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Welcome to the team page for the Virginia sub-project of the United States Project. This page has information about Virginia team members and additional resources.

The Team

The Virginia Team covers Virginians born on or after 4 July 1776. The United States Project focuses on profiles of people in America post-1776.

If you're a member and not listed below, please add something about yourself at your current last name's alphabetical position within the list. If you're not a member but would like to be, please see How to Join.


Team Leader:

  • Sjana Bauer: I am currently the Virginia Project Coordinator for Membership. My maternal family side seemed to have mostly settled all over Virginia when they all arrived here from all over Europe and helped settle this wonderful country of ours. However, some more adventurous family members came via the Baltics, Scandinavia, the Scottish Highlands, to Germany, then Virginia to bring us all full circle, so that I could settle in with my ancestors in our beautiful home in Southwest Virginia.

Team Members (in Alphabetical order):

  • Jeremy Addington: Most of my family is originally from Virginia; specifically Scott, Russell, and Wise counties. Surnames I am focusing on include: Addington, Ring, Hendrix, Beamer, Stallard, McGee, Carmichael, Vermillion, and Quillen. (Always happy to help with other's as well).
  • Liz Amos: Almost all of my family came to Virginia in the 1700s or earlier. I currently live in Roanoke County, VA, and am happy to attempt local research for people as I'm able! Don't be shy, send me a PM or an email. :)
  • Thom Anderson: My wife is from Richmond and her folks from Amelia Courthouse and having been born in Maryland makes me a northerner in some people's eyes. Fortunately, I see that there are several ancestors from Virginia going back to the 17th century (including at least one Virginia Minuteman).
  • Delayne (Nance) Auerbach: About me...
  • April Baker: I was born in Virginia and have lived here most of my life. Several family members immigrated from Ireland and Germany settling in Virginia and West Virginia.
  • SJ Baty: Working on the Mullins line, specifically, William G. Mullins and the duplicates that need to be merged: Mullins-1493, Mullins-4816.
  • Cynthia Billups: My father's family were all immigrants through Virginia in the 17th and 18th Centuries.
  • James Blanton: About me...
  • Bobbie Bonner: Months in and working hard. Glad to be a part of the Community. Many of my ancestors came through Virginia and then headed south. I currently live in Oregon.
  • Katharine Brainard: About me...
  • Chris Brady: I live in Indiana, but my early ancestors are from Amherst,VA. Particularly interested in Edwards and Vaughan lines. Also focused on Amherst County. I have multiple books for Amherst and am willing to do lookups.
  • Barb Lee Buckley: I was born and raised in Maryland but I have very deep roots in Virginia.I've been researching my roots there for many years and hope to connect with people to help and learn new things.
  • William Caracofe: Born in the Shenandoah Valley, descendant of a Hessian Soldier, Militia Captains, the 1st White man to enter Kentucky and enough Confederate Soldiers to field a baseball team (I'll get my full tree uploaded 1 of these days)
  • Gina (Brown) Carlson: About me...
  • Frances Carner: I descend from Virginia colony Gaines, Mathews, Wright, Taylor, Pollard, Pendleton with some Randolph, Taliaferro, Slaughter, and Fry.
  • Denise Carter: I'm primarily working on my Carter line via my ancestor Captain Thomas Carter, who arrived in VA about 1652. My brother's and cousin's Y-DNA testing proves the relationship but I have a brick wall with my 3rd GG, James Carter (~1790-1864). I can contribute lots of info on the Carters of VA plus the Gaines, Crump, Richards, Pendleton and Lewis families. Looking forward to working on the
  • Jim Christian: My 6th Great Grandfather was Captain Gilbert Robert Christian (1677-1756) he was born in the Isle of Mann and died in Christian's Creek, Augusta Virginia. I have a long line of ancestors from Virginia several of whom were in the Indian and Revolutionary Wars.
  • Mathew Christensen: Many of my ancestors migrated to America through Virginia (Stallards and Bollings).
  • E. Compton: I grew up elsewhere but I have family on both sides with Richmond ties, and distant cousins in Southwest Virginia. I've been reading an old newspaper from Tazewell County 1885-1922 and indexing as I go.
  • Jennifer Corcoran: About me...
  • Rick Corcoran: [Bush] I descend from Phillip Bush who was a tobacco constable for the Virginia Company Plantations before the Revolutionary war. His youngest son was 'captain' Billie Bush who followed Daniel Boone to Kentucky to establish a fort (Boonesboro). Billie created Bush Settlement outside the fort then moved the majority of his siblings to Kentucky.
  • Debbie Costa: My ancestors settled in Orange, Virginia in 1733. I've learned so much about Virginia as I researched history to write their bio's. It's been a lot of fun and I look forward to contributing to the Virginia project by improving the profiles as needed.
  • Cheryl Cruise: All of my father's ancestors and one branch of my mother's were all Virginians, so I have a real interest in Virginia genealogy. Both sides of the family arrived early (1607 and on) and were near the coast (Jamestown, York County, and surrounding area), then moved inland, with my father's side of the family ending up mostly in Patrick, Henry, and Franklin counties while my mother's ancestors were mostly in Albemarle, Nelson, and Amherst counties. I also co-lead the WikiTree US Black Heritage Project's state team for Virginia. I look forward to contributing to the Virginia Project with research, profile building, and profile improvement.
  • C Davis: Most all of my family's roots on both side are from Virginia, and they helped settle the state. I am very interested in Virginia history and I live in Virginia. I plan to do research in the Library of Virginia, courthouses, and other Virginia resource centers.
  • Teresa Davis: I was born in Richmond Virginia. Most of my family came from other counties to Virginia in the 1600's. My paternal side is from Surry County Virginia, and my maternal is from Henrico, Virginia.
  • Lee (Dobbs) Elish: My maternal grandfather's ancestors were prominent in Lunenburg County and other areas of Virginia. There is some misinformation in a prominent ancestor's history that I am trying to overcome on Ancestry and Wikitree Many of the people who migrated to the other areas, especially the southeast, began their journey in Virginia.
  • Kathy Donaldson: Many of my revolutionary patriot ancestors were in Virginia.
  • Amanda Doss: When my family came from various places in Europe, in the 1700s, they settled in Virginia before moving into what is now West Virginia. Both maternal and paternal ancestors came to the New World in the 1700-1800s.
  • Marie Edwards: I have lived in Virginia my whole life, and my family has been here for generations - I've traced some branches back to 17th century Virginia. Some of my particular areas of interest are the counties of Bedford, Botetourt, Clarke, Fairfax, Frederick, Grayson, Loudoun, Page, Roanoke, Smyth, Tazewell, and Wythe.
