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Nurses: United States Civil War Era

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Date: 12 Apr 1861 to 9 May 1865
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United States Civil War Nurses

Memorial to Civil War Nurses
Massachusetts State Building, Boston
Photo by Kenneth C. Zirkel
This page is part of the Trilogy Part One: United States Civil War Nurses Project Table I: to identify more nurses, fill in the blanks and contain enough nurses' data to create WikiTree profiles. These nurses helped heal soldiers from battle wounds and disease in the Civil War era for any timeframe from 12 April 1861 through 9 May 1865.

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Page Purpose & Goal

The purpose of this page is to:

  • Meet & Greet Civil War Nurses - a brief history of who they were, what they did, and their historical impact.
  • Link research resources;
  • Table I: list of nurses identified with resources and hints to generate WikiTree profiles of the Civil War Nurses listed in the tables;
  • Identify and add additional nurses, fill in the blanks and create profiles.
Once an identified nurse has a WikiTree profile, the nurse and information transfers to the Civil War Nurses Profiles page.

How to Help

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  • Research and indentify additional nurses not on the tables below or on Table II.
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Civil War Nurses: A Brief History

Mother Bickerdyke

Introduced here, Civil War Nurses provided an unprecedented role in the United States War between the States. While a few men served in this role, women were only allowed to serve as nurses when they volunteered to help the cause on either side, Union or Confederate. The Civil War was the bloodiest with the most casualties in the United States war history.

Before the Civil War, women nurses didn't exist. Estimates range that approximately 2,000 - 6,000 women, North and South, served as volunteer nurses in military hospitals and on the battlefields during the American Civil War. Many nursing practices still used today were created during the Civil War.

Bloodshed. Gore. Blood curdling screams. Chaos. Dirt. All of these are reasons why men thought it would be inappropriate to have women nurses on the battlefield during the Civil War. Surely they were too weak and innocent for the harsh realities of war. And, gasp! The nakedness of wounded soldiers certainly was not befitting for a woman to see. The war would surely corrupt women and turn them into vulgar beings if allowed to volunteer as nurses in such proximity the horrors of war. They experienced at first hand the grim constants of war -- amputated limbs, mutilated bodies, disease and death -- and provided invaluable aid to the sick and wounded soldiers and medical authorities on either side.
The opposition for women as nurses died down. They became not only accepted by the soldiers, but embraced by them. Nurses came to be known as "Angels on the Battlefield." They not only helped administer medicines and change bandages, but they were there to provide comfort to soldiers' suffering. The men faced unspeakable horrors in war, and they continued to see pain and suffering all around them in hospitals, but the kind face and motherly touch of a woman could brighten their day and lessen their pain from some of the hardships of war.
"You have given your boys to die for their country; now you can give your girls to nurse them." (Nurse Mary Stinebaugh to her father in 1863.)
Women also performed domestic duties on top of their medical ones. They were in charge of keeping the hospitals clean, changing linens, airing out the patients' mattresses, cooking, and scouring the floors, among other duties. It was a hard job, but many women volunteered to help because they felt it was their duty to help out their country to win the war. The alternative for many was to sit at home doing nothing as their sons and husbands were off in battle. This was a way for women to feel that they were also contributing to the war effort in a more direct way.
Of those so employed a relative few, such as Louisa May Alcott, Jane Stuart Woolsey, and Katharine Prescott Wormeley - recorded their experiences for posterity. Most, however, unfortunately left little record of their wartime service. They therefore remain in large measure historically anonymous, except for the sporadic appearance of their names on hospital muster rolls. Consequently, the activities and influence of the woman nurse constitute one of the rare aspects of Civil War history that has not been extensively recorded, and little known until now.
All these women serving for the first time in a new profession need to be remembered for the vital service they performed in what is now one of the most respected and necessary professions in the medical industry, and created the military nurse as a field of service in subsequent wars.
  • Note: mentioned in the Introduction and after further research, there were professional nurses in the Unites States, many trained in Europe and immigrated in groups, who established and ran hospitals before the Civil War. These 6-750 sisters in 26 - 29 Orders were called to serve, the first paid military nurses. As a special subgroup of nurses in the Civil War, we will add their history here, and plan to respectfully identify the orders and sisters as the project progresses.

Research Resources

See Civil War Nurses Research & Resources for resources to help identify more nurses and add to the data for the nurses listed below.


While giving credit where it is due usually comes at the end, it is important to note how this page and Civil War Nurses: Research and Resources started with a nod and deepest gratitude and thanks to Warren Kuntz who began this research and created a spreadsheet of nurses one cell at a time. His first post in G2G about this page as a resource is here: Create a FSP from a spreadsheet - Civil War Nurses Resource. His desire to bring this under-reported group of women to the WikiTree community is commendable, and his passion to preserve their stories and remember their names is admirable. While Warren has lost his "genealogy mojo" and is taking a break from WikiTree, we continue working towards his goal, and hope to welcome him back soon.
Warren's interest began with passing a bronze statute in Illinois and taking a picture of it: Mother Bickerdyke, and added it to her profile. Curious about who she was, he did a little research and developed a list of 300 nurses, the start of this page.
Warren thanks the Oregon Department, Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1862-1865, which compiled some of the data used in the table. Please see their FindAGrave virtual cemetery Angels of the Battlefield,

Table I. Civil War Nurses: Identification

These tables are to identify Civil War Nurses and assemble data found from external websites.
Can you help identify more nurses, fill in the blanks and create profiles?

Tables Key

Arranged in individual alphabeticatical tables by Current Last Name, the column headings are defined as:
  • Nurse's Name - The following tables are sorted alphabetically by Current Last Name, either the maiden or married name, and link to the profile when created or found in the [[WikiTree ID|Name]] format.
  • FamilySearch Profile - the FSFTID is linked to the profile on This is helpful as you can use the WikiTree X extension to create the nurse's profile in WikiTree. WikiTree X works in several other sites. This is a beginning profile and still needs a written narrative and sources, which many are included in the FamilySearch profile.
  • FindAGrave Memorial - the Memorial number for the FindAGrave memorial links to the nurse's memorial. The memorial may give some clues for family and dates to research sources, and to add the cemetery category to the profile. (Note: FindAGrave Memorials used in the Sources section of the nurse's profile on WikiTree should be taken from the "View Source" citation listed in the memorial, remove the web address from the citation, and add the FindAGrave template in this format replacing the actual Memorial Number: {{FindAGrave|1234567}}. See FindAGrave for more information.
  • Wikipedia or Other Article - The name of the website is used and linked to the nurse's article; using the website name takes less space.
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  • The nurse's article may be used as a secondary source and to help with the biography narrative (be sure to paraphrase and not copy directly).
  • Personal & Service Information - contains notes and other data to use as clues to find sources, service regiment, family, residences, and other genealogy facts for the biography.

Civil War Nurses Current Last Name A - D


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name A
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
Other Article
Personal/Service Information
Elizabeth A. Adams was from Dickson, Tennessee
Mary E. Adams FS Profile LH34-YNG 51034371 was from Wilmington, Ohio
Isabel Rider Aldrich FS Profile GQ5N-DL8 170043788 Isabel Rider; Isabella; 8th Vermont Infantry; Wife of Elisha Aldrich, Co. B, 8th Vermont Infantry; pension and nurse records
Phebe H. Allen FS Profile MWD2-9JK 136239722 Fitzvalley Tree
Hannah Isabella "Belle" Thompson Alter FS Profile 9FPD-YZ3 101187370 served in Taylor House, Winchester Virginia during war, Brother: Capt. Thompson of Co A 40th Pennsylvania Inf, Residence: Port Royal, Pennsylvania age 64 circa 1911
Melcenia Elliot Arnold FS Profile LWG4-43W 30937952 Residence: Chicago, Illinois age 74 circa 1911; pension record
Catherine Kerr Ashenfelter FS Profile L71M-GGP 112688135 Gettysburg Nurse - Phoenixville Union Relief Society - Brought Supplies; Husband's Name: Henry Ashenfelter; Alternate Spelling: Knerr DOB: 29 Aug 1819; DOD: 5 Sep 1899
Mary A. Aston FS Profile GH7S-YV6 184740537 Wikipedia living in Philly at start of war, Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania age 77 circa 1911; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Rose Martin Atkinson FS Profile L28S-YH1 29063975
Ellen "Nellie" Leeds Aughinbaugh Phoenixville Gettysburg Nurse; DOB: 18 Aug 1843; DOD: 22 Feb 1926
David Atherton FS Profile 24BS-BNZ 120103326 84th Illinois Infantry, Co. B record


