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Uptons of Ireland

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This is a work in progress, I will open it up to public edits when the skeleton is done. Sources space:

I think I will split this up, because it's getting very big. I could do it in 3 pages Page 1 Antrim Uptons, East and West Limerick Uptons, Leinster Uptons Page 2 Smaller Upton Trees Page 3 Loose Ends

There has been some DNA work done on the Upton name, here: As it pertains to Ireland, there are five tests that I can gather from that text, three from around Newcastlewest, and two from the Ahnagurra Uptons, both in Co. Limerick. The two Ahnagurra Uptons match each other, but the three Newcastlewest Uptons don't match each other or the Ahnagurra samples. This would imply four seperate origins for these five samples. The author, GearĂ³id Kingston thinks that one of the Newcastlewest samples probably traces back to the John Upton who acquires a lease in Newcastlewest. If that's true, then the Ahnagurra Uptons, as well as the other samples don't trace from this John Upton, which was the hypothesis of WH Upton in Upton Family Records.


General History

According to 'Upton Family Records' and two other genealogies I found, the first Upton family to establish itself in Ireland came from Cornwall or Devon, and set up in Antrim. There was also an 'Ambrose Upton' who went to Dublin.

Then there's Uptons in Newcastle, Co. Limerick since 1694. I also found the baptism of an Upton in Limerick city in 1713, suggesting at least one other Upton there at a similar time.

There are also a lot of Uptons in Cork, I haven't figured out their origin yet, but there seems to be some there from at least 1730.

1617 - The earliest Upton I can find is referenced in 1617 in the Crossle Genealogical Abstracts, but I can't access the record itself.

Unsolved/Unproven Mysteries

John and Elizabeth who went from Limerick to Antrim

Is there mention of these two in the papers of Viscount George Upton? Does this prove a connection between the West Limerick and Antrim branches and if so what is it?

William Upton of Ahnagurra

The supposed progenitor of the East Limerick Uptons. Where did he come from? WHU says he came to East Limerick in the 1760s and suggests he may have been the Sheriff of Co. Antrim in the 1690s. WHU also says he 'acquired lands in Griston'. It seems there is no record of such acquisition. There is a Christopher Upton voting in Kilfinane in 1768. Is that him?

William Bayly Upton

What is his origin?

Uptons of Cork

Their origin. Some are from John Upton of Newcastle West but there are many more records present. Many are Catholic implying a separate origin to John of Newcastle West.

John Upton of Newcastle West

What is his origin? Are there records of the 1706 lease from Capt .Bourke or the other lease from the Earl of Devon? Of his various landholdings he says 'Col. Thomas Holmes did grant unto me' the estates of Ballynabearna, Ballymenagh, Glenstar and Ashgrove.' in 1694 Then he mentions Glenstar 'which I purchased from Capt, Nicholas Bourke by deed' in 1709 And finally 'upper and lower Ballyhennies, Farren Mullen, and Rathna-Connery, being part of the lands granted me by Sir William Courtney by lease'. The Limerick lands of the Holmes were bought in 1684. ( I can't find info on Capt. Nicholas Bourke. William Courtenay was the Earl of Devon (probably the 6th). A previous Earl of Devon received the lands of the Fitzgeralds in 1591 during the Munster Plantation. (wikipedia 6th Earl of Devon)



1 James b.1856, m Maggie Mewha, 5 kids, 3 sons. son of Budore's John Upton (1 A).


1 John b~1785. Mentioned in son John's marriage cert. Also a John mentioned in the tithe books in 1826 and 1834. ( Presbynterian as his descendants remained.
1 B Edward b~1785. Mentioned in Tithe Books of 1826, ( probably father or son of elder John and died before the next Valuation in 1834. Can't find any other record.
1 A John, b~1808, m. Maria Taylor, d. 1873, had at least 4 children, two boys A John Upton here in Griffith's Valuation of 1860. ( search John Upton).
1 A A Mary Jane b. 1838 m. Samuel Beckett, had at least 6 children. Died in Belfast.
1 A B William John b. 1840, d.1914, m. Mary Thompson. Can't find a record of children.
1 A C Roseb.1850, died unmarried
1 A D James b.1856 m. Maggie Mewha, had 5 kids, 3 sons. Moved to Belfast, more in that section.
1 A E Thomas Edward, b 1858 m. Martha White, had a bunch of kids incl sons.

Castle Upton / Templepatrick

According to Upton Family Records, Burke's commoners and John Lodge's Peerage of Ireland, a Henry Upton came to Ireland from Cornwall or Devon after being granted land by the Earl of Essex, presumably taken from local people. The papers with enfeoffment of Henry Upton are in the Northen Ireland Public Archives. Soon after arriving, Mr. Upton bought Castle Norton from the Nortons and renamed it Castle Upton.

Anyway Henry's descendants had a fairly interesting history, there were I think around 5 MPs in the Irish and UK parliaments, one fought for the English in the rising of 1641, there were I think 4 High Sheriffs of Antrim, 1 famous cricketer, a good few colonel's and lieutenants in the army, quite a lot of sea captains and navy men and 5 Viscounts Templetown.

They seem to have been absentee landlords for a lot of their time, and entirely from around the 19th century. An NI Historic Buildings Source says they sold Castle Upton in 1963. However there are other Uptons in Budore, Co. Antrrim and Belfast, I don't know how they're connected to the Templepatrick Uptons.

The Title Viscount Templetown became extinct in 1981 when the 5th Viscount, Henry died without an heir.

Source for below is WH Upton's Upton Family Records.

1 Henry bt. 1592 in Brixham, m. Mary Clotworthy, settled in Ireland and was given Castle Norton, renamed Castle Upton. 7 children, 4 sons, 1 who had kids.