  • Mike Eggleston: I used to say that I was the only one of my children's ancestors born in America that was NOT born in Virginia, but only because my dad was serving in the US Army! However I have since found that my mother's ancestors lived in colonial Maryland for a few generations. My paternal grandmother was interested in genealogy as were others along the way. So I've become more involved in the past few years since I retired.
  • Virginia (Rutherford) Emerson: Will help with the Lloyd family in the 1700s.
  • James Elbrecht Jr.: About me...
  • SP Estes: I was born in Albemarle County, both my parents were born in Richmond. Their parents and several generations before them were in Virginia (and North Carolina) . Surnames include Anderson, Bugg, Keene, Lee, Herndon, Hood, Johnson, Lee, Machenheimer, Rives/Reeves, Saddler, Seay, Worsham.
  • Virginia Butter Fields: I have never lived in Virginia but I have many ancestral lines that landed in Virginia and then migrated through the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and finally, to Louisiana and Texas. I have now worked my way back to Virginia in the early 1800's and going back to the early 1600's including the Rush and Grey families. I am currently a member of the Texas State Genealogical Society, the Dallas Genealogical Society and the DAR. I look forward to working with the Virginia Project.
  • Denise Freeman: About me...
  • Virginia Butter Fields: I have never lived in Virginia but I have many ancestral lines that landed in Virginia and then migrated through the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and finally, to Louisiana and Texas. I have now worked my way back to Virginia in the early 1800's and going back to the early 1600's including the Rush and Grey families. I am currently a member of the Texas State Genealogical Society, the Dallas Genealogical Society and the DAR. I look forward to working with the Virginia Project.
  • Kathie Forbes: is or Virginia G2G project coordinator. If you need help with a G2G question, please contact Kathie.
  • Stephen Fowlkes: I have been researching information on my Fowlkes line for about 25 years. My ancestors came from Wales to southside Virginia.
  • Judith Fry: My mom's family were from Guernsey Co, Noble Co, Jefferson Co in Virginia. Interested in Trenner, Secrest, Brafford, Spotswood.
  • Charlene (Flinsbaugh) Gibbs: I have many ancestors from Virginia. I am interested in learning more about them. my Great Grandmother was born in Lee County VA. Her parents were Taylor and Russell....
  • John Graham: I was born in Virginia, and went to the University of Virginia. My VA ancestor family names include: Goodwin, McClain, Crist, Yancey, Rhodes, Rucker, Plunkett, Dillard, Higginbotham. I'm especially interested in Augusta, Nelson and Amherst Counties.
  • Christy Gregg: New to WikiTree. Some of my ancestors are from Virginia.
  • Anne Guglik: I lived in Virginia until I was 19, and am still nearby. My husband's family dates back to the Founders, including the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth. Counties of interest are Fincastle, Botetourt, Rockbridge and Amherst. Pre-Civil War Pocahontas County, now in WV.
  • Donna Hale: About me...
  • Merry (Burgess) Hanning: About me...
  • Anonymous Harms: About me...
  • Donna Harris: I have many ancestors who were born or lived in Virginia from the colonial days to the 1900s, and I've created profiles for my mother and family who were born and lived in Virginia. Middleton, Jones, Chamberlayne, Figgatt, Bridglend, Batte, Thornton, Sterling, Taliaferro.....and more.
  • Patricia Prickett Hickin: I was born in Bluefield, WV, but both my parents were Virginians and we moved to my mother's home town in Botetourt County before I was two. My maternal ancestors were Germans via Pennsylvania (and one irishman) in Virginia before 1800; my paternal ancestors were all in Virginia before the Revolution: Scots-Irish via Pennsylvania in Washington County; English via New Jersey on the Monongahela.
  • Malcolm Hoare: I was born in Birmingham in the West Midlands in the UK and have lived there all my life. My direct male ancestral line, originally spelled 'le Hore' was first recorded in the town of Oxford in the early part of the 12th century. In the early 1300's the family bought lands in Leckhampton and Charlton Regis in Gloucestershire and are recorded in that area over the next 200 years. In the 1600's with the Civil War affecting the country, causing famine and a shortage of work, a lot of families emigrated to the Colonies. In 1650 John Hore came over to Virginia as a young boy, as part of the headright system and settled in Westmoreland. I am descended through his brother Robert Hore whose descendants stayed in England. In Virginia some descendants of the family altered the spelling of the surname to Hord/Hoard. We have tested many descendants of the American line and to date have 24 people matching with my yDNA, some at over 700 markers. There have also been some complete name changes usually due to NPE's. Some of the name changes include Monroe, Carver, Cox, Chambers, Munday/Mundy/Monday, Elliston and Boren, all descended from Virginia in the early years.
  • Jayne Hoffman: I have a strong interest in Pendleton VA/WV because both sides of my family trace their roots there. I’ve also assisted an adoptee and did lots of research on Franklin County region for the Greer, Gentry and associated families. If there is any work that may require advanced SQL skills, database modeling, mapping, reporting, etal. (I just retired from doing that job (20+ years) within the healthcare industry.)
  • Larry Hopkins: About me...
  • Charlene (Flinsbaugh) Gibbs: About me...
  • Bobbie Hope: Many members of my family are from Virginia. Pocahontas and John Rolfe as well as The Bollings are groups I'm currently researching.
  • Jodi (Eyster) Hoisington: I have discovered that my ancestor, Peter Craighead/Craghead was born in Virginia and served in the Revolutionary War.
  • Wanda Horn: My Vaughn line is from Virginia; other lines passed through on their way South. My husband's line - Horn - were in Virginia in the 1600's.
  • Becca Hopkins I have 2 brick walls in Virginia-- birthplace and parentage of George Drummond Hopkins and father's name and birthplace for Margaret (Clayton) Dinmore. Anything I can do to build up the web in VA will help!
  • Larry Hopkins: About me...
  • Lisa Horton: My family goes back to the planters, and I am interested in learning more.
  • AmyLynn Hunt: Most of my family seems to have come to the United States after leaving England in the very early Seventeenth century. Many before the Mayflower. 100% Hunts, was 100% on ROGERS, and Waldos. I'm two years later it seems, however.
  • Dennis Hutchins: I have many relatives that lived in Virginia, mostly in the Albemarle area.
  • Rachael (Dulaney) Jones: About me...