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name B
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
Other Article
Personal/Service Information
Mother Mary Cecilia Bailly FS Profile G7F2-RZ7 21749787 Wikipedia;; Goodreads Birth name: Eleanor Cecilia Kinzie Bailly; Mother Mary Cecilia Bailley (1815-1898) was superior general of the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, from Mother Theodore Guerin's death in 1856 until 1868 through the Civil War; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Anna H. Baker 1838 Indiana to 1918 Missouri
Mary E. Capen Baker was from East Orange, New Jersey; pension record
Lauraetta C. Balch Born in Boston, Massachusetts; Was first female nurse at Fort Schuyler, New York from 18 October 1862- Jan 1864; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Elizabeth Graham Lee Baldridge FS Profile LHLP-V14 185329151 Residence: Pomona, California age 78 circa 1911; married first Alfred G. Lee; 2nd husband: Michael Baldridge; pension record
Louisa Nott Ball 31594135
Martha Louise Loane Banks 80739531 Gettysburg Nurse- Baltimore Confederate - College Hospital; Husband's Name: William Emmett Banks DOB: 1838; DOD: 16 Feb 1919
Mary B. Loane Banks Gettysburg Nurse - Baltimore Confederates - Possibly Sister Martha Louise (Unconfirmed); Husband's Name: Robert Tunstall Banks DOB: 11 Nov 1825; DOD: 21 Dec 1899; Liberty Hollinger ACHS - Some Personal Recollections of the Battle of Gettysburg Mrs. Jacob A Clutz, Liberty Augustus Hollinger 1925; 16 at time of battle. Lived on York Street  and Hanover St.; Four ladies from Baltimore: Mrs. Banks, Mrs Warrington, the other two were a lady and her daughter. ; Trimble Diary - Maryland Historical Magazine March 1922 vol xvii no 1, P. 13 Mrs Parr, and Mrs Banks have orders to leave also Miss Grace. August 6th.  ( See Liberty Hollinger account below.); Husband: Robert T. Banks
Ellen Williams Banta FS Profile LZJP-9J6 15653763
Eveline Barnard 45848516 Gettysburg Nurse - - Michigan - Michigan Soldiers' Relief Association; Husband's Name: Samuel Barnard DOB: 1813; DOD: 9 Feb 1899; Cyrus Bacon Diary July 24 - Mrs. Norton and Mrs. Barnard of Michigan Relief Association
Agnes S. Barr Gettysburg Nurse - Presbyterian church; DOB: 1835; DOD: 1923
Lucy Fenman Barron Wikipedia; CW Women Received appointment through Captain S.M. Davis; Served as nurse from March 1861 until March 1863 - Camp Reed, Erie, followed troops into Maryland and worked at a Baltimore hospital, then General Hospital at Harper's Ferry in May 1862 until surrender in September; Returned to College Hospital at Georgetown until end of service; widow, Residence: Aurora, Illinois age 76 circa 1911; retired in Eureka, California; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Sister Augustine Barron 142138206 Image: See Nurse Portraits
Susan E. Hall Barry FS Profile L63Y-Z45 9622873 Maryland before Civil War, married Robert L Barry about 1866, Residence: California age 85 circa 1911; Gettysburg Nurse - Women's Central Association of Relief New York Dix. Gov - July 8, 1st Corps for several months; DOB: 26 Mar 1826; DOD: 15 Mar 1912; became a doctor - Medical College in NYC (Hygeio-Therapeutic? ) 1861. Elizabeth Blackwell's Infirmary for Women
Theresa C. Stuart Bartlett FS Profile GSW2-W2L 14426209 Husband: William J. Bartlett; died August 1864 from wounds in Battle of the Wilderness; military and widow's files
Harriet Hamilton Bayly FS Profile M472-RCF 14873839 Gettysburg Nurse - July 1, family home; Husband's Name: Joseph Tate Bayly DOB: 1 Feb 1820; DOD: 26 Dec 1904
Anna Beals was from St. Lawrence, South Dakota
Elizabeth Jane "Jennie"Jamison Beamer FS Profile KNBM-YVQ 23569271 was from Portland, Oregon
Nancy A. Mansfield Rinker Beattie FS Profile KC57-MH7 129322828
Catherine M. Beck FS Profile LHGW-L9X 121267842 served in Leavenworth, Kansas, Residence: Los Angeles California age 78 circa 1911
Sarah Binney Beck 15666469
Mary E. Bell was from Jackson, Minnesota; not duplicate - different person
Mary E. Hartley Bell 20589275  Wikipedia Born in Hillsborough, Ohio 28 July 1840; maiden name unknown. Married first: A. O. Hartley and was 23 years old when started working with him at Covington Barracks, Kentucky in September 1863; Was appointed matron and was in charge of the "low diet" patientsuntil May 1864, when she followed troops to the front and went to a Jacksonville hospital . Her husband was KIA at Chattanoga, Tennessee. After the war, Bell taught for a year at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee as well as at other institutions for the following three years, and later relocated to Albion, Michigan; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Catherine H. Griffith Bengless Griffith p 71 served in Philly, married J. D. Bengless of Pawtucket Rhode Island, Residence: Ansonia, Connecticut age 75 circa 1911; widow's file
Melinda G. Bennet FS Profile LVLH-6GS 87749469
Bertha "Betsy" Ettinger Bennett FS Profile 2Z9C-GZ3 80853422 Born 17 Mar 1833 - Poland; emigrated to San Francisco, California; Married Michael Bennett in 1855. Mustered into the Company D, 1st Battalion, Native California Cavalry; Betsey was recruited as the regiment "hospital matron" (nurse) in the camp's hospital for the duration of the war; widow pension; Died: 21 Jul 1904, Los Angeles, California.
Rebecca T. Bergen FS Profile KZ8F-YB3 44075806
Caroline Berlew 15673060
Elizabeth Newbold Biddle FS Profile GHCH-4X2 50695342 Sibling of Catherine and Hannah
Lucy F Bigelow was from Ramona, Michigan
Emma Catherine Ziegler Billheimer FS Profile L2MM-791 6844491
Delia Gilbert Billings 171077510 Husband: Capt. Edwin Billings - Indiana 57th Infantry (Union)
Mary Bruson Blackmar 42164375 Gutenberg, p. 430; St. Nicholas Cemetery Miss B. with Harris July 7-10.; Alternate Spelling: Brunson DOB: 29 Sep 1842; DOD: 19 Mar 1916; p. 430 Gutenberg - Miss Blackmar, one of Michigan's worthy daughters, was one of the youngest of the band of Hospital nurses. She, for ten months, labored unceasingly at City Point; later became a doctor.; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Marie J. Blaisdell was from Pelican Rapids, Minnesota; pension record
Lucy J. Holdridge Blanchard FS Profile LHQY-F9S 46552801 pension record
Eunice Parmelia Brown Bliss FS Profile L6CD-LT9 Born in Windham, Ohio; Began nursing at General Hospitals in Ohio in June of 1864; was assigned to the 88th Ohio Infantry at the end of 1864 by Surgeon Longwell and stayed with the regiment until it was disbanded at the end of the war.
Irena Catherine Totman Bliss FS Profile K2SR-YBJ 51117538 Born in Bristol, New York; Volunteered as a nurse in a Virginia hospital where her son was ill, continuing work there after he recovered.
Amelia Cline Blodgett FS Profile MK4M-LHF 106959449 was from New Cumberland, Pennsylvania; pension record
Mrs. Mary J Butler Boston Our Nurses, Pgs 424-431 Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 17 July 1837, father: James Butler served in War of 1812 – at in-laws in Baltimore, MD at start of Civil War; Wilmington, Delaware in 1895
Mary K Boyington FS Profile LJRF-NQL 26185001 105th Pennsylvania Inf, Residence: Carner, Oklahoma age 68 circa 1911
Mary A. Stinebaugh Bradford Our Nurses, Pgs 242-253 Born in Galion Ohio; brother George Stinebaugh, 21, enlised in IL, wounded at Shiloh and lost a limb; Mary went to nurse him.
Elizabeth P. Bassett Bradley was from Oswego, Oregon; pension record
Mary A. Brady FS Profile KD1H-N5V 16480344 born 1821 Ireland; married 1846 to English lawyer Edward Brady; immigrated to US about 1848; Residence: Philadelphia; had 5 children; died about 1864 in service during the Civil War; Co-founder of the Ladies Association for Soldier's Relief
Mary Brady was from Indianapolis, Indiana
Elmina Maria Brainard 68911571 Nurse - Michigan Soldier's Relief Association of DC - Letterman; Other Names: Oltz Pierce; Alternate Spelling: Brainerd DOB: 1814; DOD: 1885; Sophronia Bucklin p. 104; From Michigan, helped distribute supplies from her state.
Martha Noble Brainerd FS Profile GHT5-126 54260257 Martha Noble Brainerd, Nurse with the 27th Michigan Infantry Regiment; Alternate spelling: Brainard; sister of William Noble - mother's pension file
Margaret "Maggie" Barnett Branson 171124496 Gettysburg Nurse - - Baltimore Confederate - Pennsylvania College, Confederate; DOB: Oct 1834; DOD: 29 May 1914; Spouse: Charles Edward Barnett; Steers, Edward (2003). The Trial: The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators. University Press of Kentucky. Powell was admitted as a prisoner of war to the hospital at Pennsylvania College before being moved to the West Buildings Hospital at Baltimore in Maryland. During his time at Pennsylvania College, he became involved in a relationship with Margaret Branson, a volunteer nurse at the hospital. Less than a week after his arrival at the West Buildings Hospital he staged a successful escape bid, almost certainly with the help of Nurse Branson.
Catherine Whitacre Brashear FS Profile K8D6-QBB 5331317
Jane "Jennie" Elizabeth Stevens Breakey FS Profile 9328-Z8W Gettysburg Nurse - Surgeon's wife - 5th Corps; Husband's Name: William Fleming Breakey DOB: 26 Mar 1840; DOD: 13 Mar 1879; Account of WF Breakey, 16th MI in Mollus Journal 1898. Wife joined him after he was assigned to hospital duty. Daughter of Hon. William N. Stevens
Ada A. Brewster was from St. Petersburg, Florida; pension record
Jane Boswell Moore Bristor was from Baltimore, Maryland; pension record
Mary Agnes Scott Britt Alternate Married Name: Watt; Born near Strathroy, Canada West; May 6, 1841; Followed her husband who enlisted in the 9th Illinois Infantry as a nurse for that regiment; was present at the Battle of Corinth
Sarah "Sallie" Middleton Robbins Broadhead FS Profile MFV2-R2Q 165544328 Gettysburg Nurse - Seminary; DOB: 11 Dec 1831; DOD: 21 Mar 1910; Adams county Citizen Account - Published Diary: Sarah Broadhead Diary
Mary Ann O'Toole Brokaw FS Profile KJPC-WDD 84299747 was from Baltimore, Maryland; pension record
Mildred S. Brooks 146420335 Gettysburg Nurse - - 1st Corps; DOB: Dec 1847; DOD: 12 Apr 1916; Hartford Courant April 12, 1916. p. 7 Obit. - Born Mauch Chunk 69 years old.
Elizabeth Brower was from Morristown, Pennsylvania; pension record
Mary Brown FS Profile M62N-7V9 126132163 Wikipedia
Nancy M. Nelson Brown w/husband lived in Ashtabula, Ohio, after he died Residence: District of Columbia w/son age 79 circa 1911; pension record
Sarah D. Hamlin Brown  FS Profile LR4Z-XV2 98190785 wife of Nathaniel B. Brown, Resides in San Francisco, California ca 1886; pension record 
Mary Waln Wistar Brown FS Profile KC54-LHT 67895813 Gettysburg Nurse - - Philadelphia - PA College; Husband's Name: Moses Brown DOB: 8 Jun 1829; DOD: 26 Jan 1901; Coco p. 43; From Philadelphia. Stayed at Dr. Martin Stoever House; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Sarah H. Browne was from Chicago, Illinois
Helen R. Dickerson Brownson FS Profile KZ8Y-34T 38199214 US Volunteers nurse
Hattie Nanning Brubaker was from St. Paris, Ohio; pension record.
Mary E. B. Bruson was from South Jacksonville, Florida
Lettie E. Covell Buckley 51260579 was from Inglewood, California; Residence: Chicago, Illiois age 74 circa 1911; pension record
Hettie "Esther" Buckwalter FS Profile K4PF-HVQ Phoenixville Nurse - Phoenixville PA - Chambersburg PA; Husband's Name: Jacob Buckwalter DOB: 1821; DOD: 1 Dec 1889
Florena Budwin FS Profile G9JS-MRQ 5959585 Wikipedia
Frances Jane "Fannie" Buehler 23601362 Gettysburg Nurse - Seminary; Buehler House; Husband's Name: David Buehler DOB: 20 Mar 1826; DOD: 1 Jul 1908; Adams county Citizen Account - Fannie Buehler Recollections of the Rebel Invasion  and One Woman’s Experience
Jennie Matthewson Smole Bullard 2939673 Residence: Desha, Arkansas age 70 circa 1911
Mary Jane Adams Buncher FS Profile K8JW-2CC Manchester Centennial; Our Nurses, Pgs 330-333 Born in 1823 - Massachusetts; nurse at "Webster Hospital" in Manchester, New Hampshire from October 1864 until September 1865; Husband: James Buncher; DOD: 10 July 1895, New Hampshire
Henrietta S. T. Bunnell FS Profile KJPH-QMQ commisioned by Gov. Curtin of Pennsylvania, died: 1910, child 6 living of 21
Jennie E. Burch was from Seattle, Washington; pension record
Caroline Burghardt FS Profile K8KL-1T4 8793493 Our Nurses Pg 558 Aka Anna Caroline Burghardt; Gettysburg Nurse - in chief. Gov. - Seminary Hospital; Alternate Spelling: Burkhardt DOB: 10 Jun 1834; DOD: 6 Feb 1922; Gravesite Details Interment date 2-13-1922. NURSE US Army. Veteran Service Dates from 10-02-1863 to 02-06-1866. Later became a MD - Howard College; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Helen M. Becket Burnell FS Profile KC6W-L3C 91661146 Residence: Pasadena, California age 81 circa 1911; pension record
Sarah Burns was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; pension record
Jane Charlotte Lincoln Burr FS Profile KJH3-FT7 77773242 Gettysburg Nurse - - 2nd corps 2nd div. Surgeon's wife; Husband's Name: William Josiah Burr DOB: 19 Feb 1825; DOD: 5 May 1895; The Brotherhood of Battle: The Civil War Soldiers and Families of Newark Valley, New York, by Gerald L. Marsh; Xlibris Corporation, Mar 22, 2012 -p 151; At Gettysburg, with 2nd Corps on day 2 and 3 on Cemetery Hill. Remained several weeks at a field hospital between Little Round Top and Rock Creek. Mrs. Burr and sons William 17 and George 6 joined him there, the elder son and Mrs. Burr engaged in helping the wounded
William H. Burr FS Profile KJH3-FYT 100736027 Volunteer Nurse - (son of Surgeon William Josiah Burr & Jane Charlotte Lincoln Burr) - 2nd Corps 2nd Div; DOB: 2 Sep 1846; 1925
Elizabeth Burton was from Camden, New Jersey; pension record
Priscilla A. Wroten Butterworth was from Wilmington, Ohio; pension record


