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Virginia Finleys

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This page is was intended as a collection point for information about primary sources (or sources cited by secondary sources) to help sort out Virginia Finleys. Succinct summaries of differing views of Finley relationships should be here as well as posted to the relevant profile(s) to avoid confusion by readers. Currently (14 May 2021), it seems such a summary has only been posted on the profile for John Finley-1486 (see excerpts below).

I regret to say that I have been unable to find sufficient images of contemporary documentation, or information about such primary documentation that beyond a doubt indicates which fact belongs to which person. Without this, I do not believe that the disagreement among descendants, and the sources they cite, can be resolved. I believe some clarity could be achieve by "working backwards" from descendants outside the scope of the US Southern Colonies Project.

While I was co-leader of the US Southern Colonies Project, I stepped in to mediate the dispute over which John married Thankful [Doak] and which children were theirs. I retired as co-leader of that project in June 2021, but continued to attempt to find a solution. I thought that I could achieve this based on my work with Carmen Finley in researching O.G. Finley and his father George.[1]

In May 2021, the profiles for two Georges (Finley-336 & Finley-638) and two Johns (Finley-212 & Finley-1486) were protected and placed under the management of the US Southern Colonies Project. Descendants of one or both of the John Finleys objected & project protection has been removed from Finley-1486 (although the profile is still managed by the project). ~ this passage updated 5 November 2021 by Noland-165

Stalled Research

Rather than deleting this page, I leave it here in case any of the information that I collected might be of use to others. In November 2021, I did some more work and may use the information I gathered at that time to update the following (or add a "November Research" section), but if any of what is on this page is of use to you, please do use it - with a grain (or more) of salt. ~ Noland-165 22:58, 5 November 2021 (UTC)

John Finley - Working Conclusion (in May 2021)

I have finished reviewing all the information. While I still need to add supporting information from Carmen Finley's research, which is the most recent and reliable, in light of continued relationship changes and profile revisions, the following is posted in advance of adding that information. ~ Noland-165 14:17, 22 May 2021 (UTC)

  1. While there are multiple and oft-confused John Finleys, there is only one Thankful who married a John Finley: Thankful Doak.
    1. Thankful Doak's name is just that (not Elizabeth Thankful Doak).
    2. Mary Caldwell's name is just that (not Mary Thankful Caldwell).
  2. The John Finley with the 1791 will is the John Finley who married Thankful Doak.
Note: WikiTree member and direct descendant Blake Finley disagrees. Please join the G2G discussion:

John Finleys

As of 13 May 2021, WikiTree has three four profiles for John Finley that are very similar but represent more than one John Finley:

