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Virginia Colliers, 1600s-1700s

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Virginia Colliers, 1600s-1700s

A subproject of Coyler Name Study, this page is intended to provide a central focus for working on the several Collier/Collyer families who immigrated to Virginia in the 1600s.

Following is a start... copy/paste from profiles of info that applies more broadly than just that person's family.


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Charlotte County (from Lunenburg County in 1764; Lunenburg County formed from Brunswick County in 1746 (west to east: Charlotte, Lunenburg, Brunswick; Brunswick is west of Greensville County)
Greensville County was established in 1781 from Brunswick County[1] (formed in 1780 from Brunswick & Sussex County - note on Collier-1435, probably from Virginia Formation Maps)
Pittsylvania County -> Henry County
Culpeper, Spotsy, Hanover are adjacent (north to south)
Can't figure King and Queen -> Charlotte path (Joseph's father Thomas Collier-705, b Surry, "of King and Queen", served Charlotte Co. in Revo. & died Northhampton County, NC.
weird path (especially looking at modern maps to figure it), but ... King and Queen County is southwest of James City County, which is north of Surry County, and Surry was formed from James City in 1652 (and west to east are Charles City, James City, and York counties)
To the west of Surry Co., north to south, are Charles City, Prince George, Sussex counties.
to the west of Sussex Co., north to south, are Dinwiddie County & Greensville County
Greensville County, established in 1781 from Brunswick County, is to the north of Northampton County, North Carolina (modern-day Brunswick Co. is to the west of Greensville).


A series of articles described three Collier families:
  • "Collier Family," The William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 9, No. 3 (Jan., 1901), pp. 183-185 (Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture; DOI: 10.2307/1920292). Stable URL:
    • York County (Isaac and son Thomas found in Brunswick co., 1751)
    • New Kent and King & Queen Counties (K&Q formed from New Kent)
    • Surry County
See also
Charles River renamed York in 1642.
Gloucester formed from York in 1651.
New Kent was formed from York in 1654.
King and Queen formed from New Kent in 1691.
Brunswick formed from Prince George in 1720-1732[sic]
Brunswick gained from Isle of Wight & Surry in 1732
Surry formed from James City in 1652
York: formed c1638: served York County to 1707
Yorkhampton: formed 1707: served York & James City Co. to aft. 1785
Blisland: formed c1653: served York County to 1654, then James City and New Kent to aft 1785
Stratton Major: formed 1655: served New Kent to 1691; K&Q to after 1785
Albemarle: formed 1738: served Surry Co. to 1753, then Sussex Co. to after 1785 ("Sussex Co was formed from Surry in 1753, and the parish went with it")
  • Note: Albemarle Parish never served Albemarle County. Check the Changes history of Collier profiles with "Albemarle County" - it was probably meant to be the parish. Albemarle County was "created in 1744 from the western portion of Goochland County"[4] Albemarle County is a fair distance removed from the areas under discussion (e.g., York, Surry, & Brunswick counties), although possibly on the path to Ohio and Tennessee that some Colliers took. ~ Noland-165 01:07, 29 July 2018 (UTC)
Porto Bello is said to have been in York County, but appears connected to the King & Queen County Colliers. A John Collier in 1711 received a land grant in King & Queen County.
From Collier-802: There were several John Colliers about the same time and place, and it appears that there were at least two distinct families: one in King & Queen County and one in Surry County. The family associated with Porto Bello is that of John Collier whose son Cornelius is said to have been a shipmate of Lawrence Washington at the battle of Porto Bello.

Following from the profile of Thomas Collier born 1710 m Rebecca Hunt, dau. Rebecca Minge adm. (1742 suit, Charles City County)

John Minge, Rebecca his wife... administratrix of Thomas Collier's will (mentioned in a suit filed March 1742).[5]

Research Notes

Several families can be called Colliers of Virginia, arriving in the 1600s. In researching Colliers of Virginia, you'll find thre main groups: Colliers of York County, Colliers of Surry County, and the King and Queen County Colliers. Later generations have the Hanover County and Brunswick County Colliers.

The source citation for this Thomas Collier[5] is from Charles City County records, which include Epes and others associated John Collier of King and Queen County.

  • Charles City (an original county)
  • Prince George County formed from Charles City County, 1702-3
    • Brunswick County formed from Prince George County, 1720-32
    • Dinwiddie County formed from Prince George County, 1752
  • Charles River (an original county)
  • York County (Charles River renamed to York in 1643)
  • New Kent County formed from York County, 1654
  • King and Queen County formed from New Kent County, 1691
  • King William formed from King and Queen County, 1701-2
  • Hanover County formed from New Kent County, 1720-1
  • James City (an original county)
  • Surry County formed from James City County, 1652
  • Brunswick County "gained from Isle of Wight and Surry" counties, 1732
  • Sussex County formed from Surry County, 1753-4