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name C
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
Other Article
Personal/Service Information
Cynthia Worth Cameron FS Profile K45V-M2V 21302311 18th Iowa Infantry
Martha Reeve Campion FS Profile LCDC-5LY 152175233 Nurse - Philadelphia - 2nd Corps; Husband's Name: Joseph H. Campion DOB: 28 Dec 1816; DOD: 30 Sep 1879; Emily Bliss Souder noted - Leaves from the Battlefield of Gettysburg
Eliza Carey was from Albany, New York; pension record
Mariano Carney 117611211
Sarah A. Carter 15703363
Anna Hertzog Folwell Carver 183060048 Women's Work in the Civil War Gettysburg Nurse - Penn Relief Philadelphia - Unconfirmed at Gettysburg; Husband's Name: William Burton Carver; Other Name: Folwell DOB: 18 Mar 1836; DOD: 19 Jan 1912; The Penn Relief Association was organized early in 1862, first by the Hicksite Friends, to demonstrate the falsity of the commonly received report that the "Friends," being opposed to war, would not do anything for the sick and wounded. Many of the "Orthodox Friends" afterwards joined it, as well as considerable numbers from other denominations, and it proved itself a very efficient body...." The "Penn Relief" collected supplies to an amount exceeding fifty thousand dollars, which were almost wholly sent to the "front," and distributed by such judicious and skilful hands as Mrs. Husband, Mrs. Hetty K. Painter, Mrs. Mary W. Lee, and Mrs. Anna Carver.
Cynthia Bright Case 42427754 pension record
Julia Rosamund Satterfield Casey FS Profile LZQT-3MC 49853652 Civil War Treasures
Sister Mary Cephas was from Baltimore, Maryland; also known as Sister Cephas Bray
Sarah A. Chadwick was from Noroton Heights, Connecticut
Mary Louisa Whiteman Chaplain 151049077 Gettysburg Nurse - Philadelphia - 2nd Corps Letterman; Husband's Name: William J. Chaplain DOB: 1814; DOD: 1901
Elizabeth Chapman Residence: St. Louis, Missouri age 80 circa 1911; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Louise E. Claghorn FS Profile K4X7-FXL 41944474 Nurse at Gettysburg. During the Civil war she was a central and tireless figure in the United States Christian Commission, and worked diligently to provide for the care of Union soldiers fighting on the battlefields and recovering in Union hospitals. In her later years she worked for the Red Cross Society in Philadelphia. She was also a long time treasurer of the Northern Home for Friendless Children. Her funeral took place in the Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity, 19th and Walnut, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia. Her services were conducted by Bishop William Nielson McVickar, Rector of the parish
Anna Amelia Wood Clark FS Profile LY7D-P2P 129570668
Susannah Day Clark 39395005 was from Jonesboro, Indiana; pension record
Susan Clayton FS Profile 26L4-PJL 66314709 Last Name At Birth: Haines
Emeline Horton Cleveland FS Profile LHK1-8Z7 24536690
Nannie M. Bennett Cochran L6FN-DCD 107809142 Served in Keokuk, Iowa, Residence: Troy, New York age 68 circa 1911; pension record
Belle Coddington FS Profile MNY1-GGV 68608297 Wikipedia ; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Helen Brainard Cole FS Profile KHDY-PGD 54439089 Residence: Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin age 70 circa 1911; Spouse name on FAGM may be incorrect; pension record
Martha V. Coleman Army War College was from Washington, District of Columbia; pension record
Margaret Colliere was from Washington, District of Columbia
Isabelle McCall Compton FS Profile G3TV-FTZ 63689426
Emily M. Cone Our Nurses, Pgs 158-160 nurse from Sept. 2, 1863 until discharged May, 1865 at a Rockford, Illinois hospital then transferred to Cumberland Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee after the battle until the end of the war; image
Mary A. Connor was from Salem, New York; pension record
Ann E. Conroy 16165106
Betsey Cook Wikipedia pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Irene D. Pritchett Cook was from Chicago, Illinois; pension record
Lydia C. Cook 16165215
Sarah Cook 16165275
Eliza Cooper 114955686
Ella Cooper White Roses, Pg 22; Encyclopedia of CW; Completed coursework from Medical School of Cincinnati but denied degree due to her gender; nurse during the war for the Confederacy.
Elizabeth Cope Our Nurses, Pg 226 Cope is married name; widowed in Aug 1861; enrolled as nurse at a hospital at Keokuk in Nov 1862 until 26 June 1864. Residence 528 18th St., Oakland California in 1895.
Della A Cornell was from Denver, Colorado
Lizzie Ward Cornwell was from Bethel, Ohio; pension record
Mary W. Lovejoy Cotton FS Profile KNVH-949 126221871
Belle Counts Residence: Troy, Ohio age 71 circa 1911
Adaline Weston Couzins FS Profile LQR5-YHB 22857 Wikipedia; AAUW; pg 93 Image: See Nurse Portraits
Lucy Ann White Cox FS Profile 9NFB-ZKC 5553822 Encyclopedia VA; CW Museum
Susan Bomberger Cox FS Profile K2TF-DTG 16688383 Wikipedia pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Mary Ann Crampton Alternate spelling: Crompton; Gettysburg Nurse - Philadelphia; Husband's Name: John Crampton DOB: 1828; DOD: 9 Sep 1874; Emily Bliss Souder - Leaves from the Battle-field of Gettysburg; Birth Date: abt 1828; Birth Place: England; Death Date: 9 Sep 1874; Death Place: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Cemetery: Fernwood Cemetery; not sure of maiden name; no FAGM; research FS
Elizabeth Irwin Smith Crawford FS Profile KFVM-B99 6416075 Gettysburg Nurse - Seminary; Letterman; Husband's Name: John S Crawford DOB: 2 Sep 1820; DOD: 27 Nov 1899; Hospital Scenes. Patriot Daughters. p.29 - At Letterman 1st Cops Sisters of Charity took care of rebels, Mrs Crawford and a number of Gettysburg ladies to take care of Union soldiers, August 2nd visit; Obit. Public Weekly Opinion, Chambersburg, Dec. 1, 1899 p.1; Born Sept 2, 1820, 1844 m. John S. Crawford. Lived on family farm in Marsh Creek. 1858 moved into Gettysburg. Stepdaughters Mrs. Edward McPherson and Miss Sallie B. Crawford. Daughter Mary Crawford Krauth (1847). Died Nov 27, 1899.
Julia W. Croskery was from Keokuk, Iowa
Sarah B. Cross born England, served Wash DC, Residence: Kent, Ohio age 71 circa 1911; pension record
Clarissa Watters Crossan 146690543 served in Keokuk, Iowa Residence: Chicago, Illiois age 73 circa 1911
Stacy Cubberley FS Profile L4YS-FFR 16165398
Anna M. “Annie” Allen Cunningham 143931062 Gettysburg Nurse - - Govt. Dix. - Seminary/ Letterman July 20-Sept. 21; Coco collection GNHP - 12 DC Correespondence - Oct. 8 from W Crane - Miss Dix, “Superintendent of Female Nurses” claims that Mrs. Cunningham went on duty at Gettysburg by regular appt on July 20 was transferred from Seminary to Letterman in Sept. and is entitled to pay up to Sept. 21.  Anna (Annie) was born about 1837. She married David Wesley Cunningham on 12 Apr. 1859 in Trenton, Mercer Co., NJ.; DOB: 1837; DOD: 1905
Margaret Rebecca Scott Cunningham FS Profile 96D1-K4M 15064922 Gettysburg Nurse - Wofford's Brigade, Cunningham Farm; DOB: 1827; DOD: 1892; Memoir Mrs. J. Paxton Bigham, Gettysburg Times April 22, 1941. Paper written by Mrs. George F. Harper, former Frances Cunningham
Ella F. Beach Currier was from St Johns, Portland, Oregon; pension record
Fredericka L.C. Buddendorf Curtis 91500693 Gettysburg Nurse - Alternate name spelling: Fredericke - Nurse - Philadelphia - Letterman; Husband's Name: Joseph Curtis DOB: circa 1816; DOD: 26 Jun 1902; Emily Bliss Souder - Leaves from the Battle-field of Gettysburg; Fredericke L.C. Curtis - Birth Date: 1815; Death Date: 1902 - Cemetery: West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name D
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Ruth Danforth served from July, 1864 to May, 1865; pension record.
Mary Darling Wikipedia Confederate nurse in Missouri Infantry; service records; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Ernestine Bouligny Day was from New York, New York
Sister Mary De Chantal FS Profile K69J-PVM Was born Jane Keating; was from Brooklyn, New York
Elizabeth A. DeHaven aka Haven; was from Glenshaw, Pennsylvania; Born in Pennsylvania; Birth date unknown; Nothing is known about her except for her CDV that still exists at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine pension record
Sister M De Sales 129073382 was from Notre Dame, Indiana; also known as Sister M. DeSales Brady; pension record
Sarah A. Denny was from Winchester, Virginia; pension record
Frances A. Dieffenbacker ?of Indiana? With the 85th Indiana Inf, Residence: Havana, Illiois age 76 circa 1911
Georgiana T Read Dietz 106312100
Hester A. Duncan Dillon FS Profile LC2Q-D2T 153813992 Born: 6 Oct 1845 Cincinnati, Ohio, married first: Wm J Dillon died:1862, married second Elisha Dillon Residence: Benton, Illiois; widow pension file
Bridget Divers aka Deavers 100260170 Wikipedia; CW People; History's Women; CW Wikia] Gettysburg Nurse - Alternate names: Bridget Divers, Bridget Devins and Irish Biddy; Vivandiere Nurse - regiment - 1st Michigan Cavalry; DOB: 8 Oct 1835; DOD: 22 Jan 1925; See Shaw Complaint
Eliza Dodd was from Clayton, Illinois
Matilda Conroy Donahue was from Louisville, Kentucky; pension record
Lena Barbrocke Donnelly was from Concordia, Kansas; pension file
Mary E. Donnelly was from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania; pension record - alias Amanda
Kate Magill Dorman FS Profile GHQH-839 7395905
Sister Mary Lucy Dosh 97915904 Wikipedia Birth name: Barbara; nurse in Paducah, KY. Single-handedly called a truce of battles when she died only two months after the Civil War began. Loved by Union and Confederate soldiers she cared for.
Lovisa B. Rawson Jennison Downs FS Profile L7NK-WWP 226001309 NOTE: name is spelled differently in records - Louise, Covisa and other variations; Service: Nurse, Dale U.S. General Hospital, 4/1865-8/1865 - worked as nurse after the war; Birth: 06/08/1840, Dover, VT; Death: 02/21/1927; Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Newfane, VT; Pension as widow of Francis E. Jennison, 3/21/1917, MA; maiden name: Rawson; married first Henry Francis Jennison who died in the Civil War; 2nd husband: Henry W. Downs (Who is buried in Dayton National Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio); pension file
Elizabeth J. Dudley Our Nurses, Pg 188
Mary Beitler Dulley FS Profile K86L-HKD 55973804 Alternate name: Dudley; pension record
Sarah J. Steady Dumas FS Profile L7SK-XDM 135502702 Service: Nurse, Sherburn Barracks Hospital, in Washington, D. C., 2/14/1865-1218/65; Married 1) Augustus Steady (CW Soldier), 2) Edmund Dumas
Jane E. Dunbar Our Nurses, Pgs 238-239
Lois Harding Dennett Dunbar 96805377 Lois Dunbar; Wikipedia; L Our Nurses, Pgs 294-297 served in Tennessee, Residence:Elkhart, Indiana age 79 circa 1911; pension record; maiden name: Dennett, Harding may be middle name
Kate M. Thompson Duncan 219720661 Our Nurses, Pgs 452-453 Served one year at Patterson Park Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland; Gettysburg Nurse - Gov - Letterman July- August; Husband's Name: Charles S. Duncan; served along side her husbandin Baltimore; Residence: Emmetsberg, Iowa 1895. Image: See Nurse Portraits
Amanda Elizabeth Wheeler Dunn
Mary E. Dupee of Portland Maine; letter written in 1865 as a nurse in Washington, DC
Mary Eliza Patterson Dushane 62560680 Baltimore Gettysburg Nurse - Colonel's wife - 1st Baltimore Infantry; Husband's Name: Colonel Nathan T. Dushane DOB: 1822; DOD: circa 1880s; Craig Caba Wert Collection - Basket and pass; widow's pension file.
Susan R. Plummer Dyson Gettysburg Nurse - Dix Gov; DOB: 5 Jan 1841; DOD: 1 Apr 1877; Levant Maine women also served the Union during the Civil War. The Plummer sisters, Judith and Susan, worked as nurses supervised by Dorothea Dix.

Civil War Nurses Current Last Name E - J


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name E
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Mary E. Eader was from Baltimore , Maryland
Harriet Hope Agnes Bacon Eaton FS Profile M8KW-YF8 117658091
Sarah "Sallie" Chamberlin Eccleston 211398510 Bio of alumna; Story Map; Sarah Chamberlin Eccleston journal, 1864-1916 served one year as volunteer nurse in Tennessee; was a Gettysburg nurse - Letterman Twelfth Corps; DOB: 1840; DOD: 1916; Served with cousins Annie Bell and Sarah Chamberlin; Married: About 1868; teacher; Residence and placeof death: Argentina; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Susan Ann Edson 175601089 Wikipedia pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Maria Terry Edwards was from Raspeburg, Maryland; pension record and widow of Charles L. Edwards - widow pension record
Sister Mount Carmel Egan         161288201 St Joseph of Philidelphia Baptismal Name: Eliza Egan; Born in Killoughy, Ireland; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia; she was 31 years old in 1861 when called to serve as a nurse; approximate birth year: 1830
Sarah E. Lent Elliott was from Laclede, Missouri; maiden name: Lent; pension record
Elizabeth E. Ellis Our Nurses, Pg 224; Letters Collection served as a nurse, joined 14 Jan 1863, age 28 at Woodward Post Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, for fifteen months; honorable discharge due to ill health. Died approx 1893; daughter Nettie Ellis Wink
Mary Ellis ; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Emily Rowell Elmer 13063417  served in Tennessee & Iowa, Residence: Hersey, Michigan age 70 circa 1911; pension record
Adaline Conner Emery
Sarah English was from Cleaton, Kentucky
Jennie Evans Epperly 86916911
Anna Priscilla "Ciss" Zerbe Erving FS Profile 949G-P12 8458925 autobiography Residence: Newburg, New York age 71 circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Lucy Cutter Estabrook FS Profile KPQ6-62N 52918789
Mary Huntley Brown Everingham 10922990 Gettysburg Nurse - Army Corps Gov - Seminary; Other Names: Huntley Brown; Alternate Spelling: Evingham DOB: 26 Sep 1826; DOD: 16 Oct 1894; Congressional Record Vol 19.part 1 - 1888 p. 929 - Mary Everingham Brown: Be it resolved . That the Secretary of the Interior be and is herby authorized and directed to place on the pension roll subject to the provisional limitations of the pension laws, the name Mary Everingham Brown, a volunteer nurse during the war of the rebellion, and pay her a pension of $20 a month.
Elizabeth Wendell Hunter Ewing FS Profile L4MY-P9K 16341045 Wikipedia Married before Civil War, married Robert L Barry about 1866, Residence: California age 85 circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name F
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
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Personal/Service Information
Almira Fales FS Profile K2YL-HD6 203187628 Wikipedia; LOC Bio philanthropist and nurse during the Civil War; Also in FS under 1st husband LCZY-H8H; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Sister Mary Igntius Farrelly 202384097 Jane Farley Born as Jane Farley; was from Wheeling, West Virginia
Amanda Matilda Colburn Felch Farnham FS Profile 279W-NDV 15079231 Article Born 12 Nov 1833 in West Glover, Vermont, brother enlisted in 3d VT Regiment and she was appointed hospital matron. Husband M. P. Felch; Gettysburg Nurse - Government - 3rd Corps July 2; 6th Corps; Other Name: Colburn; DOB: 12 Nov 1832; DOD: 31 Dec 1893; Long wartime campaign starting with Peninsular Campaign then Gettysburg, Antietam, Fredericksburg, White House Landing,Cold Harbor and City Point. Trusted nurse of Dorthea Dix – husband wrote about her service; she was desceased before 1895
Sister Ferdinand was from Baltimore, Maryland; pension record
Eliza Aldrich Field FS Profile 9M9G-PKG 173422215
Elizabeth Finnern 10542794 fought as a soldier until discovered; became a nurse for three years
Mary Sophia Cadwell Fisher FS Profile MKFZ-LST 92203144 Prospect Hill Cemetery Gettysburg Nurse - York PA - 2nd Corps July 7; Husband's Name: Robert S.J. Fisher - married 1853; DOB: 24 Jan 1827; DOD: 10 Jan 1913; She married Robert J. Fisher in 1853 (see Mrs. Mary Caldwell Fisher, “ A Week on Gettysburg Field,” Philadelphia Times, Dec. 21, 1883)
Amanda Lee Fiss 131208243 Gutenberg Gettysburg Nurse - Penn Relief Philadelphia - 2nd Corps; DOB: 1840; DOD: 1923; mother was Mary W. Lee, a nurse; Pension Widow - husband: Augustus L. Fiss 5th PA Cavalry died 1892
Mary Darling Powers Flaharty 23400912 Gettysburg Nurse - Catholic Church July 1-4 First Corps; DOB: 14 Oct 1838; DOD: 17 Nov 1904; Daughter of Catherine Powers; sister of Cynthia, Ann, & Elizabeth
Catherine Mary White Foster 31443203 Gettysburg Nurse - First Corps July 1-3; DOB: 28 Jul 1825; DOD: 15 Jan 1917 Adams County Citizen Accounts - Catherine Foster, Washington Street, born July 28, 1825 lived with her parents. Later lived in Altoona with her sister.
Sister St. John Fournier             St Joseph of Philidelphia; Encyclopedia Baptismal Name: Julie Alexise Fournier; Born in Arbois, France; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia; she was 48 years old in 1861 when called to serve as a nurse; approximate birth year: 1814. This page gives genealogy: Sister Fournier
Mary Jane Fox served six months as a volunteer nurse; pension record
Mary J. Glass France FS Profile LZ6C-RVR 91348525 pension record
Sister Susan South Freaner FS Profile MTTT-YHL 18760345
Julia Susan Wheelock Freeman FS Profile K2T4-W1V 32621723 Wikipedia; NY History Blog; American Bio; Blog; Obituary wrote book: The boys in white - the experience of a hospital agent in and around Washington, 1870; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Elizabeth L. McQueen Fritcher served from July 9, 1862, to June 4, 1863; pension record - Maiden Name: McQueen
Mary Alice Smith Frush Wikipedia Gettysburg Nurse - Govt. Greencastle PA - Hospitals at Gettysburg, Hagerstown, Greencastle.; DOB: Aug 1844; DOD: 24 Dec 1901; Answered call for nurses. Served 3 years first at Hagerstown MD then Greencastle. On the battlefields of Atietam and Gettysburg. Married SGT MI Frush 6th W VA Marquis Frush Provost Guard; Married Dec, 20, 1864. Later moved to Youngstown Ohio; Image: See Nurse Portraits