  • Kimberly Whitt Lindsay: I don't know where to even begin with this. My father's father and his mother's family all descended from Virginia. They came from Richmond and Henrico, moved across the state and settled mostly in southwest Virginia. Every relative born in Virginia, I put the Virginia State Seal on it. My father moved to Tennessee, because he was orphaned, When I started doing this project and found, all his relatives were from Virginia, mostly Tazewell county, Smyth county, Wythe county, Russell county, Pocahontas, And I even have descended from a US president, Zachary Taylor, who is from Virginia, which only makes sense. Every night when I work on the profiles, and everyone's from Virginia. So, yes Virginia is up my alley. Failed to mention that I descended from two James Town settlers. My son lives in Abington, Virginia, and teaches at Emory and Henry College in Emory, Virginia. My mother's family came from Virginia through North Carolina.
  • David Littrell: About me...
  • Karol Jacob: My Virginia roots run very deep, 400 years, deep. I have lived 98% of my life in Virginia and consider myself a Virginia native and currently reside in Virginia, minutes to the State's Capital, Richmond.
  • Allen (Woodard) Jensen: I was adopted in 1960 and discovered my biological family in 2014. My paternal ancestors came from Virginia through North Carolina to North Georgia. My maternal line I have only traced back to North Carolina. I have done extensive DNA testing as well and have used that to help confirm my research. I retired in 2019 and am looking forward to learning from the team. My main focus at present is my link to Virginia.
  • Marie Keeton: Several family lines lived in colonial Virginia. Many moved on up through Ohio, Indiana, and on westward over the years. Particularly interested in my great great grandmother's family from the Mead line.
  • Linda Kast: Two sets of early ancestors (1) German Palatine families in Virginia 1730s to 1850: Brunnemer, Dressler, Pence/Bentz, and Persinger and (2) a couple born in Virginia about 1780—James Davis (ancestors from Wales) and MaryAnn (Unk. maiden name; ancestors from Ireland)—and who moved to Kentucky about 1800; common last name makes them hard to track.
  • Clare (Marrow) Keller: About me:...
  • Kelly Kersey: My earlier Ancestors were born in Delaware, New Jersey,Maryland,Pennsylvania area and moved to Virginia, they raised families in Alexandria. They most all were Watermen. Ship carpenter, captains engineers. My gg grandfather Captain Mathew Kersey,a sea captain, was a board member for Alexandria Marine Rail Way Company.
  • Janie Kimble: My direct Jacksons came from New York and New Jersey through Pennsylvania and up the Monongahela River to what is now West Virginia. But I've spent a lot of time researching the Jacksons of Stafford and Prince William Counties of Virginia also!
  • Laura King: Many of my descendants have been in Virginia since the 1600s and 1700s, mostly in Pittsylvania, Halifax and Henrico. The most extensive VA roots I have can be traced through these families: King, East, Lewis, Angel, Doss, Clark, Wood, and Slayden. Also McLaughlin, Chick, Brown, and Worsham. I look forward to collaborating with yall!
  • Kelly (Popp) Kley: About me...
  • Steve Lake: My Green line was in Berkeley County (VA/WV) before 1798, when they went to Ohio. My Cain line was in Augusta and Albemarle counties until about 1800, with they went to Ohio. I am just starting to get acquainted with my Scott line, which was in Bedford county and possibly in several others, including Greenbriar, until they went to Bourbon county, KY and then to Ohio. I started my family research in 2012, primarily on the internet, and a member of the Broomfield, Colorado Genealogy Society.
  • Patty LaPlante: Pretty much all of my maternal family hails from Virginia! (7 generations, mtDNA: K1a2b)
  • Rebecca Lilly: I was born in West Virginia and many of my ancestors come from VA, WV. I've researched my family history off and on for many years, but have been away from it for a while. I hope to connect with other researchers to share info and possibly break through a few brick walls.
  • Chrissy Locke My mom's maternal family is from Wise,Russell and Scott County Virginia. I am researching Dorto,Kilgore,Fugarte,Davidson,McCurry,and Gilliam
  • Daniel Lovett: I am currently researching the names Riggs, Staton/Stayton, Mathews/Matthews, and more, all of which have roots in Virginia.
  • Charles Lynskey: Paternal Line originates from Athenry, Galway, Ireland from Patrick Lynskey (b~1791) and Mary Carroll (b~1813). 5/9 children immigrated to the US. My GGG Grandfather arrived in 1851 (Boston) and settled in Virginia. Joined by his brother Patrick, the brothers fought in the Civil War, shot / captured and released to return home and raise large families (Pittsylvania, Roanoke respectively).
  • Debra Maggart: I have several Virginia lines.
  • Nancy (Bigler) Matolak: I grew up in Roanoke, Virginia. Both sides of my family trace their roots back through Botetourt County to at least the early 1800s. Even though I now live in SC, I enjoy learning more about my Virginia roots. Surnames include Bigler, Kinzie, Abshire, Akers, Gish, Newman and more. All with roots in Virginia.
  • Brett Martin: A lifelong Virginian, most of my family (except one great-grandmother from Pittsburgh, PA) lived in Appomattox or three of her contributing counties: Buckingham, Campbell, and Prince Edward from the mid 18th Century until the early 20th Century. The record loss in Appomattox (1892) and Buckingham (1869) presents challenges tracing families from here, which has kept me investigating for over 30 years.
  • Eve Mayes: Although my mother's family came to Georgia from Virginia about 1867, it seems like we've ALWAYS been drawn back to VA whenever we went on research trips. Now she's in heaven finding all the answers to the questions we could never solve, but my sister Amy & I will continue digging up Virginia bones until we get to join her!
  • Katherine Mcanulty: My Moses family roots are in Augusta County Virginia — Shenendoah area — I am a member of the Augusta County DNA project My family arrived in Virginia in the 1700s from England. They migrated to Ohio in the 1800s — Levi Moses and Martha Elizabeth Rogers — Levi was the father of James Moses — we thought — turns out he is a Harris — when we did the ydna for my brother — it came back Harris — so we did the dna for our cousin Richard came back Harris.
  • Terra McDavid: born and raised in Lee County Virginia with deep connections to Scott County, Virginia via Ireland, Germany, and England.
  • James McGehee: I have six g-g-g-grandparents who came from Louisa Co., York Co., New Kent Co., and Chesterfield Co. dating to the 1600s.
  • Laurie (Fancher) McKenna: Several of my lines go back to colonial Virginia and I've done much research there, particularly in Amelia Co.
  • Margaret Meredith: I am primarily interested in Shenandoah County, Virginia, and adjacent Virginia Counties. A few of my direct surnames: Neff, Harpine, Pennywitt, Crabill/Graybill, Will; Ruddell/Ruddle, Bowman, Coffman/Kauffman, and Sherman/Scherman. I have found the Shenandoah County Chancery Court records to be very helpful in my research.
  • Marsha Mendenhall: About me...
  • Nathan Menefee: I have some significant family ancestors who settled in colonial Virginia, particularly under the Menefee line. I currently live in Virginia.
  • Judith Minter: I have ancestors all over Virginia- Eastern Va (West, Aylett, Randolph); Spotsylvania (Day, Benson); and Shenandoah Valley- Botetourt (Anderson), Rockbridge (Alexander), and Augusta (Hoge). I have lived here all my life and am currently researching Rockbridge and Botetourt Counties. I am focusing on the people my ancestors enslaved to be able to share that information.
