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Uptons of Ireland Sources

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Earliest mentions are Grant Books in Dublin Diocese. Elizabeth 1604, Henry 1703 and Simon 1704. Elizabeth is probably connected to Ambrose Upton, Henry and Simon probably of the Templetown Uptons.

Earliest West Limerick mention the 1713 will of John Upton, mentioning the leasing of land in 1694. Earliest East Limerick mention 1768 a Christopher Upton voting who didn't do so in 1761.

William Henry Upton, 'Upton Family Records', 1893.

Available online. Very thorough and accurate. He generally doesn't cite his sources, but you can often guess what they are. The sources when found have nearly always corroborated his reseaerch. He uses the Visitation of Devon and seems to have visited the family tombs also. He also used birth certs, baptismal records, marriage records and wills, and interviewed some people.

p73 of Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, ser. 2, vol 4

Other parts of this book too. This is the same source as the abovef



Betham Genealogical Abstracts (1741 - 1784)

Wills and Marriages
107 entries on https://www.findmypast.com/search/results?datasetname=betham+genealogical+abstracts&sid=103&lastname=upton 19 nameless
Earliest entry with name: Elzbth 1640 + John 1660 Can see a lot of the Antrim Uptons and I think Samuel Upton and Alice Ruby of the West Limerick Uptons and others.

Diocesan Marriage Licences (1703 - 1863)

Search in all dioceses: https://www.findmypast.ie/search/results?datasetname=ireland+diocesan+and+prerogative+marriage+licence+bonds+indexes+1623-1866&sid=103&spouselastname=upton
61 results. Oldest is Samuel and Alice Ruby followed by Frances marrying Hercules Rowley.

Diocese of Cloyne

http://www.corkpastandpresent.ie/genealogy/CPPgenealogy21oct2013/index_to_marriage_license_bonds_of_cloyne.pdf Just lists names and year.
16 listed in TH Green, 13 more on findmypast
29 Uptons total listed on findmypast
11 accounted for, 18 unaccounted for:
Accounted for: 1731, Frances, and Noble Johnson,
1731, Mary and Michael Reeves,
1745, Rubie and Mary Witherall,
1752, Odell and Grace Bowen,
1763, John and Sarah White,
1786, Mary Upton and Samuel Upton
1787, John and Mary Dobbin,
1788, William Upton and Catherine Upton,
1790, Rebecca and Henry Warner,
1809, Odell and Mary Atkins,
1838, Rebecca and George Gaggin,

Unaccounted for: Mary and Samuel Campbell 1736
Giles Upton and Mary Pratt 1752 - Two Giles Uptons mentioned in UFR having daughters but no wives mentioned
Sarah, and William Carpenter, 1764
Jane, and Robert Gallway 1766
Frances Upton marries Henry Samuels in 1778
George Upton and Martha Sullivan 1782 - A 'George Upton' goes to Australia in UFR, dates probably line up. A George Upton born in Cloyne in 1757, cant get record
1810, Christopher and Anne Sloane (Cloyne Uptons)
1815, Eliza and Richard Butler
1816, Mary and Maurice Hayes
1825, Elizabeth and Ebinezer Radford
John and Mary Hayes 1827
John and Mary Bolster1830
O'Dell and Elizabeth Sacket 1838
William and Margaret Oliver 1856
Charlotte and John Smith 1861
Mary and Ralph Henry Fontaine 1861
Christopher and Catherine Garde 1863

Diocese of Clogher

Margaret and William Walsh 1804

Diocese of Cashel & Emly

https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-894X-YLS9?cc=3460239&personaUrl=%2Fark%3A%2F61903%2F1%3A1%3AWG71-332M 4 Uptons listed and Accounted For, all children of William Bayly
Margaret Upton and Thomas Ryall (maybe Ryan)
Prudence Upton and Robert Charters
Rebecca Upton and Terence Magrath
William Upton and Priscilla Kent 1829 -

Diocese of Cork and Ross

6 Uptons, 2 Accounted for
1703 - Samuel and Alice Ruby, Upton-3023
1745 - James and Ellinor Murphy or Cotter
1770 - Susanna and Nehemiah Cox
(probably the Coxes of Ballynoe but can't find him) 1794 - William and Susan Shelton, Upton-3076
(probably of the Sheltons of Rossmore, but can't find) 1818 - Samuel Bayly and Alicia Hall,
1837 - Prudence and John Blackwell