1 A Mary bt. 1629, m. Sir Hercules Langford
1 B Margaret
1 C Laetitia
1 D John died in infancy
1 E John died a child
1 F Henry b. 1641 unmarr.
1 G Arthur b. 1633, m. Dorothy Beresford, d. 1706. Was MP and High Sheriff for Antrim. Had 18(!) kids, 8 sons.
1 G A Henry, d. unmarr
1 G B Mary, m. Hugh Kennedy of Down
1 G C Michael, d. unmarr
1 G D Arthur, b. 1658, d. unmarr, at Battle of Aughrim
1 G E Olivia, m. Dawson, F Susanna, G Elizabeth, H Anne, m. Cunningham,
1 G I Frances, b. 1674, m. Hercules Rowley
1 G K Rebecca m. John Lennox ( not mentioned in WHU but mentioned in linked deed as sister of Clotworthy. Previous deed in 1707 was the pre-marriage agreement
1 G J Clotworthy b. 1665, had three wives but only 1 daughter, 0 sons. possible will:
1 G J A Elizabeth
1 G K Dorothy
1 G L Arthur d. unmarr.
1 G M Margaret, N Laetitia
1 G O Hercules, d unmarr. will:
1 G P Thomas, b. 1677, m. Sarah Rowley, d. after 1717, 4 kids, 2 sons.
1 G P A Arthur, probably died an infant according to WH Upton
1 G P B Clotworthy not much info, living in 1717. possible will: will:
1 G P C Mary
1 G P D Dorothy m. Thomas Tenison
1 G Q John b. 1671, m Mary nee Upton, niece of the first Ambrose Upton of Dublin (1) , d. 1733. MP for Antrim, 8 children. will says d. 1740: another will saying the same thing:
1 G Q A Arthur b.1714 MP for Antrim, d.1769 no sons. will:
1 G Q B Francis, C Sarah D Dorothy E Mary F Mary m. Samuel Campbell G Ann-Laetitia all died without issue except second Mary and maybe Sarah
1 G Q G Clotworthy b1721, m. 1789 Elizabeth Boughton, d.1784, granted huge lands in New York, 1st Baron Templetown, 8 children, 3 sons.
1 G Q G X Clotworthy, not mentioned in WH Upton, says he was illegitmate, but then also lists his father's wife as his mother. Had one daughter, Eliza Mary.
1 G Q G A Sophia, B Augusta
1 G Q G C Fulke Greville b. 1773, seems to have lived in England, MP for Culinsery. Married Mary Howard and changed his surname to Howard. No male children, dunno about daughters.
1 G Q G D Elizabeth Albana, had many kids
1 G Q G E Arthur Percy famous cricketer d. unmarr. will:
1 G Q G F Caroline m. James Singelton
1 G Q G G Sophia, died young
1 G Q G H John Henry b. 1771 2nd Baron Templetown, elevated to 1st Viscount Templetown, d. 1846 6 kids, 3 sons.
1 G Q G H A Catherine Elizabeth d. infancy
1 G Q G H B Henry Montagu b. 1799 2nd Viscount Templetown, d. 1863 unmarr.
1 G Q G H C Mary Willemina b. 1801 m. John Eden Spalding
1 G Q G H D George Frederick b. 1802 General, fought in Crimean War, MP for Antrim. 3rd Viscount Templetown, inherited from brother, m. Susan Woodford, d. 1890 without children
1 G Q G H E Arthur b. 1807, married, died without sons, maybe had daughters
1 G Q G H F Edward Joseph b. 1816, d. 1855 Edward John in WikiTree.
1 G Q G H F A Henry Edward (Dorington) b. 1853, 4th Viscount Templetown. Had 3 children, incl Henry (lots of middle names), who became 5th and last Viscount. The title went extinct when this Henry died in 1981.

Loose Ends

1832 - Elizabeth Upton death record Died aged 69, putting birth at 1832. Also has a census record which says born in Co Limerick, yet is CoI. Is a retired Housekeeper rather than a 'Lady'. An 'Elizabeth' is mentioned as going to Templepatrick in WH Upton (p 130) but the Elizabeth from the book is mentioned as b. before 1825. A record in the paywalled Ffoliot collection is the baptism of an Elizabeth in 1829, but location is just 'Ireland'. If she went from Limerick to Castle Upton, it would imply preety strongly that these two families were linked.

1861: An Anne Upton gets married to a William John Ralfs 1861 in Drummaul: father deceased, name not mentioned. Residence: burleigh hill, carrickfergus


East Limerick (Athnagurra, Ballylanders, Curraghturk)

The first mention outside WHU of Uptons in East Limerick is a Christopher Upton voting in 1768, listed as living in Kilfinnane. WHU does not mention a Christopher in the area (or in West Limerick) and the residence is not given as Annagurra. Notably there is a William Adams listed in Annagurra in 1768 and 1778, but not 1761. There is also a Thomas Adams in Glenbrohane in all 3 years. The Annagurra listings are the only ones in that Townland for those years. Gristan is listed for one person also in both years, a Charles Massy.


This group alternately refer to their location as Gristan or Ahnagurra.

1 William b~1730 So according to Upton Family Records, the first Upton here is a William Upton who came around 1760 from west Limerick, probably around Ashgrove, and had three sons:

1 A William, b~1760 settled in Curraghturk, go to that section for that line.
1 B Robert b~1765, m. Judith Douney, settled in Ahnagurra
1 B E Mary F Johanna
1 B G Margaret, b. 1812, m. James Slattery ~1835
1 B A Bridget, b 1812, m. Timothy Regan 1838
1 B B Henry, b~1800 m. Alice Lee, went to Westport, CT, USA, had at least 2 kids
1 B C William settled in Ballylanders village, more in that section, had 3 kids, 2 sons, both in America. No wikitree page yet
1 B D Robert b.1813 m. Mary Coleman, 3 sons, 2 daughters
1 B D A William, b.1843 'in America,
1 B D B Robert, b.1854, 'in America',
1 B D C Samuel, b.1861 m. Mary O'Donnell, d. 1931, no children
1 B D D Unknown, b.1849 birth cert transcriber says 'Curly', which implies Christopher but UFR only mentions two daughters
1 B D F Mary b. 1851
1 B D E Margaret b.1855 mentioned in UFR only as 'daughter'.
1 B F Christopher, b. 1814 m. Mary Bourk, 1 son
1 B F A William, b~1851, m Mary Carroll, settled in Ballylanders village, more there
1 C Samuel b 1769, m. Mary Fitzgibbons, lived in Ahnagurra. 6 kids, 3 sons
'1 C B John, b.1801 m. Hanora Tobin, listed as 'Mary' in Bess's birth cert.
1 C B A Mary
1 C B B Bess, mother listed as 'Mary Tobin'
1 C B C Samuel, b.1840, m. Mary Daly
1 C B C A Hanora b 1863
1 C B B Anne, C Mary, D Eliza
1 C B C E John b 1869, m. Ellen Ryan
1 C B C F Michael d. unmarr age 30
1 C B C G James, b.1870s 1 son Samuel, 1 daughter Elizabeth m. Purcell
1 C B C H Samuel D moved to Farahy, Cork
1 C B C I Lizzie
1 C B C J Thomas
1 C B C K Ellen b 1881
1 C C Samuel b.1800, went to Kentucky
1 C D Margaret, b.1812, m. William Cullenaw 1837
1 C E Mary
1 C F Eliza b.1809, address on baptism listed as 'Griston'
1 C A William b~1800 m. Johanna Fouhy 6 recorded sons, 3 daughters
1 C A E Betty b.1834, F, Joanna, b.1828, G Catherine, b. 1824
1 C A A William, b.1824 probably died inf.
1 C A B William, b.1834 went to America
1 C A E Robert , b.~1820 m. Joanna Ryan. UFR says 'not mentioned by brother', d.1868. This is the only Robert I can find whose dates line up with the Robert who m. Joanna Ryan. WHU says the Robert who married Ms. Ryan was son of Samuel 1 C A C, but the dates are impossible since Sam's Robert was born after Robert's children were born. The dates fit nicely here and I don't see another option, but there's no explicit proof.
5 children in the records, 3 boys, William, John and Michael, no records for the John and Michael, William seems to have died unmarried. No death record for Joanna Ryan. Also had a William ( who is probably this William (census 1911: death 1933 not to be confused with 1 C A C Samuel's son William, born in 1869)
1 C A F John, died age 15.
1 C A D Christopher, b~1835 m. Johanna Slattery, in Queensland acc UFR. The marriage cert mentions them being '3rd degree cosanguinous', giving them the same Great-Grandparents, ie William Upton. Tracing records suggests Johanna's mother was Margaret Upton, so using this knowledge means Johanna's grandfather was Robert Upton (m. Judith Douney).
1 C A C Samuel b~1811 Had two wives, Margaret Scanlon and Catherine Cleary
with first wife
1 C A C Aa John b 1846, Ba John, Ca Debora, Da Mary, Ea Margaret, Fa Samuel Patt, Ga Kate
with second wife
Ab Elizabeth, Bb Bridget b 1867
1 C A C Cb Robert, b1872 Upton Family Records lists this as the same person who married Joanna Ryan and gave birth to the Joanna Upton who married Dennis Dawson, but the dates make this impossible. This Robert was born in 1872 and Joanna got married to Dawson in 1874. So, this or another Robert must've been from a different generation.
Loose Ends