  • Kerri Miaso: I've been researching my direct Stewart/Stuart/Steuart ancestry. I'm directly related to William Stewart-45574. I would love to take ownership of the early Stewarts/Stuarts/Steuarts of Bath/Highland/Augusta Virginia.
  • Sherrie Mitchell: Born in Roanoke VA. 100% of my tree is in Bedford Co VA @ Rev WAR. Most surnames I have to country of origin. I am basically English, Scottish, a bit of Wales, and one Irish ancestor... My parents have many connections, their parents don't, we call her "Aunt Mom". So my tree is considered > 30% inbred, hence we have some recessive genetics showing. Hugely involved in DNA for many years, so that project also. I'm also a member of Jamestown, have 8 ancestors there.
  • Greta Moody: I live in Tennessee. Most of my ancestors came to, lived in, or moved from Virginia. I have a lot of surnames from Virginia that I'm researching from my family tree.
  • Kimberly Taylor Morgan (Diss). Greetings everyone. I currently live in North Las Vegas but hoping to move to Kentucky in the next several years. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, joined the Air Force in 1984 (I took my father's family tree with me to my 1st assignment, which happened to be Spain and not stateside and way before computers. I've been interested in geneaology for years but just joined Ancestry 18 Jul 2020 and WikiTrees in Jun 2023. I love meeting new family members and friends. The paternal names start with Diss-Fortner(my grandfather is one of 14) and my maternal names start with Taylor-Morgan (grandparents). Most of my paternal line starts in England and then Illinois and my maternal lines start "all over the place", Wales, England, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky. The only places I've resided with an ancestor is St. Louis and North Carolina (my last assignment was in Florida, so there may be a few later ancestors). I'm happy to assist and collaborate with anyone that asks or just wants to say hi or hi y'al. May you have Happy Hunting!
  • Loretta Morrison: Never lived in Virginia myself. But I have 20 paternal ancestral lines from Virginia, and 22 and counting maternal lines from Virginia. Some arrived in the early to mid 1600's. Here are some surnames we may connect with: Paternal tree: Peninger, Fleisher/Flesher, Arbogast, Gum, Maggard/Maegert, Bolling, Mullins, Caudill/Caudle-Arv.1654, Mason, Humphrey, Wells, Sturgill, Blackstone (Arv. abt 1635), Armstrong, Hankins (Arv. 1637), Hash, Holman/Hellman, Crewes, Gilley, Bateman Maternal tree: Benj. Smith d:1772 married Elizabeth Chester whose father was Thomas Chester b:1689 Blueridge area, Cartmell, Shaver, Essary/Ussery, Amy, Jenkins, Courtney, Ballentine, Cherry, Faithful, Lloyd, Emery, Zumwalt, Sanders, Carr (Arv. mid 1600's), Garland, Wilson, Broaddus, Gwynn, Vaughn, Breedlove. I see some common cousins posting above, so I look forward to our collaborative efforts.
  • Stuart Morrison: Born in Christiansburg, VA as a Keith. Adopted out to the Morrisons. Most of Keith kin in Floyd/Willis communities. Morrisons/Foleys out of Patrick Co. Raised in Henry Co.VA Found my father in 1986 through a family member. Through DNA have discovered my mother and 3 half siblings. My linage comes out of Rev. James Keith of Fauquier Co., VA and the Watts/Cline of North Carolina. I am interested in helping anyway I can.
  • Kathryn Morse: I have ancestors and living relatives in Isle of Wight, Brunswick, Prince George, Chesterfield and Hopewell.
  • Lisa Mullings: I was born in the Maryland suburbs of D.C. and live in Old Town Alexandria, Va. with my husband and two kids. Most of my paternal grandmother's ancestors emigrated from the Netherlands, Ireland and Scotland and many of them settled in the Alleghany and Piedmont regions of Virginia.
  • Maggie N.: No family connections but sourcing, working on Virginians and their connected relatives.
  • Briana (Dean) Nei: I was born in Clarksburg, WV. Most of my ancestors were early VA settlers, colonizers. I have several who were early Jamestown settlers. I am also a Bass descendant of through Elizabeth Nansemond. I am also a descendant of John
  • Carrie Newton: I was born and was raised in Southwest Virginia. Both my maternal and paternal lines lived in the region dating back 5 or more generations. I've been researching my family history for over 30 years. My research interests include the surnames Richardson, Akers, Dobbins, Nixon, Reed, Surface, Stultz, Eggleton/Eggleston/Egleton, Gravely, Watson, Hurt, Pinkard, Zirkle, Grounds, Johnston, Roush, Pinkard, Mason, Goode, Ferguson, Wheeler, Price, Edmonds, Phelps, Dale, Reedy, Brooks, Hamblin, Robinson, Phillips, Coleman and more.McClung and Rebecca Stewart. I currently live near Winchester, VA and work in Loudoun.
  • Jon Nicholas: My ancestors immigrated from Germany in the 1700s and settled in Highland County near Crab Bottom (Crabbottom), which became Blue Grass, Virginia. Several generations of Nicholas's lived and died there. I have photographs of some of them, along with some photos of the house they built there.
  • Zola (Troutman) Noble: My paternal grandmother, Mary Ann Waggoner Troutman's roots dig deep into to soil of Southwest Virginia starting about 1745 when her German immigrant ancestor Heinrich Adam Hermann (Adam Harman in records) settled on the New River in what is now Giles County. Another German immigrant ancestor, Adam Waggoner, was not far behind being found in records dating about 1769 in Augusta County. Other names in her ancestry who also lived in Southwest Virginia include Thompson, Havens, Dunn, Kidd, and Nicewander, to name a few. My paternal grandfather's father came to Smyth County, Virginia from Iredell County, NC, after the Civil War and married America Ann Pratt, daughter of Nicholas Pratt, a third generation Smyth Countian. My mother's paternal McIntyre family came to Southwest Virginia from Yancy County, NC after the Civil War, as well; her maternal Myers family came then, too, from Wilkes County, NC, settling in Washington and Smyth Counties. Although I didn't grow up there, we visited my maternal grandparents and other relatives there throughout my childhood, and I love that area of Virginia.
  • De Anna Overcast: My mother was born in Southwest Virginia. I have traced many of her ancestors back as far as the 1600's. Some of her ancestor surnames are Bowman, Cox, Farmer, Collins, Elikins, Moss, Spears, Crabtree, Canady, Bailey, Belcher, Fields, just to name a few. All of my mother's people was from Virginia. I was born just across the border in Northeast Tennessee.
  • Andrea Pack: Many of our grandparental ancestors arrived in Jamestown, Augusta, and other now counties of Virginia and several moved to WV when it became a state or lived there when Virginia was still Virginia I married Walter Henderson Pack Sr which is of his generations of grandparental Lineages.
  • Bev Parker: About me...
  • Brian Parton: Born in Cincinnati, OH. Born of our families hail from southern Kentucky and trace back through the Cumberland Gap. It's believed that Robert Partin (Jamestown, 1609) is the progenitor of the Parton linage to which I belong.