Diocese of Down, Connor and Dromore

1839 - Nicholas White Upton and Mary Jemima Stuart

Diocese of Dublin

1732 - Dorothy and Thomas Tenison, Upton-2649

Diocese of Elphin

2 Unaccounted for:
Mary A Upton and Charles Marks 1829
Susannah and George Swency 1828

Diocese of Ossory

3 Unaccounted for:
David and Mary Gilbert 1827
George and Frances Anne Checkley 1826
George and Mary Reade 1833

Perogative Court

14 Uptons

Ffoliot Collection - Marriages

Most are duplicate multiple times
Microfiche of records from Ballyhay: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSZX-W9X3-K?i=332
Microfiche of records from Limerick City, St Mary's: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C9BF-QSPY-Q?i=515
58 Uptons on findmypast, 20 listed below
Accounted For:
1731: Frances and Noble Johnson, Co. Cork (3x duplicate)
1731: Mary and Michael Reeves, Ballyhay, Co. Cork (3x duplicate)
1763, John and Sarah White, Magourney, Cork (4x duplicate)

Unaccounted For
1735, Thomas and Eliz. Johns, St Mary's Cathedral, Limerick City (3x duplicate)
(https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C9BF-QS5M-X?i=533) 1770, Susanna and Nehemiah Cox, St Nicholas, Cork City (2x duplicate)
1782 George and Martha Sullivan, Ballyhay, Co. Cork (3x duplicate)
1807, Margaret and Thomas Wilkinson, Co. Cork, (2x duplicate)

Ireland Marriages 1619-1898

"Not designed to be comprehensive" Seems to be at least partly based on Rosemary Ffolliot's index https://www.findmypast.co.uk/search/results?o=eventyear&d=asc&datasetname=ireland%20marriages%201619-1898&lastname=upton
Searching with 'Spouse's Last Name' as Upton instead of 'Last Name' returns 20 fewer results.
Free version here, which returns 95 results but un-orderable: https://www.familysearch.org/search/record/results?q.surname=Upton&f.collectionId=1584964&m.defaultFacets=on&m.queryRequireDefault=on&m.facetNestCollectionInCategory=on&count=100&offset=0
74 Upton records incl 1735 Thos. and Eliz in Limerick, parents of the Ann mention in "Ireland Births and Baptisms" And George to Martha 1761, parents of those children mentioned in "Ireland Births and Baptisms"

Farrar's Index to Irish Marriages (1771 - 1795)

https://www.findmypast.com/search/results?datasetname=farrar%27s+index+to+irish+marriages+1771-1812&sid=103&lastname=upton 7 non-duplicate results, 4 of which don't have a full name.

Voting Lists

1761 - West Limerick John Esq - Ashgrove John (Capt.) - Ballinabearna Samuel - Kilareedy (there's a Kilready beside Newcastle West, or Kilbreedy near Limerick) Stephen - Liskillen, Newcastle

1768 Christopher - East Limerick West Limerick Edward - Ballinabearna Francis - Reens (nearish Newcastle West) (Living in Dublin) Henry - Ashgrove John - Ballinabearna Samuel - Kilbreedy (close to Limerick) Stephen - Liskilleen

1776 Christopher - Kilfinnane East Limerick West Limerick Henry - Ashgrove Francis - Reens

Co. Limerick

Source for 1761 https://nickreddan.net/localities/limerick1761n.php
Source for 1768 and 1776 http://www.teknet.net.au/~nickred/limerick/limerick_voters.html