1825 - A Mary Upton gets married to Jacobus Flynn. ( I think the place name says Athnagurra, and there's an 'Upton' witness which may say Guilelum or Samuelum, maybe the latter more likely. Probably either 1 B E or 1 C E. Don't know who these sponsors normally are, if they're normally the father than she might be that Samuel's daughter.

1832 - a Jacobus Upton marries Joanna Slattery. ( An Upton is a witness, first name either Roberta or Robert. No Address given. Can't find any James in the land valuations. No idea who this is. 1850 - This could be them in Boston, America:

1844 - Anastatia Upton marries Daniel McGrath No idea. No Ann or Ana here. Might not say Upton. Could be 'Johanna' though seems unlikely. Only Johanna who fits the dates is 1 B F, Roberts daughter. Could be someone who used a name different from their baptism name. - Son Thomas:

1857 - Samuel Flynn born to Michael Flynn and Mary Upton. Can't find any marriage for the above.

1870 - Death record of a 'Robert Upton' Can't see record Probably 1 C A E, who is probably the Johanna Ryan Robert. Maybe why his brother didn't mentioned him, he died 20 years before.

1872 - Patt born to Christopher and Mary Slattery: Possibly the 'Unknown' Curly 1 B D E above

1849 Valuation book has a 'Robert Upton' and a 'Upton's House': Probably the b1800 Robert, he'd be 50 then.

1857 - An Elizabeth Upton marries John Sheely 1 C A E Eliza would be 22 here, should be in UFR but maybe he just missed it 1 C F Eliza would 45, so probably too late. Can't find an Elizabeth Sheely death record, or an Elizabeth Upton one.

Ballylanders Village

So there's a land valuation from 1849 which has a 'Christopher Upton' with Christopher crossed out and 'Alice' written above it. Dunno who this Alice could be, the only Alice would be Alice Lee who married Henry Upton. This would imply that Chris died in 1849 and Alice took over the household, he'd be 35 or so but UFR said he died young.

1 William, son of Robert who is in the Ahnagurra Uptons( 1 B or so), had 3 kids, 2 sons, both 'in America' acc. UFR

2 Christopher, b 1814 m Mary 'Bourk', also son of the Robert from Ahnagurra (1 B), moved to Ballylanders and had a son William

2 A William b~1851 m Mary Carroll, had 3 kids, 1 son
2 A A Mary, B Alice
2 A C Christopher b~1891 m. Johanna Walsh. IRA volunteer.
2 A C A Mary, B Alice

These Uptons here are labourers rather than farmers, which the Uptons in Curraghturk or Ahnagurra were.

3 John b. 1871, m. Isabella Fogarty, d. after 1911. Don't seem to have had children. Church of Ireland. Can't find wedding cert. Maybe born in Limerick (there's a John or two born there at the right year).


1 William b~ 1760, m. Margaret Martin, d maybe 1820. Son of first Ahnagurra William, 2 sons

1 A Henry b~1790 acc UFR he 'had a family but they are all dead and gone'. This Griffith's Valuation must be him: A Henry Upton mentioned in Curraghturk in Griffith's Valuation ( of 1848. at age 60.
1 B William b~1797, m. Mary Kiely, d. 1847. Maybe this William in the Tithe Books and in Griffith's Valuation in the 1830s.
1 B A, B, C Three daughters b~1790 'now in America'
1 B D Robert d. young 1847
1 B E William b1822, m. Mary Shiely
1 B E A Robert b.1854, went to South Australia, near Adelaide.
1 B E B Williamb.1855, went to South Australia, near Adelaide.
Another Bill baptised in May 1855, presumably died in infancy:
1 B E C Samuel, b.1862
1 B E D John, b1864, 'in South Australia'
I remember seeing a newspaper clipping discussing the endeveaours of John and mentioning William and Robert but I remember little from it.
1 B E E Henry, b.1866, 'in South Australia
1 B E G Hanora b.1858, m. Mr Coughlan, d. 1926
1 B E H Margaret, b. 1866, m. Mr Hanly
1 B E I Thomas
A 'James' in 1859, probably died young:
1 B E F James b1859.
1 B E F A John b. 1902
1 B E F B William b. 1903
1 B E F D Michael b. 1906
1 B E F E Mary b 1907]] b. 1907 d. age 21
1 B E F F Margaret b. 1908 possibly m. McCarty
1 B E F G Robert b. 1911 seems to have gone to New York
1 B E F H Hanora b. 1914 m. Pat Mansell
1 B E F C Henry b. 1905, m. Irene Fitzpatrick, moved to Derrylough, west Co. Clare before marriage
1 B E F C A Patrick b1944, m. Anastasia Kent, moved to Dublin before marriage
Loose Ends

1853 - A Mary Upton baptised of William Upton and Cate Conroy. 1859 - Bill Upton baptised to Bill Upton and Cate Brown: Lots of William Uptons from Ireland married to Catherines in the US censuses, can't tie them to these Bills though.

1866: Mary baptised to Bill and Ellen Grafton: Dates line up with 1 C A B William in Athnagurra above, and there is a William Upton and Ellen Grafton in Illinois, but the dates are wrong, the family in America I found are born in 1850, this family should be born around 1830.

West Limerick / North Cork

Upton Family Records tree A lot of people here uncorroborated by the records, though some are, which makes me think it's at least mostly accurate. In his notes the author himself says that some of the tree is erroneous, putting it down to Catholic-Protestant marriages being legally void until 1870. Which may explain some of the lack of records.

1 William Upton b. ~1630. is perhaps mentioned on the family vault in Newcastle West. UFR hypothesises that he is the mystery High Sheriff of Antrim around that time.