  • Alex Perez Jr.: Many of my ancestors from my mother's side are Virginia natives, and I am a descendant of the Armistead family in Virginia. It would be amazing to be a part of this!
  • Concetta Phillipps: I've been researching since I was a child. My dad's family has a long lineage in Kanawha County, West Virginia and I can trace them back to my ancestors in Bedford County, Virginia. I enjoy learning more about the culture and people of the Virginias. Perry is my lead surname of research, followed by Hastings, Jarrell, and Wells.
  • Sarah Popchoke: About me...
  • Evelyn Pruitt: About me:...
  • Janet Puckett: I've been involved with researching for many years, thanks to my paternal great Aunt Jess Puckett. Overall, the majority of my ancestors came here in colonial times. However, I have a lot of holes , genealogically speaking. Puckett's came in the 1600's, Overton's came in the 1600's. Broyles came in 1717 to Germana. The Broyles are the only ones that I have consistent line to the present. I'm interested in accurately filling in the holes, of my Virginia ancestors. Puckett's seem to be a major sticking point as there were apparently two different lines of Puckett's. I'm not certain as to whether I have any Jamestown ancestors. I'm not certain about my maternal ancestors, Pennington, Hurst, Charley among others. They may have been in Virginia.
  • Jayne (Peace) Pyle: I've been researching generlogy for 60 plus years. Since I write history, it is part of my job, but it's alsos my hobby. I work on it everyday and I've done genealogy for many other. ALL of my family is from Virginia so it is of great interest to me, I go back to Capt George William Haile/Hale who came to Jamestown in 1622. My Hales were in VA for about 200 years, then went southwest into Texas and many are now in Arizona. I'm related to many of the names I see on this page.
  • Karl Qualls: My family name is all over Virginia since the early 1600's, but I can't connect my line before 1792. The search has been frustrating, but fun!
  • Michelle (Easter) Quearry: About me...
  • Samuel Ray: About me...
  • Nina Reauveau: Researching for over 30 years, long lineage in Virginia dating back to Jamestown, I joke that I'm probably related to half of the central Virginia folks on either side of the Blue Ridge. I currently live in Virginia.
  • Beth Reeves: My maternal grandmother's family (Starting with: Smith-209516 and DeVaughn-208) are all from Virginia.
  • Katherine Regeimbal: Born in Maryland and I grew up in Spotsylvania, Virginia. I'm descended from the Brooke family who settled in Essex County in the 1600s.
  • George Richardson III: About me...
  • Mary Richardson: I guess I am a member of your project as I have been managing the Jamestown subproject all of this time. I never thought to list myself.
  • George Robbins Jr: About me...
  • Lynn Robinson: I began my own genealogy on Ancestry and One Great Family in the early 1990’s. I soon learned through that work, that my original Maternal ancestors in the United States (except a small amount from early Mass.) were from Virginia and before the Revolutionary War. Prior to Virginia, my work took me to data from England, Scotland and Wales. My volunteer work as a Wikitree genealogist is thorough and verifiable. However, I still have a lot to learn. I love doing the “clean up” work where needed.
  • Susannah Rolfes: I've been researching men in Colonial Virginia named William Russell since 1998; one of them is my 6th great-grandfather. There were over 20 men in Colonial Virginia with this name, and records for them have become very confused. To make matters worse, a Gustav Anjou genealogy hoax created errata that has been repeated across the Internet for decades. With all this in mind, I am starting a sub-project in the hopes that they can be untangled.
  • William A. Roper, Jr.: I am a native Texas with very ancient Virginia roots. My ancestor David Roper (b 1744, d 1808 - Charles City, VA) owned a plantation on the Chickahominy River first patented in 1714. Whether my line is actually descended from the Captain William Roper who settled at Accomack about 1633 remains unclear. I have been researching my various Virginia ancestors for more than three decades. I also assist others of the ROPER surname with their family history, whether related or not. I am also the administrator of the ROPER DNA Project at Family Tree DNA.
  • David Ruyle: About me...
  • Erin Schrad: About me...
  • Carl Seibert III: My wife has deep roots to the Eastern Shore of Virginia and to Jamestown. Our son's daughter has deep roots to western Virginia.
  • Liz Shifflett: I was born in D.C. and raised in Virginia (Alexandria). Many of my ancestors either arrived in Virginia or passed through it on their journey south. I am especially interested in Dinwiddie County, one of Virginia's burned counties.
  • Randy Smith: About me...
  • Dan Sparkman: Ancestors on my father's side came to Virginia in the early to mid-1600's, many migrated out later. I have lived there 3 different times for a few years.
  • Ellen Spertus: My husband is descended from many Virginians, including members of the Burnett, Hurt, and Lee families.
  • Ken Spratlin: Almost all of my ancestors immigrated to Virginia between 1611 and 1750. I am the Managed Profiles Coordinator for the US Southern Colonies Project (1607–1776).
  • T Stanton: I have numerous ancestors in Virginia, mostly prior to 1720.
  • Alice Stephens My 7th great grandfather, John Langston III was from the Isle of Wright, Virginia. I am looking forward to learning more about him and others from Virginia.
  • Karen Stewart: I was born in West Virginia and now live in Southern California. Both my paternal and maternal lines are from what is now West Virginia, mainly Upshur and Ritchie counties. Some of my surnames are Cutright, Rohrbough, Riddle, Goff, Morgan, Martin, Westfall, Hyre, Beer, and many others.
  • Kerri Stewart Miaso: I am a direct decendant of William Stewart/Stuart/Steuart of Bath/Highland County, Virginia. I am actively researching this particular branch and love the history lesson.
  • Mike Stinson: Born in Lynchburg. Current residence in, and many ancestors from, Buckingham County.
  • Gary Sullivan: This project is of interest to me because both sides of my family have roots in Tidewater Virginia going back to the 1600s. My membership in the Jamestowne Society is supported with genealogical evidence linking me directly to Anthony Hoskins, a member of the House of Burgesses elected in 1652. I am optimistic that this project will enable me to find more solid evidence for other family branches.
  • Carolyn Swanson: About me...
  • Wayne Terry: About me...
  • Nancy Thomas: Third generation Washingtonian that discovered I had deep roots in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. Spent years over a microfilm reader researching Fauquier, Culpeper, Spots, Orange, and K&Q counties.
  • Gurney Thompson Jr: About me:...
  • Kate Thompson: About me...
  • Mark Todd: I have multiple ancestors from Colonial Virginia but am particularly interested at present in collaborating on the protected profile for my sixth gg-grandmother, Mary Madeleine Hardin Unknown-8463. (My mother was a Hardin.) Results from DNA tests I've taken have given me leads about her possible maiden name, but I want to collaborate with others interested in that profile to help clarify her identity. Thanks!
