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Virginia Spring Cleaners

You know it's Spring in Virginia when the daffodils, dogwoods, and redbuds are in bloom.

Welcome, to the first ever "Spring Clean-a-Thon"!

Please play cheerleader to fellow members of Team Virginia! I'm not available most of C-a-T weekend, but I'll check in when I can. If you'd like to lead this team, let me know! ~ Liz Shifflett

The purpose of the Clean-a-Thon is to decrease the number of database errors, which is what the Database Errors Project does all the time.

Clean-a-Thon Links

The tables (below) don't play well with comments, so I deleted most of them. This was the only link from the deleted comments that hasn't been added elsewhere:
These links were provided by the Clean-a-Thon coordinators:
Four G2G questions are linked to this page (see the links at upper right):


  1. Liz Shifflett, (mostly absentee) leader (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  2. Pat Hickin, co-leader (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  3. L Kish, Jamestown focus (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  4. Michael Joslin (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  5. Terry Thornton (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  6. Tammy Joyce (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  7. Leslie Archer (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  8. Sarah Sherman-VanDeventer (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  9. Cynthia B (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  10. Elizabeth Spencer (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  11. Elizabeth Coltrane (main registration) |See your work
  12. Sandy Patak, focusing on West Virginia (main registration;Team Virginia post) |See your work
  13. Jamie Ball (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  14. William Foster (main registration; Team Virginia Post) |See your work
  15. LM Gragg (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  16. Mel Lambert, focusing on West Virginia (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  17. Virginia Dodier (main registration) |See your work
  18. Cathy Wydner (main registration) |See your work
  19. Stephen Herring (main registration; Team Virginia post) |See your work
  20. Lynn Camden (main registration) |See your work

Members' Badges

Badges? We doan need no steenkin' badges. Except in WikiTree, sometimes you do - for instance, to work on pre-1500 and pre-1700 profiles (details, details).


Short answer for fixing "USA too early": replace USA/United States with Colony
Long answer: see Answers and discussion forum for Virginia Spring Cleaners during the 2017 Clean-a-Thon
Check out sources used by Team Virginia for the Source-a-Thon last October:
Don't forget what a powerful resource G2G is - tag your question with virginia and db_errors at least. For questions about the C-a-T, use the tag clean-a-thon.
Virginia Projects all have information you might find useful:
  • [[[Space:Jamestown%2C_Virginia_Colony|Jamestown]]]
  • [[[Space:US_Southern_Colonies_British_Virginia|Virginia Colony]]]
  • [[[Project:Virginia|Virginia]]]
  • [[[Project:West_Virginia|West Virginia]]] (post-1863)

Plan of Action

  1. You should work your own errors first: Go to & put your ID in the "Managed by" field. If you have not worked these lists before, this will help you get familiarized. ~ borrowed from "Musty Dusty" team
  2. Next, see the table below for "USA too early" errors and search for "Virginia" in the error lists. Replace USA or United States with "Colony" as needed (see this G2G post for more precise information you could use instead of the "too early" USA or United States info).
  3. If the profile has insufficient or no sources, add {{Unsourced|Virginia}}
  4. If a county is mentioned in the profile, take an extra minute to add the county category. For example:
  • [[Category:Stafford County, Virginia]]
See this table for existing county categories (note that Stafford County does not have a separate "Virginia Colony" category). Please contact me if a county was missed. Currently, we're not adding additional "Virginia Colony" county categories. If the profile fact is between 1776 and 1788, and both pre- and post-USA county categories exist, then add both categories (see this explanation).
This G2G post has additional Team Virginia guidance & is our forum for questions that come up during the Clean-a-Thon. However, Let's Talk Virginia is our team's main communication thread.
  • In the Errors list: Be sure to use the Status button:
    • Before checking the profile, check the status to see if the error has already been corrected.
    • After correcting the error (or posting a comment if you cannot edit the profile), update the status so that others coming across the error will know.
  • On a profile: Always include the error number in the explanation for your change(s): e.g., "corrected dbe 603 - and added county category". You could also just note the dbe error code & include a link to the Team Virginia G2G guidance post: (you could enter that link as the status explanation also).


After working on your own tree's errors, let's focus first on the USA Too Early lists.
If you need some variety, hop down to the table with Virginia Location Errors for a bit.
Either table . . .
  • To work on pre-1700 profiles you'll need the pre-1700 badge. If you don't have one, go take the quiz! (click the link to it from this page)
  • To work on pre-1500 profiles, you also need a badge, but they're harder to get, so don't worry about them if you don't have the pre-1500 badge.
  • Profiles of people born more than 200 years ago should be Open, so all the profiles we need to work on should be open - except for ones where the date is wrong, not "USA". Leave a polite note on those, saying what needs to change and why, along with the error code (linked to its space page). For example, something along the lines of:
Hi! I'm participating in the Spring Clean-a-Thon and this profile was flagged as having a Virginia location error - [[Space:DBE_603|DBE 603]]: USA too early in birth location. I think the error is because the birth year is wrong, not the location, and can be fixed when the year is corrected. Could you take a look? Let me know if you need more information! ~ [[your WikiTree ID|your name]], [[Space:Virginia_Spring_Cleaners|Team Virginia]]
Don't forget to use the Status button!