1 A John Upton b~1660, m 1st Mary Fleming, m 2nd Elizabeth Conyers. Records exist for this guy, ie. His purchase of the lands in West Limerick in 1694, maybe his purchase of lands in Glenastar 1706, and his will in 1712. UFR says he came from Killabrahir, Co. Cork.
w/ 1st wife Mary (or Alice) Fleming
1 A Aa George b before 1694. m. Ms. Giles, named in 1694 lease, wife named in his father's will
1 A Aa A Stephen b. ~1725, lived near Buttevant, Cork
1 A Aa A A Unknown b. ~1755 a son. No info
1 A Aa A A Unknown b. ~1755 a daughter. UFR says married 'Mr Rae of Kerry'
1 A Aa B George b.~1725, says 'married'. No more info.
1 A Aa C Giles b. ~1725 No info apart from daughter
1 A Aa C A Unknown b~1755 daughter, lived in Cork, didn't marry.
1 A Ba Samuel b. before 1694, m. Alice Ruby, named in 1694 and 1712 lease. Gets lands in Killabrahir, Glenastar.
1 A Ba A Samuel b~1720 died unmarr. in a fire in the house acc. to UFR
1 A Ba B John b~1720 d. unmarr. Inherited father's land and bequeathed it to his nephew Samuel Ruby. There could be a will for this.
1 A Ba C George b.~1720, m. Ms Furlong 'of Snugborough, Co. Cork'
1 A Ba C A John b. ~1750 m. Mary Dobbin 1787 died without sons, dunno about daughters
1 A Ba D William b. ~1720 of Ballabrahir, Co. Cork, owned large lands. UFR says died age 104 which seems unlikely m. Ms Furlong
1 A Ba D A Samuel b~1770 d. unmarr. is presumably the 'Sam Upton of Ballybraher' witnessing his second cousin's marriage
1 A Ba D B John b~1770 m. Ms Berrisford, no sons, dunno daughters. Is presumably the John Furlong witnessing his 2nd cousin Eliza's marriage to Sam Adams
1 A Ba D C William b1776 m. Susan Shelton, cavalry officer, lived near Ballycottin, Co. Cork. (document from Susan Shelton asking for pension in my possession)
1 A Ba D D Mary b~1770 m her 1st cousin Samuel Ruby (prob. will be 1 A Ba L A)
1 A Ba D E Catherine b~1770 m her 2nd cousin William
1 A Ba D F Rebecca b~1750 m. Henry Warner of Rathkeale 1790
1 A Ba E Giles b~1720, m. Unknown merchant in Cork. Possible birth record 1728:
1 A Ba E A Elizabeth b~1750 daughter. No more info
1 A Ba F Johnathan b~1720 UFR says he drowned while the purser aboard the HMS Royal George (p129). However, another book A narrative of the loss of the Royal George by Julian Slight ("Julian+Slight"&hl=fr&source=gbs_navlinks_s ) lists 'John Heron' a the purser. (Another book 'The Papers of Admiral Durham' also lists John Heron as the purser though I can't find verification for this either. Also this book: Catastrophe at Spithead: The Sinking of the Royal George ' ) Coupled with having a brother with the same name who didn't die young, I think this is probably a mistake in UFR, so I will mention it here and in his purported father's profile, but not create a profile for him. I could not find a crew list of the Royal George to verify Slight's version (and Slight doesn't give a source) so perhaps it is in fact Slight's mistake.
1 A Ba G Frances b~1720. m Noble Johnson
1 A Ba H Mary, I Jane, J Elizabeth, K Unknown daughter, all died unmarried except Unknown.
1 A Ba L Ruby b~1720 m. Mary Wetherall of Cork 1745 'of Cork city'
1 A Ba L A Samuel Ruby, b~1750, m 1st cousin Mary (1 A Ba D D) inherited Glenastar estate from his uncle. Died at 98/99
1 A Ba L A A Elizabeth b~1790, m. Samuel Adams. 18077
1 A Ba L A B Rebecca b~1790, m. George Gaggin of Co. Cork, 1838
1 A Ba L A C Mary Wetherall b~1790, m. 1814 Nicholas Darcy of Newcastle West
1 A Ba L A D Jane b~1790 d. unmarr.
1 A Ba L A E Susan b~1790, m. John Sargent UFR is unsure about her name.
1 A Ba L A F John b~1790, m Frances Curry of Kerry
1 A Ba L A F A Samuel b~1820, inherited his fathers estate and apparently lost it somehow (acc. UFR), then went to America, then New Zealand and died
1 A Ba L A F B Ursula b~1820, d. 18th June 1853 'died young' acc. UFR but 33 is not young so could be a mistake somewhere.
1 A Ba L A F C John b~ 1823 went to Antrim to work for Lord Templetown
1 A Ba L A F D Elizabeth b~1832 also went to Antrim to live off Lord Templetown.
1 A Ba L A G Samuel b1800, m. 1840 Elizabeth Upton, 3rd cousin (1 A Jb A E B) d. 1886 in Listowel. UFR says he was 'of Rathkeale and Ballybunnion, Co. Kerry'
1 A Ba L A G A Giles Henry b 1841 'in America'
1 A Ba L A G B Samuel Ruby b. 1844 d. 1864
1 A Ba L A G C William b. 1851 'in America', d. 05 Mar 1898, age 47
1 A Ba L A G D John b 1851 'in America'
1 A Ba L A G E Mary Catherine Wilhelmina b 1856 m. Richard Newman 1882, 'Living in 1884 in Newcastle West. Had a son 1883, Richard Ernest Upton Newmann
w/ 2nd wife Elizabeth Conyers
1 A Ab Conyers b~1690, d unmarr.
1 A Bb Edward b~1690 d. unmarr.
1 A Cb Charles b~1690 d. unmarr.
1 A Db Johnathan b~1690 d. unmarr.
1 A Eb Fb Gb Hb Ib Five daughters, unknown names. No more info
1 A Jb John b ~1692, m. Mary Aylmer, received Ashgrove in fathers 1712 will. (This page says their daughter's name was Catherine and marriage date 1725. No sources given.)
1 A Jb A Susanna b~ 1720, m. Edmond Tierney, merchant of Co. Limerick.
1 A Jb A Henry b~1720 m. Betty Rae of Kerry. 'of Ashgrove'
1 A Jb A A John b~1750 d. unmarr. A John Upton of Ashgrove dying in 1818:
1 A Jb A B Edward b.~1750 d. unmarr.
1 A Jb A C Unknown b~1750 daughter. No more info
1 A Jb A D Unknown, m. Mr. Stephenson of Curraheen (UFR says this is in Cork but its in Limerick), daughter
1 A Jb A E Mary, m. George Hilliard of Billeragh, Co. Kerry (presumably this Billeragh
1 A Jb A F Unknown m. Mr Phillips, G Unknown m. Mr Odell all daughters
1 A Jb A E Giles b~1750 m. Mary Rae of Derrymore, Co. Kerry, his 1st cousin.
1 A Jb A E A John b~ 1780, m. Charlotte Walker of Kerry, another descendant of the Blennerhassets. He or his father sold Ashgrove acc. UFR. No sons, dunno daughters.
1 A Jb A E B Elizabeth b~1780 m. Samuel Upton, her 3rd cousin (1 A Ba L A G), issue is under his entry.
1 A Jb A E C Catherine b~1780 d. 1852 unmarr.
1 A Jb A E D Frances b~1780 alive in 1884 (a 'Fanny Upton' dead in Kilmallock in 1890 at 68 ( Also an obit in the Sources page. Never married seemingly.