  • John Townes: I have been researching my families in VA including Townes, Giles, Peyton, Branch, Gwynn, Moseley, Allen, Armstead. Etc. I have already collected information that I have been adding as profiles and can contribute. But also am looking for help to find out more and clarify.
  • Zola Troutman: My paternal grandmother's ancestors came to Virginia from Germany about 1745 and settled on the New River, Giles County.
  • Amanda Torrey: My mother's mother who died when I was weeks old in Kansas City Missouri (I'm sure that's a story), was raised in Georgia as was her mother and father and theirs and theirs and theirs. Georgia. My mother's father was raised in Virginia as was his mother, his father was from Baltimore. But at my grandparents' wedding, one of his aunts had a conversation with his new bride at their reception and said, We are direct descendants of Albrecht Durer - to which my nana replied Illegitimately I'm sure... oh my. Great start to a long life lol. No, I seriously doubt that I'm a direct descendant of Albrecht Durer. My great grandmother Augusta named my grandfather Duer as a second name - so she believed it. The Durers were Hungarian and the famous Albrecht never had children, but his father had more than plenty. I'm sure everybody is a direct descendant of Albrecht Durer. shoot... But the point is Augusta's family came out of Cumberland County Virginia and were not (for the most part) agriculturalists. Her father was a "painter" by trade which I'd have to believe helped those farmers that lived around him keep their modest farms spruced up, especially during the Civil War. He married a girl from Buckingham County and they had 4 children together. He made a fair living for he kept at it over a decade and his personal worth increased steadily ... I don't know though, I found an article from the History Channel that said one of the benefits of the American Revolution was the introduction of the artisan and yeomen into the American system. I cannot believe there was a lot of call for portraits and such in Cumberland Cty and certainly not enough to make a living. But I had to smile when I saw Painter in the Census category of occupation. His son was a painter as well. They owned their own house, even when just married...It was terribly modest, worth only about $300. They had to have gotten a small tract of land from somebody.
  • Lee Trotta PG: I've joined the Virginia team but my name does not show up on the list. My interest is Loudoun County, Virginia, and the village of Waxpool. Waxpool is now nearly covered by the Reston International Airport, but still exists. This county had several patent houses built in the early 1800s. One of those was built by my ancestor Zachary Lee. I can give more information about patent houses, the town of Waxpool, and the Lees who lived there.
  • Charles Vigneron: About me...
  • Gerald Walker: About me...
  • Dan Ward: My Ward ancestor arrived before 1631 and settled a few miles below the Falls at what is today Deep Bottom Park. Seth Ward's descendants married into Virginia's gentry and consequently I'm related to most the major figures in Virginia history including Jefferson, Marshall, and many others. My earliest Virginia ancestor was Cicely Reynolds who arrived in 1611 aboard the Swan. I descend from her third husband, William Farrar. I've written a social history of the first four generations of the Ward family in Virginia and consequently learned a great deal about early colonial Virginia.
  • Carolyn Whaley Vosburg: My earliest known Whaleys were in Fairfax/Loudoun counties during the Rev. War period. Hannah Higgerson Whaley was from Stafford County. William Allen and his family eventually came to Loudoun county, too, from Ireland and then New Jersey. I have too many ancestors to list who were a part of the Germanna Colony and spread out to both Culpeper and Madison counties.
  • Suzanne (Wilkins) Wagstaff: About me...
  • William Wells: Born in Nottoway County, Virginia where paternal lines are concentrated and raised in Bedford, VA where many of my maternal lines are. All lines are Virginian. Surnames include Wells, Johnson, Adams, Brown, Vaughan, Young, Worsham, Pullen, Ogain, Lazenby, Williamson, Dickerson, Cousins, Truly, Hatchett, Motley, Moorman, Farris, Irby, Poythress, Archer, and others. Ancestors date to 1600 and 1700s in Virginia. I live in Lexington, VA.
  • Todd Whitesides: A native of Louisville, Kentucky. All four of my grandparents have lines of ancestry leading back to Virginia, covering many different counties. Much of my research time has been focused on Culpeper, Fauquier, Hanover, and Henrico Counties.
  • Jamal Whittaker: I have several colonial settlers in my tree. I’m still working on verifying my connections and learning new/better ways to source information. I’m interested in joining because I’m finding several surnames related to this project: Chewning/Chowning, Vass, Garrett, Ware, Phillips, Perrine (Perrin Peroyne), Ellis. I would like to be able to communicate with members to help with identification/verification, and eventually be able to do the same for others and the project itself.
  • John Williams: My family has been in the Tug Valley of Central Appalachia for over 200 years. Almost all of them emigrated from Southwestern Virginia in the New River Valley. I am very interested in the immigration patterns from Virginia into Kentucky and West Virginia.
  • Seth Williams: I am researching my 5th great grandfather, John Williams who had two sons in Virginia then moved to Georgia.
  • Teresa Clary Willis: I have lived in Virginia (Brunswick County) 90% of my life. I estimate that 90% of my direct line came into Virginia before1700. The first one is William Hancock, that I am still working on for proof. He landed in 1619 and was killed in the Jamestowne massacre of 1622. Also, Frances Poythress Jamestowne qualifying colonist. John Abernathy my DAR ancestor.
  • Christopher Wright: My father's family (both sides) have lived in the Norfolk/Tidewater area since before the Revolution. I've done a fair amount of sniffing around and found some stuff which I'd be delighted to provide.
  • Connie Wright: Virginia is one of my favorite places (I was born in Prince William county), and I'm proud to have many ancestors who have built lives there--from Jamestown to Luray and Fredericksburg to Arlington.
  • Cathy Wydner: I was born in Roanoke, Virginia. Tracing my family they were in the Bedford, Virginia area throughout the last 250 years.
  • Robert Wyatt: Picked up researching the family line where my forebears left off. I have a reliable line to my 8th-great-grandfather Major William Wyatt. Here to help disambiguate the various Wyatt lines.
  • Celeste Yamamoto: My great x2 grandfather was born in Virginia in the 1840's. I am hoping to find information about his family. Hopefully, as I progress in learning about Virginia, I can help other members navigate through the research.
  • Susanna Yarber: About me...
  • Jackie Younge: Descended from Lawrence Washington, the emigrant, and related families. I have 30+ years experience.
  • Lori Zukerman: I grew up in OK but have lived in VA for 28 years. I love doing genealogy on ANYONE, not just my family. Love doing research, period. LOL I've been doing it for almost 25 years.