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name G
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Annie Gallagher was from New York, New York; pension records - current name could be Bassford
Mary Ann Gallup 129346129  Service: Nurse, Medical Department, US Volunteers; Birth: 1836, Vermont; Death: 03/1926; Burial: Oakland Hill Cemetery, Oakland, NY; Mary applied for a nurse's pension in 1892 based on her service in the Medical Department, US Volunteers during the war; she later applied for a widow's pension when her husband Lyman B. Gallup passed away in 1907 (Widows' pensions were higher than nurses' pensions); pension record; husband's military file downloaded
Katey Ganes was from Clay Center, Kansas
Nancy Drake Gholster pension record; Maiden Name: Drake
Abigail "Abby" Hopper Gibbons 32293674 Wikipedia; Britannica;  ; Women's History nurse at the Washington Office Hospital, helping the wounded and distributing supplies. She also helped to establish two field hospitals in Virginia. Her home was part of the Underground Railroad in the 1850s-18160s. Wrote book: Life of Abby Hopper; After the war advocated for prison reform.; Images: See Nurse Portraits
Elizabeth O. Gibson 16688598 Wikipedia; Our Army Nurses Called in 1861 by Dorothy Dix to serve - assigned to the surgical ward of Fifth Street Military Hospital for 2 years, transferred and served in Madison, Wisconsin as a nurse; Widow of Jerome W. Gibbon, Pvt Co a 29 Pa Inf; Birth: 07/08/1825, Vergennes, VT; Death: 05/06/1904; Burial: Central City Cemetery, Central City, NE; Pension: 4/21/1890, Wisconsin - nurse's pension; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Carrie E. Witmer Giddings was from Fairfax, Iowa; pension record; Maiden Name: Witmer
Julia Kiernan Gill FS Profile L266-DVG 16714764 last name at birth: Kiernan; was from Cape Girardeau, Missouri; pension record
Mother Superior Angela Gillespie FS Profile KZVT-NWR 171361364 Wikipedia; Civil War; US Navy Archives; Moreau Birth name: Eliza Marie Gillespie; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Eliza Girvan was from Oxford, New York; pension record
Rebecca Wood Glover 103380799 Gettysburg Nurse - Connecticut - Hospitals; Husband's Name: George Glover DOB: 10 Dec 1817; DOD: 6 Oct 1889; Son Joseph in 8th Conn. died July 2, 1864 (21 years old)
Abba Goddard Wikipedia; NPS History;
Mary A. Gordon was from San Diego, California
Mary Goulding FS Profile LCVN-81Z 8240511
Mary Gonzaga Grace Wikipedia Anne Grace was born February 22, 1812, in Baltimore, Maryland. Sister Mary Gonzaga Grace worked at Satterlee Army Hospital in Philadelphia 1862-1865
Susan C. Grasham was from Lapel, Indiana
Elizabeth Grass Served in Missouri & Indiana, Residence: South Fargo, North Dakota age 69 circa 1911; pension record
Rebecca E. Gray 2 yrs as nurse Residence: Brooklyn, New York age 70 blind circa 1911; pension record
Nancy M. Verplat Atwood Gross FS Profile KZKJ-K53 Our Nurses, Pgs 308-309 Nancy M. Verplat Atwood Gross, from Bucksport Maine; born 1824 – Montville, Maine, daughter of John Verplast; widow when the war broke out. Enlisted as field nurse under the name: Nancy Atwood serving in the Second and Sixth Regiments.
Sophronia Farrington Naylor Grubb FS Profile LZRJ-RCQ 86082090 WikiSource
Theresa Guelich Journal 1902, Pg 195 Attached to the 9th Illinois as a nurse between 1862 and 1864, National Archives info


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name H
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Anna Hahn Residence: Omaha, Nebraska age 76 circa 1911; pension record
Adeline Susannah Boblett Hall FS Profile LHXY-F5X 8270235
Lucretia Davis Hamilton Gettysburg Nurse - - Monacacy, Unconfirmed;  ; DOD: 1928; Gettysburg Times, July 1, 1913 p. 1 Army Nurses Here - Mrs. Lucretia Davis, Washington; was from Washington, District of Columbia
Margaret Mahoney Hamilton FS Profile KGHT-3QB Wikipedia

Representative Women of New England, pp.301-303.

Gettysburg Nurse - Sisters of Charity - DOD: 11 Jan 1922; Born: 10 Oct 1840 Rochester, New York married soldier of 19 Maine Inf, was a nun, has children, widow, Residence: Wakefield, Massachusetts circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Mary E. Bonney Hancock was from Los Angeles, California; Born: 1843, Residence: Los Angeles, California circa 1911; pension record; former name: Bonney
Sophronia Ellis Handy 101853662
Anne E. Fairchild Hanness Gettysburg nurse/ family - 2nd Corps; DOB: 1822; Mrs. Hanness, central NYS. Both father and son Elias and DeGrasse died on July 1, 1863. 147th New York Maust pp 415-17; Remarried Elijah Fairchild 1870. Question of maiden name - maybe DeGrasse
Margaret V. O'Hagen Harkin FS Profile G4BL-4TS 158243852 Wikipedia Records in M.V. Harkin; Husband: Patrick W. Harkin, father born in Ireland; Born: 1848; Died: 27 July 1922; Obituary; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Fannie A. Harper Our Nurses, Pgs 382-383 son born 1863; nurse for the 10th Minnesota Inf, First Brigade, 1st Div, 16th Army Corps; 1895: Rosemont MN
Harriet Ann Shippman Harper 30355196 Gettysburg Nurse Union Relief Society - RR Statiion; Husband's Name: Robert G. Harper DOB: 18 Dec 1830; DOD: 8 Feb 1898; alternate spelling: Shippman
Cornelia Morgan Harrington FS Profile FS 162949486 HAMILTON W.1 HARRINGTON married CORNELIA E. MORGAN. She was born 25 March 1840/41 in Macon, Georgia, the daughter of John and Elizabeth (WALKER) MORGAN. She died 5 October 1920 in Clark County, AR. Served as a nurse during the Civil War in Tennessee & Kentucky, Residence: Dexter, Michigan
Abbie J. Harris 16165461 pension record
Ellen Matilda Orbison Harris Nurse. Philadelphia Ladies Aid Society/Sanitary Commission - 2nd corps July 4-10; Husband's Name: John Harris DOB: 1816; DOD: 1902; Ladies Aid Society; born and died in New York
Hattie A. Hungerford Harris was from Los Angeles, California; pension record, formerly Hungerford
Hannah Hart nurse of Chesapeake General Hospital, Fort Monroe, Virginia
Mary A. Balmer Hartman 17589951 pension record
Paulina Hoadley Hathaway FS Profile KZ8L-GFS 138113697 Service: Nurse, Medical Department, U.S. Volunteers; Birth: Abt 1810, Shelburne, VT; Death: 01/22/1894; Burial: Elmwood Avenue Cemetery, Burlington, VT - Marker/Plot: Lot 83
Sister Felix Haverty               St Joseph of Philidelphia Baptismal Name: Anne; Born in Donegal, Ireland; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia; she was 28 years old in 1861 when called to serve as a nurse; approximate birth year: 1833
Mary F. Strahan Hayden served in Wash DC , Residence: Roxbury, Massachusetts age 70 circa 1911
Mary Hayne was from Washington, District of Columbia; pension record
John Haynes was from Salina, Kansas
Sister M. Helen was from Notre Dame, Indiana; pension record
Sarah L. Henderson 126502174 pension record
Martha E. Mann Hicks was from Jericho, New York; pension record; formerly Mann
Matilda G. Higbee was from Soldiers' Home, Michigan
Catherine L. Taylor Hill of Dobb's Ferry, New York, Residence: New York City; pension record, could be widow of Isaac Hill - widow pension file
Emeline E. McLellan Himes FS Profile 938L-PFH was from Lansing, Michigan; pension record; formerly McLellan
Lillie P. Hinman was from Louisville, Tennessee; pension record (2 different)
Jessie Hinsdill served as a nurse during the war, apparently with the 2nd Michigan Infantry.
Anna Jozen Hitz FS Profile LH23-M43 54793133 wife of Swiss ambassador John Hitz; born 8 Jun 1838; death: 23 Apr 1883; buried: Lincoln Township Cemetery, Polk County, Iowa
Clarissa E. Hobbs was from Omaha, Nebraska; pension records, nurse with 12th Iowa Infantry
M. Jennie Hogan was from Oakland, California; pension record
Harriet M. Hinckson Holmes FS Profile LW1R-45S 51680904 Service: Nurse, Co. I, 11th Vermont Infantry; wife of Clark J. Holmes; maiden name Hinkson; Note: The 11th Vermont Infantry was also known as the 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery; the names were used interchangably for most of its career; Fold3 page
William Hayman Holstein FS Profile KCJD-8YH 44876926 Gettysburg Nurse - - 2nd Corps; DOB: 17 Feb 1816; DOD: 9 Aug 1894; spent 3 years in field hospitals; Major Union Officer first in the 17th PA Regiment. Joined his wife, Ann Morris Ellis Holstein in aiding Union and Confederate soldiers after the Battles of Gettysburg and Antietam.
Anna Matilda Whitson Hood Gettysburg Nurse - Army - Seminary Hospital; DOB: 29 Oct 1833; DOD: 17 Aug 1923; Quaker; married David Hood 3/23/1870; Father: Moses Whitson; Mother: Elizabeth Taylor; from Pennsylvania
Sarah Emery Jose Hooper FS Profile LWPY-2CH 188222848 Gettysburg Nurse - Sanitary Commission - Relief Lodge; Husband's Name: Samuel Thompson Hooper DOB: 2 Feb 1822; DOD: 18 Feb 1914; Lived for a while in Melbourne Australia on discovery of gold. Returned to America at time of Civil War and took an active part in relief and other work. Served on the Sanitary Commission.
Lucinda Horne FS Profile MYBX-63T 76157454
Mary Anne Middlecoff Horner FS Profile KHM4-WGD 23945741 Gettysburg Nurse - Letterman; Husband's Name: Robert Horner DOB: 13 Jan 1828; DOD: 25 Feb 1890
Dr. Elizabeth Susan Kingman Horr FS Profile MWMK-7HZ 92289931
Abby House 14788060
Mary A. House was from Trempealeau, Wisconsin; pension record
Sylvia Watson Housiaux FS Profile KC1W-1RK 83763743 was from Douglas, Wyoming
Maggie Ward Houston was from Sandusky, Ohio; pension record, maiden name: Ward
Alice Key Howard FS Profile K4FC-S51 19914739 Gettysburg Nurse - Confederate Baltimore - Black Horse Tavern; DOB: 27 Feb 1835; DOD: 28 Jan 1879; unmarried; Sister of Ellen Key Howard Morgan and Mary Howard Lloyd, also nurses.
Thomas H. Howe FS Profile 9ZM5-LBK Nurse in Andersonville Prison while POW;  Authored book:  Adventures of an escaped Union prisoner from Andersonville
Theodora W. Howells was from Los Angeles, California; pension record
Helen Maria Noye Hoyt FS Profile 9VHN-R7S 45645136 Birth name: Noyt; was from Detroit, Michigan
Rosina Weaver Hubley FS Profile 9XVF-TVT Lancaster Gettysburg Nurse - Patriot Daughters of Lancaster - President; Husband's Name: Joseph Hubley - owner of Swan's Hotel. DOB: 1793; DOD: 1 Aug 1875
Debbie A. Hughes FS Profile GWGL-J47 38233682 LOC Bio Name also shown as Debby; trained doctor, served as nurse; See Nurse Images: Back of photo Civil_War_Nurses_Images-113.jpg - Text on newspaper clipping on back of case: "Death of an Army nurse. Westchester, Pa., Monday, Nov. 18. Miss Debby Hughes, the Washington nurse, so badly injured by the recent railroad accident, died at noon to-day of tetanus." Image: See Nurse Portraits
Deele Jeanette Hughes was from Washington, District of Columbia
Elizabeth Pickard Hunt FS Profile KCSD-RP3 107559608 Our Nurses, Pgs 191-192 served in Keokuk, Iowa Residence: Tacoma, Washington age 77 circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Bridget Hunter was from Cleveland, Ohio; pension record
Lauretta H. Cutler Husington FS Profile 2ZSQ-5Q1 57340427 Our Nurses, Pgs 406-409 Alternate Name: Hoisington; served under Dix as nurse at Hospital No. 1 and No. 2, Chattanooga, Tenn; maiden name: Lauretta H. Cutler; Residence: Rochell, IL 1895 (near 80 years old); Residence: Palo Alto, California age 85 circa 1911
Mary E. Shelton Huston FS Profile MCZH-JS9 94823925 "A Melody Before Unknown: the Civil War Experiences of Mary and Amanda Shelton"; Born 1841 Virginia United States; died 18 Jan 1909 Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa; secretary to Mrs Wittenmeyer; sister: Rhode Maenad Shelton; brother; Orteus Carnefix Shelton Lt 45th Iowa Inf; Mount Pleasant, Iowa; married Emory S. Huston
Mary A. Hutchins was from Raquette Lake, New York; pension record