1 A Kb William b.~1690 succeeded to Ballynabearna
1 A Kb A Unknown b~1720 daughter. No more info
1 A Kb B Catherine b~1720 m. Mr. Bolles of Co. Cork
1 A Kb C Odell b~1720 m. Grace Bowen 1760
1 A Kb C A William B John C Odell, m. Mary Atkins, ( no sons. Marriage Record: from Doneraile, Cork. D E F G Four daughters. No more info in WHU.
1 A Kb D John m. Sarah White, 1763
1 A Kb D A Nicholas b 1766 in Macroom. Why was he born in Macroom?
1 A Kb D B William m. second cousin Catherine (1 A Ba D E above) 5 kids
1 A Kb D B A John
1 A Kb D B B William his family went to America but he stayed in Newcastle. Had a son William Henry Upton of Luverne Minn
D Nicholas E Rebecca (Burk's Landed Gentry, p292 (Hunt Walsh Chambre of Hawthorne Hill married Rebecca, only daughter of William Upton of Ballynabearna)
C Henry m Ms. Atkinson of Co. Louth died during his father's life, but had 3 children. William Henry, discussed below this lineage, Anne Jane an Elizabeth (Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland p17)
1 A Kb D B C A William Henry, b~1830
1 A Kb D B C A A George William b 1864, m Eliza Smith. Census says from Co. Derry so if true I don't know how he got there and then back to Ballinabearna. UFR says he inherited Ballinabearna in a will after a legal challenge from a cousin. Occupation landlord. Church of Ireland. 1901 census: Marriage record:
1 A Kb D B C A A A William John Henry b1896 birth record:
1 A Kb D B C A A B Eliza M I didn't look for birth record
1 A Kb D B C A A C Probably more
1 A Kb E Edward,
with 1st wife Honora Usher, 2nd wife Mary Dunworthy
1 A Kb E Aa William, Ba George, Ca Daughter, Da Hanora
with 2nd wife Mary Dunworthy
1 A Kb E Ab Robert, Mary, Catherine
1 A Kb E Bb possibly William, not mentioned in UFR
1 A Kb E Bb A John, m Bridget Keane B Mary
1 A Kb E Db Francis, m. Catherine Nolan
Mary d. inf.'
Mary, John, Catherine, Edward, Hannah
1 A Kb E Db E Eliza, b. 1846 m. James Horr, later Mayor of Olympia, Washington
1 A Kb E Db F William, Francis definitely had a son William with Catherine Nolan, but whether it's William C of 'Uncle Pat's Cabin' is unclear. This account assumes this is William C. m. Mary Barrett, went to America and had many children.

Some Uptons mentioned in the censuses and in some wills in Ballinabearna.

1850 land valuation for William Upton, probably father of John (m. Bridget Keane): In that same land valuation, there's a lessor called John Upton, who rents to a William Upton Esq, presumably a different William but hard to know. There is also a tenant John Upton renting from a Robert Bateson. Dunno if it's a different John Upton. Death record for John Samuel 1868 at 82: John Upton Dead 1872 age 84: John Upton dead at 50 in 1872: This record from 1850 lists a 'William Upton Esq' and a 'William Upton' and also a 'John Upton Esq': Another record of a William Upton renting from Jeremiah Shea. All these valuations are from 1850:

Will of two John Uptons, d. 1713 and 1766 in Newcastle and Ashgrove, respectively. Will of two Johns, d.1776 and 1785 in ballynabearna and glenastare. Also a Francis d. 1786 in 'Limerick'. Will of a John 1774: Will of two Johns, 1846 and 1849, both in Ashgrove. Also a William in Ballynabearna 1844: Will of Mary 1849 1831 Will of Frances, listed as 'Limerick', maybe the City: 1845 and 1846: Two more wills for 'John' in Ashgrove 1849 Will for 'Giles' Can't find in UFR 1849 Another will for John:

Mary Upton married Maurice Enright around 1850

Mary Upton and John Burns

A Joseph buried in Ballyhay in 1729 amongst these records: no mention elsewhere. Plausibly, grandfather of George, below. I bought the record and it says 'Son of Samuel'. If Joseph died 1729, this implies birth around 1660. Suggests a son unmentionedd in WHU and a whole branch of the tree in Ballyhay which is not mentioned. Ballyhay is nearby Killabrahir which the original John Upton possessed. A whole bunch of Uptons in Ballyhay here: mostly behind a paywall. This may explain where George below comes from.

1 George b~1750, m. Martha Sullivan 1782 Ballyhay. Almost definitely related to the above given the names, but no records of how.

1 A Jane, b 1783 seems to have died young
1 B Stephen b.1784' seems to have died young
1 C Arabella b.1786
1 D John b.1787
1 E Abigail b. 1789
1 F Sarah b.1791, seems to have died young
1 G Martha b. 1792, seems to have died young

Limerick City

1735: Marriage of Thomas and Elizabeth 'Johns' in Limerick Cathedral (St. Michael's): 1736: Baptism of Ann to Thomas and "Eliz":

1748: baptism of Maria Upton ( to Samuel Upton and Hanora Maly in 1748 in Limerick City.

1808: John marries Frances Bindon:

1830: Baptism of William Upton to William Upton and Bridget Naughton: 1832: Baptism of Mary Upton to Wm Upton and 'Judith' Naughton: 1842: Another child Margaret:

1832 - Marriage of James to Margaret Barren: 1843 - Baptism of child Debora - 1846 - Baptism of child Margaret in Rathkeale - 1847 - Another Margaret: 1848 - Son James:

1834: Baptism of William to Odell Upton and Bridget Danaher: 1832: O'dell and Bridget had another son Frances: 1826: Another daughter Eliza: 1827: Another daughter Mary:

1836: Baptism of William to Michael and Mary McNamara: 1842: Baptism of another child John: 1838: Another child Patrick: 1835: Another child Anne:

1855: Baptism of Catherine to Jas and Anne Holmer:

1868: Edward Upton, clerk, son of William Upton, steward, marries Anne Burke: 1868: Have a son William: 1874: Anne Upton baptised to Edward Upton and Anne Burke

1868: John and Hanna McDonnell get married: Father is William I think, John's profession is compositor I think, father William's looks like 'Land Tenant' but not 100% 1870: Birth of John to John and Hanora McDonnell, father John is a Printer:

Newcastle West

1816 - A Mary Upton baptised to Anne McClure and William Upton. (

1818 - Johanna to John and Ellen Rowly Bridget Naughten is the sponsor. 1820 - Grave of Ellen Rawlins:

1819: Mary Upton baptised to William Upton and Jane Maher:

1823: Mary marries Michael Mulcahy:

1823 - Margt Upton baptised to John Upton and 'Catha Lyons'
1825 - 'Illegitimate' Upton baptised to John Upton and Cath Lyons:
1826 - Another 'Illegitimate' Upton to John and Cath Lyons: One sponsor is James Upton
1827 - Elizabeth to same parents:
1828 - Bridget to same parents:
1828 - John:
1830 - Timothy
1832 - Another Bridget
1833 - Another John:
1835 - Joan or maybe John:

Find-a-grave page ( ) claiming a 'Lady Katherine Upton', born June 1826 is daughter of 'Sir John Upton, [..] owner of Ashgrove Estate, County Limerick', no sources given. I also heard a claim that this Katherine is daughter of John Upton and Catherine Lyons. I have so far found no evidence for this. There are emigration records for 'Lady' Catherine and census records in the US, but I haven't looked at them. The only John where the dates fit is Upton-3163, who married Charlotte Walker. Could have been an extramarital affair since two of the children are listed as 'Illegitimate'. UFR claims this John or his father sold Ashgrove estate. I haven't found any evidence of this sale.

