Virginia Spring Cleaners - 2019

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Virginia Spring Cleaners

You know it's Spring in Virginia when the daffodils, dogwoods, and redbuds are in bloom.

Welcome to the 2019 "Spring Clean-a-Thon"!

The Leaders for the 2019 Virginia Spring Cleaners Team are:

We're your head cheerleaders, but I encourage everyone to play cheerleader to fellow members of Team Virginia! You can chat and cheer on our Google Chat Group.

The purpose of the Clean-a-Thon is to decrease the number of database suggestions, which is what the Data Doctors Project does all the time.

Team Virginia Rocks
Total Team Members 14
Team Virginia Suggestions fixed11,253
WikiTree Suggestions fixed 132,553
Last update 8am EDT

Want a sticker for your profile?

{{Clean-a-Thon|team=Team Virginia|year=2019}} produces this:
... ... ... is participating with Team Virginia during the 2019 Clean-a-Thon.

{{Clean-a-Thon|team=Team Virginia|extra=correcting '''99''' suggestions.We cleaned '''11,253''' suggestions & finished in '''3rd place!'''|year=2019!}} produces this:
... ... ... participated with Team Virginia during the 2019! Clean-a-Thon.correcting 99 suggestions.We cleaned 11,253 suggestions & finished in 3rd place!

Clean-a-Thon Links


  1. William Foster, Co-Captain: registration post
  2. Mindy Silva, Co-Captain: registration post
  3. Liz Shifflett, Cheerleader (but not online Friday or Saturday): registration post
  4. Gurney Thompson registration post
  5. Rosetta Link registration post KY 203-510 & 713-785
  6. Anne Guglik registration post
  7. Bill Vincent registration post
  8. Andrea Pack registration post West Virginia and Virginia
  9. Ellen Steger registration post
  10. Sandy Patak registration post West Virginia and DNA errors
  11. Angela Drake registration post West Virginia and Virginia from 1700 to 1850
  12. Nancy Thomas registration post Will work Friday and maybe a little on Saturday or Sunday. No set area.
  13. Lydia Holland registration post
  14. Calvin Fey registration post Kentucky 603's and FAG errors

Plan of Action

  1. Click one of the links above (Virginia, West Virginia, or Kentucky) and pick a "cell" - post what you're working on by your name in the members' list and as a comment on this page (for example: VA #603, 1700-1799)
  2. Address the suggestion (e.g., fix the error)
  3. Update the status
Additional actions (optional - slows you down a bit, but will help improve WikiTree profiles)
  1. If the profile has insufficient or no sources, add {{Unsourced|<Location>}}, e.g., {{Unsourced|Virginia}} - you can add up to two locations with that template, for example {{Unsourced|England|Virginia}} for a person born in England who died in Virginia.
  2. If a county is mentioned in the profile, add the county category. For example:
  • [[Category:Stafford County, Virginia]]
The main category pages for Category:Virginia, Category:West Virginia, and Category:Kentucky list current county categories.
  • In the Errors (Suggestions) list: Be sure to use the Status button:
    • Before checking the profile, check the status to see if the error has already been corrected.
    • After correcting the error (or posting a comment if you cannot edit the profile), update the status so that others coming across the error will know.
  • On a profile: Always include the error number in the explanation for your change(s): e.g., "corrected database error 603 - and added county category".


To talk to "just us", post a comment to this page or, when we're closer to the event, we'll have a G2G post where we can chat. You can post separately to G2G for a wider audience: tag your question with virginia and db_errors at least. For questions about the Clean-a-Thon, use the tag clean-a-thon.

How Does this Work?

Try the tutorial: Spring_Clean-a-Thon_Tutorial
Check your own tree: On your profile page, under your WikiTree ID (at the upper right, in the mini-menu), the dropdown menu has "Suggestions" - click on that and see if there's anything that shows up you could practice on.
Check on profiles you manage: Go to & put your WikiTree ID in the "Managed by" field.

Database Errors

In 2017 we focused on "USA too early..." and these were the space pages and tag links for those. You should be able to replace the number in the URL to find the space page for any dbe.