4 Uptons mentioned, all in West Limerick.
John Esq - Ashgrove, 1761 - Probably Upton-3160 a few years before his death
Henry - Ashgrove 1768, 1776 - Son of above
John (Capt.), Ballinabearna(1761), Mauricetown (1768) - probably Upton-3170
Edward, Ballinabearna, 1768 - Only Edward is Upton-3256.
Samuel, Kilbreedy, 1761, 1768 - Could be Samuel Ruby, age 19 and 27, or Upton-3062, son of Samuel of Killbraher
Stephen, Liskillen, Rathclare, Newcastle, 1761, 1768 - Is Rathclare near Buttevant? Only Stephen is Upton-2793, son of Samuel of Killbraher, but UFR says Stephen was 'of Buttevant'
Interestingly, no East Limerick Uptons mentioned, but a Thomas Adams in Glenbrohane is. Tom Adams is who William Upton leased land from, acc WHU. Could the first Upton have moved there between 1761 and 1768? Christopher, Kilfinane, 1768, 1776 - Probably father of Michael from Alumni Dublinensis. Probably connected to Cloyne Uptons and maybe even Ballylanders Village Uptons
Francis, Reens, Dublin, 1768, 1776

John in Ballinabearna 1 A Jb, Henry in Ashgrove 1 A Jb A, Edward in Ballinabearna 1 A Kb E, Samuel 1 A Ba or his son.
Francis with lands in Dublin, voting in Limerick - Don't know who this is.


Ireland Births and Baptisms - FamilySearch Historical Records

15 1700-1800 :
7 are children of George+Martha Upton-2796
1 is Giles, son of Samuel
2 are Mary and George, son of Christopher, Limerick City
1 is Ann, dau of Thomas + Eliz Johns
2 are child of Ambrose
Nicholas (son of John+Sarah White) Upton-3172
1 is unknown name but I think accounted for in the Ballyhay group
Collection description is "This collection is a partial index of births and baptisms for the years 1620 to 1881. There are only a few localities included, and the years included are random. None of the indexes for areas are complete."
0 pre-1700 records
15 pre-1800 records
Unaccounted for: Mary Upton, 14 Jan 1753, father Christopher Upton
George Upton, 8 Feb 1756, father Chirtop Upton (https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CS3Q-H78T-2?i=81)
Ann Upton, 1736, St. John's Limerick, parents Thos. and Eliz.
Accounted For Giles Upton, 1728, father Samuel (also in Ffoliot Collection)
Elizabeth Upton, b. 1761, no parents (this is the dau. of Giles)
George and Martha's children
166 pre-1900 records
2 pre-1950 records

Ffoliot Collection - Baptisms

https://www.findmypast.com/search/results?o=eventyear&d=asc&datasetname=irish%20parish%20register%20baptisms%20%26%20confirmations%2c%20ffolliott%20collection&lastname=upton 50 Uptons,
1728 - Giles, Cloyne Upton-3066
1736 - Ann (dau of Eliz Johns + Thomas), Limerick City
1753 - Mary (dau of Chris), Limerick City
1755 - Samuel, Cloyne
1756 - George (son of Christopher), Limerick City
1757 - George, Cloyne
1761 - Elizabeth (dau of George+Martha Sullivan)
1766 - Nicholas, son of John+Sarah White
Jane, Stephen, Arabella, John, Abigail, Sarah, Martha - childer of George+Martha Sullivan

1799 - William, Ballymodan, Cork
1812 - Maria, Rathkeale
1823 - Anna, Cloyne
1823 - Sharlotte, Cloyne
1829 - Elizabeth, Limerick
1831 - Elizabeth, Cloyne

1856 - Mary Catherine Wilhelmina Upton-3159
1864 - John Ruby (prolly son of Christopher + Catherine Garde) 1870 - Christopher (prolly son of Christopher + Catherine Garde)

Other collections

Farrar's Index - 0 Upton baptisms


Betham Genealogical Abstracts (1741 - 1784)

Wills and Marriages
Complicated af to access. A sketch pedigree of Uptons of Ballybraher is in 'Sketch Pedigrees Series 1' but I think it's unavailable. ( https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/465004?availability=Family%20History%20Library )
May be some Uptons somewhere here: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L9LW-2J7N?i=1&cat=224404
But undecipherable. This looks like it says 'Upton': https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L9LW-2JQV?i=772&cat=224404

107 entries on https://www.findmypast.com/search/results?o=eventyear&d=asc&datasetname=betham%20genealogical%20abstracts&lastname=upton&sid=103 First 19 have no first name
Can see a lot of the Antrim Uptons and I think Samuel Upton and Alice Ruby of the West Limerick Uptons and others.