1835 - Edward baptised to Edward and Catherine Morrissey:

1835 - Marriage of Mary to John Mulvihill:

1839: Joanna baptised to William and Elizabeth Sullivan: 1848: Another daughter 'Bess' 1857: Another daughter Catherine:

1840 - Marriage of James to Mary Teagan:

1841 - Marriage of Charles to Catherine Healy:

1854: Mary baptised to John and Johanna Leary:

1857: William Upton baptised to John Upton and Elizabeth Keegan:


1833: Mary baptised to 'Demetrius' and Bridget O'Donnell:


1815 - A 'Carolus' (probably Charles) Upton marries a Margarita O'Donnell in this parish.


Lots of records after 1763 or so. The will of the guy who arrived to Newcastle West gives land to his son Samuel in North Cork, and then there's tons of records in the diocese of Cloyne after that, but can't find the Catholics in UFR.

Good few notices here: and the next page.

Some sources from Cloyne parish


This is my attempt to make sense of the Ballyhay mess, there is some repetition here with the West Limerick section where I mention Joseph (d 1729) and George (m. Martha Sullivan). Most of these documents come from Rosemary Ffolliot's index. Here's a search for Uptons in Ballyhay:

Giles born 1728, father Samuel ( ( image 333)
A Joseph dies Jan 24 1729, father Samuel (Ffolliot burials, record I bought) ( image 335, must be a child died in infancy)
Frances marries Noblett Johnson in 1731, eldest daughter of Samuel Upton ( (no record of another Johnson up to 1739 (Noble Johnson mentioned in Burke's Landed Gentry vol1 p873, grandson of a Scottish settler. Also here if you Ctrl-F search:
Mary marries Michael Reeves in 1731, dau of George (not Samuel) ( (
30 Mar 1732 - Sarah Reeves born to father Michael (
1733 30 Sept Elizabeth Reeves born to Michael (
1734 July 3 - Reeves, chd (?), 'daughter' of 'Mick' 'churched - blessed after childbirth '(
1734 October 6 - a Reeves, 'wife of William', 'chd' (
1735 25 July - death of Sarah Reeves, dau of Mick (
1735 16 Aug - birth of Mary Reeves to Mick (
1735 23 Aug - Mary, wife of Mick, dies (
1735 29 Aug, Mary, dau of Mick, dies (
Looks like they both died in child birth. 1736 4 Apr, dau of Mick. Unclear what happens here, but I presume a death 1738 3 Apr, mar. 'Mehil' Reeves + Jane Jameson - perhaps Michael's remarriage ( - some children of 'Michael Reeves')

11 July 1761 birth of Elizabeth, father given as 'Captain Upton'
(in UFR there is a Giles (son of Samuel,, grandson of John who 'has a daughtr Elizabeth' - she must be daughter of 1728 Giles then
24 July 1761, 'chd' - wife of Captain Upton (
26 July 1761 death of wife of Captain Upton (

21 Mar 1782 - George marries Martha Sullivan, no further details (
21 May 1783 - Jane born, dau of Geo (
5 June 1783 - wife of Geo 'churched'
9 Dec 1784 - birth of Stephen, son of Geo
24 Dec 1784 - wife of Geo churched (
1786 Jan 27 - birth of Arabella, dau. of Geo born (
14 july 1787 - birth of John, son of Geo
10 Feb 1788 - death of 'wife of Stephen Upton"
2 May 1789 (month torn, is a guess) - birth of Abigail, dau of Geo
12 May 1789 - churching of wife of George (
26 Jan 1791 - birth of Sarah, dau of Geo
12 Feb 1791 - churching of Geo's wife
3 Oct 1791 - death of Sarah, dau of Geo,
1 Jun 1792 - birth of Martha dau of Geo
21 Aug 1792 - death Stephen

28 June 1795 - death of 'Upton Mrs Frances, a maiden lady' - wtf? if she's Mrs, how is she maiden? - also can't be Frances who mar Johnson cause she'd be Johnson. So there must be another Frances.
Apr 1798 (month torn, guess) - burial of Martha, wife and Stephen and Jane children of Geo, 'master of the charter school' (

16 Mar 1815 - Miss Elizabeth dies age 84, adds to birth year 1731, not 1780s - UFR has an Elizabeth daughter of Samuel who dies unmarried - would add up
Odell marries Elizabeth Sackett in 1838
(can see in this search: (more children start being born)

So, Giles b 1728, Joseph d. 1729, Frances m. 1731 and Elizabeth d.1815 all seem like children of Samuel (m. Alice Ruby). Giles could be the 'Captain' Upton who is mentioned as the father of the other Elizabeth b. 1761, since UFR says he was a captain of a merchant ship (where did he get this?). Then Mary m. 1731 might be the daughter of George, John's other son. George and Martha meanwhile and their children are still a complete mystery.


1799 - A William Upton marries a Catherine Something in Charleville parish. Address is given as 'Ballihigram'.

The below is acc UFR 1 Philip, UFR says he was the brother of the William, progenitor of the East Limerick Uptons, and that he moved to Charleville.

1 B Margaret, m. Smith, no more info (a Margaret Upton got married somewhere in Ireland in 1807 acc Ffolliot Collection)
1 A Dennis b1770, m. Mary Murphy.
1 A A Several children who went to England, not specified except:
1 A B John, went to London, his widow went to America, died in New York, had issue
1 A B A Dennis J ,b 1831 in Kilfinnane, brought to New York as a child. Married Mary Connelly, whose mother was O'Kelly.

Cork City

A lot of these overlap with the Cloyne Uptons

1785 - Edward Upton dies in Cork

1792 - Michael Upton - b. ~1760, m. Catherine Caroll 1792, Catholic marriage. at least 2 children

William - b. 1794
Prudence - b. 1795 - ( Could be the same Prudence who gets married 25 years later to Robert Charters (

- could be of the Cloyne Uptons and/or the Charleville Christopher/Michael. Could be a Catholic split from the rest of the family.