Finley-212: John Finley (1713-abt.1791) - not one of the Virginia John Finleys, despite the profile saying he died "about 1791 in Virginia"
Finley-1486: John Finley (1713-abt.1791) (no son George attached)
Finley-625: John Finley (1724-abt.1791)
  • wife Mary Thankful Caldwell (1724-1787), married 21 Apr 1741 in Augusta
  • children attached include an Elizabeth (Finley) Cargill born 1735 and three profiles for William Finley (born 1743 in MD, born 1751 in Augusta, born 1770). Children named in the 1791 will of John Finley do not align well with the profiles attached as children of this John & wife Mary Thankful Caldwell (Elizabeth (Finley) Cargill, John Caldwell Finley, William Finley, George Finley, Samuel Finley, William Finley, David Caldwell Finley, Thomas Finley, Sally Finley and William Finley).
Finley-102: John Finley (abt.1706-1773) most of biography is a copy/paste from another, unidentified source
  • son of James Finley Sr (1687-1753) & Elizabeth (Patterson) Finley (1690-abt.1754)
  • no spouse / two profiles attached for a son named William (one born 1743, Tinkling Spring & one born 1770)
  • son George Fenley-76: George (Fenley) Finley (bef.1743-1831) - information from the unidentified source included this information supporting son George: "John sold his first patent, 183 acres, to Alexander Garden on 27 November 1749.(4) On 17 November 1767, John and Thankful deeded 179 acres of their property to their son, George, for five shillings. George, however, soon moved to Washington County about 170 miles to the southwest and sold his Middle River property to Robert and Margaret Clendenen for £16, less than five years after it was given to him.(5) The Clendenens, in turn, sold it back to John and Thankful three years later for five shillings.(6)" - unfortunately, without knowing the source of the copied text, the footnotes are not known. The date - 17 November 1767 - implies a 1746 birth for George.
Parents James Finley (Finley-103) & Elizabeth Patterson (Patterson-712)? Comments from Finley-103:
  • I have attempted to clean this profile and have added source documents and address links for existing sources. I am convinced that the two sons, both named James, are mixed up with other families, but I am not able at this time to determine which belongs here. Anyone have additional information? ~ posted Oct 18, 2020 by James McGehee as of 16 May 2021, only one son James is attached, Finley-728
  • Clan Finley 2nd edition claims that this James Finley was the father of the John Finley who married Thankful Doak. Others claim John mDoak was the son of Michael + Ann Oneill Finley. ~ Oct 16, 2020 by Blake Finley
  • Finley-103 and Finly-2 appear to represent the same person because: Nearly identical dates, and confirmation from Herald Stout's "Clan Finley" 2nd revised edition. ~ posted on Finly-2 (merged) Apr 11, 2020 by Blake Finley


Abstract of 1791 will (see #Wills below) of John Finley, proved 20 September 1791 (recorded in Book 3, page 404, Augusta County, Virginia)
  • wife Thankful
  • son David
  • son George
  • son Robert
  • son James
  • son John
  • daughter Margaret Shields
  • daughter Jean
    • her son John Trimble
  • daughter Thankfull McCarter
son David named sole executor
David McNair, John Thomas, John Wilson (assume these were the witnesses to the will - date of will not given in the transcription available)

Which John m Thankful?

Note Who had the 1791 will (see transcription below) ? John m Thankful Doak or John m Mary Thankful Caldwell... and was John m Doak the father of John m Caldwell?
  • 1791 will belongs to John m Thankful Doak, supported by ...
    • Carmen (need citations/quotes)
    • named "Thankful" in will & no children named in the will are named with a middle name of Caldwell
  • 1791 will belongs to John m Mary Thankful Caldwell, supported by ...
  • Father/son?
    • Stout thinks so.
    • Others do not.
Miscellaneous notes:
  • "The John Finley who married Mary Caldwell is considered by Carmen Finley to have married first Miss Thompson" (need citation/Carmen quotes)
Family Bible of Elizabeth Mounts Finley, with added notes by her daughter Jane Ann Finley Smith, and certified by family genealogy Albert Finley France and quoted in Dr Carmen Finley's history of Sonoma California Finleys (pp 38-39 indicates): JOHN FINLEY and MARY CALDWELL Finley had a son DAVID FINLEY, who married ELIZABETH MOUNTS and had a daughter JANE ANN FINLEY.
Note that this John (b1724, mCaldwell) was claimed as son of John and Thankful Doak Finley in Stout's Clan Finley reference, but some genealogist descendants' Ancestry trees have indicated this John was the son of James-b1688 and Eliz Patterson-b1690 Finley -- TO STUDY.

Sourced Vitals (John)

Died before 20 September 1791 (date will was proved, Augusta County)[2]
Children - of the John whose will was proved 20 September 1791 & who names his wife "Thankful":
  • David - named executor, so probably at least 21, so born 1770 or earlier
  • George
  • Robert
  • James
  • John
  • Margaret (Finley) Shields
  • Jean (Finley) Trimble
  • Thankfull (Finley) McCarter

George Finleys

Two George Finleys, sons of different John Finleys but both baptized Tinkling Spring, plus descendants named George (and DAR says one has two sons named George - one by each wife).