1660 - John - Nobody, a brother in law of a George Clerke of London who died. Clerke's son got 'his lands in Tipperary' but says nothing of what John got if anything.
1741 - Samuel, Cork (prolly of Ballybraher)
1741 - Alice, Cork (prolly wife of Sam of Ballybraher)
1768 - John, Limerick (probably ballynabearna John
1768 - Sarah, Limerick
1785 - Frances, Limerick (probably wife of ballynabearna John)
1785 - John, Limerick
1785 - William, Cork

Vicar's Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810

https://archive.org/details/indextoprerogati00vica/page/464/mode/2up An index to Betham's wills above.
13 Uptons (I think there are 2 or 3 more listed on other people's entries)
1706, Arthur of Castle U - Upton-1052
1733, Thomas, Dublin - not sure if in WikiTree but in UFR
1740, John of Castle U - Upton-2261
1749, Samuel of Ballybrahir, Co. Cork - Upton-3023
1761, Thomas, sheds of Clontarf, Co. Dublin
1769, Arthur of Castle U - Upton-2606
1776, John of Ballynabearny, Co. Lim - maybe Upton-3170 but dates don't line
1785, John of Glanastare, Co. Lim - maybe Upton-3063 (son of 1st Samuel)
1786, Francis of Limerick City - unaccounted
1792, Anne, Cork, spinster ???
1803, Margaret, widow - prolly Gledstanes-23 wife of below
1803, Ambrose of Dublin - prolly Upton-1089
1807, rev. Shuckett W, Co. Meath - Upton-2752

Crossle Genealogical Abstracts

126 findmypast Results
Can recognise the Antrim Uptons starting with Capt. Henry in 1620
Has oldest records I've seen. A nameless Upton from 1617, maybe Capt Henry or relating to him.
First 5 Named Entries are: 1620, 1637, 1640 Henry (presumably Capt. Henry) 1653 Elizabeth 1653 Thes (x2) 1660 Arthur 1660 Elizabeth

1715 Ambrose 1717 Ambrose Dublin (duplicated)

First Limerick mention 1780 'John Upton Tierney' (son of Upton-3598.
First Cork mention Edward 1783

Deputy Keeper Of Ireland, Index To The Act Or Grant Books, And To Original Wills, Of The Diocese Of Dublin 1272-1858 (26th, 30th And 31st Reports, 1894, 1899)

9 results
1640 - Elizabeth 1703 - Henry 1704 - Simon 1732 - Dorothy 1759 - Ambrose 1764 - Henry 1797 - Jane 1821 - William 1829 - Elizabeth
All Dublin. Without some more info it's hard to know who any of them are.

Ireland Diocesan and Prerogative Wills & Administrations Indexes 1595-1858

75 Records
Earliest with year
1706 - Arthur in Antrim
Earliest in West Limerick -
John 1713 - implies he died then. So bought the lease or whatever it was in Ashgrove shortly before his death.
Earliest in East Limerick -
1803 - Philip in Kilfrush. Unaccounted for. Though WHU mentions William, first of Ahnagurra possibly having a brother Philip.
Samuel Bayly marrying Alicia Hall in 1818 - brother of William Bayly?
Just lists the name and year sometimes residence

Ffoliot Collection - Burials

46 Uptons
No year - Jane, Martha, Stephen - Ballyhay, childer of George/Martha Sullivan
1729 - Joseph Upton Ballyhay. Child, prolly son of Samuel/Alice Ruby
1732 - William, St Paul, Dublin
1747 - Mary, Cloyne
1761 - Nameless, Ballyhay
1763 - Elizabeth, Rathkeale
1783 - Sarah, Rathkeale
1786 - Mrs, Limerick City
1788 - Nameless, Ballyhay
1790 - Ambrose, Limerick City
1791 - Mrs, Limerick, St Mary
1791 - Sarah, Ballyhay
1792 - Stephen, Ballyhay
1795 - Mrs Frances, Ballyhay
1807 - Prudane, Kilfinnane
1815 - Elizabeth, Kilmeedy,
1815 - Elizabeth, Ballyhay
1815 - Mistress, Templeroan & Doneraile

