrera Torrijos Herrera Panama Maximum Leader
10 Sergio Osmeña Osmeña Philippines Fourth President *
1 Władysław Raczkiewicz Raczkiewicz Poland President-in-exile *
245 Sidónio Pais Cardoso da Silva Pais Portugal Fourth President * connected 2023-08-05.
3 Canto e Castro Canto e Castro da Silva Antunes Portugal Fifth President *
1 António José de Almeida Almeida Portugal Sixth President *
1 Mendes Cabeçadas Mendes Cabeçadas Portugal 9th President *
1 Marechal Gomes da Costa Oliveira Gomes da Costa Portugal 10th President *
91 Francisco Higino Craveiro Lopes Craveiro Lopes Portugal 12th President * connected 2023-07-28.
1 Américo Thomaz Rodrigues Thomaz Portugal 13th President *
1 António Sebastião Ribeiro de Spínola Ribeiro de Spínola Portugal 14th President *
1 Francisco da Costa Gomes Costa Gomes Portugal 15th President *
259 Jorge Sampaio Branco de Sampaio Portugal 18th President * connected 2023-07-05.
1 Francisco de Sá Carneiro Lumbrales Sá Carneiro Portugal Prime Minister *
1 Nicolae Ceaușescu Ceaușescu Romania President
2 Boris Yeltsin Yeltsin Russia President
6 Lee Kuan Yew Singapore Prime Minister
11 Nelson Mandela Mandela South Africa President *
12 Carl Albert Staaff Staaff Sweden Prime minister *
1 Ernst Trygger Trygger Sweden Prime minister *
2 Rickard Sandler Sandler Sweden Prime minister *
1 Carl Gustaf Ekman Ekman Sweden Prime minister *
1 Akilisi Pōhiva Pōhiva Tonga Prime Minister
1 Platon Kostiuk Костюк Ukraine Chairman of the Supreme Soviet
1 Vitaliy Masol Масол Ukraine Prime Minister
2 Rómulo Betancourt Betancourt Venezuela President * *
2 Rafael Caldera Caldera Venezuela President * *
8 Koxinga Yanping Prince 1700
1 Canaan Banana Banana Zimbabwe First President
15 Robert Mugabe Mugabe Zimbabwe Second President

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As part of my wider strategy of trying to encourage more use of languages other than English on WikiTree, I've been pondering the idea of working up copies of this page in different languages: like a list in French which would include leaders of France and other Francophone countries, or a list in Spanish which would include leaders of Spain and Hispanophone countries, or a list in Portuguese for Portugal, Angola, Brazil, and Mozambique.

The trouble is that, while I could probably generate such pages, maintaining them would be even more difficult than maintaining the already far-too-numerous other pages that I have created. So, I think I'll hold off until somebody asks for a page in a specific language and offers to maintain it.

posted by Greg Slade
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For that matter, there's no reason to keep it to one unconnected leader per country, so if you find more unconnected leaders of countries which already have unconnected leaders listed here, by all means add them, too!
posted by Greg Slade