  1. George Finley, married (2) Mary Gaines, Patriot Ancestor #A040796 - son by Ann married Mary Chenoweth, son by Mary married Fanny Hancock (according to DAR records)
  2. George Finley, married Jean Lyle, #A040794
Son Obediah Gaines Finley (1787-1871) - O.G. Finley (son by Mary Gaines) - was George's administrator and filed inventory in 1818. Perhaps the death date some give George - before December 19, 1817 - is based on a filing related to the will or estate. The memorial stone for his parents shows George died in 1809 (the same year Mary petitioned for divorce). A comment posted in 2014 on Finley-336 supports that death year: "A marker in Wayne County Kentucky states that Goerge Finley died there in 1809."
Finley-336: George Finley (1743-1810) - #A040796, with two sons named George (one by each wife).
Finley-638: George Finley (1743-1809)
as of 13 May, attached as son of Finley-625
George Finley born c1746 (see info above for John Finley-102, about Augusta land sale on 17 November 1767..."John and Thankful deeded 179 acres of their property to their son, George, for five shillings")

Tinkling Spring Church

Howard McKnight Wilson, The Tinkling Spring, Headwater of Freedom: A Study of the Church and Her People, 1732-1952 (Fishersville, Va.: Tinkling Spring and Hermitage Presbyterian Churches, 1954). Hathi Trust: (accessed 14 May 2021).

Thankful search = page 473 (547 of 624), in the Appendix of Baptisms: Thankful, 30 June 1743<sup12</sup> under "John Doage [Doak]"
Finley search results (53... not all noted below).
  • Districts (Quarters on memorial stone), page 25 (57 of 624).
  • 26 July 1744, Orange County Court ordered a road cleared "from Finley's Mill to Tinkling Spring That John Finley and Archibald Stuart,..." (page 72, 110 of 624).
  • Page 166 (216 of 624), under the heading "Post-War Problems" (following an 1840 note about Rev. Craig's 1764 farewell): "...John Finley, an active elder, disappears from the records, probably transferring his efforts to Brown's Meeting House...." (information about 1766-> follows, so this information appears to be 1765 - last line of the section clarifies: "...following the French and Indian War").
  • John Finley deposition in 1801 - "above 60 years old" - attended school in 1747 "in the house mentioned [which] was on James McClure's land... located between Tinkling Spring and the present site of Waynesboro, Virginia" (page 114, 156 of 624).
  • Dr. George W. Finley, born 1 December 1838, in Caswell County, NC... son of Augustus Finley, son of Michael Finley, son of Michael Finley - page 358 ([432 of 624]); died 1909 (436 of 624).

Problems and Summaries

John Finley (1713-abt.1791) (the following was excerpted/condensed from Finley-1486 on 14 May 2021 from observations made by descendant Lee Bain).

Ascertaining the identity of the John Finley represented by this profile faces some major problems:
  1. information for Finley-1486 (married Thankful Doak) and Finley-212 (married Martha Barclay/Berkeley) have been interchanged at various points in time, including in WikiTree. Herald Stout's Clan Finley, 2nd edition (1961) clearly distinguished between them, and then his choice of which John married Barclay/Berkeley and which John married Doak was questioned. It is not likely that John Finley married both Thankful Doak and Martha Barclay/Berkeley.
  2. the dates of birth of John have been interchanged. If John and Thankful Doak married in 1724 (per Stout's claim, which others questioned), then he was not logically the John born in 1713 or 1716; this is further complicated by the intermixing of their children's names in some genealogies.
  3. the names of the children may have been ascribed to the wrong John, or even intermixed, in some genealogical accounts.
  4. at least one John had a namesake son John, and their records, including wills, may have been mistakenly interchanged.
  5. the current lack of, or lack of availability of documentation/proof (coupled with the difficulty of determining which record belongs to which Finley) leaves the identity of the two Johns (Finley-1468 and Finley-212) and which married whom up to question.