1816 - William, Cloyne Cathedral
1817 - Grace, Farahy
1827 - Anne, Cloyne Cathedral
1830 - John Ruby, Cloyne Cathedral
1832 - Samuel, Cloyne Cathedral
1844 - Ann, Ballyhay
1844 - Jane, Ballyhay
1845 - James, Ballyhay
1845 - William, Ballyhay
1847 - Abigail, Ballyhay
1852 - Frances, Newcastle
1852 - Susan, Middleton
1864 - Samuel Ruby, Newcastle
1865 - John Ruby, Cloyne
1866 - William, Newcastle
1868 - John, Newcastle
1872 - Honora, Newcastle
1886 - Samuel, Newcastle

Will Registers

28 entries

Calendar of Wills and Adminitration

On the above page, links to original record are broken, so try here:
29 entries on the national archives link, 64 on the family search link.


Pre-1900: 8 Graves
1857 - Catherine, dau. of Michael
(Kilmacahill Uptons) Only married Michaels were too early or too late 1824 - Abigail (Walsh), wife of William
(Catholic records for this family) (Kilmacahill Uptons) Kilkenny:
1880 - William + Family
1897 - Mary, wife of George
1836 - Philip, son of Mary (Hennessy), of Cashel
1895 - Mary (nee Daly) husband of Samuel and daughters Eliza and Ellen - Daly-2828 and daughters
1876 - John (erected by wife Hanora) - Upton-2511
1820 - Ellen (Rawlins), wife of John

Family tombs

I think it was mentioned in Upton Family Records that one set of Uptons in East Limerick had their graveyard in Rathkeale. He also mentions a 'family vault' for the West Limerick Uptons in Newcastle West. There is also a family vault in Templepatrick but Upton Family Records probably got all that info, though on the other hand it may shed light on the 'William Upton' High Sheriff of Antrim in the 17th century.

Farrar's Index - Deaths

1 record - "Ensign" Upton died 1793

Limerick County Archive of Obituaries

Death of a John Ruby Upton of Snugborough, dunno the date, maybe 03/0/1830 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/03%2006%2030.pdf
30 entries, a lot are accounted for, but this source isn't entered into their profile page
1 added to profile, 29 remain
Upton Francis 12/01/1786
Upton Giles 03/02/1830 Ashgrove, Upton-3162
Upton Edward 17/02/1836 Ashgrove, near Newcastle, brother of above, no profile yet
Upton John 11/10/1837 Ashgrove, brother of two above, no profile
Upton Mary 10/01/1838 Glenstar aged 96, wife of Samuel Upton (death notice 27/01/1838), Upton-3077
Upton female (Mrs.) 10/01/1838 Glenstar, Limerick wife of Samuel Upton (death notice 27/01/1838), Upton-3077
Upton female (Mrs.) 16/03/1839 wife of William Upton of Ballynabearna, Newcastle
Upton Samuel 19/09/1838 Glenstal
Upton William 20/07/1839 Ballinabeara
Upton John 21/06/1845 Ashgrove aged 30, consumption
Upton Kate 09/01/1847 Newcastle widow of William Upton
Upton Mary 02/08/1848 Newcastle widow of Giles Upton of Ashgrove, Co. Limerick, Rae-1802
Upton Mary 10/03/1849 John Street (Limerick) dau of Odell Upton
Upton Frances 22/12/1852 Glenstar, co. Limerick aged 57, wife of John Upton | The only John Upton is one that married a 'Ms. Berrisford' Upton-3075
Upton Ursula Godfrey 18/06/1853 Glenastar dau of John Upton
Upton John 19/03/1856 Roche's Street aged 17, son of James Upton
Catherine 22/10/1856 Roche's Street aged 18 months, dau of James Upton
Upton Michael 27/06/1857 Limerick aged 42, of Pleasant Street, Dublin
Upton Kate 28/10/1857 Newcastle dau of late Giles Upton of Ashgrove, Co. Limerick, dau of Rae-1802 + Upton-3162 probably
Upton James 09/06/1858 Roche's Street overseer of Mr. Harvey's bakery, Limerick City
Upton Samuel Ruby 03/05/1864 Ballycannane, Co. Clare aged 20, son of Samuel Upton of Glenstar, Co. Limerick
Upton William 18/10/1866 Mount Prospect, Co. Limerick aged 73
Upton John S 06/06/1868 Argash aged 82
Upton Samuel 29/07/1886 Ballybunnion late of Glenstar, Co. Limerick, death notice, Upton-3156
Upton Fannie 11/11/1890 Kilmallock death notice, dau of late Giles Upton , Ashgrove, Newcastle West, (dau of Rae-1802 + Upton-3162, no profile)
Upton Jemmy 12/03/1891 Roche's Street death notice, child of John and Mary Anne Upton.
Upton William 05/03/1898 New York, USA son of Samuel Upton of Glenastar, Co. Limerick, Upton-3157
Upton William C 05/02/1925 New York, USA author of "Uncle Pat's Cabin" Upton-2614
Upton Johanna, Mrs.25/09/1948 Ballylanders, Co. Limerick buried Ladywell Graveyard, Ballylanders