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I recently turned 70 this past August ( and spent my birthday in Williamsburg, VA. I was kindly taken on a private tour of the Wren Chapel at the College of William and Mary to see the burial spots of my Randolph ancestors. Afterwards, I was given a private tour of the Peyton Randolph home near the Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg. The tour guides couldn't have been kinder and made sure I knew about books I should read regarding the Randolphs. Being close to my family roots this way was a moving experience that gave me a totally different appreciation of my ancestry. Thank heavens for genealogy sites like this! I so wish I'd had access to this information earlier in my life! I'm positive it would have given me a whole new (and probably sense of self esteem!
posted 6 Sep 2022 by Beverly (Bennett) Radespiel   [thank Beverly]
The day I found my maternal Mothers full name!
posted 2 Nov 2020 by Stuart (Keith) Morrison   [thank Stuart]
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I am descended from Obedience Robins, one of the early settlers of Jamestown. The family moved into North Carolina in the 1700's and spread to Caldwell County in Western North Carolina. I am currently searching for lost gravesites for the Robins/Robbins families in the Wilkes/Caldwell county areas. I am also descended from Edward Nettie Cook, through my mother, and have recently joined the SAR. I am also trying to located information on ancestors in that family line also, along with gravesites.
posted by George Robbins Jr
I'm Lee Trotta. I've joined the Virginia team but my name does not show up on the list. My interest is Loudoun County, Virginia, and the village of Waxpool. Waxpool is now nearly covered by the Reston International Airport, but still exists. This county had several patent houses built in the early 1800s. One of those was built by my ancestor Zachary Lee. I can give more information about patent houses, the town of Waxpool, and the Lees who lived there.
posted by Lee Trotta PG
Hi Lee,