DAR's Finley Families

NOTE: Leads only.
  • Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR Genealogical Research Databases, database online, (, "Record of George Finley", Ancestor # A040796.
    • George (baptized 1-30-1743, Augusta Co.; died before 12-19-1817, Wilson County, Tennessee), married (1) Ann Newland, (2) Mary Gaines
    • descendant record, wife Ann, son George b 1765 m Mary Chenoweth
    • Children listed in main record:
      • Isaac Finley, married (1) Sarah Henry
      • Sarah Finley, married Samuel P. Pennebaker
      • Obadiah Gaines Finley, married (1) Mary Lewis Johnson
      • George Finley, married (1) Mary Chenoweth
      • John Finley, married (1) Rachel Taylor
      • George Finley, married (1) Frances Fanny Hancock[3]
  • Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR Genealogical Research Databases, database online, (, "Record of George Finley", Ancestor # A040794.
The following information shows issues with DAR records to support the "for leads only" notice at the beginning of this section. It was added 5 November 2021 to the profile of William Finley (1765-1819) who married Jean Kennedy (1765-1805).

Research Notes

Note: DAR records are not considered reliable sources for pre-1700 profiles, and the US Southern Colonies Project does not consider DAR an appropriate source for pre-1776 profiles. See the project's Reliable Sources page. Also note that DAR records only include children with a descendant who has joined the DAR; most colonial families were larger than indicated by DAR records.

DAR records indicate that the William Finley who married Jean Kennedy and was father of Polly, who married David Crockett, was born 11 April 1764 in Virginia, a resident of Washington County, Virginia at the time of the Revolution, and died before June 1819 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.[4] WikiTree has a profile for a William Finley (born in Virginia in 1764 & died in Tennessee in 1819), but is attached to a different wife and different parents. See William Finley (1764-1819).
DAR records also indicate that the William who married Jean Kennedy is the son of John Finley and his wife Ann Miller.[5]
DAR records show that the John Finley who married Ann Miller is the son of John Finley, but has a flag on the record noting a conflict with John's wives and stating that proof of Mary Caldwell is needed. The record lists Thankful X as his 2nd wife.[6]

FindAGrave Memorials

NOTE: Leads only.
Find A Grave: Memorial #8062484 for George Finley
  • Son of John & Mary
  • Born 2 Jan 1743, Augusta County
  • Spouse Mary
  • Son George
  • Died 22 August 1809, Wayne County, Kentucky
  • Buried Cedar Grove Cemetery, Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee
A profile for George (Finley-1977) based mostly on FindAGrave included Tinkling Spring in birth location and had a different year for death (22 August 1810).


From George Finley (1745-bef.1818), born Cumberland, PA; died Harrison, Kentucky

Will of George Finley; Written: May 19 1818 Probate: July 1818 Volume I, page 415: Those mentioned: Wife: Polly My 2 daughters: Jane and Polly Finley

From Thankful Doak's profile (13 May 2021):