Census/Land Records

Registry of Deeds Index

https://irishdeedsindex.net/search/index.php 121 results
Earliest 1707 Hercules of Castle Upton, as a witness.
Also 1709 John Upton, seems to be of Limerick, but not stated explicitly, probably Newcastle West John
https://irishdeedsindex.net/mem.php?memorial=10005 1715: John Upton. I can't really understand what's going on in these deeds, but this is surely the 1694 John Upton, as it says he was Party 2 to a deed from 1699 along with Charles Conyers. John Upton married Elizabeth Conyers, who could potentially be Charles' daughter. This 1715 deed is the release of a Will by John Mansell.
Lots of Dublin and Antrim Uptons
Nothing from East Limerick

Devon Estate Rentals, Limerick

(second link) John, George and Giles listed as renting land from the Devon Estate in Limerick in 1762. Presumably the grandchildren of John 1694. WHU p129

Griffith's Valuation

Also available online. He visited Ireland a few times in the mid 1800s

Other valuations

http://census.nationalarchives.ie/search/vob/results.jsp?surname=Upton&firstname=&year_from=&year_to=&dd_dd=&dd_mm=&dd_yyyy=&book=&county=&barony=&parish=&townland=&last_name_other_or_lessor=&first_name_other_or_lessor=&search=Search 213 records

Leet's Directory

https://books.google.nl/books/about/A_Directory_to_the_market_towns_villages.html?id=u9dUAAAAcAAJ&redir_esc=y From 1814
4 Uptons, should be connectable to people in the tree
3 in Newcastle, Limerick. Samuel (Glenstar), John (Ashgrove) and Wm J (Ballinabearna)
1 in Cloyne (Ballybraher), Cork. John R

Pigot's Directory

Find my Past gives 15 results, most look connectable.
Newcastle, Limerick has 3: John in Ashgrove, John in Glenstar and William in Ballinabearna

Slater's Directory

Find my Past gives 20 results
Newcastle has the same 3 as Pigot, John in Ashgrove House, John in Glenstar and William in Ballinabearna

Tithe Applotment Books

http://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalarchives.ie/search/tab/results.jsp?surname=Upton&firstname=&county=&townland=&parish=&search=Search&sort=year&pageSize=10 56 Records Earliest 1826 William Upton in Ballinacourty 1829 - William in Curraghturk and Robert and Samuel in Ahnagurra

Irish Censuses

1821, 1831, 1841: No records
1851: 1 duplicated record accounted for: Upton-2599
1901: 176 entries
Antrim - 17
Limerick - 45
Cork - 16


Ballyandreen is a townland in East Cork, in Ballintemple electoral district. Confusingly, there is another Ballintemple in Cork city and another Ballyandreen a bit west of Cork. The Uptons here though are in the East Cork one.
Samuel Upton - Ballyandreen (east of Cloyne)
Margaret, Bridget, Henry - 3 children of above

John Upton - Kilmacahill (near Cloyne)
Catherine, William - wife and nephew of above

John Upton - Ballintotas (near Midleton/Cloyne)
Mary, John, Christopher, William - wife, 3 sons of above