1804: Baptism of Samuel Upton to Sam and Mary Carrigan:

1805: Mary marries John Sliney:

1807: James Upton baptised to Christopher Upton and Mary Keefe:

1809: Mary Upton baptised to William and Abigail Walsh: 1812: John to William and Abigail Walsh location is Ballyvohir, near Castletownroche, north Cork. 1821: William baptised to these two: 1823: New son Henry

1810: Henry Upton to Samuel and Mary Kidagar

1810: Joan to John and Joan Goold

1811: Mary to Christopher and Anne Sloan: and (Chris+Anne marriage). Daughter Mary marries Michael Erwin 1837:

1811: Michael marries a Mary Walsh 1812: Son Will baptised location Killderrig

1816: Mary Upton marries Dan Clohan:

1820: Ellen marries Charles Fitzgerald:

1820: William marries Joanna Forihy:

1821: Margaret baptised to William and Mary Cudman:

1823: William bt to William and Catherine Fitzgerald

1825: Mary marries Thomas Cuddigan:

1830: Brigid marries Patrick Kenna:

1861: William bt to Michael and Hanora 'maiden name listed as Upton, may be mistake' 1862: Michael, new son.

1862: 'Austee' (maybe Anastasia) marries John Flynn:

1862: Brigid marries John Ambrose:

1862: Christopher marries Anne West

1863: Dan Upton marries Mary Lawton

1863: Christopher to John and Hanora Ryan:

1864: Margaret, son of John marries Robert Dalton:


Seems clear all of these Uptons descended somehow from Samuel (m. Alice Ruby) of Ballybrahir. How exactly and when the Catholics converted from Protestantism is unclear.

1777 - A Samuel Upton gets Catholic married to an 'Ellenam' Ryan de Butler' in 1777. ( Her address is given as 'Butter'. 1807: Cath baptised to Samuel Upton and Ellen Walsh: 1811: Richard to Sam and Ellen Walsh: 1824: Jane:

1901 census:
Catholic marriages Cloyne:
Catholic baptisms:
Midleton Civil Records:

John + Catherine Kilmacahill - John is 76 in the 1901 census = 1825 - Jony born 1824: - no civil records or church records of marriages or births

1911 census: William + Johannah (Sullivan) - Kilmacahill 5 years married: 1906 - Marriage: William's father is Michael. 1901 census a William in Kilmacahill, nephew of John above, 32 years. 1911 census, he's 45. 1861 Birth of William to Michael + Hanora: (Mchl+Han 1859 marr: ). 1838: Birth of Michael to Wm and Mary Caddigan: (lots of Wm+Margt Caddigan children, probably same ppl) (1825 - marriage Wm+Margt Cadigan )

There's a Christopher in kilmacahill getting married, father listed as Michael. 1871 I think, in civil records.

0 Hypothesised Father - John and Cath have residence as 'Jlleg' which could be 'K Derrig' mentioned on one of Michael Upton's certs. Christopher's son James and Cath possibly got married, making Sam and Chris brothers. Posisbly all had the same father and turned Catholic for some reason. This possible father is not mentioned in UFR. Unknown if he was Catholic or Protestant. Mary Upton who marries John Sliney could be of same parentage since its around the same date. Earliest marriage is Michael and Mary Walsh, no mention of parents. Must be related to the Ballycottin/Ballybraher Uptons. In Ballyhay there's a John, son of George who is born and not heard from again.

2 Christopher - b 1780 m. Mary Keefe Addr. Ballycottin
James, b. 1807 m. possibly first cousin Catherine Upton
Christopher, b. 1835 m Hanora Ryan
John, b.1863 m Mary Neville Addr. Ballintotas

1871 - Samuel Upton + Ellen Neil Ballyandreen married ( )
had kids incl Margaret who married Timothy Hyde 1907 ( also in 1911 census with kids).
1881 - Son William:
1884 - Ellen died (
1834 - baptism of a Samuel Upton to Henry Upton and Joanna Coleman(
1810 - baptism of Henry Upton to Samuel Upton and Mary Kidagar. (
Names and dates and locations match but how to prove?

3 Christopher

3 B Charlotte - m. John Smith ( marriage:
3 A Christopher - m. Catherine Garde - must be a direct descendant of Ruby Upton (and Samuel) of Ballybrahir. Census:, Marriage: Maybe death:
3 A A John Ruby d young: birth 1864: 1865 - Death:
3 A B, C John, Christopher

Records of this family on the titheapplottement books and Griffith's valuation Christ+Catherine Cloyne town The name 'Ruby' was still in the family. Christopher's father is given as 'Christopher'. If Chris (m. Cath Garde) was born ~1830, his father born ~1800 (1810 marriage of Christopher Upton to Anne Sloane in Cloyne ), it's plausible that father's father was John Ruby, and his father was Ruby. There are a bunch of John's in UFR but they all say ob unmarr or ob s p. 1832 - Baptism of a Catherine Garde in the ffolliot baptism collection:

1811+1813 - A Ruby ( and a John Ruby ( ) making leases, both described as 'of Ballybraher'. So UFR missed two (he mentions a Ruby but the dates dont match). Presumably they are descendants of the Samuel + Alice Ruby marriage. John Ruby mentioned in Pigot's Directory of 1824:
1830: Death of a John Ruby in Snugborough (Ballybraher) 1830, entire quote: "At Snugborough, County Cork, John Rubie Upton Esq." ( Must be descnded from George Upton of Snugborough

1877 Samuel marries Catherine Cahill:


1705 - Earliest Church reference I find is the burial of Catherine Upton in a CoI church in 1705. ( Daughter of Ambrose. 1706 - Burial of Henry, son of Ambrose and Mary his wife ( The Ambroses in UFR don't line up. There's one Ambrose with a wife Mary, but he died in 1688 and there's no evidence he came to Ireland, and UFR doesn't say he a child named Catherine or Henry. This Ambrose had a child and grandchild also called Ambrose, but neither had a wife named Mary, or a child called Henry or Catherine.

1711 - Burial of Rowland, of Blind Key, son of Thomas:

1759: Another Ambrose marrying an Elizabeth Echlin:

1792 - Earliest RC reference is the marriage of John Minenagh and Jane Upton in St . Michan's church in this year. ( A will 1796 for Jane alias Minagh:

1803: Rose marries David Quin in Newry: putting it here in case it's related to Margaret, d. of Ambrose below marrying in Newry

1 Ambrose b. 1650, m. Jane Wright in England, settled in Ireland, d.1711 Dublin. His line traces back eventually to John Upton, brother of Capt. Henry Upton who settled in Templepatrick and gave issue to that line of Uptons.

5 other children
1 F Ambrose m. Anna Whitney
1 F A Anna Spier (no Wikitree entry) 1716 - Baptism of Anna Spier to Ambrose and Anna Upton Mentioned in UFR)
1 F B Ambrose (has Wikitree entry) 1799 Ambrose marrying Margaret Gledstanes or Gladstones: PRONI Reference T1089/94 ( 2 further generations
1 F B A Margaret b. 1769 birth cert: another birth cert, duplicate or previous infant death m. William Walsh

Marriage cert here from 1804, William Walsh and Margaret Upton, father listed as 'Major Upton', but location is Newry. Presumably this Upton but don't know why they're in Newry.