Personal thoughts and quotations added by unidentified profile contributor [I keep citing facts which are ignored. See John Finley profile concerning the birthdates of the children, and here is the 1791 will where he refers to wife and sons. It is time to stop trying to justify errors of the past.]
Will of John Finley, proved 20 Sept 1791, Book 3, P. 404, Augusta Co.
"In the Naim of God -- Amen. The Seventeenth day of August 1791. I John Finley of the Colony of Virginia and the County of Agusta former being in a low state of health but of perfect mind and memory thanks be to god. Therefore calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men onst to die do make and ordain this my Last will and Testiment -- that is to say principaly and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that give it, and my body to the Earth, to be buried in a Christian Descent maner at the Descretion of my Executors and Unto him of such worldly estate where with it pleases God to bless me in this Life.
"I give Demise and dispose of the items in the following manner and form, first all my Lawful Debts and funeral Expences to be payed out of my real Estate, also I give and bequeth unto my dearly beloved wife Thankful, all my houshold furniture to be at her Disposal, Except one bed and furniture and my Negro woman, Hannah During her life and a good hors and sadle Likewis a good Deasent room and Deasent mantainence to be found her out of the part of my Estat I have willed to my son David.
"Item I give and bequith unto my beloved sons George, Robert and my Daughter, Marget Shields, Eatch of them five shillings Virginia Currancy to them and heirs.
"Item I give and bequith unto my beloved son James one hundred and twenty pounds Virginia Currancy with interest from this Date to him and his heirs for ever to be payd by my son David out of the part I now will to him.
"Item I give and bequith unto my beloved son John one bed and furniture at my beloved wifes Decese to him and his heirs.
"Item I give and bequith unto my beloved Daughter Jean one negro womman at my wifes death and to her son John Trimble my sadle and bridle to them and their heirs forever.
"Item I give and bequith unto my beloved son David all my lands and tenements and in every part of my Estate not herein separately willd to others to him and his heirs or asignes forever,
"Item I give and bequith unto my beloved Daughter Thankfull McCarter six shillings Virginia Currancy to her and her heirs forever, and I Likewise constitute make and ordain my son David sole Executor of this my last will and testiment.
"I Do hereby utterly Disalow revoik and Disanul all and every other former Testiments wills Legities bequests and Executors by me in aniwies before naimed willed and bequithed ratifying and confirming this and know other to be my last will and testiment in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and sail the Day and year above mentioned."
David McNair, John Thomas, John Wilson John Finley

G2G Discussions (closed)

Search for Duplicates

Search in WikiTree 13 May 2021:

A relative? George Finley-2136 married Elizabeth Hawes before 1818; named in the 1819 will of her father, Peter Hawes, which was recorded in Jefferson County, Kentucky.