DBE 603: USA too early in birth location db_error_603
DBE 633: USA too early in death location db_error_633
DBE 663: USA too early in marriage location db_error_663

All Errors

For a table with all errors, everywhere, click the link in the big green box at the top of this page - as of April 14, it's the table for errors as of April 8: Space:Data_Doctors_Report_2018-04-08.
All Errors - Virginia
All Errors - West Virginia
All Errors - Kentucky

Don't forget to use the Status button!

2019 Clean-a-thon Team Virginia Members

List Number Photo Name Position See your contributions Total Errors Fixed
1 Calvin FeyCousin Cal See your work1,780
2 William FosterCaptain CoolSee your work195
3 Anne GuglikAmiable Anne See your work54
4 Lydia HollandFabulous Lydia See your work1,614
5 Rosetta LinkRacing Rosetta See your work1,852
6 Andrea PackAdmirable Andrea See your work32
7 Sandy PatakSteady Sandy See your work857
8 Liz ShifflettCheerleader See your work121
9 Angela DrakeOur AngelSee your work50
9 Mindy SilvaGedcom GrannySee your work1,278
10 Ellen StegerElegant Ellen See your work161
11 Nancy ThomasNicknameSee your work142
12 Gurney Thompson JrGentle GurneySee your work1,044
13 Bill Vincent Ph.D.Brisk Bill See your work2,065
Note: These totals are updated manually by me - once an hour as I can (if I'm awake). They are not automatically updated, see the Tracking Page if you want your current total. Thank you for your patience! And Rock On Team Virginia!!!
Last updated: Mon 8am EDT
(If the main tracker isn't updating: As long as you are selecting those statuses they will count and will show up when Aleš restarts the main tracker.)


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To all previous (or interested) Team Virginia members: The sign-ups are now open for the 2020 Clean-a-Thon (Apr 24 - Apr 27). This Thon's team page is here. I hope to see you at the Thon!!


posted by Mindy Silva
Mindy, I replied to you on the sign-up page.
posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
Summer Connect-a-Thon registration is open for those interested.
posted by William Foster Jr
Great numbers! Congrats Bill, you really worked hard on those.
posted by Mindy Silva
Thanks, Liz. I'm actually not a fan of errors generated from FindAGrave. I consider those clutter in a way; I wanted to clear out some noise. One benefit was that FindAGrave produced multiple errors for many profiles. I found a lot of legitimate errors on both sites, but a lot of false errors where the FindAGrave information was estimated and/or unsourced. I suggested many FindA Grave edits as well. Many corrections to WikiTree were really picky, such as location missing or not specific. I think relatively few WikiTree profiles contained significant errors necessitating correction, but I didn't keep a tally. I did help some.

One funny error was when the date carved on the tombstone didn't exist, like, 31 Jun, 31 Sep, or 29 Feb 1869. Written in stone isn't the ultimate proof!!

posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
So... Did you know there's a newsletter tag? And under it, I discovered "April 2019 in Review" that included a link to stats from the Clean-a-Thon:

Pretty sure everyone knows Team Virginia finished third [Woo-Hoo!], but did you know that Bill Vincent was "Top Participant Per Suggestion Group" for FindaGrave? Congratulations Bill!

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
During my Clean-A-Thon travels, I came across the Profile of Capt. Williams Parson, Jr.. This poor guy's Profile is a disaster, formatting and research. Scroll down to see the full context of disaster!

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to research and correct this Profile.... Would anyone in the Team Virginia group want to Adopt this Orphan? Thanks, Sandy

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers of Virginia Spring Cleaners! Had a blast with you all!

Team Tenn

posted by Azure Robinson
3 Cheers for Team Virginia! 3 Cheers for WikiTree!!
Here's a big thank you from Team Flying Dutchmen-Vliegende Hollanders for all the great work, fun and time you spend to help and make our WikiTree shine bright like a diamond !
the Flying Dutchmen-Vliegende Hollanders :D
posted by Bea (Timmerman) Wijma
Legacy Heirs would like to thank you for helping make the tree much happier and healthier. Our family tree is definitely much more beautiful, and that is thanks in part to you.
posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Congratulations Liz for passing 100 and Thank you for cheering last night. You were great! We had one person over 2,000: Bill, and five more over 1,000: Rosetta, Calvin, Lydia, Me and Gurney. That's impressive! Our weighted average suggestions per member was 804. Yay Team Virginia!!!

You all rocked this - Thank you!!!

posted by Mindy Silva