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Vatican City Project

The Vatican City Project is a project for WikiTreers interested in improving the profiles of Religious Leaders of the Vatican and their ancestors/descendants.This project serves as a forum for researchers and descendants of all people involved with Vatican City.
Our current members are:

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on G2G, or send me a private message. Thanks!
I have very close friends who are very devout Catholics, and I talked to them before the 'Da Vinci Code,' and it was very difficult for them, but I talked to them before 'Angels and Demons,' and they said the scandal, abuse of power and violence was part of church history, which you can read about in the Vatican bookstore. - Ron Howard [1]



Project members work together to source and improve profiles.
Any improvements you can make to the profiles of the Vatican City Project are welcome, but here are some specific goals we are working towards:
  1. For unsourced profiles you can also add this template. {{Unsourced}}
  2. All duplicates merged into lowest number.
  3. Parents are correct and documented, Children are linked if able.
  4. Biography is cleaned up, free of any GEDCOM junk, Ancestry trees, dead links, etc., and ideally has an actual written biography. So biography cleaned up and written, using the WikiTree Style Guide.
  5. Needed categories added, etc.
  6. Attached family meets these goals, too
  7. Connected to the Main WikiTree family tree


G2G is our way to communicate, it's very important all members participate and communicate here, so if you have ideas or questions, or something else related to the project please respond or add it at G2G or just try aking question yourself.
  • Always tag Vatican.
  • Add the Profile ID or Link if it's about a profile you request help for.
  • Chose the category Request For Volunteers or Requests For Genealogy Help, this way we all can discuss things, and or help others that need or ask for help.
Please browse this G2G any time you're looking for a way to contribute to the Vatican City Project.
Don't know how: See: Help page: About G2G

To-Do or Task List

To participate in the project, we have a list of tasks that we need accomplished:
1. Primary task for all project members is to review, improve and source all profiles of people who were related to or lived at some point in their lives in the Vatican and if not yet categorized or templated by another project add the Sticker or Category.
3. For all profiles already added to any other project, always first ask in G2G what to do and whether they should or could be added to the Vatican City project or not.
4. And also very important. Keep it fun! It's not a job, no race to win, just a group of people volunteering and working together on this, doing our best to make all Wikitree profiles as accurate and nice as we possibly can. If you need help or advice just ask on G2G.
See Profiles To Work On.

Last Name at Birth or LNAB

You often will come across the abbreviation LNAB around here, which means Last Name At Birth. To keep things easy for everyone, I decided that for profiles to determine the most correct LNAB, we will use the Birth or Baptism record of a person.

Example Profiles

Project Resources

The Holy See
Digivatlib (DVL)
Archivio Apostolico Vaticano
Euro Docs
BAV Online Catalogue
Vatican Genealogical Records (Forebears)


Religious Leaders Team - Focuses on Popes, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Priest and Deacons
Profile Improvement Team - Improves profiles related to the Project

Sub Pages

Vatican City State
History of the Vatican City State

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  1. Howard, Ron. “Vatican Quotes.” BrainyQuote. Xplore. ( : 27 June 2021)


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