  • Binns files - Robert Finley-1484, William and John are on this one:
    • April 10, 1790 — Augusta County, Virginia.[7]
  • WikiTree image of memorial stone for "Immigrants to this Valley", listing the names are those who were assessed 12 shillings per family "for building the first Tinkling Spring Meeting House". Names are organized under three "Quarters" - John Christian's Quarter, William Wright's Quarter, and John Finley's Quarter. Under John Finley's Quarter were the following names: Andrew McClure, Robert Turk, Samuel Gay, Robert Finley, William Finley, John Finley, John McCullock, James Gillespie, David Edmondson, James McClure, James Campbell, Archibald Stuart, William Patterson, William Kerr, Joseph Teas, Samuel Steel, Isaac White, John McClure [Daniel Dennison, Treas] (that last may have been for all three Quarters). Remember: Memorial stones are only as reliable as the information at the time they were erected.
  • Clifton W. Bransford, "The Finleys of Virginia" (Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida : 16 December 1937), posted by the University of Florida: (accessed 13 May 2021).
    • "Clan Finley" began to migrate "southward from Inverness" during the 17th Century: Inverness -> lowlands -> western coast ("where the Finleys of Castle Toward in Argylshire are now") -> North of Ireland. "From the Irish branch the ancestors of the American Scotch-Irish Finleys, strong in the presbyterian religious faith, derive their descent. In fact, there is a tradition in the family that the American Finleys are lineally descended from the same ancestor as the martyred covenenter, Rev. John Finley, who was burnt at the stake for his adherence to his religious principles, in Edinburg, 15 Dec., 1682." [father of Rev. John Finley was James, second son of James (b 1631)]
    • The Finleys in Virginia are apparently descended from James Finley (b 1631) & Barbara Henderson's oldes son Alexander (b 1669), whose four son, John, James (born 1687, m Elizabeth ____ in Ireland), Samuel & Andrew "came to America with their families and settled in East Nottingham Township, Chester Co., Penn., (now in Maryland), in the year 17x0." [looks like 17Z0 with a strikeover on the Z] Three of the sons of James (born 1687) & Elizabeth - John, Robert, and William, "moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia in 1736[-]1737, and became the progenitors of the Virginia Branch of the family."
    • In 1740, John Finley was an elder of Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church - if I'm reading Bransford correctly, the first church built in the Shenandoah (the settlement of Burden's 5000-acre grant, which was south of the "Manor of Beverley", on the waters of the James and Shenandoah Rivers).
    • Page 6 - notes that brothers John, Robert & William "received a grant of 3143 acres of land out of the "Beverly Manor" tract, lying on South river in Augusta County. (See Virginia Deed Books for 1736, 1737, 1741 and 1742.)" Also on page 6: Robert died "prior to October 1765, as John Finley acknowledges receipt from his father, James Finley, of certain notes and bonds "as his full part of his uncle, Robert Finley's estate." (Chalkley's "Augusta County Records", Vol. III, P. 437"). Also on 20th of May, 1766, James Finley of Staunton Conveyed to Sampson and George Matthews certain land "described in a lease from James Brown to the said Robert Finley, 16th Jan. 1754, for the term of 57 years; all which land was conveyed to Robert Finley, late of AUgusta County, deceased, and descended to James Finley as his brother and heir-at-law." (Ibid. Vol III, P. 448)." Bransford shows that William married Mary Wallace, who died prior to 1781, and he died in 1789, naming a son William in his will, dated 28 July 1781.
    • Page 7 - Bransford says John (son of James) was born 1702 in Ireland, married Thankful Doak in Pennsylvania in 1723, moved to Augusta County in 1737, & "was the progenitor of the Finleys of Lincoln Co., Ky. and Wilson County, Tenn."
    • Page 8 - "The time and place of his [John, son of James] death is not known. He was living on South River as late as 1771. The children of John and Thankful (Doak) Finley were:"
      • John Finley, Jr. (1724-1791), born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
      • Robert Finley (b 1725)
      • James Finley (b 1728)
      • Margaret Finley (b 1730)
      • Samuel Finley (b 1732)
      • Andrew Finley (b 1736)
      • Alexander Finley (b 1738)
      • Thankful Finley (b 1739)
      • Elizabeth Finley (b 1741)
      • William Finley (b 1743)
      • George Finley (b 1745)
    • Page 9 - "John Finley and John Finley, Jr., added to tithables Aug. 18, 1762. (Augusta Records Vol. I, p. 99)" ... and "The fee book of Augusta County locates John Finley, Jr., on Middle River in 1765, and again in 1774, and John Finley, Sr., on South River in 1771 (Vol. II, P. 402, 40& [sic- 407?]). Middle River is a small stream running through the central portion of Washington County, Va., which was cut out of Augusta County, midway between the north and south forks of Holston River. John Finley was married by the Rev. John Craig on April 22, 1741, to Mary Thankful Caldwell, daughter of David and Mary Caldwell of Prince Edward County, Va...."
    • Page 12 - John's will, dated 17 April, was proved 20 September 1791 in Augusta County.
    • Still Page 12 (to start with) - eight children of John Finley and Mary Thankful Caldwell:
      • John C. Finley (born 11 Jan. 1742, Augusta Co.,...)
      • George Finley (born in Augusta County, "baptized by Rev. John Craig, Jan. 30, 1743. He died in Wayne Co., Ky. in 1809.... [mention of 17 Nov. 1767 land sale]... married for his first wife, Dec. 18, 1761, Ann, daughter of Isaac Newland, who died in 1782, at the age of 36 years... [served under Captain Andrew Lewis in the battle of Point Pleasant, 10 Oct. 1774; was a Lieutenant of Militia in Battle of King's Mountain, 7 Oct. 1780...] Elder in Sinking Spring Church in 1782 [Washington County] - paraprhasing: moved to Kentucky in 1785 & married (2) Mary "Polly" Gaines in Lincoln County, Ky. on 29 June 1786, "daughter of Williams [sic] and Sarah (Strother) Gaines,[8] who had moved in 1783 from Albemarle Co., Va.,..." (p 17). George of Wayne County, Ky., put in trust with William Gaines for his wife Mary on 4 March 1809 ("for love and affection I have for my wife"). "Wts. Samuel C. Pulliam, Wm. McDowell, Oct. 3, 1809". (p18). By first wife: Isaac (b 1762), John (1764), George (1765, Ann (b 1769, Augusta) - see p 18 for details - by second wife: Obadiah Gaines Finley "only son", born in Bourbon County, Kentucky 24 May 1787. Sarah Finley, born in Lincoln Co., Ky., 12 Jan. 1799 (m Samuel Pennebaker). Ann Finley, b Lincoln Co., 1801 - married Major Robert Green 15 Jan. 1829. 3rd-6th daughters... Kittie Bruce Finley (b 1803), Mary Finley (b1804), Lucinda Finley (b1806). O.G. Finley moved to Lebanon, Tenn. after his father died in 1809. Bransford makes no mention of a divorce.
      • Robert Osborn Finley (born 21 March 1745, Augusta Co.,...)
      • David Finley (baptized 20 Jan. 1748)
      • Thomas Finley (born 26 Feb. 1749, Augusta Co.,...) -- ! "two of his nieces, Ann and Catherine Finley, came to live with him [Ninety-Six Distict, SC] on the death of their father and his brother, George Finley, 1809." Ann's daughter: Mary Gaines Green (whose father was Major Robert Green).
      • Jean Finley (born 16 Feb. 1744, Augusta Co.,... married John Trimble, son of William Trimble...)
      • Margaret Finley (born 2 March 1746, Augusta Co.,... married John Shields, who died 1802, son of James Shields...)
      • Thankful Finley (born 3 May 1751, Augusta Co., "married ____ McKarter. She was living as a widow with her father at the time of his death in 1791....")