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name I
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Sarah E. Ingham was from Alden, Oklahoma; pension record
Sarah T. Inman was from Los Angeles, California
Elizabeth Irere was from Washington, District of Columbia


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name J
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Julia Amanda Clifford Jackson 141531938 Alternate Name: Conant; US Volunteers Nurse; Born in Wisconsin - her birthdate predates Wisconsin statehood; pension record
Ruth Jackson 8765111
Anna A. Smith Janes FS Profile KN3R-KZ2 121656245 Volunteered as a nurse at Knight U.S. Army Hospital, New Haven, for one year, then at Annapolis, MD as Nurse, Medical Department, U.S. Volunteers
Sister Anselm Jennings            St Joseph of Philidelphia Baptismal Name: Katherine; Born in Galway, Ireland; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia; she was 22 years old in 1861 when called to serve as a nurse; approximate birth year: 1839
Martha E. Jennison Our Nurses, Pgs 326-328 Born Templeton, MA, living in Fort Madison, Iowa, when the war started. Oldest son fought all four years; her younger son was in Boston school and served in the Navy on the “Lillian.” Residence: Weston, Massachusetts 1895
Mary Ann Stranger Jess FS Profile LW3K-X4H 16165542
Mary Adelaide Daugherty Jobes 45950875 nurse in Tennessee Residence: Indianapolis age 71 circa 1911; Husband is Dr. George O. Jobes. Son is Dr. Norman Jobes. All are buried in Crown Hill in Indianapolis, Indiana
Annie Eliza Johns FS Profile MXKV-B72 11716836
Ada Johnson 11268071 teacher before & after war in St Louis; pension record
Caroline Johnson Former slave who volunteered in various Washington, DC hospitals; Was noted for her work and invited to the White House by President Lincoln
Estelle Serena Johnson FS Profile KHDP-ZV5 90522489 Wikipedia; Vermont Civil War Army Nurse / 4 VT Vol. Reg. / 1862-1863 wife of Sgt Judson Johnson, 4th VT INF; Birth: 02/02/1841, Wardsboro, VT; Death: 12/25/1910; Burial: Forestdale Cemetery, Holyoke, MA; daughter of Charles Davis and Oliver Charlotte (Willard) Read, She married Judson Rufus Johnson, of Jamaica in 1859. His sister, Lydia, b. abt 1836, also a nurse, married Arad T. Wood, a Private in the same company. Lydia died at the front on 11/7/1861 from Thphoid Fever, and her remains were returned to Jamaica, VT for burial; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Jane Johnson was from New York, New York; pension record
Judson Rufus Johnson FS Profile KZ9H-4G7 27844899 Estelle Serena Johnson's husband; Service: enlisted 8/14/61, mustered in: 9/2/61, 2SGT, Co. I, 4th Vermont Infantry; discharged as disabled 4/3/62; Birth: 03/22/1833, Jamaica, VT; Death: 05/05/1913 - Died in South Hadley, MA; Burial: Pleasant View Cemetery, Jamaica, VT; Pension: 5/26/1891, service records
Lucy Johnson Vermont 8th Inf; pension records
Lydia S. Johnson FS Profile LZR6-YVP 59868431 Residence: Lyndonville, New York age 81 circa 1911; pension record
Rosina Gross Johnson was from Baltimore, Maryland; pension record - Maiden Name: Gross
Salina B. Johnson FS Profile G9JG-17R 103073933
Ellza Jones was from Huntsvllle, Alabama
Eudora Jones was from New Orleans, Louisiana; pension record
Martha M. Jones Gettysburg Nurse - Phoenixville Union Relief Society - 11th Corps; DOB: 1842; DOD: 1886
Rachel Brown Jones was from Clarksville, Tennessee; pension record; Maiden Name: Brown

Civil War Nurses Current Last Name K - R


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name K
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Anne S. White Kaler FS Profile M1D8-BPR 37432082 Gettysburg Nurse - Phoenixville Union Relief Society - Brought supplies; Husband's Name: Levi B. Kaler White; Alternate Spelling: Haler DOB: Nov 1827; DOD: 3 May 1910
 Louisa C. Kamp Our Nurses, Pgs 280-281
Deity Powell Kelley FS Profile LHGQ-TQ1 10425149 Emerging Civil War Alternate spelling: Delilah; served alongside her mother, also a nurse
Zylpha Jane Burr Kelley was from Morres Hill, Indiana; pension record
Viola A. Dunham Kenyon FS Profile LHYM-92R 35050459
Mary A. C. Kieckbach was from Wheelersburg, Ohio; US Veterans burial record; Maiden Name: Cameron
Sister Mary John Kieran        161287564 St Joseph of Philidelphia Baptismal Name: Elizabeth; Born in Armagh, Ireland; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia; she was 37 years old when called to serve as a nurse; birth year: 1825
Amanda Kiger 6863686 may be daughter of John Kiger - see pension file
Louisa Kilbourn was from Sylvania, Ohio
Anna King 16165628 66th NY record
Mary Kinney was from Kansas City, Kansas; Married Name: White; pension record
Mary Crawford Kline FS Profile L123-KR6 37108559
Mary F. Knowles Our Nurses, Pg 354-355
Augusta Kratzenberg FS Profile GH5Z-43P was from Washington, DC; pension record
Lizzie S. Kuhn was from Los Angeles, California
Annie Kyle FS Profile LK33-SDF 57695544


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name L
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Mary Elizabeth Clark Lacey FS Profile MV5M-NVT 160342
Caroline "Carrie" Nichols Lacy FS Profile G799-JNX 49243098 Union nurse and with Freedmen's camp at Camp Todd, Virginia. She married Lt. George W. Lacy, assistant superintendent of Freedmen's Camps, April 1864, at Arlington, Virginia; Born: 20 Aug 1838; Died: 13 May 1898, buried at Arlington National Cemetery; friends with Emily Howland, known abolitionist; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Jean Margaret Davenport Lander FS Profile M87C-VKH 37272951 Wikipedia; LOC Bio; Blog; Article - Museum Actress and nurse; widow pension file;  ; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Augustus G. Landry FS Profile G9L1-L4Z 119768921 4th Vermont Infantry; 1st US Vet Corps (Veterinary Corps)
Elizabeth Lucas Lapine was from Soldiers' Home, Michigan; pension record
Catherine Lawrence 9V74-XXD 9367605 1820-1904; alternate birth: 1819; pension records
Grace C. Lawrence was from Los Angeles, California; pension record
Rocius Leach FS Profile LZ77-KLP 169778996 Service: enl 7/17/62, credits: Somersworth, NH, Nurse; USN, Portsmouth, 3 yrs, as Nurse; discharge 5/4/65 as an Ordinary Seaman from receiving ship, Philadelphia; Vessels: Conemaugh, Philadelphia; widow's pension file
Catharine Leary was from Bismark, North Dakota; pension record
Adelia Leavitt nurse in Wisconsin Residence: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin circa 1911 age 69
Celina Jane LeClear FS Profile G7JM-B8W 20760894 FS name shown as Jane Philinda Ransom but spouse and children match from FAGM
Alice Leedom All that is known of her exists in a letter in the collections of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine; The letter was written to her by "Col. 104th PA Vols, W.W.H. Davis" on March 18, 1862 from Meridian Hill thanking her for caring for his men for the past five months
Mary E. Garrison Lemon was from Fairfield, California; pension record, formerly Garrison
Ann Lester 23092749
Helen L. Kormendy Lewis was from St. Louis, Missouri; pension record, formerly Kormendy
Winifred E. Lewis was from San Simon, Arizona; pension record
Annie B. Lillie was from Rockford, Minnesota; pension record
Anna Ogg Lindsay The Statutes at Large 1910 was from Westminster, Maryland
Florence Petigrew Lithgrow FS Profile L5CY-C4Z 106958035 was from Washington, District of Columbia; pension record
Cordelia Reynolds Livingston FS Profile L84C-9L4 was from Bloomington, Illinois; pension record - formerly Reynolds; Husband: Adam Douglas Livingston
Mary Howard Lloyd FS Profile KDBS-886 9904451 Gettysburg Nurse - Confederate Baltimore - Black Horse Tavern; DOB: 1810; DOD: 2 Jan 1902; Sister of Ellen Key Howard Morgan and Alice Key Howard, also nurses; nurse record
Susan R. Lowell nurse in Tennessee Residence: Topeka, Kansas age 79 circa 1911; m alternate spelling: Lovell
Elizabeth Trull Lucas 37401040 Wikipedia ' Image: See Nurse Portraits