Yes, you are on this page above. It says: "Lee Trotta PG: About me..." and just waiting for you to fill in your "about me"...but I can go ahead and fill it in for you :)

posted by Sjana Lee (Dreyer) Bauer
edited by Sjana Lee (Dreyer) Bauer
Hi. If I source an unsourced VA profile, do I remove the "unsourced" tag on the profile?
posted by Briana (Dean) Nei
Thanks for asking!

Yup - the {Unsourced} template is for profiles with no reliable source (note - "reliable" - although the Virginia Project is not a pre-1700 project, it still asks that reliable sources be used... for instance an unsourced Find a Grave memorial is not reliable but one with a tombstone image, obituary, etc. would be considered reliable).

If the template uses a parameter - e.g., {Unsourced|Virginia}} - be sure to delete the entire template, not just "Unsourced". I'm working on Virginia Project database errors and many errors are created when someone sources a profile & removes "Unsourced" but leaves {Virginia}}, which is the template for the project box and should only be on profiles that the Virginia Project manages.

Cheers, Liz

P.S. If the profile still has "needs" - check the project's needs categories that can be added using the Virginia Sticker. See Category: Virginia Project Maintenance Categories and Template: Virginia Sticker.

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Ack! I spoke without checking. You can only add needs categories using the project box, not the sticker. To add a needs category to a profile that the project does not manage, you'd need to do so manually, for example, Category: Virginia Project Needs Biography (with double brackets front and back).
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett

I saw you have this category this not valid category as Lewis County West Virginia was made out of Harrison county West Virginia and before that MONONGALIA county this and Harrison could been Virginia counties. There was never a Lewis county Virginia. Hope this helps


Lewis County was formed from Harrison County in 1816<ref>Virginia Formation Maps</ref>

West Virginia did not exist in 1816. It was admitted to the Union as a slave state in 1863.<ref>"West Virginia became the 35th state on June 20, 1863, and the last slave state admitted to the Union." ~ Wikipedia</ref>

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett

Thanks but you will only find records in different counties for that time period someone unformiler with records will be searching for ever for stuff was my point. There not enough information on the Lewis county Virginia page to deal with where to look thanks for looking at this. I lived in area I know. Had to look for my Family in Harrison instead Lewis county.



I added a link to Space:Lewis_County,_West_Virginia - the space page for the county - on Category: Lewis County, Virginia. WikiTree no longer allows extensive text on category pages.
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett

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