1 F B B Whitney Gledstanes marr. twice, had issue
1 F C Francis m. a Burke, had kids.
1 F D Christopher Henry
3 other children
1 F D D Shuckburgh Whitney (Burke's Landed Gentry p322 Theophilus Edward Lucas Clement married Shuckburgh Whitney Upton's daughter Elizabeth Beatrice)
1 F D D A Arthur Shuckburgh, m. Alice Plunkett Dunne
1 F D D A A Henry Arthur Shuckburgh, b1870 the genealogist. Looks like his mother died giving birth to him.


1 John b.1767 in Limerick City. UFR (p269) says father was 'Giles' from Limerick. m. Mary Mason Fuller. UFR doesn't mention son Giles, mentions grandson Giles. Though does say 'may have had some other children who died young'. Don't know if that Giles died young.

1 A Elizabeth b. 1793, m. William Thomas baptism cert
1 B Mary b.1794, m. Dunlavy baptism:
1 C Giles b 1802, baptism:
1 D Catherine. b 1790 m Joseph Webb. baptism: marriage 1808:

Maybe a son John and Robert? Hard to follow WH's system

1840: Burial of a John age 1 1/2: Bit late to be the above John and Mary

Mary Upton marries a William Connors (or O'Connor, etc), has a bunch of kids. Can't find marriage cert. 1874: Mary baptism: 1877: Son Timothy, birth: 1879 baptism John: 1881: baptism Edward Joseph:

Robert, son of Robert, m. Sarah Bell, d. 1889, coast guard, Castletown. Maybe was English, just a guess since there's no records of his birth or his father: 1885: Marriage: 1896: Death: 1899: Death of wife: 1895: Death of wife's dad: Can't find Sarah's birth though weirdly 1866: Birth of wife's sister Charlotte:


1 William Bayly Upton b1777 m Margaret McClure (acc. blog post mentioned on profile) Came to Tipp from Limerick (acc. UFR). A Samuel Upton (p 49) and William Upton (p41) receive their Apothecaries license in 1817 and 1814 respectively. Probably this William and his son. (

1 A, B, C, D, E, F Prudence, Christopher, Samuel, Rebecca, Bayly, Margaret probably his son Christopher's graduation record: p831
1 G David m. Mary Gilbert
1 G A William Bayly, b 1830 'life wrecked in early manhood' acc UFR, whatever that means. Blog post with lots of info: Death cert:
1 G B Matthew Gilbert went to San Francisco
1 G C Fanny went to New York
1 H William m. 1829 Priscilla Kent, ( d. 1836
1 H A Eliza, b. ~1831, m. Lancelot Smith. Marriage Cert: moved from Cashel to Dublin. Probable death record: Husband Lancelot has no death record.
Two more sons acc this well sourced blog post:

2 Philip b. ~1740 (p377/378) UFR says this Philip is nephew of the William who moved to Ahnagurra and had a son who lived at Cashel. UFR then says he married Mary Fewer, the daughter of a rich merchant. Don't know if the below is related to him.
There's a grave here from 1860: to his mother Mary nee Hennessy, and his daughter Margaret.
1840 - A baptismal cert here: which says Margaret's mother was Hanora Guiney, not Mary Fewer.
1843 - A Philip Upton being born to the same parents:
1845 - John to same parents:
1847 - Another Philip to same parents:
1849 - Elizabeth to same parents:
1853 - Alice:
1859 - Another child, illegible name:

No more Uptons on this line in Cashel in later records, but a Philip turns up in Enniscorthy marrying a Bridget Byrne in 1866, father's name given as Philip: They have a child Ellen:

There's also a will dated 1803 of a Philip Upton from Kilfrush. UFR mentions a 'gentleman in Ireland' saying that Philip Upton lived in Hospital, which is near Kilfrush. UFR also says Denis Upton, a child of the m. Mary Fewer Philip was 'probably born in 1770. This Philip m. Hanora Geary would've probably been born 1810-1820. Mary Hennessy his mother was born 1774, so this is plausible.
Hypothesis is:
1 Kilfrush Philip, b.1740 m. Mary Fewer, d.1803

1 A Philip b 1770 m. Mary Hennessy, d 1863,
1 A A Philip m. Hanora Geary
maybe even 1 A A A Philip, b 1843 m. Bridget Byrne.

Certainly plausible but hard to prove.


Waterford City

John Upton, b~1867 m. Mary A Something. 6 kids in 1901 ( ) marriage cert ( father was Thomas
Thomas, b. ~1828
Robert Upton, m. 1869 Margaret Coffey (marriage:
Child Mary (
Child Elizabeth (
John Patrick (has WikiTree Profile) b1878 ( d. 1897?
Robert 1883 (
James (

Unknown Upton, b ?, not present for 1901 census, m. Margaret Something. 3 children alive in 1901 ( ) Roche's Street. This should be Robert Upton and kids. Daughter Mary's marriage cert says 'Roche's St.' (
Daughter Lilly has no birth cert but has a marriage cert (
Thomas Upton, b~1844, 'shipping off Merchant's Quay'
Unknown Upton, b ?, dead by 1901, m. Elizabeth something. 5 kids in 1901
Unknown Upton, b ?, dead by 1901, m.. Elizabeth. 2 kids in 1901. In May Lane
1864 Alice Upton, born to John Upton and Anastasia Tierney, of May Lane ( Alice died 1878 (

John Upton + Elizabeth Power James Upton, b 1872 to John Upton and Elizabeth Power ( A John Upton, born ( and died ( in 1868, to a John Upton and Elizabeth Something (Poney?, Jones?) of Gowes? Lane Birth of Anne to this couple ( Child John ( Bridget (

A Thomas Upton and Elizabeth Howell, have a child Robert in 1876
Robert (
Thomas (
Joseph (
Bridget ( died (
Edward (
William (
A Patrick, son of Thomas, getting married in 1910 (, has a son, also Patrick same year. Father is a Sailor. Probably son of the above Thomas (m. Lizzie Howell) cause of dates.

Death of John Upton, 1896, age 63, b 1833, father of James

Death of Thomas Upton, 1896, age 64, b 1832, father of Thomas, of 'O'Brien St.' Son Thomas is probably the one who m. Elizabeth Howell

Death Bridget Upton, 1896, age 60, b 1836, 'of Bacehlor's Walk' 'wife of Sailor'

Death of Elizabeth, 1920, age 70, b 1850 reported by daughter Johanna ( one of the census Lizzie's I'm sure.


In the 1901 Census, there are Uptons in Antrim, Down, Dublin, Wexford, Armagh, Kilkenny, Limerick, Waterford (esp the City), Louth, Laois (Queen's County), Tipperary, Westmeath, Wicklow. There are Protestant, Presbyterian and Catholic Uptons and some born in England or Wales (and possibly from Scotland or other parts).


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