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name M
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
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Personal/Service Information
Jennie Gauslin Maish 101160664 Pre-war Residence: Winchester, Virginia, loyalist, prisoned-Thunder Castle, Married: Lewis Maish, Residence: Stillwater, MN age 65 circa 1911
Margaret Mackey Our Nurses, Pgs 156-157
Mary Madole was from St. Louis, Missouri
Adelaide Weirick Magee FS Profile GCSG-ZYV Gettysburg Nurse - Oakridge, Sheads 2 - 3 months Letterman; DOB: 1848 Jun; DOD: 8 Mar 1915; Husband:Sgt. Major Philadner Magee
Sister Philomena Maher         St Joseph of Philidelphia Baptismal Name: Margaret; Born in Kilkenney, Ireland; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia; she was 37 years old in 1861 when called to serve as a nurse; approximate birth year: 1824
Sarah E. Marks 16196081
Elvira Meekins Mason FS Profile K8C9-JWR 23124390 Our Nurses,Pgs 372-374 Residence in 1895: West Pullman, IL; pension record;
Sister Matilda was from Notre Dame, Indiana; pension record
Hannah Utley Maxon FS Profile G45Q-B29 13649721 pension record
Mary Frances Stokes Maxwell LTRZ-KL5 9904830 Ohio Genealogy Society Article was from Lakewood, Ohio; alternate spelling: Francis; could also have formerly been Huddleston; pension record
Phebe Agett May FS Profile LH7L-SMK 134634294 Nurse/ Husband Surgeon - Letterman; Husband's Name: H.C. May DOB: 1832; DOD: 8 Mar 1898; Coco Vast Sea of Misery. Photo of Camp Letterman with Dr. and Mrs. May shown. Letter , Mrs. H.C. May Copy of letter dated August 29, 1886 in the collection of the Gettysburg National Military Park. pension record
Martha Mayo was from Dayton, Ohio
Mary McAllister 17438649 Gettysburg Nurse - St. Francis Xavier Church July 1. Christ Lutheran Church; DOB: 8-Dec-24; DOD: 18 Jul 1907
Polly McArthur was from Bolivar, West Virginia; pension record
Priscilla Yourt McCandliss FS Profile KZKV-RN9 70666042
Julia McCarthy was from Chicago, Illinois; 2 pension records, married name could be Sago; or maiden name - Kenney, married nameL McCarthy
Elizabeth McConaughy McClean Gettysburg Nurse - Bandages July1-3; DOB: 26 Apr 1847; DOD: 14 Jun 1932; Adams County Civilian Account - Elizabeth McClean - Gettysburg Compiler July 8, 1908
Marie McClellan Clarissa F. Dye, past president of the Army Nurses, in 1862, was teaching, but devoted her vacation to field and hospital work in company with Miss Marie McClellan of Germantown, Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth McCrady was from Hamilton, Ohio
Mary Parker McCray was from Topeka, Kansas; pension record, formerly Parker
Marguerit Jane Dullaghan McCurdy
Rose McCaffery McDermott was from Chicago, Illinois
Mary (Sister Ann Cecilia) McDonald Cornelia McDonald?
Ann Jane Powers McDonnell 26516618 Gettysburg Nurse - Catholic Church July 1-4 First Corps; DOB: 31 Jul 1836; DOD: 28 Mar 1918; Daughter of Catherine; sister of Cynthia, Alice & Elizabeth
Louisa Nichols McDowell FS Profile 21R5-RWW 20448171 teacher, of Gallipolis, Ohio died: 26 May 1910
Kate McLaughlin was from Quincy, Illinois; pension record
Susan A. Gould McLean was from Pasadena, California; - formerly Gould; pension record
Sister Bruno McMahon          St Joseph of Philidelphia Baptismal Name: Ellen; Born in Cavan, Ireland; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia; she was 31 years old in 1861 when called to serve as a nurse; approximate birth year: 1830
Sister Constantia Mcmenamin    St Joseph of Philidelphia Baptismal Name: Eliza; Born in Donegal, Ireland; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia; she was 30 years old in 1861 when called to serve as a nurse; approximate birth year: 1831
Joanna Jamison Melton FS Profile KZM1-J1N 162959 Residence: Salt Lake City, UT age 75 circa 1911; pension record
Anne Sophia Clapp Merrick 36829633
Mary E. Merrill was from Oceanside, California; travel pass and pension record
Elizabeth K. McCune Miller 28921418 WikiSource
Harriette F. Miller was from Mason City, Iowa; pension record
Margaret M. Miller 184631703 pension record
Maria Hoppe Miller Residence: Milan, Indiana age 64 circa 1911
Mary E. Burk Miller 34819140 died in Logansport, Indiana; maiden name Burk - Fold3 story and gallery
Susan Carrie Robinson Mills 121779987 ?of NH?, Residence: Haverhill, Massachusetts age 71 circa 1911
Irene "Rena" Littlefield Miner FS Profile KZRZ-GSW 67246327 Our Nurses, Pgs 138-141 nurse in Indiana, Residence: Carrollton, Ohio age 71 circa 1911; was from Brant, Michigan; pension card;
Hannah Drew Thomas Moir FS Profile MV5Y-8LX 102027019 Duxbury; Our Nurses; Born: 11 August 1836; began nursing her wounded husband at a Washington, D.C. hospital and continued after his death until the end of the war. Died: 23 Dec 1873
Catharine Moore was from Macon, Missouri; pension record
Clara M. Zeller Moore was from Woodstock, Illinois; 2 pension records, formerly Zeller
Jane C. Moore p. 70 Nurse-Baltimore Christian Commission - 2nd Corps; Husband's Name: William B. Moore DOB: 1815; DOD: circa 1899; Christian Commission 2nd annual Report for 1863, April 1864. 1st and 2nd Division tents: REv. RC Matlack and a company of delegates from Philadelphia and Mrs. Moore and her daughter from Baltimore.
Mary E. Moore Wikipedia; Our Nurses292-293 Hospital matron of the 58th Illinois Regiment
Priscilla Ayers Moore
Jane Boswell Bristor Moore Gettysburg Nurse - Baltimore Christian Commission - 2nd Corps one month July 4-31; DOB: Aug 1841; DOD: circa 1915
Maria M. Moran was from Sailna, Kansas
Ellen Key Howard Morgan FS Profile LCPB-83S 47497820 Gettysburg Nurse - Confederate Baltimore - Black Horse Tavern; of Baltimore traveled with an English nurse, a few days after the battle. DOB: 31 Jul 1840; DOD: 15 Jan 1925; Sister of Alice Key Howard and Mary Howard Lloyd, also nurses.
Janette Maxwell Morrill Our Nurses, Pgs 220-222 Our Nurses, Pgs 220-222
Matilda E. Morris 17262557 Our Nurses, Pgs 390-401 Born approx 1835; Residence: Cleveland, Ohio age 76 circa 1911
Sarah Stewart Morris 101762639
Jane M. Morton husband surg. 147 New York Inf, Residence: Oswego, New York age 92 circa 1911; was from Elgin, Illinois
Mollie Wilson Carnahan Mott FS Profile 9WZP-9G3 158232507 served in Tennessee, Residence: Elkhart, Indiana age 79 circa 1911; pension card, formerly Carnahan; Husband: Oscar Mott
Elizabeth Jane Mulvane was from Topeka, Kansas; pension record
Jane R. Munsell Gettysburg Nurse - Women's Relief Corps Sandy Spring MD - Nurse; Maiden name unknown;
Bridget Murphy was from Ashland, Kentucky
Louisa Myers was from Los Angeles, California
Mary E. Schaefer Myers was from Govans, Maryland; pensions record, formerly Schaefer
Susanna Margaret Myers Gettysburg Nurse; DOB: 1848; DOD: 1924; Father: Peter Appel Myers, sister of Mary Virginia "Jennie" Myers Tawney


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name N
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
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Emma Louise Becker Nagle 73406924
Ellen E. Moss Nash was from Buffalo, New York; pension record, Nee: Moss
Mary Emma Ellis Nelson Wikipedia' pag 87; Sketches pension record
Harlan G. Newcomb FS Profile MFSV-MKH Service: enlisted 8/19/1862, Co. K, 145th NY INF, mustered in 9/22/1862, Staten Island; in hospital for a while as nurse; transferred to Co. I, 107th NY INF at Shelbyville, TN, detailed to DIV HQ after fall of Atlanta, rejoined unit 5/23/1865, m/o 6/19/1865 in Detroit, MI; Birth: abt 1838, possibly Waitsfield, VT; Death: 02/07/1899 in Detroit, MI; Burial: Saxtons River Cemetery, Saxtons River, VT
Laura A. Mount Newman
Eleanor F D Bishop Nicholas 172766085 US Volunteers
Elizabeth Nichols Wikipedia Residence: Clyde, New York age 76 circa 1911; 111th NY - matron card and fact sheet; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Alice J. Whitley Nickerson was from Oberlin, Ohio; formerly Whitney - pension record
Henrietta Norton was from Toledo, Ohio
Julia Ann Polhemus Norton FS Profile L5N6-MNH 87219117 St Joseph of Philidelphia
Mary Elizabeth Bigelow Norton Gettysburg Nurse - Michigan Relief Association - July 24.; Husband's Name: John E Norton DOB: 1828; DOD: 19 Jan 1916


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name O
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
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Sister Laurentia O’Donnell        174129425 FS Profile Baptismal Name: Ellen; Born in Tipperary, Ireland; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia; she was 24 years old in 1861 when called to serve as a nurse; approximate birth year: 1837
Anna Magie Oakley 201394387 Gettysburg Nurse - Husband Surgeon 2nd NJ 6th Corps - Letterman til October; Husband's Name: Dr Lewis Oakley. DOB: 29 Dec 1841; DOD: 29 Jan 1920; Among doctor's wives who joined husbands at Camp Letterman
Hanna Shields O'Bannon FS Profile MHTH-7GN 46139907
Alama S Wolcott Bennett Olden FS Profile KZ2V-YVT 72906398
Charlotte Anderson Olney FS Profile LWYX-WGW 20351882
Rosanna Dyer Osterman FS Profile LZD6-N9N 43554370 Wikipedia; Encyclopedia; Blog; Jewish History; Jewish Heroins Confederate nurse; Oath file; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Rebecca Otis 118870651 Residence: Manchester, Iowa age 86 circa 1911


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name P
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
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Lizzie C. Reilly Scranton Packard was from New York, New York; pension record - formerly Reily, later Packard
Maria Page was from Washington, District of Columbia
Susan A. Page 16196152
Ella Palmer  Women History Born in 1829; Volunteered as a Confederate nurse as well as organized kitchens and linen rooms; Was present at field hospitals following the Battles of Shiloh and Chattanooga
Hanna L. Palmer 51838418 Our Nurses, Pgs 260-268 Born: Peterboro,Madison, New York 28 Jan 1827; Mother from Lathrop family; father associated with Gerrit Smith and the Underground Railroad; not married; 1893; GAR Post No. 49 Reese Post member; 1895 in Canstota, New York Residence: Conestoga, New York age 84 circa 1911
Mary Landers Parker was from Columbus, Nebraska; formerly Landers - pension record
Annie G. Loane Parr Gettysburg Nurse - Confederate Baltimore - Seminary, College Hospitals; Husband's Name: David Preston Parr DOB: circa 1825; circa 1890; She and her sisters were Confederate supporters
Sister M. Passion was from Notre Dame, Indiana
Lydia A. Patch was from Milnor, North Dakota; widow pension file -
Ann Cowan Patterson was from Iron River, Michigan; 2 pension records - formerly Cowan
Lovezilla Laurinda Gladden Patterson FS Profile LD1C-PHQ 23418658
Sister M. Paula was from Notre Dame, Indiana
Mary M. Payne was from Cheyenne Junction, South Dakota; pension record
Llewellyn E. Penhollow FS Profile GH4B-6HR 172934863 was from Mayville, New York; 2nd husband was William Penhollow; also known as Lleyellyn Lonnen Smith Penhollow
Betsy Pennell Betsy Pennell, nurse from Portland, Maine, who died from tuberculosis during the war.
Elizabeth Buckwalter Pennypacker Phoenixville Article Nurse-Phoenixville Union Relief Society - Chambersburg PA; DOB: 1816; DOD: 25 Jan 1876;
Margaret McKee Pentland was from Minneapolis, Minnesota
Adeliza Perry FS Profile KCWH-3HQ 132067402 Wikipedia pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Maggie A. Perry was from Dallas, Texas
Margaret Augusta Peterson 7507229 St Joseph of Philidelphia
Sister Camillus Phelan         Baptismal Name: Julia; Born in Kilkenney, Ireland; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia; she was 31 years old in 1861 when called to serve as a nurse; approximate birth year: 1830
Caroline Watson Pieot was from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Rebecca Elizabeth Ashcom Pierce FS Profile KLLN-468 21181477
Margaret A. Pierce 23595428 Gettysburg Nurse - Pierce home, July 1-; DOB: 1810; DOD: 9 Dec 1881
Cynthia Powers Pittenturf FS Profile L615-C2D 22782700 Gettysburg Nurse - Catholic Church July; Husband's Name: Daniel Pittenturf DOB: 1834; DOD: 1864; Daughter of Catherine Powers and sister of Alice Cumming Powers, Ann,& Elizabeth
Judith Plummer Gettysburg Nurse - Govt. Dix Maine - Letterman; DOB: 18 Aug 1828; DOD: 18 May 1896; Levant Maine women also served the Union during the Civil War. The Plummer sisters, Judith and Susan, worked as nurses supervised by Dorothea Dix.
Mary B. Pollock nurse in South Carolina, Residence: San Louis Obispo, California age 75 circa 1911; may be mother of James H. Pollock - widow pension file; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Rebecca Holiday Pomroy FS Profile MJ1W-5LR 96135195 Wikipedia ' Image: See Nurse Portraits
Lucy Porter was from Cincinnati, Ohio; pension record
Frances Elizabeth Lewis Fox Potter FS Profile KH1Z-QZC 26541426
Margaret Jane Potts was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; pension record
Alice Cummings Powers 19033614 Gettysburg Nurse - Catholic Church First Corps July 1-4; DOB: 25 Sep 1842; DOD: 1 Apr 1905; Daighter of Catherine Powers and sister of Cynthia Powers Pittenturf, Ann and Elizabeth; Alice Powers Memoir , Gettysburg Compiler July 1, 1903
Catherine Powers 19049631 Gettysburg Nurse - Catholic Church July 1-4 First Corps; DOB: 20 Feb 1804; DOD: 4 Jan 1892; Mother of Alice Cummings Powers and Cynthia Powers Pittenturf
Ellen L. Pratt was from Green Cove Springs, Florida; 2 pension records
Malinda A. Miller Pratt FS Profile LKMC-F8H 74321821 nurse in Indiana, Residence: Lincoln, Nebraska age 76 circa 1911; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Amelia Harmon Moser Price Gutenberg p. 778 Gettysburg Nurse Resident - Shead's School; DOB: 4 Oct 1846; DOD: 25 May 1908; Mrs. Jacob Moser. aged 62. Second husband. First husband Jacob Harmon.
Sarah Priest 44484523 pension record
Phebe E. C. Priestly was from Leesville, Missouri; pension record
Gilbert Henry Prindle FS Profile LLHG-599 49301508 VT Profile US Navy, 2nd US Sharpshooters
Sister Monica Pue          St Joseph of Philidelphia Baptismal Name: Mary Elizabeth; Born in Philadelphia, PA; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia
Eliza Stokes Pyle FS Profile LCJ1-2SD 43538863 was from Carmi, Illinois. Pension record