Catherine - Church St, Cloyne
Christopher, John - sons of above

Kate - Midleton, Occupation: Domestic Servant

Dublin - 18
1911: 186
Cork - 20

Mabel Upton - Mallow - Birthplace: England
Leonard Upton - Fermoy - Birthplace: England

Samuel Upton - Ballyandreen (east of Cloyne) (also daughter Margaret Hyde)
Henry Upton - Son of above

William Upton - Kilmacahill (near Cloyne)
Johannah - wife of above
Michael, John, Willie - children of above

John Upton - Ballintotis (near Midleton/Cloyne)
Minnie, wife of above plus 5 kids

Catherine Upton (nee something else) - Church St, Cloyne - Church of Ireland

Samuel Upton - Farahy (accounted for, from East Limerick Upton-2461 )
Helena, Michael J - wife and son of above

Newspaper Records


http://www.irelandoldnews.com/Dublin/1764/AUG.html search 'Upton'
a William Upton mentioned marrying Lady Clarges, daughter of Colonel Clarges. In WHU this person is named as Christopher(p116).
Some Obituaries. 11 Uptons, 1800s except 1.
UPTON, Edward; ; Ashgrove Newcastle LIM IRL; Clare Journal (CLA IRL); 1836-2-18;
UPTON, Isabella "relict of Henry" ( ); ; Dublin DUB IRL; Clare Journal (CLA IRL); 1836-2-15;
UPTON, ? Miss "daughter of Giles"; ; Cork City COR IRL; Cork Examiner; 1846-1-26;
UPTON, Michael; 42; Dublin DUB>Limerick City LIM IRL; Irish-American (NYC NY); 1857-7-18;
UPTON, William Bayly; 86; Cashel TIP IRL; Cork Examiner (COR IRL); 1863-1-20;
UPTON, William; 16; Leicester LEI ENG; Cork Examiner (COR IRL); 1864-2-22;
UPTON, Samuel Rudy; 20; Ballycannane LIM IRL; Cork Examiner (COR IRL); 1864-5-4;
UPTON, Margaret "Mrs William" ( ); 74; Monkstown DUB IRL; Cork Examiner (COR IRL); 1864-6-17;
UPTON, William; 83; Monkstown DUB IRL; Cork Examiner (COR IRL); 1865-11-11;
UPTON, Mary Miss "dau of late William H"; 19; Monkstown DUB IRL; Cork Examiner (COR IRL);
1878-2-19; UPTON, Samuel "Sammy"; ; Annagurra Ballyanders LIM IRL; Irish Examiner (COR IRL); 2002-2-7;

Ffolliot Collection - Newspaper Extracts

Microfiche of 14 Upton records: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C9BZ-HRPT?cat=162067 27 Uptons
13 before 1800
Unaccounted For
1799: In London, Giles Upton, late purser of HMS La Concorde

Accounted For
1764: Mary Upton, wife of John Upton of Ashgrove (death), Aylmer-232
1765: John Upton, of Ashgrove Esq (death), Upton-3160
1792: death 'at the college of Mitchelstown' of Stephen Upton, late of Charlevile (buried at Ballyhay 21 Aug)
1793: marriage at St. Peter's Church of William Upton to Miss Shelton, dau of Robert, of Co. Limerick, Upton-3076
1796: Marriage of Mr ___ Upton of Mallow to Ms Catherine Graham, dau of George Graham of Mitchelstown
1807: Marriage of Samuel Adams of Ballyannon, Co. Lim to Eliza Upton, dau of Samuel Upton of Glenstane Co. Lim, Upton-3081
1807: A marriage notice for a William Upton, surveyor of excise in Midleton, then contradicted by W. Upton, surveyor at Midleton, saying he has a wife of many years and children [maybe husband of Shelton?]
1808: 'lady of Capt Upton of the HMS Sybelle, of a dau.; - this is Clotworthy Upton of Antrim
1811: as above, of a son
1812: as above, of a dau
1816: death of William Upton, age 104, at his county seat of Ballybraher, intered at Cathedral of Cloyne Upton-3065
1818: Marriage of John Upton of Ashgrove, Co. Lim to Frances Curry, dau of John of Milttown, Co. Kerry, Upton-3087