  1. I undertook that work several years ago, when I encountered the name O.G. Finley on the marriage license of my lineal ancestors, Elisha and Elizabeth (Johnson) Brien, who were married on 26 September 1818 in Wilson County, Tennessee. Standing surety for the bride was O.G. Finley, who was identified as a son of one of the two George Finleys that were the subject of The George Finleys of Augusta County, Virginia, by Carmen J. Finley, Ph.D., (available online courtesy of USGenWeb), which notes that the two George Finleys were "each the son of a different John Finley, christened at Tinkling Spring Church on 20 Jan. 1743 and 4 Jan. 1748." Descendants disagree about this and other conclusions detailed by Dr. Finley.
    DAR records that listed O.G. as a son of George included this record, for a descendant of son Obediah [Gaines/George] Finley who married Mary Lewis Johnson, which had George's baptism as 30 January 1743. Elizabeth (gr-gr-gr-grandmother of Noland-165) and Mary were sisters.
  2. Will of John Finley, proved 20 Sept 1791, Book 3, P. 404, Augusta Co.; transcription posted on Thankful Doak's profile (accessed 13 May 2021).
  3. Fanny Hancock's father was Patriot Ancestor William Hancock:
    • Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR Genealogical Research Databases, database online, ( : accessed 15 May 2021), "Record of William Hancock", Ancestor # A132400.
  4. William Finley, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A041165 (accessed 5 November 2021).
  5. John Finley, Jr. (1742-1812), DAR Patriot Ancestor #A041015 (accessed 5 November 2021). Note: The record is flagged, but the disputed information concerns another son of John.
  6. John Finley, Jr. (1724-1791), DAR Patriot Ancestor #A041282 (accessed 5 November 2021). See the record for details on multiple flags on the record.
  7. Augusta County Tax Roles for 1790; Whites 16+: 1; Blacks 16+: 1; Blacks 12+: 1; Horses: 10. Adjacent to lines for William and John Finley.
  8. Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR Genealogical Research Databases, database online, ( : accessed 15 May 2021), "Record of William Gaines", Ancestor # A043095.
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