FamilySearch (login required), Brunswick County marriages (date issued):
  • "Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940", database, Brunswick County. FamilySearch (image, page 22 of 572), accessed 15 December 2020, lists Colliers.
Collier Heritage Foundation
USGenWeb and other finds
Family Trees citing good sources
  • Surry County Colliers
  • Graves family (pdf, no source for Collier/Graves marriage): "Susanna Graves [dau. James Graves by Elizabeth Pratt of Culpeper County], b. 15 Dec. 1787, m. John Collier, Jr., 8 April 1803, d. 30 Jan. 1850."
Following specific to John Collier (1740/1743-1836, KY) m Grizelda Taylor
DAR Patriot Ancestor / Pension Application (posted by Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements & Rosters)
  • John Collier-1669, Grizelda Taylor-24408:
    Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR Genealogical Research Databases, database online, ( : accessed 28 July 2018), "Record of Private John Collier", Ancestor # A024431.
    • DAR record for John Collier born Virginia in 1744; residence, Culpeper County, VA; died 31 March 1826 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky (wife Griselda Taylor, son John m Susan/Susanna Graves; see record for additional children)
    • pension application, John Collyer's widow Gizzey/Grizzey Colyer

Info To Be Sorted

Collier-802 Info/Research Notes

from profile of John Collier, as of 28 July 2018 born 1707, "Porto Bello, King and Queen", m Cicely Hall, Sarah Briggs, and (in Hanover County, 1739) Elizabeth Meredith; died 20 Aug 1765, "Colliers Creek, Augusta, Virginia" (apparently a Briggs profile was merged, as he is father of Briggs children). I copied in all the text from the profile, as it has info that goes to other Colliers.

Research Notes

Judith (Collier) Hicks, x2

Judith Collier (abt.1733-abt.1799), daughter of Isaac Collier, married James Hicks Sr (abt.1732-1793). Isaac Collier's 1771 will names daughter Judith Hicks. Their son Isaac Hicks (1755-1817) was a Revolutionary War soldier (DAR Patriot #A054963). Judith's niece was
Judith Collier (abt.1766-1829), daughter of Charles Collier, married James Hicks Jr (abt.1750-bef.1817) in 1787 (marriage bond, Brunswick County).
Currently (as of 1 March 2021) the two James Hicks are father/son, but James Jr. may not be the son of James Sr. (in Colonial Virginia, Sr./Jr. was used regardless of relationship to distinguish two men of the same name in the same area in official records). ~ Liz Shifflett

John Collier of Virginia

following information is from existing profiles as of May 16, 2017
Capt John Collier-1368[7]
born 3 Mar 1685 in Virginia
parents: Charles Collier and Mary (Eyers) Collier
married Elizabeth Gai (Ironmonger-97) Collier
children: John Collier Jr, Frances (Collier) Scott
died 24 Mar 1735 in King & Queen, Virginia
John Collier-1367 Jr. (1707-? of Surry Co.) - born February 1707 family bible[8]
John Collier-1769
born about 1710
text = born 1735 (Elizabeth Meredith b 1735) are Mary's parents[9]
married Elizabeth (Meredith) Collier (born 1715)
child Mary (Collier) Goode (b 1756)
"Our family tradition is that Charles Hutcheson, (Mecklenburg County) my grx4 grandfather, married Frances Collier. Charles 1807 will gifts lands on Horsepen Creek in Charlotte County to his son, Collier Hutcheson. Sons of John Collier, Capt. Thomas & Joseph, had lands on the same Creek. Do you have a copy of the original Henrico County marriage bond? [source for 13 February 1790. Edward Collier and Elizabeth Hutchinson. Sur. Robert Collier who certifies Eliza is above 21. p. 19.
John Collier-802[10]
born 28 Feb 1706, Porto Bello, King and Queen, Virginia
married Cicely Hall
child Sarah Collier
died 20 Aug 1765, Colliers Creek, Augusta, Virginia

Will of John Collier

Of King and Queen Co, VA later of Hanover Co, KY.

Made a will September 26, 1749 and probated in 1759 in which he names his sons: Thomas, John, and Joseph; daughters: Elizabeth Ironmonger Collier, Frances and Sally; and in which he leaves "to my mother-in-law, Ann Collier, of King and Queen County, the part of that tract that was given me by my grandfather, Charles Collier, of King and Queen." He also names his step-sister, Martha Gaines, and appoints George Morris and David Crawford, executors.

He served as an Captain in a Virginia Regiment under Admiral Vernon in the Carthagean expedition, 1740-42, and owned large estates in Isle of Wight and Surry Co's.

Three of his daughters married respectively, Mr. Hutchinson, of Mecklenburg Co, VA, a Mr. Ingram and a Mr. Turner. Daughters were Elizabeth, Frances and Anne.


Isaac Collier's 1771 will: abstract and transcription on his profile & also the profile of his son Charles - transcription from "Thomas Hicks Ancestry".[11]


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Collier with Allen children is Collier-838
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