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name Q
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
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Caroline E. Quigg 135742235 Columbia was from Newark, New Jersey
Almira Fitch Quinby FS Profile K4BB-P46 115847045
Ellen Quinn was from New Albany, Indiana


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name R
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
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Mary Randall was from Gallipolis, Ohio; 2 pension records
Eleanor C. "Mother" Huten Ransom FS Profile K8ZB-4T4 74595993 LOC Bio known as "Mother," who worked in a Union hospital in Tennessee and aboard the transport ship "North America; " Image: See Nurse Portraits
Lucy Rardin was from Milltown, South Dakota; pension record
Maria L. Moore Rathnell nurse in Ohio, Residence: Bellefontaine, Ohio age 76 circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Anna Raymond FS Profile K4X8-6ZF 14271977 Gettysburg Nurse - Philadelphia - 2nd Corps; DOB: 16 Jun 1824; DOD: 16 Nov 1906
Ann Reade Anne Reade, possibly Anne Reading(?), nurse at Baltimore; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Sarah M. Reading nurse in Davenport, Iowa, Residence: Lowry City, Missouri age 70 circa 1911; pension record
Margaretta V. Mundorf Reed 9952489 Volunteer Gettysburg Nurse - /Surgeon's Wife Gettysburg Nurse - - 5th Corps; Husband's Name: Joseph A.E. Reed DOB: 24 Feb 1833; DOD: 18 Apr 1911
Annie L. Reeder 16178487
L. Elizabeth McNett Rehm 15520543 was from Eugene, Oregon
Ann Reid 16196249 pension record
Pamelia Reid Our Nurses, Pgs 104-105
Martha A. Fletcher Relyea was from Wapello, Iowa; pension record - formerly Fletcher
Mary Rhodes was from Washington, District of Columbia
Mary C. Rice was from Chicago, Illinois; pension record
Maria M. C. Hall Richards FS Profile MLWJ-N6W 158362431 Blog; Gettysburg; Wikipedia A daughter of a Washington lawyer, she served at the Smoketown Hospital at Antietam from shortly after the battle until the hospital closed in May 1863. Husband: J. T. Richards Residence: Weathersfield, Connecticut age 74 circa 1911; History of NH unit
Agnes Adams Wilbour Richardson FS Profile LR19-K7M 39259360 was from Newport, Rhode Island
Mary A. Ransom Richardson 42379379 was from Vineland, New Jersey, Residence: Vineland, New Jersey w/spouse age 76 circa 1911; pension record
Catherine Gibbons Ridenour was from Elida, Ohio; pension record - formerly Gibbons
Lydia A. Riggins was from Chester, Pennsylvania; pension record
Annie A. Robbins was from Tampa, Florida
Julia A. Peckman Robinson Maiden Name may be Smith, and married a man named Robinson after Peckman; US Volunteers; Birth: Unknown, Northfield, VT; Death: After 08/05/1893; Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Northfield, VT; Pension application 08/05/1893; Birth of child Frederick, in Massachusetts in 1853, shows Julia's birth as Northfield, VT
Lelia P. Roby FS Profile MBB3-B4W Born: 25 Dec 1848 Boston, founded Ladies of the Grand Army, Residence: Chicago, Illiois
Elizabeth Murtha Roche was from New York, New York; pension record - formerly Murtha
Sarah Frances Pearce Rockwell FS Profile KCRP-BPG 35508001
Anna Marie Ross 11814770 LOC Bio Alternate name: Anna Maria Ross; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Aseneth C. Nolan Rowley FS Profile LDYL-SD7 124517588
Mary "Mammy" Ruggles 58796090  Burials
Amanda Reinecker Rupp FS Profile GSBR-96J 17035372 Gettysburg Nurse - Wikert House, Christ Lutheran Church, Willoughby Run, Letterman; Alternate Spelling: Renecker DOB: 8 Oct 1840; DOD: 9 Mar 1928; Gettysburg Times August 14, 1926 p. 14 Article about Amanda Rupp, one of three Gettysburg nurses who joined nurse's association. Salome Stewart, Amanda Rupp and Alice Powers. Amanda last living. Account of aunt Nancy Weikert opening Christ Lutheran Church and making gallons of coffee. She and her aunt worked at field hospital at Natural Springs Park. Willoughby's Run. July 1-2. Coco p. 133 Confederate Hospital.
Elizabeth Augusta Russell nurse in New York City hospitals; pension record
Cora E. Ruttinger was from Colorado Springs, Colorado; pension record
Sister Ignatius Ryan       St Joseph of Philidelphia Baptismal Name: Elizabeth; Born in London, England; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia; she was 33 years old in 1861 when called to serve as a nurse; approximate birth year: 1828

Civil War Nurses Current Last Name S - Z


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name S
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
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Emma A. French Sackett FS Profile LZZ8-78L 12654632 VT Profile; Our Nurses, Pgs 232-235 nurse in Indiana, Residence: Winterset, Iowa age 69 circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Agnes Elisabeth Winona Leclerc Joy Salm Salm FS Profile MTYY-NGP 13261681 Wikipedia nurse with the 68th New York Infantry; The Princess Salm Salm - American wife of Prince Felix zu Salm-Salm killed in the Civil War; 2nd husband: Charles Heneage; Salm-Salm records
Ellen Cantwell Sargent FS Profile M79W-ZFY 157135304 was from Minneapolis, Minnesota; pension record - formerly Cantwell; Husband:Samuel Sargent
Sister Mary Frances Schervier FS Profile L4QJ-9MY 29226061 She was a sister of the Sisters of the Poor; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Sister Ambrosia Schwartz 130324124
Harriet M. Scott US Volunteers Nurse; Birth: 03/23/1833,Franklin, VT; Death: 08/31/1915; Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA - Marker/Plot: Laurel Hill #2938; Applied for pension - 10/15/1892, not approved
Kate M. Scott 81353270 wrote 2 books: "History of the 105th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers", 1877; "History of Jefferson County Pennsylvania," 1888; born 5 October 1837 Ebensburg, Cambria, PA; w/105th Pennsylvania Inf, died: 1911 in Brookville, Pennsylvania
Mary Catherine Wren Upton Sharp FS Profile KF9Q-311 93226346 was from Vera, Illinois
Caroline "Carrie" Sheads 10929950 Gutenberg pg 775 Gettysburg Nurse - Oak Ridge Seminary Principal,; DOB: 1840; DOD: 16 Feb 1884 - Women's Work in the Civil War: Miss Carrie Sheads, the principal of Oak Ridge Female Seminary, is also deserving of a place in our record for her courage, humanity and true womanly tact.
Sister Mary Gonzaga Sheehan 112392515
Ellen Newby Sheldon FS Profile LX3L-9RS was from Los Angeles, California; pension record - formerly Newby
Elvira Bliss Sheldon FS Profile K4T8-2FQ 49313179 widow pension file
Hannah C. Bowman Sheppard Nurse appointed by Dix from Millville, New Jersey; married 1866 after the war. Residence: Port Elizabeth, New Jersey 1895.
Sitha Jane Burns Sholley FS Profile G4G9-XRS 61822111 was from Kirksville, Missouri; pension record
Sister Ann Alexis Shorb FS Profile LC3S-137 Wikipedia; Study Library; News Article; Boston Pilot Born: 1804; Birthname: Henrietta "Harriet" Shorb; Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, founder of Carney Hospital, Boston, and head nurse at Satterlee General Hospital, Philadelphia; died 1875; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Anna S. Shuman 57194090 was from Washington, District of Columbia; pension record
Mary Siezgle FS Profile LWY2-ST2 41st Inf; Wikia; Hospital nurse for two years traveling with husband's Regiment - 41st NY DeKalb Regt. A RETURNED HEROINE.—About two years ago, Mrs. Mary Seizgle left this City for the seat of war, with the Forty-first regiment New-York Volunteers, of which her husband was a member. It further appeared that during her two years' absence she has rendered herself very useful as hospital nurse, but also served as a combatant in the unit.
Emma Riggins Simon was from Keokuk, Iowa; 2 pension records - former names: Shaw, Shay & Riggins
Emma L. Hasmer Simonds FS Profile KCL6-YKV Our Nurses, Pgs 88-89 Appointed by Dix to Memphis, Tenn., as chief nurse of Ward A in the Gayoso Hospital; Husband: Justin Frank Simonds; Residence after the war in 1873 moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas and was a professional nurse until 1892; DOD: 1893
Rachel Simpkins 13731247
Sarah Sykes Sinfield FS Profile G716-KDY 15747342 pension record
Ruth Helen Kellogg Sinnotte FS Profile K6ML-DRG 133159372 Wikipedia Husband: Jonathan Patrick Sinnotte ​(married 1848; died 1852)​; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Anna Slater was from Laurel, Maryland; pension record
Josephine Miller Slyder FS Profile GW3D-WLK 65185928 Gettysburg Nurse - Emmitsburg Rd.; Alternate Spelling: Slider DOB: 9 Oct 1836; DOD: 9 Jan 1911; Dayton Daily News, Dayton Ohio March 26, 2015 p. D2 Rosalie Yoakam, "As Battle of Gettysburg raged, she baked bread."
Elizabeth Smaldren 20351962 Fold3 record
John Smalley Born: 02/05/1830, Vershire, VT; Service: enlisted 5/7/61, mustered in: 6/20/61, Pvt, Co. I, 2nd Vermont Infantry, assigned as Nurse, Regimental Hospital, 3/62, mustered out: 6/29/64; Death: 01/16/1906; Burial: Laurel Glen Cemetery, Shrewsbury, VT; Pension: 5/3/1889, VT; records and fold3 memorial
Awilda Smith was from Moscow, Idaho
Fannie A. Sheppard Smith was from Inidanapolis, Indiana; pension record - formerly Sheppard
Frances R. Smith was from Cedar, Colorado; pension record
Helen E. Smith was from Alston, Massachusetts; pension record
Lu Wheat Smith FS Profile LKP6-N4V 102158799 Wikipedia
Mary R. Webber Smith Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Age 85 circa 1911
Rebecca S. Smith Past president of Army Nurses; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Sarah A. Safford Smith
Amanda B. Smythe nurse in Indiana, Residence: Carrollton, Ohio age 71 circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Eliza Hinkle Spare FS Profile 24TS-L5Y 91221387 Gettysburg Nurse - Phoenixville Union Relief Society - 11th Corps Hosp; Husband's Name: Joshua Spear; Alternate Spelling: Spear or Henkle; DOB: 1 Dec 1815; DOD: 18 Feb 1891
Emily D. Pettigrew Spear FS Profile LRGS-W69 65704832
Angie Spence was from Morrow, Ohio
Elmina Pheiades Keeler Spencer FS Profile K2NW-Z27 24647470 RBHouse Museum; Oswego; NY Union; 5th Maine Nurse/ New York State Agent (No. 5) With Husband Robert H. Spencer Hospital Steward Purveyor 147th NY - First Corps First Division White Church; 147th NY July 1-end of July. ; Husband's Name: Mrs Robert H. Spencer DOB: 15 Sep 1819; DOD: 29 Dec 1912; 147th New York Infantry;  Resided Oswego, New York in 1910; military card; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Sarah J. Milliken Sprague Our Nurses, Pgs 170-172 Sarah J. Milliken, Born Baldwin, Maine 3 Aug 1830; Parents: Joshiah and Sally (Townsend) Milliken; Married William N. Sprague, Lynn MA; Residence: Lynn, Massachusetts age 82 circa 1911; Husband: W. N. Sprague; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Susannah Sprague nurse in Kansas, Residence: Denver, Colorado circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Mary E. Chamberlain Squire Residence: Sheboygan, Michigan age 67 circa 1911
Emma A. Stafford 33269564 was from Wichita, Kansas
Sister Mary Stanislaus was from Baltimore, Maryland; pension record - birth name: Ellen Matthews
Cornelia M. Tompkins Stanley 131848883 Residence: Gardena, California age 73 circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Harriett Stanley was from Opp, Alabama; pension record
Hanna Elizabeth Judkins Starbird FS Profile LJK8-J26 9623231 Wikipedia Born in Skowhegan, Maine; Received appointment from Miss Dix (USSC) in August of 1864; nurse at Carver Hospital in Washington, DC for three weeks then sent to St. John's College Hospital in Washington, DC staying until it closed on July 15, 1865; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Margaret Stauffer 184631745
Sarah Burger Stearns mnopedia not a nurse - lectured on behalf of the USSC; women’s right advocate; born 30 Nov 1836 in New York City; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Eunice Hitchcock Stebbins FS Profile L7PW-8BD 64565837 Civilian Nurse, Jarvis General Hospital, Baltimore, MD; Burial: Osage Cemetery, Osage, IA; Pension: 10/21/1864 as mother of a soldier
Helen Stebbins FS Profile L7PW-D9K 47663188 US Volunteers - pension record Eunice Hitchcock Stebbins is her mother
Julia A. Stebbins FS Profile L7PW-D3M 47663212 Nurse at Jarvis Hospital, Baltimore, MD; Birth: 01/23/1837, Burlington, VT; Death: 03/06/1918; Burial: Fairhaven Memorial Park, Santa Ana, CA Marker/Plot: Lawn S-208-1; Pension: 9/21/1892, CA; resided in Orange, California
Emma Stephenson 125608677 Google search comes up with several citations; possible widow of William Stephenson - widow file
Sophia Elizabeth Battice Stephenson FS Profile L49K-F1K 44477609 Obituary; look for name variations: Bettice and others; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Harriet R. Colfax Steven 87493885 Keeper of the Light of Michigan City, Indiana, married and widowed before the Civil War; pension record; Alternate name: Stevens
Ellenor B. Stevens was from Erie, Pennsylvania; pension record
Mary O. Townsend Stevens nurse in Wash DC, Residence: Peabody, Massachusetts age 69 circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Elizabeth Salome "Sally" Stewart Myers FS Profile LHVG-XFV 10929958 Gettysburg Nurse - July 2- Catholic Church, Seminary, Letterman; DOB: 1842; DOD: 17 Jan 1922; teacher, census enumerator, husband died 1868 Residence: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; AKA Salome Myers Stwart
Lydia Anne Weager Stewart FS Profile LV9T-7XJ 65443267
Mary E. Pearce Stewart ? Born: Ohio, Residence: Athens, Ohio circa 1911
Georgiana Willets Stradling FS Profile K4N1-VFG 49358681 Died 8 January 1912; married James Moore Stradling of New Jersey Civil War, His wife, Georgianna, was cremated, and James might have been also. Georgiana Willets Stradling (1840-1912), of Jersey City, New Jersey. Willets was a nurse during the American Civil War; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Elizabeth Billmer Stratemeyer 67706986
Annie M. Strout was from Fall River, Massachusetts; pension record
Mary A. Sturges GMG4-Z99 7434327 Alternate spelling: Sturgis - no maiden name, may start with M. Mother of Mary B. Sturges Maxwell - both served as nurses together. Husband: Seth Morehouse Sturges; She enlisted with the 6th Illinois Cavalry and served in Memphis, Tennessee, at the Adams Block Hospital. Mary A. Sturges was 51 years old when she enlisted and served for four years. She was mustered out in June of 1865 - received a pension.
Julia D. Doremus Sutliff FS Profile LTHK-W24 102145762
Nancy Craig Weikert Sutton KC8D-FRR 15005389 Gettysburg Nurse - St. Francis Xavier, Christ Lutheran July 1st. Willougby's Run Confederate hospital July1-2; Husband's Name: John Peter Weikert DOB: 8 Apr 1819; DOD: 26 Mar 1899
Vesta Mindwell Ward Swarts FS Profile 9VGK-81W 146296466 Our Nurses, Pgs 144-146 Alternate name spelling: Swarts; was from Auburn, Indiana; husband surgeon - 147 New York Inf, Residence: Oswego, New York age 92 circa 1911; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Adelaide M. Sweet was from Washington, District of Columbia; pension record
Catherine H.McAllister Sweeney FS Profile GM6Q-ZD7 23601302 Gettysburg Nurse - Powers House; Husband's Name: Harvey D. Sweney DOB: 14 Mar 1818; DOD: 29 Jul 1908
Alletta Swinker 16196309 widow pension file
Jane Grey Cannon Swisshelm FS Profile MRHX-LX9 11436265 Wikipedia; Crusader and feminist; letters of Jane Grey Swisshelm ' Image: See Nurse Portraits