Not on FamilySearch microfiche:
1764: William Upton marries Miss Clarges, dau. of Col. Clarges ( http://www.irelandoldnews.com/Dublin/1764/AUG.html )
1773: a 'Miss' (Anne) Upton, dau of Francis, marries John Dwyer in Riddlestown, Co. Lim ( http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Dwyer%20of%20Limerick%20City%20and%20County.pdf , has 3 sons John, Unkown 2nd son and Anthony)
1791: --- Upton, married, Clare Journal
1794: William Upton, marriage, Cork Evening Post (2x duplicate)
1796, Mr Upton, marriage, Hibernian Chronicle (4x duplicate)
1813: -- Upton, marriage, Limerick Evening Post
1813: Mary Upton, marriage, Clare Journal
1818: John Upton, marriage, Ennis Chonicle (probably the John Upton marrying in 1818 above) (3x duplicate)

Tipperary Clans Archive

https://www.findmypast.co.uk/search/results?o=eventyear&d=asc&datasetname=tipperary%20clans%20archive&lastname=upton 41 Results Earliest 1733 - "Councillor" Upton, Cork

Alumni Dublinenses

13 Records
1705 Ambrose son of first Ambrose who settled in Dublin
1709 Richard - Son of Ambrose
1718 Thomas - There was a Thomas who lived in Dublin, maybe him. Doesn't say age or Dad's name, just that he died in 1733.
1724 Samuel - Son of Samuel, of Charleville, Co. Cork, age 17 so b. 1707. Most fits Upton-3062, son of Sam who married Alice Ruby, but I thought he was in Glenstar. Says he was called to the bar in 1725. UFR says he died in a house fire. Says his father was an 'Armiger' which seems to be a squire or an arms-bearer but I dunno how that works in the 18th century.
1783 Shuckburg Whitney - Ancestor of the Genealogist Upton
1788 Clarges - WHU p117, son of Chris/William Upton and Ms. Clarges. gs of Ambrose, graduated 1705
1789 Michael - age 20, so born 1769. Son of Christopher, a farmer of Co. Limerick. Very interesting but no idea who he is. Must've been Protestant cause no Catholics allowed. Maybe son of the Christopher voting in East Limerick. Cloyne Uptons have Christopher/Michael names, it says Limerick but could be the same.
1812 Whitney - Of the Ambrose line
1812 William - I know his dad's name but not his connection to the rest of the Uptons. Could be son of above Michael graduated 1789.
1813 Christopher - Son of Upton-2765, has no wikitree profile himself
1815 Henry - Says son of Whitney but this Whitney doesn't have a son Henry, dates match though. More likely referring to Shuckburough Whitney who's oldest son is Henry.
1818 Francis - b. Limerick Son of William, a tax inspector. Dunno who this is.
1822 David - Son of William Bayly in Tipperary

Civil Records

Began around 1864, slightly later for Catholics. Go until around 1945. Marriages (which mention father), birth (mentions mothers maiden name), death (mentions the witness to the death, which is often a family member).
881 total

Catholic Records

1000s of records, findable via findmypast.com. Catholic records are all mostly online.

Protestant Church Records

Don't know how much of this exists. A lot was destroyed in the PRO fire of 1922. Ballingarry is the relevant parish for the Uptons in Limerick, Templepatrick for the Antrim Uptons. These and others has been transcribed onto rootsireland.ie.


churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie contains all CoI records for Dublin, Carlow and Kerry and similar records for RC records. 182 Uptons mentioned (RC+COI) 38 1700s (RC+COI) 13 Carlow COI 49 Dublin COI 18 Kerry COI

182 records available online. Apparently much more records available in the churches

Public Records Office Northern Ireland

Fair amount of miscellaneous records including the enfeoffment of Capt Henry who took the lands in Antrim. Another interesting item is the documents of George Upton of Templepatrick in the 1800s, it may shed light on whether the Uptons who came to live with him from Limerick were related or not.

Irish Prison Registers 1790-1924

https://www.findmypast.co.uk/search/results?o=eventyear&d=asc&datasetname=irish%20prison%20registers%201790-1924&lastname=upton&sid=0 82 records, earliest John Ruby 1819

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