All Errors

For a table with all errors, everywhere, click the link in the big green box at the top of this page - as of April 20, it's the table for errors as of April 16: Space:Database_Errors_Project_2017-04-16.

Check Your Own Tree for Errors

On your profile page, under your WikiTree ID (at the upper right, in the mini-menu), the dropdown menu has "Error Report" - click on that and see if there's anything that shows up you could practice on.
The main focus of Team Virginia is 6x3 errors in Virginia. The following links should take you to the "USA too early" error report for birth, marriage, & death locations (respectively). Click the status button (you may need to scroll far right to see it). On my browser, it opens in a new tab. If someone corrected the error & updated the status, it will show there. If there's no status update but the profile is no longer in error, please comment "already fixed".


Still confused - try the tutorial: Spring_Clean-a-Thon_Tutorial

Don't forget to use the Status button!

Database Errors

USA Too Early

DBE 603: USA too early in birth location db_error_603
DBE 633: USA too early in death location db_error_633
DBE 663: USA too early in marriage location db_error_663
289362 Errors Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 Open New
603 USA too early in birth location 202113 38194 163919 202113 1032
633 USA too early in death location 65150 629 12 42206 22245 54 4 65135 213
663 USA too early in marriage location 22099 261 7371 14454 13 22093 113

Virginia/West Virginia Location Errors

67443 Errors Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 Open New
601 Wrong word in birth location 34 1 25 8 26
603 USA too early in birth location 43931 7787 36144 43931 193
604 Birth location too short 85 12 4 28 36 5 63 3
605 Number in birth location 4 2 2 1 1
607 Misspelled word in birth location 195 3 31 129 24 8 183 6
608 Misspelled country in birth location 500 3 166 251 80 463 12
609 Wrong character in birth location 1 1 1
610 Birth location in uppercase 1057 10 39 318 632 58 943 2
611 Birth location in lowercase 554 20 16 179 255 84 460 7
631 Wrong word in death location 519 2 91 384 42 430
632 Y death location 24 4 20 4
633 USA too early in death location 13474 130 8864 4474 4 2 13471 39
634 Death location too short 125 11 36 67 11 87 1
635 Number in death location 4 4
636 Bogus death location 2 2 1
637 Misspelled word in death location 8 1 5 2
638 Misspelled country in death location 503 7 24 131 266 75 456 12
640 Death location in uppercase 732 5 31 257 382 57 656 5
641 Death location in lowercase 586 11 13 190 292 80 474 4
661 Wrong word in marriage location 77 2 24 42 9 62
663 USA too early in marriage location 4704 32 1447 3220 5 4701 18
664 Marriage location too short 21 3 5 13 15
667 Misspelled word in marriage location 1 1 1 1
668 Misspelled country in marriage location 11 1 4 6 7 7
670 Marriage location in uppercase 252 1 92 157 2 222 3
671 Marriage location in lowercase 39 21 17 1 27 2

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Eastern Redbud
Eastern Redbud

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I have been working on DB errors on my own line but I do that once a month. If you want to wait I see no harm in that. When I get tired of working on WV page or my own profiles I do some DB errors.

Here is the 2018 Page Virginia Spring Cleaners 2018

posted by Mel (Gilbert) Lambert
Are we waiting on the "Official" weekend in April to start? I know I have a few DB Errors but was waiting to fix them (all are super minor errors). But, I noticed that some of the errors are already being worked in by Team VA.
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
you can also get to your own suggestions using the drop down menu under "my WikiTree"
posted by Robin Kabrich
Hi! We've already got several teammates from 2017 signed up for 2018 - see Virginia Spring Cleaners - 2018.

If you're interested in joining Team Virginia for the 2018 Clean-a-Thon, please mention Virginia when you post an answer to the G2G registration thread... currently on the second posting:

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Just thought I'd mention here that registration for the 2017 Source-a-Thon is already on its second G2G post:

If you'd be interested in joining Team Virginia for the Source-a-Thon, say so when you register.

Cheers, Liz

P.S. The current teams are listed here:

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Hi y'all! There's a G2G thread about keeping the "Thon" teams going.

If anyone wants to take up that challenge, I'll be happy to turn over leadership to you - maybe we can each take a month in rotation?

If you were on Team Virginia for the Source-a-Thon, you'll be seeing a similar message in a sec. I think the intent is to combine the Clean-a-Thon & Source-a-Thon teams, so maybe even months could be led by a Source-a-Thon member and odd months could be led by a Clean-a-Thon member?

If we had enough interest from the two teams, I could set up a third page where we could coordinate a combined Clean-a-Source-a-Thon Team Virginia.

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Just received notice from AleĀš that he's created a Virginia db_error report: see this page

See also this page for links to error reports for neighboring states.

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
I can handle that!!