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name T
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
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Eugenia B. King Tabler FS Profile 9JGG-GS9 49404639 Born in Alexandria, Virginia; 1826; Began Volunteering as a nurse on July 4, 1862 until the end of the war; Worked at various hospitals in Washington, D.C.; also known for taking soldiers into her own home and caring for them
Seneca W. Taylor FS Profile L12H-FC3 76241225 Service: enlisted/mustered in: 7/11/62, m/i 7/11/61, Pvt, Co. K, 9th Vermont Infantry, wounded, Harper's Ferry, 9/14/62, mustered out: 6/13/65, served as hospital nurse; he would have briefly been taken prisoner along with the entire regiment at Harper's Ferry; military records
Susannah Taylor was from Parkersburg, West Virginia; pension record
Millie Terrell was from Utica, New York; pension record
Catherine Thomas was from St. Louis, Missouri
Dorcas Amanda Wescott Thomas KHBZ-227 53940760
Charlotte Marson Thompson 92685793 nurse in Washington, DC; Residence: Brodhead Wisconsin, age 72 circa 1911; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Elizabeth Thompson Our Nurses, Pgs 258-259
Pauline Thompson nurse in Kentucky and Missouri, lives in Berwyn, Illiois circa 1911; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Sarah E. Thompson Cotton pension record; widow record Husband: Joseph Thompson; remarried Cotton
Sarah Foster McKendless Thompson FS Profile LTF3-KKQ 16261542
Mandana Coleman Major Thorp FS Profile KFKK-PVX 86918740
Mary Agnes Tincker FS Profile K8ZN-WF7 74487037 Wikipedia
Elizabeth Catherine "Lydie" Powers Tipton 2347108 Gettysburg Nurse - Catholic Church July 1-4 First Corps; DOB: 7 Feb 1845; DOD: 17 Apr 1900; Daughter of Catherine Powers; sister of Cynthia, Ann, & Mary
Elizabeth Mary Andie Tomamichel FS Profile LZ83-16M 117825335
Sarah Dunlap McCahon Tomlinson FS Profile MT3H-GPQ 172262924 Gettysburg Nurse - Carlisle, Dickinson College; DOB: 27 Aug 1830; DOD: 25 Apr 1905; Husband: Major George Washington Tomlinson
Marie Louise Stebbins Topping was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; pension record - formerly Stebbins
Eliza L. Townsend nurse in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Residence: Portland OR age 79 circa 1911; was from Camden, New Jersey; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Laura R. Cotton Tyson nurse in Philly, Residence: Chelsea, Massachusetts age 76 circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name U
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
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Rebecca R. Usher FS Profile KH52-GG2 40297073 of Hollis, Maine


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name V
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
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Lucretia A. VanHise 16261586
Sister Mary Veronica was from Baltimore, Maryland; pension record
Sister M. Victoria was from Notre Dame, Indiana; pension record
Mary E Gray Vishion FS Profile GDRD-NDW 59899077
Anna Marie Diller Vonah FS Profile MR7V-QWH 16261637 pension record
Mary Robison Vosburgh 209613255 Gettysburg Nurse - 2nd Corps 11th NY; Husband's Name: Dr. Abram Vosburgh DOB: Dec 1827; DOD: circa 1906


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name W
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
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Joanna Painter Fox Waddill FS Profile K8CW-2WH 7362113 Wikipedia; Popular Today; Video; Pinterest Confederate nurse, known as the "Florence Nightengale of the Confederacy; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Martha B. Stokes Walker was from Irving College, Tennessee; pension record - formerly Stokes
Sister Xavier Walker                 St Joseph of Philidelphia Baptismal Name: Mary; Born in Limerick, Ireland; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia; she was 34 years old in 1861 when called to serve as a nurse; approximate birth year: 1827
Jane Mae Skinner Wallace FS Profile LKYF-2P3 54714840
Deborah D. Brake Wallbridge 9ZSK-4GT Born circa 1823; Husband: Solon Wallbridge; pension; Volunteers; 1880 Residence: Pulaski, Iowa County, Wisconsin; died 3 September 1896, Iowa County, Wisconsin; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Susan Mercer Wamock Residence: Lockington, Ohio age 71 circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Elizabeth S. Ward Our Nurses, Pgs 132-133
Sister Patrick Ward            St Joseph of Philidelphia Baptismal Name: Mary; Born in Tyrone, Ireland; Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia; she was 40 years old in 1861 when called to serve as a nurse; approximate birth year: 1821
Louise Rockwood Wardner FS Profile K2XH-2SW 104080370 Born in Canton, St. Lawrence, New York; July 6,1832; Married Horace Wardner, surgeon of the 12th IL Vol. Inf., and followed him as matron for the regiment; Was present at the the Battles of Shiloh and Corinth
Alison A. Wardrobe was from Los Angeles, California
Catherine Warford 16003928
Frances Amelia Swan Warriner 29792201 Husband's Memorial: 207811945; pension record
Julian J. Washburn FS Profile LHK1-8TC 80454452 Service: enlisted 9/11/62, mustered in: 10/22/62, Pvt, Co. C, 15th Vermont Infantry, mustered out: 8/5/63; was a nurse, Medical Department, US Volunteer; Pension: 6/13/1905, NY, widow Martha B.: 11/21/1918, NY
Mary L. Washington was from Monroe, Washington
Mary J. Watson Our Nurses, Pgs 216-218
Mary M. Watson was from Pierce City, Missouri; pension record
Margaret A. Edgar Weed Our Nurses, Pg 344-349 Born 1838 and educated in Lockport, IL; married to Alexander G. Weed; honorably discharged in the fall of 1865; widowed 1891; Residence: Russell, Kansas 1895
Mary L. Welch was from Port Orchard, Washington
Sarah Wells was from Nashville, Tennessee; pension record
Jane M. Livingston Welty FS Profile LHCY-G5R 27552007 Gettysburg Nurse - Gettyburg volunteer - Letterman 4 mos.; Husband's Name: Solomon Welty DOB: 10 Feb 1818; DOD: 27 Jul 1888
Catherine Houghtelin Wert Gettysburg Nurse - 2nd Corps; DOB: 25 Dec 1814; DOD: 6 Jul 1899
Emma Aughinbaugh Wert 23894015 Gettysburg Nurse; DOB: 17 Oct 1845; DOD: 29 Aug 1909
Margaret Ann West was from Palms, California; pension record
Modena R. Chadwick Weston FS Profile L1ZQ-LFD 39826960 Wikipedia ' Image: See Nurse Portraits
Elizabeth C. Wethrell 113886634
Elizabeth Wheeler Our Nurses, Pgs 314-320
Cecelia White Our Nurses, Pg 402-403 about 46 when served as a nurse; Burlington, Iowa, 1895 near 80 in 1895
Cynthia Elbin White was from Alba, Missouri; nurse in Iowa, Residence: Lowry City, Missouri, age 67 circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Josephine Hazard White FS Profile KZBR-W7X 14653576 pension record - formerly Hazard
Lydia L. Horton Whiteman 58575167 Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Age 85 circa 1911; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Lucina B. Emerson Whitney FS Profile LCFH-CX9 9192905 pension record - formerly Meecham?
Martha E. Armstrong Wiestling FS Profile 2WXP-GRD 36225699
Electa L. Willard Residence: Detroit, Michigan age 83 circa 1911; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Catherine J. "Jennie" Smyser Wills FS Profile MR4W-H28 128344793 Gettysburg Nurse - RR Station, Wills House; Husband's Name: David Wills DOB: 12 Aug 1834; DOD: 27 Dec 1891
Mary Eleanor Willson FS Profile K8HJ-4FV 12744436 resides in Westgate, California, USA circa 1911. LNAB Merrill; pension record; Image: See Nurse Portraits
A. Tryphena Wilson was from Lemon Grove, California
Elizabeth R. Wilson was from Veterans Home, Wisconsin
Jennie Wilson was from Robinson Point, Florida
Mary E. Toby Winegardner 27163766 Father: Michael
Julia Hines Winkley FS Profile LVYG-TFQ 70221011
Caroline Brown Winslow 118759268 Wikipedia Born 19 November 1822 in England; Died 7 December 1896 Washington DC; physician served as nurse during Civil War; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Elitha Susan Smith Wisler FS Profile K851-JWL 16003809
Rebecca Wiswell FS Profile 9WYN-T1S 103699664 Our Nurses, Pgs 298-302 Alternate spelling: Wiswall; never married, no issue.
Elizabeth Wood 28091072
Lydia A. Johnson Wood 118698995 Nurse, 4th Vermont Infantry - wife of Pvt Arad T. Wood, 4th Vermont Infantry; Birth: abt 1836, Wardsboro, VT; Death: 11/07/1861 - contracted Thyphoid Fever while serving and died; Burial: Pleasant View Cemetery, Jamaica, VT; Estelle Read Johnson, her sister-in-law, also was a nurse with the 4th Vermont
Emily E. Lansbury Woodley 74228167 pension record - formerly Wilson? Image: See Nurse Portraits
Anna H. Woodruff was from Quincy, Illinois
Jane M. Worrall Our Nurses, Pgs 376-379
Amanda Williams Wright was from Lake Providence, Louisiana; pension record - formerly Williams; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Harriet J. Wright was from Washington, District of Columbia; pension record


Civil War Nurses - Current Last Name Y
Nurse's Name FamilySearch
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Personal/Service Information
Lucy A. Newton Young FS Profile LCRJ-XT4 74688507 Residence: Johnsbury, Vermont age 69 circa 1911; was from St. Johnsbury, Vermont; 2 pension records - one in Young, one in Newton; Image: See Nurse Portraits
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Dennison Sweney Yount FS Profile L446-8S8 29099941 Gettysburg Nurse - Powers House; Alternate Spelling: Yont; Sweeney; DOB: 14 Jun 1843; DOD: 14 Jul 1885; Husband: David H. Yount

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